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Do you have any tips for writers who want to write sim stories but don't know how to get them posted in order?

Hi Nonny! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what this question was asking, but I don’t like to give advice that isn’t at least somewhat well-thought out. So here are my tips for starting out and how to format/order your posts (or something like that.)

Jade’s Super Awesome Tips For Getting Your Simblr Story/Legacy Off the Ground i.e. Potentially Helpful Formatting Tips For New Simblr Writers

First of all: If you want to do a sims story, DO IT. They’re great creative outlets, and someone will want to read it! And remember, it is your blog, so do whatever you want, and don’t feel pressured to have to make things a certain way. But, if you want to be organized, these are some guidelines: 

1. Identify your posts in some way. Doesn’t matter how. Some simblr writers use episode, some use chapters, some use a mixture of both (i.e. Chapters for longer portions, like an entire arc, and episodes for each individual scene. Example: Chapter 1: Episode 1, Chapter 1: Episode 2… etc.). This is helpful in letting regular readers know if they’ve missed a post, and follow along linearly. It’s just helpful all around.

2. Linkage. My dudes, this is so important, which is why I made a previous post about it. A lot of simblr writers are already doing previous/next links on their posts, and that’s GREAT. Everyone should definitely be doing this. Personally, I really think the movement should expand to include “beginning” links. On my own posts I have all three, a link to to the start of that particular story, the previous post in the sequence, and I update all posts to include the “next” link once I have it posted. Tumblr’s post formatting makes this SO easy, there’s no real reason not to do it, because it’s super helpful to readers, and trust me, people want to read from the beginning. Maybe not everyone, but you also don’t want to turn people away because they couldn’t find the start of your cool story. So, I repeat, all stories should have this format: Beginning/ Previous / Next links on each post. I’m beating a dead horse here, but it’s so nice, as a reader, just to be able to flip through someone’s story via easy linking, because I don’t have to break my immersion of the story by tabbing out or looking around, or scrolling through your posts to find the next one in line.

  • Helpful side note: If you’re the type of writer who posts things out of chronological order, using these links would still be a good idea, because you can go back and edit them at any time, and you can link to any post on your tumblr, so if you post something later down the line that you think should have happened at an earlier time in the story, you can just rearrange your links to reflect your correct chronological timeline.  
  • Here is my tutorial on how to link your story posts with beginning/next/previous links!

3. Tag correctly. Some simblr writers have more intensive tagging systems than I do, so I won’t speak too much about this, because as a reader, I don’t really use tags to navigate new stories I read. But it is still important to tag all posts in a story the same, so either with the title or legacy name, and then you can tag individual chapters or episodes if you want to. Also be sure to tag if you’re doing a story, or a legacy, or whatever type of story. I use #ts4 story #sims story #ts4 storytelling, there’s a whole other slew of legacy tags which I don’t use, cuz obviously I am not a legacy simblr.

4. Have a table of contents or story page of some sort, especially if you’re doing multiple stories/legacies at once, but even if you’re not, it will help people who are lurking around your profile navigate through your story. If you’d like an example of how to format them, here is my story page and here are my table of contents pages.  As I am not the be all and end all for formatting, I think another great example is @beverlyallitsims index page (she made it SO easy to catch up on her MLSC story and now I’m just another Randy fangirl. I’m a living testament to this process working wonders!). 

5. Billboard advertising. Okay, now this one is totally optional, but if you are doing a legacy or story, it’s a really nice little touch to have a banner or some tell, even if it’s just a small one (you don’t need to be some Photoshop wizard), to let people know that this is an ongoing thing you’re doing, not just a random collection of photos (those are cool too!), but some people go looking specifically for stories and/or legacies to read, so having a banner or something with your story title or legacy name (generation number) is a good idea, too. 

Bottom Line: Make your stuff accessible! Unless, of course, you don’t actually want people to read it lol, which is totally fine, too. Some people like to use their blogs as a personal outlet, and don’t need to be noticed. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to be visible, and if you do have a small pool of readers, be generous and help them along. Total strangers want to read your work, put in a little extra time to make sure their stay is a pleasant one. You know, before you rip out their hearts with your edgy theatrical sim-drama. 

Again, idk if this answers your question, Nonny. But I do want to help! If anyone has any questions or is looking for advice, feel free to message me, either privately, or on Nonny, I don’t mind. My inbox is always open. 

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Psychiatry is not abusive and self diagnosing is dangerous. You're not a doctor and you don't know the details about all the disabilities and illnesses that are out there. Researching things on your own is fine and all, but not everything on the internet is true. Many people are often delusional and claim they have a certain disability or illness when in reality they do not, and they're merely attention seekers.

Oh gosh… here we go. First, I should probably point out that you shouldn’t assume things about other people on the Internet. You’re right, I’m not a doctor: I’m a psychologist and I most certainly have a solid understanding of the myriad diagnosable mental disorders recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. Oops.

I also have over ten years experience as a peer advocate for people who have mental health problems and/or are suffering violence at the hands of the psychiatric institution.

With that out of the way, my dear Dunning Kruger acolyte, let’s talk about all the interesting ways in which you’re painfully wrong:

First, you don’t understand what a psychiatric diagnosis even is. Diagnostic criteria for psychiatric conditions are not diseases because they do not describe an underlying disease process. They are syndromes. What that means is that your precious psychiatric diagnoses are nothing more than descriptions of various symptoms that the psychiatric profession has concluded are often seen in combination. Moreover these diagnostic criteria are:

  • Not culturally neutral. Psychiatric diagnostic criteria were developed through the observation of patients in European (incl. North American) cultures. There is extensive research by cultural anthropologists researching mental disability in non-European cultures that shows not only that psychiatric diagnoses did not seem to fit the studied population but that the importation of European psychiatry fundamentally changed the clinical presentation of the local patients.
  • Not without controversy, even within the psychiatric profession. I can think of several psychiatric diagnoses enumerated in the DSM-V that psychiatrists can’t stop bickering about regarding their validity, and that’s not including the infighting having to do with the fundamental nature of various disorders.
  • Constantly changing. Every few years a new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders comes out and diagnoses are added, dropped, and often radically changed. Two of the diagnoses that I carry, bipolar I disorder and autism spectrum disorder, changed radically in the transition from the DSM-IV-TR to the DSM-V. The latter wasn’t even a ‘real diagnosis’ until a few months ago.
  • Imprecise and subjective. Mental health professionals treating the same patient will regularly give different diagnoses from each other. Incidentally, in science we call this failing a test/retest check for reliability which is an indication that something is horseshit.
  • Helpfully bound and presented in a single volume, in plain English, for anyone with a library card or a bit of spare change to browse. Seriously. The fact that you don’t think that people who self diagnose mental disorders don’t even bother to consult a copy of the DSM-V is downright insulting. Do you really think that people who are struggling with getting help for a serious, potentially life-threatening condition restrict their research to Yahoo Answers? Grow up and give me a break. 

How is a psychiatric diagnosis made? It starts with a patient who is complaining about a symptom, or a group of symptoms that are causing them distress. You then ask them what they think is wrong with them and they give you symptoms. Having a fairly good idea of what’s wrong with your patient you now ask follow-up questions in order to differentially diagnose similar conditions. If you are very, very lucky you might even be able to directly observe a symptom or two. Then, you make your diagnosis and move on to discussing treatment options.

