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I know requests are closed, but I'm kinda hoping it'll be seen anyway... I just got yelled at by both my parents and my fiancé because I decided that I don't want any children in the future... and I've been getting yelled at and called selfish and all... so it might make me feel better to know how the RFA and Saeran would feel about MC not wanting children, either... I kinda feel like they'd feel the same as my fiancé, but I like to hope otherwise... :/

Wow, I just. I honestly angry cried a little bit last night when you sent this in. I had to walk away from my computer because I was too upset for you. I just…hope you think long and hard about saying ‘I do’ to someone who is willing to yell at you and call you selfish for wanting control of your own body and life…

◉ Yoosung 

  • He was glad that you decided to tell him!
    • “I respect your decision, MC,” he grabbed your hands, “I love you. I married you. I’m happy with the way things are!”
  • He does have a sister, so he could always play with nieces/nephews if she ever has kids
  • He wasn’t even totally into pets… so he was fine with your decision
  • Happy to spend his nights playing LOLOL instead of changing and feeding a baby
  • He says the pets at the clinic are more than enough responsibility haha he treats them like they’re children
  • And he loved being taken care of by you
  • He would have to split your attention if you had kids!

◉ Jumin

  • He gave you a warm smile when you told him
  • He could see how nervous you were to tell him this
    • “MC, I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into this. I didn’t marry you expecting to have children. Elizabeth 3rd is more than enough for our family,” he kissed your forehead
  • It was true
  • He enjoyed spoiling you both and that was enough for him
  • Without a kid, he could keep focusing on work
  • He was a little grateful for that, because if he ever did have a kid he knew he would find himself taking more time off to be home instead of running the company
  • He admired that you were honest with him

◉ Zen

  • He was a little sad at first
  • But when you both sat down and talked about it, and he heard you explain your reasoning, he understood completely!
    • “Babe…I didn’t even think about all of that…I feel bad for assuming this was something you wanted. I love you so much, and if this is how you feel then I respect it completely!”
  • The more time passed the more he was actually okay with it
  • All of his late rehearsals and traveling to sets for work…
  • He would never be able to do all of that with a kid!
  • And it was hard being in the public eye
  • Would he have been okay with people taking pictures of his child?
  • After thinking about all of this, he was happy with life the way it was, and was glad you talked to him about your feelings
    • “It’s good we aren’t having kids, MC. Our children would be too beautiful for this world to handle”

◉ Jaehee 

  • She breathed a sigh of relief
  • It’s not that she wouldn’t want kids
  • But she is perfectly fine not having them
  • Hugged you so tight when you told her
  • She could see you starting to tear up a bit and she wanted to comfort you
    • “MC, I had my own reservations…please. We can be happy with the way we are now!”
  • And that was that!
  • Life moved on and you two were happy

◉ Saeyoung

  • He just shrugged
  • Gave you a big hug
    • “I was fine either way, honestly! It’s okay! Why are you looking so glum? Do I need to tickle you?”
  • Made you smile right away
  • His hands were full enough worrying about Saeran
  • He’s perfectly fine getting a cat to act as honorary child
    • “We will name it Yoosung!”
      • “You BETTER NOT SAEYOUNG” -Yoosung
  • All he ever wanted in life was you
  • And that was more than enough

◉ Saeran

  • Felt bad that you looked so nervous telling him
  • Held your hand in his own
    • “Hey, I feel the same. I would have kids, but, the thought makes me a little nervous…”
  • He liked your routines
  • He liked the quiet apartment with just the two of you
  • He liked you all to himself
  • Change sometimes gave him anxiety so this was a relief to hear
    • “Saeyoung is enough of a child for us both,” he laughed.

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So, I know you really like Peter Pan and I have been reading it recently in my uni lit society. Everyone else thinks it's lovely and brilliant escapism and stuff, but I mostly think it's unnerving. Especially Mr Darling deciding to live in a dog kennel. It's a funny idea but then when you think about how his children have disappeared and he seems to think it's some kind of atonement... It really makes me feel uneasy. I don't see what everyone else is seeing in it and I can't express why to them

Well, it is unnerving. It’s totally unnerving. There’s no reason it can’t be escapist and unnerving at the very same time. Consider Harry Potter. Consider Alice in Wonderland. Consider Narnia. Consider Treasure Island. Consider Coraline. There’s no rule saying something can’t be unsettling just because it’s ostensibly an adventure story for children. Half the reason I love Peter Pan is that it is so deliciously twisted. But I’ve talked about that quite a bit already. Please see this post here and this post here, and you might find some of the answers you’re looking for.