You wanna know what’s really useful? When a patient already has a good idea what’s wrong with them and is informed enough to know what information to volunteer. Now all you need to do is confirm the diagnosis. Having an informed patient is critical to providing quality health care of any kind.

But let’s talk about what happens when self diagnosis gets vilified by mental health professionals, as you so dearly seem to want. An anecdote from my personal life:

Before I was formally diagnosed with bipolar disorder I had serious problems with depression. My general practitioner referred me to a psychiatrist and I told her that I thought I was bipolar based on some hypomanic episodes that I felt that I had in the past. The psychiatrist brushed me off and did not ask the questions necessary to investigate my concern. She prescribed a high dose of antidepressants and sent me on my way.

If you don’t know, antidepressants cause Very Bad Things™ to happen to people who are bipolar. This is the reason why ‘bipolar II’ is a distinct diagnosis from major depression. I knew this but I also knew that if it did cause a mania it would confirm my diagnosis, so I took the drugs.

Not only did the resulting mania land me in the hospital but the drugs did permanent and severe damage. I no longer have a manageable bipolar II condition, I have a poorly controlled bipolar I condition.

So why do people self-diagnose? Because something is causing them to suffer and they either do not have access to the medical resources necessary for a formal diagnosis or they have tried to get a diagnosis but for some reason have been unable to get one.

Self-diagnosis is empowering. Self-diagnosis allows people to access the care they need from mental health professionals because they will be able to present their complaint in a way that is understandable to their healthcare provider. Self-diagnosis also allows people to research ways to cope with their symptoms without involving medical professionals.

Can a self-diagnosis be wrong? Yes. Are mental health professionals alert to errors in self-diagnosis? Yes. But here’s the thing: A mental health self-diagnosis is almost never far from the eventual, formal diagnosis.

All this being said: You’re just angry that certain people, who aren’t you, are able to advocate for themselves without going through a gauntlet of potentially abusive gatekeepers. In other words, you’re fucking scum and please get off my blog.

reasons I like this place

This is really long and I don’t care, I wanted to say nice things today.

@my-name-is-fireheart was my first real tumblr friend and she is hella smart and I love how she can be that and sassy, and she can also take criticism in stride and tries to learn from that, even if people still insist on being jerks and acting like she is being unreasonable. Which she isn’t.

@illyriantremors is one of my fave fic writers and also one of the nicest people on tumblr dot com, not just because she is nice in general but we can say really petty shit to each other about different things and it’s A-OK, which is really great. Also she live-yells at me sometimes when reading my fics or listening to the podcast and it’s HILARIOUS. And she always notices when I seem to be having a hard time and we just are good at supporting each other, I think. Also, The Good Ship Moriel ftw.

@nightinsurgent is great because she loves animals (she basically owns them all at this point) and is really passionate about people being treated kindly in fic/books and in real life, and I can’t wait for her abuse post because it will be great seeing a different perspective on it.

@sarahviehmann is also hella smart and I can’t wait for everyone to hear our podcasts with her on fairy tale retellings, fanfiction, and her author talk. She is always really conscientious about how she interacts with people, which I appreciate.

@aelinsassryvergalathynius has been really sweet since the beginning of my moriel ranting days and sends me really interesting thoughts and posts and I really appreciate it.

@blxckbeak has also been around for a while (keeping in mind a while for me is a couple of months, I haven’t been in the fandom that long), and she makes awesome edits that go with my fics and leaves me lovely comments and she let’s me ask her questions about Nesta when I’m writing.

@acourtofstarsanddreams is awesome because she is Blunt af but in a hilarious, not mean way. We can also say petty shit to each other and laugh about it, and let’s be honest, we all need someone we can be petty with. Also she made my icon art of me and I will always love it.

@bkhrtn defended the hell out of me when that anon called me a bitch and that’s basically all anyone could ask for on this site, people to have your back when you need it.

@cass-ian always sends me my own posts when I seem the slightest bit upset and asks “ARE YOU OK???” which is so sweet and sorta makes me laugh bc I realize people are paying attention and maybe I’m being dramatic and ridiculous. She also has sent me and talked to me about the BEST fic ideas, and I really need to write just about all of them we have discussed.

Two of my “biggest fans” on this site (who are not included in this list already) are @study-read-repeat and @adiposesherlock and I always see you liking my posts and I really appreciate it. :)

@hollow-kingdom has been there for me, especially when I was going through the really bad part of my anxiety issues a couple of months ago, and I know my blog is “overwhelming” to her now :P but I really appreciate her caring (and also when you used to send me random anon stuff lol).

Also @kitashiwrites is an amazing writer and kind and one of the co-captains of The Good Ship Moriel, and maybe you should do a podcast with us sometime? :)

And finally, last but not least, and I saved her for last because I have ALL THE WORDS is @squaddreamcourt. I have so many brotp tags for her at this point it’s ridiculous, and tbh she combines all the things I mentioned above - she is kind and smart and a great writer and funny as hell. She likes to pretend that she is SatanTM but I know this to be objectively untrue because Satan cannot possibly have that much kindness and caring in them. If there is one person on this place I know will defend me (and people she cares about) in a second, it’s her, because she actually has a heart of gold (not like a whore), and maybe she says things to people sometimes that I told her IN CONFIDENCE but it’s totally fine bc her heart is always in the right place. Also she is incredibly insightful in ways I wouldn’t have thought of, and she has so much energy I don’t know how she does it, but this is also why I keep trying to save her from herself with these projects. I know everyone appreciates what she has done for the fandom in such a short amount of time. tl;dr she is an amazing person and I’m glad she started yelling at me on my fics on AO3.

Who You Should Fight: Founding Fathers Edition

John Adams: You can beat John Adams, and frankly I think you should. He is tiny and angry and a ball of unconstitutional rage. Just point out the Alien and Sedition Acts and you’ve already won half the battle. Sit the fuck down, John.

Benjamin Franklin: Don’t do it. Not only is he a kindly old man, but he’ll kick your ass. He’ll kick the dog’s ass. He’ll kick his own ass. He was willing to get electrocuted for science and thought a turkey should be the national bird, not to mention how the old dude managed to get laid right up to his death. He was not only cooler than you but stronger than you.

Alexander Hamilton: Why would you want to figh- okay, I know why, but don’t do it. The man is made of piss and vinegar, and yeah, like Burr, you might win the battle, but at what cost? He’ll talk your ear off before, during, and after, and at that point, who really won?

John Jay: It’s tempting, I know it is, but John Jay is from New York. You really want to fight that guy? Plus, as first Chief Justice of the US, he’s got the mighty fists of the law on his side. You may not have heard of him, but fight him and you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Thomas Jefferson: Fight him. If you don’t fight him I will. Not only was he the world’s biggest hypocrite by being a slaver and yet wrote ‘all men are equal,’ but he’ll be too damn busy working out how to use his French mac and cheese machine to notice you until it’s too late. The man helped start and ran from two revolutions and got put on trial for cowardice, you can take him, and for the sake of all of us, please do.

James Madison: Only fight him if you can’t find anyone else to. I mean, yeah, the guy was instrumental in a virtual smorgasbord of American politics, but is he really worth your time? If you find yourself raring to fight Madison then take a moment to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why.

George Washington: Speaking of kindly old men you shouldn’t fight, do not fight George Washington. Do not even approach George Washington with intent to do anything but smile heartily from a distance. One time a guy clapped him on the back and Washington gave him a glare so withering the guy thought he was going to piss himself. George Washington survived Valley Forge; he can sure as hell survive you.

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Hi Stephanie, I'm at Oxford for a term as a visiting student and have been looking for quiet study spots. I don't work well in large reading rooms padded by the incessant banging of keyboards. Since you must be a lot more familiar with the nooks and cranes of the Bodleian libs, I was wondering if you could recommend some places (besides study carrels) where I could be a peaceful hermit with her reading. Thank you thank you thank you!

Hmmm. You may want to check first if your college library has any nooks & crannies that often go unused as a first option. If not, here are a few recommendations, though I want to preface by saying that the amount of noise in any given library (coughing, papers rustling, laptops, etc.) in Oxford is largely a function of what time you’re in the library. (Also, you might have thought of this already, but earplugs–the foam ones from Boots–also do the trick in a pinch.) In my experience, the Bodleian/other major libraries are busiest from the hours of 10:30-4:30 PM. 

  1. Laptop-free sections of the Bodleian reading rooms. Ask a librarian where these are in each library if you aren’t sure. I know for sure there are a fair amount in the Upper Radcliffe Camera, the SHist section, so have a wander. (If by any chance someone has been naughty & is using a laptop, let a librarian know and they will move them to another part of the library without incident.) 
  2. Silent study pods in the Social Science Library. These sound pretty perfect for you.
  3. Top floor of the English Faculty Library. Hardly anyone goes up there because it’s laptop-free! 
  4. China Centre Library has individual booths for study and a separate no-laptops reading room with a closed door.
  5. Radcliffe Science Library Reading Room. I’ve heard it gets cold in the winter but more science students who do their work by hand (and also have labs & can’t camp out all day necessarily) = less laptops & more quiet.
  6. The Sackler (Classics library). When it’s busy, it’s busy, but in quieter hours (early morning; evening) it’s excellent, and the circular shape + bookshelves being made out of quite thick metal means sound is easily muffled.
  7. Upper Reading Room is generally quiet in the early morning or evening, plus being so high up (as opposed to the Lower Rad Cam, for instance) means there is absolutely no noise coming from the outside. Many of its regular readers are above the age of 25 and thus usually go home after 5 pm, so definitely consider this for evening or early morning use. There’s also no better validation than being one of the first people in the Bod, incidentally.
  8. Duke Humfrey. Again, not laptop free, but as it’s a rare books room and not for regular use, it’s quieter than the reading rooms generally are. There’s an old woman who angrily hushes people if they type too loudly.
  9. See if there’s a book you need to reference that is only available in a college library. This is a really good way to get into a college library to study, as they’ll let you into the library to reference one book because you won’t have borrowing rights (one time only though, usually, unless you can make an excuse for needing to see it again.) This can also be done if you have a friend at another college. Many college libraries are huge, sparsely populated, deathly quiet. Off the top of my head, Lady Margaret Hall has several quiet desks with beautiful views; St. John’s is creaky but hushed, & when I was there, there were only two other people (I couldn’t hear anything they were doing); Wadham has several reading rooms (think an art history one?)
  10. The Oxford Union. If you’re not a member sometimes the gate is open. Its library is small and full of laptop-users, but the rooms (downstairs and the few upstairs) are generally not in use, if you’d like to take up residence for a few hours. Not all of them have wifi but they are deathly quiet. 

I’ll edit this as I think of more but hopefully this’ll start you off!


EDIT: I’m putting this post under a cut. I’m not proud of it, and the reblogs are there, but I want to make it clear that the way I’ve talked here does not reflect my current views. However, this is how I felt at the time of writing, and I think it’s important to keep this here. It’s a reminder, and anyone can look at it here for whatever reasons. I was pretty damn mad at the time of writing this, and TAAO is on its second issue at the time I’m writing this, and it’s only been “mediocre” and has some plotholes/brainfarts that are typical to Scott. Nothing too terrible though, and that’s good.

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this is blood and it comes from your heart

ship: actualghost!Danny Fenton/Robbie Valentine (Gravity Falls) (Danny Phantom)

summary: sometimes we hold our hearts, and somebody takes it. other times, we offer it, and it’s like looking through painted glass; we can’t see to the light, and the colors are one mushed volcanic eruption, but we know it’s there. most times, we never stop.

credit to: starfleetrambo, who’s idea was the birth of this. if you haven’t already, you should totally check out her comic right here. it’s really awesome. also, there’s a section here based off her writing here, which was so incredible I had to include. most (if not all) between the two * are her work.

chapter 1: inked glass and shattered windows

                Funny thing is, all his life his parents always made a point of teaching Robbie that if that stuff isn’t yours you leave it alone. No buts no how.

                Another funny thing is that this stuff is his. The earbuds had been a gift from Wendy; black coal with a tiny red star on the heads. Robbie knows about the two names written with sharpie along the cord; he knows that the plug is a little messed up and he knows it’s really good for hanging up on your collar and he knows that if you jumble them up and hold them against your nose they smell like forest rain and spring mud. They still smell a little like Wendy.

                Those earbuds were a lot of things: it was a memory; it was a gift; it was the only piece of his heart he still cared about. What they weren’t was some random guy’s dead sake with bleached white hair and a sense that music didn’t exist past 1987. They didn’t belong in a big box buried six feet under where they’ll shrivel and smell like dying skin and the ink over the wire will melt into pools.

                He doesn’t know the guy’s name, ad Robbie only notices this once he’s already in the forest, shovel balanced on the bridge of his shoulder and his flashlight poking out of his back pocket. He supposes it shouldn’t matter, who cares, the ceremony was small and his memory taste of it was already pretty vague. He thinks about it anyway; the name starts with an A, or an E, or something like that. He starts brain storming names (Allan, Axel, Abraham, Ace,) but none of them end up sounding familiar the whole way to the grave. Alex Coin, loving Father and Husband, is scribbled in carved scripture at the top of a river rock. There’s a crucifix drawn with gold pen at the bottom. There are no flowers, or American flags. Only rusty orange leaves and withering roots. Robbie’s not sure if he should feel bad for the guy.

                He starts digging.

                The first push into the ground is mushy and tough, like grounded rocks and glue, and the second one is filled with weeds and roots, tangling around the handles like it wants to drown. Robbie has to hit the nose and push with his chest, his knuckles breaking through his skin. He hesitates, taking a lungful of breath. Then he pictures the buds; charred coals with a red crown, snarls, and starts over again.

                In twenty minutes he’s already in to his knees, dirt rubbed into the soles of his jeans and soaked into the skin of his hands. Black hair falls past his face, cracks of old weeds flying into his eyes. He pulls his sleeve across his face angrily and shoves the shovel in harder.

                Robbie knows all about losing things.

               A laugh showers the air above Robbie’s head like a halo. “This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen you do, kid.”

               *Robbie shrieks and drops the shovel. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. The shovel falls under his feet, buried under rubble, and that’s the worst feeling: Robbie’s gut falling to his knees. He’s such a freakin’ idiot. He should’ve kept hold on the shovel. Maybe he could’ve hit the guy and made a break for it, or pointed it at him and. And what? And.

               The guy’s floating.