Something Missing (something strange) - Gaston/OC

Okay, so this is my first foray into Beauty and the Beast fics. I blame the 2017 movie (though I’ve been obsessed with the original movie since I first saw it as a child). I ended up writing the ending to this before the beginning and it turned out far longer than I had expected. It’s pretty rough right now but seeing as I’m leaving tomorrow for vacation, I wanted to give you something. (Also I could not get this out of my head). Let me know what you think (and if you find any errors both grammatically and characterization wise). 

Title: Something Missing (something strange)
Pairing: Gaston/OC
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast 
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really. Some misogyny because it’s Gaston.
Summary: Elise has finally returned to the village of her childhood. Things are not quite as she left them.

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Molly, do you have any advice? I have a job interview tomorrow and none of my good clothes fit me because I've gained a bit of weight and I'm having some negative self image issues. I don't want it to effect my performance tomorrow, but I don't know how to get out of this funk.

Molly: I understand bodies going through changes. You’ve seen how many children I have, my body has changed a LOT. The key is to make yourself feel good. Remember what you like about yourself, and let that confidence carry you through.

Molly: Best of luck, love! Be sure to pop in tomorrow when it’s over, tell me how it went.

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Speaking of unholy children, the other anon that submitted the Apollo is daddy ask, well... This anon said it for a joke, and I keep getting hit in the face with sun beams I don't know how to feel about this. Apollopleasestop what are you doing?? ???

;) ;) ;) I can’t help but feel like the sunbeams are a,,,, euphemism

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Tumblr mom!!! I read your post about how you learned all the health stuff you do and can I just. Hug you?? When I was around 13, me and my friends were super into the whole new age metaphysics thing and my friend thought either me or my sister were indigo children and I remember feeling so special at the time. I don't know what had changed, but all that slowly fell away from my life and now when I think back to it I feel kind of bitter that I didn't turn out to be some miracle child. So I (pt 2)

think I sort of know how you feel about that a little(The indigo child thing, not the pain part. I haven’t been in much pain for the duration of my life). I feel pretty glad that my mom never really bought into that kind of stuff now looking back on it. hm, I’m not sure where I’m going with this. In any case, you!!! are really awesome and strong!!! Reading about you makes me feel better about life, and I hope you have others in your life that give the same effect! Thanks for being here!!!(pt 2)

The whole indigo child thing that was going on when I was growing up was a Wild Ride and I’m still baffled and mildly upset by the whole thing, not so much because I didn’t turn out to be special in the way they meant, but more because I was taken advantage of by adults who rather than deal with their own shit, expected a sick child to do it for them. I was told by multiple people that my pain and illnesses growing up was the price for helping others to be whole. It was my Gift to the world.

And that’s some gods damned damaging bullshit right there. 

And I know several other “indigo children” who went through the same thing and it profoundly messes with your head because well, if these people who you trust and who are supposed to look after you are telling you this, maybe it’s true. Maybe your pain is worthwhile if it’s helping others. And then when you come blinking out of that haze and realize what was going on there’s just sheer raw fury to deal with. But mostly just exhaustion. And dealing with losing friends and family who are upset you are no longer adhering to their personal requirements of you. Which frankly, fuck ‘em.

Anyway, yea. There’s a few of us on here with similar experiences, and we’re all in various stages of untangling it. So you’re definitely not alone with things like that, and I’m glad that me rambling away over here is a positive thing, thank you for saying so. Sometimes I wonder :P

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I actually can't believe people are arguing with you about how it's completely acceptable to rape children. Seriously, what goes through people's minds to think "hmm yes, this is perfectly acceptable". I don't care about how your genitals feel - your are literally causing a life times worth of trauma for children, please go move far away from society. Blimey, how you deal with this I do not know, but I highly respect you for it.

It’s better to handle it now than have to handle it on our site! I hope this discourages enough of them from joining.

Sas Nahn

I talk a lot about the part in TWoK that affected me so strongly that on my first read I threw the book across the room and didn’t touch it for a few days - I mean, I talk about that it happened that way. I was sideswiped. I threw the book. I let it lie there for a while. I don’t talk about That Chapter.

So, now I’m rereading the book, and got to Sas Nahn this morning. It’s been years and several rereads. I try not to look at it when I’m not doing a full reread, because of how it affects me.

But today, I was steeled for it.

And I finished the chapter. (More after the cut.)