                Floating and swaying and translucent and a little on the dim side. His angles are soft and hard, like a drawing outlined with a new pen. Robbie stares, blinking hard, and at the same time the guy blurs and fuzzes like an old TV scratching at the signal. His body morphs into colors and pops back into focus with pale blue eyes. It’s – this guys – he’s a ghost. Robbie’s face bleeds white, his feet tumbling backwards with drunken shock, not feeling a nerve in his body because this can’t be real. No, no, no, no.

               The ghost is watching him too, blue wide eyed and incredulous, like Robbie’s surprised him. As if Robbie’s the one hovering over his head and he’s the one with two feet on the ground and only a triple-a flashlight in his pocket to defend himself. Robbie swallows the spit in his mouth, and immediately regrets it when his mouth ends up stony and dry.

               Just as Robbie’s ready to twirl around and make a break for it, the ghost surges towards him; his VCR colors and glass pale eyes eating up the space between them. Robbie breathes out a shriek and falls backwards into the grass, his elbows reaching out behind him to catch himself. He leans back, kicking out with his ankles as the ghost hovers and leans in towards his face, a blank star winking in and out of light. Jesus Christ, it’s so close and God, what does it want with him, what the hell did he do, what did he do, whatdidhedo?

                 The ghost’s clothes fly up instead of down, gravity in reverse, the seams of his hair floating in water. “You smell like death,” he tells him, grinning faint and crooked as he puts his hands on his knees, bending over Robbie in a secret. “Did you know that?”*

                 Robbie feels bile build up in his chest, stirring hot broth in the underside of his ribs. He can taste it in the expanse of his mouth. “What?” he manages, somehow, “What…what are you talking about? I haven’t killed anybody.”

                 The ghost tilts his head at him, grinning. Shivers shoot up Robbie’s spine and bite at his nerve endings and it makes him jump. Jesus effing Christ, Robbie thinks, and tries scooting a little farther away. “Then why are you digging a grave?” The ghost asks, his eyes wide and pale and his smile lopsidedly crooked. He hasn’t stopped smiling. “Looks like something a killer would say,” he said, and he leaned in closer, so close Robbie could make out the distorted shapes in his face, on his arms, on the sliver of skin poking out under his shirt. “You can tell me if you killed someone, dude. Not like I’m gonna tell anyone.”

                 “I.” Robbie swallows his tongue raw. This is ridiculous. He tries again, “I didn’t. I didn’t kill anyone, I swear.”

                  The ghost rolls his eyes with unreasonable disappointment. He sighs, “Shame.” he leans back enough for Robbie to breathe out air he hadn’t known he’d had, flipping over on his back and looking back at Robbie the way someone would from the arm of a couch. “It isn’t as unpleasant as you make it sound, man. I thought you would’ve learned that by now.” He shrugs then, like it can’t be helped.

                   Robbie is getting seriously freaked out, slowly making it to his feet. He stumbles a little, watching the ghost in frightened fascination, still a little paralyzed. Still a little drunk. Still not feeling anything at all. “That’s crazy, I. I don’t even know you.” He takes steps farther back, each one carved with hotter desperation. “This is. So stupid.”

                   Robbie doesn’t think the ghost heard him, because he flips up, folding his legs like he’s sitting in a chair. He giggles, amused, intrigued; grinning with white teeth. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asks, tilting his head to the side as he watches Robbie completely run off.

                   Robbie hears him laugh behind him, delighted. He stumbles between trees and gets caught in bushes but he keeps on running. Running, running, running, the only thing he ever knew how to do right. He looks over his shoulder constantly, but he sees nothing past tree trunk and leaves hanging off branches. He feels like he’s running miles, every foot step a new bridge to jump, but the ghost’s voice follows him like he hasn’t even left yet.

                    Where do you think you’re going?

                    Where do you think you’re going?

                    You think you’re going?

edit: it has happened. ao3 this is blood and it comes from your heart.

anonymous asked:

I find it funny that you said you never had any influence on tog ships, but your tweets and interviews with sarah, especially when heir of fire and queen of shadows came out, clearly hinted you supported, hoped and influenced Sarah on a certain ship. I was at a panel in which you even said you had dinner with her to discuss this. What I am trying to politely say is that you can't back off now just because things got ugly. You should stand by your opinions.

Say what now? I can’t support a friend’s choices with regards to their characters and help promote their work by tweeting and blogging about it to tease the story? I can’t like a character for himself because I find him interesting as an individual and want to see where his arc goes? You also seem to be forgetting that Sarah has multiple critique partners, and has for years. I’m not exactly sure why I’m getting heat for something Sarah did that you didn’t agree with or enjoy. The reason this weirdly persistent rumor has always frustrated me is because it implies that she’s not the one 100% making the decisions for her story and shaping it. If you want to accuse me of helping to build a friend’s confidence about making a tough decision she felt in her heart was right, knowing it wouldn’t be popular with everyone, though, you’ve got me. I’m guilty. 

Here’s the truth: she and I almost never agree on who characters end up with (for instance, she preferred Cole to Liam). It’s actually kind of hilarious. Different strokes for different folks and all that. Our critique partner relationship was always for gut-checks and bouncing off ideas, not for convincing each other to completely alter the vision of the story. Good CPs will help each other realize each other’s vision the best they possibly can. When I say I haven’t read EoS, I mean that. Not a single draft. I’ve been working on my own stories non-stop and haven’t had time to read for anyone, nor have I even really discussed the story with Sarah or what she wanted to do with it.

Here’s the full recap, since you seem to be keeping score: I read ToG for her pre-release, but didn’t read CoM to critique because my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had recently died and I wasn’t exactly in the right frame of mind. I read HoF after it went to copyedits as one last check/for feedback. I helped brainstorm a few ideas for QoS. That’s it. And the “dinner” you’re probably referring to is a lunch that happened YEARS ago (shout out to El Centro in Midtown Manhattan, I miss your guacamole), in which she’d already made up her mind about that particular direction of the series and I, totally surprised by this revelation, pro/con-ed the shift with her and talked about potential fallout and what she was trying to achieve with it. I can probably even give you the actual receipt for that lunch, since I recorded it as an author expense for taxes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Edited to add: I just tagged this with all the logical spoiler tags in case it wasn’t vague enough. Sorry!

Imagine a couple months before the Sole Survivor emerges from Vault 111. Piper Wright, investigative journalist and resident snoop, is locked up in Diamond City’s security office. “The Piper Suite”, officers jokingly call the cell while she’s doing her time. The reporter gets a five-day sentence for the crime of creating a public disturbance, but everyone knows she’s getting punished for wearing on the Mayor’s nerves. Again.

And Piper, she sits and waits and stews over it. Oh, the articles she’ll write when she gets out. Corrupt leadership, abuses of authority, unlawful imprisonment, staunching free speech… There are going to be a lot of big names in the next edition. Just wait.

On the third morning she smokes her last cigarette, and by lunch she’s tense over more than her incarceration. Of course, none of the officers will spare her the courtesy of a smoke. Jerks. And there’s nobody on the outside to bring her any; Piper made it clear a long time ago that Nat wasn’t visit her in jail. No girl should have to see her big sister under arrest, even if it was on trumped up charges.

Nicotine deprivation has Piper pacing the cell, snapping at the officers on the other side. They don’t pay her any mind, save one exception.

“Hey.” A guard she doesn’t recognize leans against the bars, and he flashes a pack and a lighter. 

Piper wants to be stubborn about it, wants to turn her nose up as though accepting would be beneath her, but she needs it too badly.

“Thanks,” she grunts as she tucks one of the cigarettes between her lips. He lights it for her and she breathes in deep, unbearably relieved to have her gnawing addiction placated for a while.

She’s not expecting it when the officer says, “Look after yourself, Ms. Wright. This town needs you.”

Piper is so thrown off hearing that from Diamond City Security that she can’t form words for a few seconds, and the man is already walking away when she finally manages to mutter another uh, thanks. He gives her a little nod of acknowledgement before he’s out the door, probably headed for patrol duty or down to the field.

Piper never caught his name.

Imagine a couple months after the Sole Survivor emerges from Vault 111.  Piper Wright, investigative journalist and wasteland adventurer, celebrates a team effort to clear a raider camp by bumming a cigarette from Deacon.

“Thanks. I owe you one,” she says, ignoring the blood on her boots to better enjoy the old, soothing habit.

“Actually, you owe me two,” Deacon replies.

Piper raises an eyebrow at him, but the spy only chuckles and shakes his head, not bothering to explain.

DAPS as the crazy things people do for the Aesthetic (tm)
  • lis: founding a super pretentious society of ethereal dandies and damned gods concealed under the facade of anonymous poets to light up the darkness of this forsaken world of ours through the sempiternal power of Art & Beauty - but also with the lowkey intention to gather an army large enough to conquer the entire universe and finally becoming The Pope (tm).
  • inciting riots: when drying the styx and making all the muses beg for more with your words doesn't feel pretentious enough anymore, the only way out is to create a whole new poetical genre, the shots poems (write a line and drink it) and be crowed their king.
  • e.: that awkward moment when.. "day 28 at the MOMA - they still think i'm an artwork. an old lady this afternoon called me a timeless masterpiece."
  • mirror: having already bought 35 editions of the same book and keep finding (and buying) prettiest ones. and btw, the previously mentioned books are deeply glad of the fact.
  • rabbitheart: finding the greatest pleasure in taking 20 minutes to artistically write ONE WORD with a ridiculously old quill and black/blue ink with the most pretentious calligraphy one is capable of. no time ever spent better.
  • Δλ: being firmly convinced to have been that albatross baudelaire wrote about in a previous life and having no desire to know everyone else's opinion upon the matter.
  • pgtips: "marry the beast, get the library" squad leader tbh.
  • effigy: drinking wine is overrated, drinking ink is the new aesthetic (tm)
  • luce: illegally taking selfies with the local museum's paintings. the one time the mona lisa unmistakably smiled.
  • a.s.p.: reading tsh for the third time and while at first it seamed such a sensational and philosophical, ethereal book, now not being able to stop laughing at everything.
  • j.a.: when the character you take inspiration for your aesthetic from starts to look less themselves than you actually do.
  • sushi: having rough sex in a graveyard and passionately and (perhaps) accidentally killing your partner in the heat of the moment.
  • xvii: "there's nothing to writing. all you have to do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed." - in this case, literally.
  • dorian: selling your soul to the devil to make the portrait made by the nerd who has a crush on you growing old on your behalf and stay young, beautiful, evil and pretentious forever and ever tbh you smartass
  • iris: when you consider michelangelo's david your BFF - but just because you hope the friendship would eventually turn into something *more*.
  • elb: never picking a perfume only because of the scent, but much more because of THEAESTHETICOFTHEAMPULE let's be honest.
  • orpheus: looking back at your sweetheart almost out the underworld on purpose so you can sing forever about how single, melancholic, beautiful and sad you actually are.
  • m.a.r: being asked to become the 10th muse by the gods and declining - the muses are not pretentious enough to have me.
  • i.n.: opera and chill tbh
  • aa: putting makeup and perfume on before going to sleep so in case of apocalypse in the middle of the night everyone would still believe you're an actual ethereal being fallen off elysium.
  • nyx: "i'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color" club founder.
  • atlas: sometimes it seems almost like you carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders. except you actually do, and for the drama of it all.
  • rot: "i'm sorry, i prefer ghosts' company over yours."
  • gwen: who needs water, when you've got champagne? actually, who needs to drink at all? stop drinking and eating, become an ethereal being made of pure energy of fabulousness.
  • seaxfire: being mistaken for a goddess by some jungle tribe and not being able in all candour to deny to be one. she lived happily ever after with human sacrifices.
  • mors: pretending to be a wolf and howling at the moon. the moon howls back. you're now pals.
  • xcviii: sending an astonishingly beautiful poem to a random blog to make the owner die of amazement, but not considering the previously mentioned blog owner was in fact the platonic idea of pretentious asshole and would have started a whole society of beings of the same kind to take over the universe tbh good job sweetheart
  • tree: following daphne's example and FUCK EVERYTHING I'LL BECOME A BEAUTIFUL TREE AND PEOPLE WOULD WRITE SONNETS ABOUT ME. and if they don't, i will.
  • c.r.: purity is the new black. except sin is the new purity. therefore, sin is the new black.
  • h.m.: looking romantically at the stars is overrated. arguing with the stars shouting at them you are the one who shines harder is the new aesthetic. and if they don't agree, eat them and become The Last Star (tm) yourself.
  • mothfloss: never having an opinion on anything. that's the greatest and heaviest opinion of them all.
  • μ.υ.: knowing you would never say no to a nice murder in the name of the greek and the aesthetic.
  • icarus: flying too close to the sun. the sun drops down dead. you were too hot.
  • mcmxcviii: "excuse me, ART you.." - "YES."
  • h.s.v.: watching videos of fancy calligraphy or cakes artistically crafted and genuinely considering them PORN.
  • venusrises: venus always rises and you always fall. in love. with them. looser.
  • ari: too busy to fancily describing who writers are in elaborate and beautiful aphorisms to actually have time to write.
  • s.g.: "did her lips stain yours with her glory?" - "yes. definitely."
  • petra: sniffing every single attractive novel of the bookstore and being asked more than twice if you actually knew that wasn't in fact a perfumery.
  • mel: talking to fictional characters more than you talk and consider actual human beings.
  • mj: looking like the innocent flower, but being the dead poet under it tbh.
  • electra: having a badass name everyone is jealous of and knowing it probably?
  • azona: feeling the greatest of pleasure in saying too many "i told you so" even if you hadn't actually told anyone anything - you don't talk to people.
  • tempestia: rejoicing in watching thunderstorms with the same excitement people watch the academy awards with.
  • rynn: braiding your hair in complicated fashions, but not to look pretty. braiding your hair to look terrifying and ready to battle. don't be a model, be a valkyrie.
  • saturn: you are too beautiful to wrap yourself up in warm clothes during winter. you are going to freeze, but for the aesthetic. you are freezing but being hot af.
  • clementia: taking long baths, ages long baths, petals covered baths, bathbombs filled baths, without even needing a bath. you had one an hour ago. com'on.
  • verculum: "how much savage coarseness is concealed in refined, cultivated manners?" you ask, while murdering the listener with a supernatural grace.
  • briseis: putting flowers in your hair. everyone thinks you are cute. you're actually planning to become the queen of the underworld.
  • vulpe: unfollowing people because they type "your" instead of "you're". being right in doing so.
I am not, and therefore I am

I gave up smoking last year. I wish I could say that it was for a sensible reason; that I’d grown tired of forking out a tenner a time for the government to tax my lungs to a slow death, or that I’d started to take my health more seriously, but the truth of it is that it just didn’t fit my aesthetic any more. I read Homer in February – did it wrong, of course; read The Odyssey before I even knew what The Iliad was – and immediately decided that I was going to be someone new. The Academic. The cigarettes didn’t match the tweed, and so I threw them out.

I couldn’t quite bear to part with the ashtray, though. It was one of those little glass ones, cut clear and cold like crystal so that if you were to squat down by the coffee table and look at it levelly, you’d see the ash a million times over in the multitude of kaleidoscopic surfaces. Horrible stuff, ash, but better in an ashtray than in the lungs. So I kept the ashtray. Gave it a good wash under the sink until it didn’t smell of decay any more, and shoved some pot-pourri in it when I started doing yoga and became The Hippy six months later.

I’ve always liked recycling things, ashtrays and identities alike. I think I might become The Hippy again soon; yoga suited me, and I liked the smell of incense in the flat. Perhaps I’ll do it on alternate Thursdays, in between The Mourner and The Producer.

I have a whole repertoire of characters by this point. On Wednesdays, I lost my husband six months after our marriage. We knew it was coming, of course. We married young and too late; he was diagnosed as being significantly more terminal than the rest of us, and so we wore rings on our fingers and made me an official widow within the space of half a year. I still wear my ring on a chain around my neck, close to my heart. I learnt that from a film, but no-one seems to have picked up on that yet. On Fridays, I have two kids and I work more hours than not. I know, I look young for my age. Hang on, just – I’m on the phone at the minute, it’s the director in London and he’s having an absolute nightmare with the lead actress, can I call you back? I’ll have a grande skinny pumpkin spice latte with an extra shot of whatever vaguely pumpkinesque syrup you use, thanks. I’m no-one on Saturdays. There’s no audience. I suppose I could stand in front of the mirror, but there’s no point in performing when you know it’s an act. The artificial has no use when it’s not connected to the real.

I’ve always said that you’ll never meet anyone more sure of themselves than someone who has absolutely no idea who they are. That’s who I am; I am anonymous, a face in a crowd with no real trajectory, and this is my identity. Background noise, more than anything. Limbs and sinew and a brain that works well enough, except for in matters of mental arithmetic or commitment. I am not, and therefore I am. I confided in a friend once, and he frowned and said I must have multiple personality disorder or something. I don’t, though. I know I’m none of these people. I’ve never been married and I work in a call centre, and I can’t stand coffee. I’m not the Mourner; the only things I’ve ever mourned are my cat and myself. I’m not the Academic; I can’t stand Plato, and Aristotle’s a bore. It’s just fun to pretend, isn’t it? Trying people on like dresses and throwing them away like old shoes when they don’t fit any more, when I can’t pretend to drink the lattes or I forget to put on the ring. 

No, I know that I’m none of these people. It’s just that I don’t know who I actually am. I’m me, whatever that is. I might not know exactly what it entails, but I know what it isn’t. And that’s fine, because I know who I’m not. It’s a process of elimination, in a way. Like going into a changing room and trying on the same dress in different sizes - eventually, one is going to fit. And then, of course, you have all the other dresses in all their different sizes, and you whittle it down to just the dresses that fit, and then you narrow it down further from the ones that fit to the ones that suit you. 

Perhaps the Hippy didn’t suit me because I did something wrong. Hippies don’t smoke, do they? Not tobacco anyway, and you don’t need an ashtray for the other stuff. Maybe that’s it. I could throw out the ashtray, try the Hippy on again. It would mean retiring the Doctor, but I’ve already ruled that one out, if I’m honest. The labcoat fitted, but I don’t suit the stethoscope. 

anonymous asked:

I feel like dnp are being so much more affectionate to each other recently and are dropping lots of hints that they're together. After being together for 7 years and seeing how much of a power couple they are I don't believe they will ever breakup and I think they believe that too. So with that in mind do you think they're keeping their relationship hidden for the sake of their careers rather than privacy reasons?? Interested of hearing your thoughts! Love your blog btw xxx

i think both, and maybe even more. i believe remaining ambiguous is advantageous for them professionally in many ways. coming out always bears the risk of their content or their role as legitimate entertainers being overshadowed by their audience’s investment in their relationship. you could argue that that’s already the case (that there’s a significant portion of their audience that follows them due to an interest in their potential relationship more than their videos) but with the ambiguity that they currently have, they don’t really have people demanding for them to make content that is centered on their relationship alone. and also i’d argue that actually wayyyy more people follow dnp for their content than for their private matters just judging on view counts on certain videos in comparison to others, and the sheer number of people in their comments that are very certain that they are just friends and genuinely shocked/appalled that anyone could view them as more. i also think that coming out might put weight on them to take on a more proactive role as spokespeople for the lgbtq community that they might not want, and that again might overshadow their creative content. it might hinder their chances of being hired as a duo by corporations that wouldn’t want to deal w the attention and news of hiring a homosexual couple to host their events. which is obviously upsetting and a bit gross, but also, just the reality of how the world works right now. in short, i genuinely believe that if they were out it would undermine many people’s perception of the content they make and cause many people to take them a lot less seriously, especially as a duo. 

personally, i also feel it continues to be good for them to remain ambiguous because it dissuades questioning and attention placed on their private affairs. we all know all of the stories of youtube couples whose relationships crumbled under the weight of public scrutiny and the consequences of oversharing. while dnp have dealt w this private-public balance for seven years and therefore would probably be a lot better equipped to handle that pressure than most of these other couples, i do think that their relationship remains the most important thing in their lives and so,, it’s probably just not worth the risk that all of that extra attention might pose. i just can envision a universe in which they were out and instead of comments being like “are they dating” “no” “probably not” “ugh i hate shippers” (which, lbr, are annoying in their own right), we’d have comment sections full of 

  • “guys they’re not comfortable w pda leave them alone” 
  • “ugh i hate these pervy people who just want dnp to do gay stuff for them instead of focusing on the content” 
  • “okay phil, so when are you proposing??? ??”  
  • “guys, do you think bc they arent married, theyre not actually in love??” 
  • “omg dan rolled his eyes in this video while phil was talking do u think they’re fighting?!?! i always thought phil could do better anyway ugh” 
  • “why haven’t they made the boyfriend tag, they might be fighting omg” 

wow a 30-second thought exercise and i already want to die from a cringe attack. you get my point. 

edit: want to add a couple more potential comments bc i didn’t even go down the route of future-y things and the gross heteronormative assumptions about their relationship that might be directed at them, but how about “omg dnp when r u guys getting a baby” “omg dan is SOOOO obviously the GIRL in the relationship ha ha ha”  vom. 

Oookay mainly just throwing this together for the lovely mantraswag, but for anyone else who’s curious, read on for bOH’s Guide To Quick And Dirty Screenshot Editing! (under a cut because it’s image-heavy obviously)

Disclaimer: obviously this is only the way I do things, I know everyone has their own workflow and preferred look, and obviously Photoshop has about 20000 ways to accomplish the same thing, but these are more or less the steps I follow for all of my edits!

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My roommate began to read the quran, because of the charlie hebdou events, and he comes more and more to the conclusion, that the quran is dangerous and should be banned, because its says that you have to kill non-believers and beat women if they don't obey. I told him that most of the muslims don't take it word by word and reflect over the stuff that is written, but he says, people who do that don't practice the religion how it was meant to be. What do you think about this? I'm agnostic.

this guy that over the events of the past week just randomly picked up and “began to read the Quran” like it’s the newest edition of MacLeans considers himself capable enough to speak on the behalf of a 1400 year old religion with 1.8 billion adherents? Do you see what’s wrong with that?

Your roommate that just began to read the Quran just now that is presumably not Muslim because (I repeat) he just began to read a translated version of the Quran, an 800 page, 1400 year old set of scriptures written in archaic Arabic, has confirmed that “people who don’t kill non-believers on sight are not practicing Muslims” ? Do you see what’s messed up about that?

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So for those who don't know, Dylan O'Brien was injured on set of maze runner Death Cure, he is in the hospital with severe injuries.

We have to respect and keep in in our thoughts and prayers while he goes though this.

I’ve already seen the posts of “what’s happening with filming off teen wolf.”
That is completely disrespectful to Dylan as a person, he’s in the hospital, he’s just been severely injured, his health, safety and healing is more important than him filming!

Have some respect for him and pray for a speedy recovery.

Set safety is so important and I’ve seen people blaming the crew of Maze runner, of course they should have made sure everything was okay for filming and they probably did as there were no serious injuries on the sets of their last two films, so something could have gone wrong in the moment and no one knew, we weren’t on set so we can’t know. let’s not blame or get angry at anyone.

Instead focus on sending positive energy and thoughts to Dylan!

Edit & update Dylan’s rep Jennifer Allen has come forward and said he is going to be okay!

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(Okay, because I'm a massive loser who doesn't know how to talk to people, I'm just gonna go ahead and say what I'm gonna say) So, 1) you're one of my favorite fanfiction authors on tumblr 2) I really want to write some high-quality ereris, but 3) I've never written fanfiction and I don't really know how it works, so I thought I'd come to you. Do you have any advice?

HIGH QUALITY ERERIS YOU SAY? I’m here for that nonnie!

I wrote a similar post before but I couldn’t find it oof, so sorry if this sound redundant to you. Alrighty let’s get this motherfucker bullet pointed!

  • The first rule of fanfiction is to have fun and be yourself. *cheesy grin* No but…seriously. People turn to fanfiction because there is something in the original storyline that they wanted to change. Everyone brings something to the table. You’re bringing your own personal history, your own insight, your own worldview to the story. So when you say that you “don’t really know how it works” well…there are no rules! The world is your oyster and you are the pearl. Write something fun. Write something beautiful. Write something ugly. If you want to write about platonic ereris feeding ducks, I guarantee you someone will want to read it. Hell, I want to read it. Someone write that please?
  • Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. If you want to write, do just that, WRITE. Just fucking write. There is no point waiting until you’re good enough to share your work. Write something. Finish it. You will only get better when you write. Writing is like a muscle, you gotta flex it.

  • Edit. For the love of god, please edit. And not just editing to fix typos or grammar, but editing to fix entire paragraphs and sentences. Edit for continuity, edit for characterization, edit to fill all 5 senses into a work so your audience is completely immersed.

  • Read. If you’re still stuck and you aren’t quite sure you’ve gotten the hang of this fanfiction thing, READ. Use your favorite fics as inspiration. What do you like in fics? Do you like how certain people use settings? Do you like their dialogue? The aura they cultivate? Use what strengths you find in another author to bolster your own strengths.

  • Fics: oneshots vs. chapter. Look, I’ll be real. Chapter fics get more play than oneshots. If you’re just writing oneshots, don’t be surprised people don’t seem to notice it as much when you’re first starting. But keep at it! And chapter fics don’t usually get much of an audience until you’ve progressed further into the storyline. But don’t let that stop you from writing either! Write a good few chapters into your fic (or even finish it!) so you don’t get burnt out and stressed after only 2-3 chapters. 

  • Post during peak hours. Look, I don’t know when peak hours are exactly, but you can’t just drop your first fic in the middle of the night and expect people to see it. I mean, maybe the Australians will see it, but try to aim for peak hours on Ao3 or tumblr. 

  • TAG! Tag if you have any stuff that can be triggering: character death, rape, dubcon, cutting, suicide, abuse, guns, knives, etc. But be careful of overtagging. Tag what is NEEDED to give your audience a good idea what to expect, but don’t overdo it with “Eren just thinks Levi is the cutest!” “Levi makes friends with a crab hahahaha” That stuff can be saved for your fic description. Also: I would read a fic on how Levi made friends with a crab.

  • WRITE A FIC DESCRIPTION! Don’t write “Bleh, I’m not good at these things.” No one is. No one likes writing the blurbs. It’s annoying and HARD. But for you to put so much effort into a work and then not have a fic description is undervaluing your work. Not writing a description is like decorating a beautiful interior, but not painting the chipped outside of your house.

  • Network. I use my tumblr as a way to interact with my favorite authors and artists and to fangirl about ereri and other anime crap. I keep my main blog separate. Mostly bc that blog just has a lot of cats. A lot of cats. But I use this blog to link to my fic. That way it doesn’t just feel like I’m jettisoning my fic into the emptiness of space on Ao3. Ao3 is great because you have an eager and willing audience, but it’s also frustrating because there are so SO many other fics. So use Tumblr, use Twitter. Writing by myself always felt…so fucking lonely. I always had all of these ideas and I would write them out but I never had anyone to share them with. It’s a heavy burden to have a work you really truly care about. It feels like you’re constantly carrying your ship to the shore by yourself. But when you connect with other writers and readers, it starts to feel much lighter. Unburden yourself my friendo. Talk to some people on here. It’ll help you. And you might make friends.

When it comes to High Quality Ereris™ stuff gets a little more complicated.

  • Avoid toxic tropes. Levi is not abusive, stop writing him as such. Eren is not a moe little crybaby, his cries are those of grief and anger. “Shitty brat” got old like two years ago. 
  • If you’re writing smut: CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT. Enthusiastic, verbal consent is fun! I get frustrated also in fics where people act like someone is a “good guy” for asking for consent. No. Consent isn’t a bonus, consent is mandatory. NORMALIZE CONSENT!
  • Be careful using too many tropes in a fic. Sure pastel!fairy!fireman!Eren sounds like fun, but it can be a little busy. You can’t substitute tropes for personality. You can’t substitute tropes for plot! So if you want to write pastel!fairy!fireman!Eren, fucking do that shit, but ask yourself, is the plot of the fic just in Eren’s pastel fairy wings and fireman outift? Is there anything more to his personality? Is there anything more to the story? See Kale’s excellent pickle post @skaletal .

And I have a lot more, nonnie, but this post is already very long. If others have input (and I know they do because I asked for help when writing this post) feel free to add! Come talk to me off anon on chat and we can have fun talking about fics! Happy Writing!~

anonymous asked:

I like that you're getting into The 100 & Clexa thing because I like your gifs and edit. Anyway, about your tag, I don't think Lexa needs to be redeemed. She didn't do anything wrong to her people. Sure, she hurt Clarke in that process, so what we need is a scene with both of them processing what happened, why each had to do what they had to do, and moving forward with that.

No. Noonononnono no anon. 

Okay fandom, let’s talk about this for real. I feel like a lot of you are almost romanticising Lexa in a way that absolves her from the severity of her actions. Lexa didn’t just ‘hurt Clarke in that process’ she pretty much spat on everything they were working towards in terms of the alliance and sentencing Clarke’s people, her friends, to death.

Lexa made a deal with the mountain people who had been capturing and torturing grounders for years and years, all for what? Since when has Lexa been afraid to sacrifice the lives of her soldiers, since when has she lost the strength to look them in the eye and tell them to go die for her. Just a week ago she sacrificed TonDC to a freaking missile, when it could have easily been avoided. Why was she so gungho to live and die by “Victory stands on the back of sacrifice” then and not now?

She gets one offer from the enemy and it’s suddenly all, ‘ohhh sorry Clarke head and not heart, my people my people my people etc.’ What the fuck happened to Jus drein jus daun? Where is the justice? Lexa is literally nothing when you take away her values and her duties, not only to her people but to the alliances she makes. She beat down a grounder for saying the Sky People were not welcome, she made it known that the Sky People march with them now, and anyone who tries to stop that will pay with their life.

The Sky People were Lexa’s people as soon as she forged that alliance. She proved how serious she was about the alliance when she drove her sword through Gustus’ heart.

So why now, minutes before war, does Lexa go back on everything that has happened.

You know why?

Because Lexa is a big fucking coward.

In some ways it is as simple as “The duty to protect my people comes first,” and in some ways it isn’t. Lexa’s calling as the Commander is who she is, her life is about protecting her people. What interests me is how she lost sight of that the moment she witnessed Clarke stick a knife through the heart of the boy she loved. Clarke should have been punished for that, she wasn’t.

As time goes by, Lexa is willing to sacrifice more and more of her people in order to protect Clarke and her interests. Lexa goes out of her way to protect Clarke, on a couple of occasions she even orders grounders to guard Clarke when she herself can’t accompany her. She kills Gustus. She chops Quint down. She wants Clarke to leave her to die. She sacrifices hundreds of her people in TonDC. She risks being found out by letting Octavia live. She rests the fate of her entire army in Clarke’s hands because she trusts her.

For a good amount of time Lexa does not put her people first. If she was really putting her people first she never should have agreed to the alliance. See it from the perspective of the grounders. I mean, Clarke KILLED 300 OF LEXA’S WARRIORS at the dropship. Finn slaughted 18 people in cold blood. Yeah sure the enemy of my enemy is my friend but I don’t think that covers massacres…

Lexa gets blindsided by Clarke. And it is Clarke and not just the Sky People in general because I don’t see Lexa pouring her deepest darkest sorrows into Kane after a few days of knowing him. I think Lexa is so afraid of herself when it comes to Clarke because she is willing to sacrifice everything in order to protect her, in order to give her the things she wants. This is a girl she has known for what, 2 weeks? and she’s already willing to sacrifice an entire village for her. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT “NOT EVERYONE. NOT YOU.” is about. I have no doubt that if Emerson never approached her with an offer, Lexa would have ordered every last one of her warriors to fight and die against the mountain. (In all honesty not that many people would have died because let’s be honest the mountain men are pretty pathetic when they don’t have their beloved acid fog protecting them.)

It’s the principle of the matter though, and Lexa was probably jolted to that reality when Emerson told her exactly that, retreat and we will set your people free, afterall isn’t that what the Commander does? Protect their own? Like there is no way Dante didn’t tell Cage/Emerson to play the Commander card, otherwise he wouldn’t have suggested and known the idea would have worked in the first place. 

And that’s when Lexa realised just how far she had come. Just how deep she had fallen. When almost every single part of her didn’t want to take the deal, that’s when she knew she had to.

The duty to protect my people comes first.

Love is weakness.

And that is my headcanon for Lexa’s betrayal. That is why for me, it’s going to take more than a chat over tea for things to be repaired. Everything that Clarke believes in was betrayed by Lexa, there should be no sugar coating here. Lexa’s betrayal is probably the worst one that has happened on the show. In my eyes she does need to seek redemption, otherwise it would make no sense to me for Clexa to continue on. Lexa did a really fucking shitty thing. Clarke can’t just forgive Lexa in a manner of a couple of episodes, if that happened it would honestly be detrimental to Clarke’s character because she is all about fairness and doing the right thing. I need season long arcs for this shit to be repaired, but that is what interests me more than anything. Slow burns are where it’s at, and in so many ways Clexa has only just begun. The potential for life ruining is so high with these two that I froth at the mouth thinking about it.

There is hope of course because the decision Clarke had to make in the finale is one that will lead to some level of understanding. I mean, they are very different because Clarke didn’t betray the person she kissed the day before to protect her people, but also… she did kill a bunch of children. So. You know. She understands the guilt.

If they can find a way for these two to actually love each other it would be a god damn beautiful storytelling miracle is what I’m saying. There is no easy path here and if they manage to pull it off, Clexa would be a ship to fucking celebrate for years to come. That’s why I have become so invested…because of everything this could be.

To be honest, I see this ending in Lexa dying. Either by sacrificing herself for Clarke or for the Sky People. And that makes me sad because Lexa is one of my favourite characters on this show and I would like her to stick around for a very long time thank you very much. But yeah, I have yet to think of a scenario in which Clarke forgives her and happily ever after. It’s going to be all big damn heroes and redemption via fire. Sigh. Oh Lexa, you stupid raccoon.

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Any chance on you continuing reference material? I thought it was absolutely amazing. One of the best things I've read recently

Thank you so much, Anon! Hopefully this lives up to the original (which can be read here for anyone who’d like to do so).

And yay! I’m posting this for #CastleThemeDay.


“She’s driving me insane, Rick.”

It’s not the most gracious greeting she could give him, especially after a long week of barely seeing each other, but her boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind.

“Hi, honey, how was your day?” he teases, stepping aside to allow her entry into his apartment. She’d been a little annoyed when he’d simply buzzed her up instead of coming downstairs to meet her, but judging by the smells in his place, he’d been in the middle of cooking the dinner he’d promised her. He’s forgiven.

Sheepish, Kate stretches onto her toes to kiss his cheek. “Sorry. I’m just, ugh, the end of the year can’t come fast enough. Hell, spring break can’t come fast enough.”

“That bad, huh?” Rick slips his hand down her arm, lacing their fingers together in solidarity. “You gonna last another two weeks?”

“You joke, but at this point I’m really not sure. She complained for four hours last night about how much work she has, then proceeded to kill her light as I was studying, and bitched when I turned on my desk lamp.”

He nods, tilting his head. “And today?” His thumb swipes her knuckles, coaxing the rest of the story out of her. He always does this, nudges her toward letting it out and talking things through.

“She left a passive-aggressive note on the hall bulletin board about how we need to be conscientious that our study habits don’t negatively impact the sleep of others.”

“What a bitch,” Rick murmurs, squeezing her hand.

“Yeah,” she sighs. “It’s like freshman year all over again. But the upside is she’s not here, and I brought a bottle of wine to help me get through another night of your terrible movies.”

He laughs, pulling her closer. “My terrible movies are what got you to kiss me for the first time, Beckett. You love them.”

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