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dude I know right when my mom told me I was heartbroken I couldn't believe that it's so crazy I hope he's doing better now tho

he’s not doing anyhow..which can’t be said about his wife, 6 children, bandmates, family members, friends and many, many other people who loved him… I don’t know what led him to it (no one will probably ever know) but suicide was NOT the solution

it makes me so uncomfortable that les amis are some of my favorite characters in all of literature

and i know so much about them and i have such specific images and headcanons

and these characters honestly feel like my friends or my children sometimes

and i don’t know their fucking first names

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Can I have a longish reaction to them hearing your mom talking badly about your body? Like about your weight and stretchmarks and whatnot? Sorry, you don't have to, I won't be upset with you or anything.

I can’t tell you how you should feel about your own body, but I do know that no one, no matter if they’re family or just random strangers - should ever judge you based on your appearance. And if they do, especially if they’re judging their own children, they need to learn how to act like a decent human being. Sorry, I’m sure your mother has her redeemable qualities, but I feel insecure enough about my own weight and stretchmarks, and I can’t imagine how much it must hurt to hear something like that from your own mother. You’re beautiful just the way you are, just make sure you’re healthy and happy and nothing else matters~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin was going to confront your mother about what she was saying, though he was going to try to approach it as calmly as possible. He was going to tell her as respectfully as he could that she shouldn’t be saying things like that about anyone, let alone her own child, and that discouraging you rather than being supportive was only going to hurt you and push you away from her. Which, if that was the way your mother normally acted, then Seokjin wasn’t going to stop you if you did end up wanting to cut her out of your life, and he was sure to warn your mother of that.

Yoongi wouldn’t say anything to your mother, mainly because he knew he wouldn’t say anything polite, and he didn’t want to upset you any more than your mother’s words would if you were around to hear them. So, instead, he’d go to find you so that he could shower you with compliments and devote attention to all the things your mother thought you should be insecure about, right in front of her if she bothered to watch, and he’d let both you and your mother know that you had nothing to be insecure about; he loved you the way you were, so why should you care what other people might think?

Hoseok couldn’t listen to much; he heard your mother say one thing and he was done, leaving to find you and pull you away from the situation altogether. The two of you would end up alone - whether that was in your room or somewhere like a park, it didn’t matter - and he would assure you that there was nothing wrong with you; he was sure that if your mother was saying things like this now, she must have been saying them as you were growing up, and he wanted to make sure that you knew that you were perfect to him; as long as you were healthy and happy, he couldn’t care less about what you looked like.

Namjoon was going to back your mother into the proverbial corner; he was going to confront her and ask her if she’d want something talking about her like that. How would she feel if her spouse only cared about superficial things like her appearance; how would she feel if her spouse left her the moment she started getting wrinkles? Once your mother was a stuttering mess with nothing good to say, Namjoon would assure her that he would never view you in that way, and that she should probably learn to be accepting before both her ugly appearance and personality drove everyone away.

Jimin wasn’t going to be able to hold his tongue. He got enough shit like that from people he didn’t even know, acting as if his only important feature was his abs. Those comments were enough to ruin his self-confidence, so he couldn’t imagine what it would do to him to hear it from his mother. And he definitely didn’t want you to find out what it felt like. So, unfortunately, he’d end up snapping at her angrily. He wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences, though, because, as he told her, this would be the last time she saw him or you if she couldn’t figure out how to properly support her children.

Taehyung was upset by what your mother had said, probably more upset than you were; he couldn’t understand how someone could say anything like that about you, let alone your mother. He’d clear his throat, just to let your mother know that he’d heard, but he wouldn’t say anything; he’d pass her to go find you, pull you into a tight hug and a sweet kiss, and suggest that the two of you leave and go somewhere more fun; a restaurant that you loved, an ice cream shop down the street, a movie theater, pretty much anywhere that your mother wasn’t.

Jungkook was angry; angry that your mother would talk about you like this, and angry that she expected other people to agree with her. Why the hell should she or anyone else care what your body looked like? Did she think you were dating someone that cared about stupid shit like that? Did she think so low of him and you? And did she think that you should be insecure about things that he loved? He wasn’t going to confront her about it, though; he was actually polite, believe it or not. Instead, he’d find you and tell you how much he loved you, no matter what you looked like.

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Yay requests are open!! Wow I feel so weird for saying this haha but lately I was thinking a lot about who out of svt would like to have children when they are older (if yes - how many / any specific gender?) and who doesn't. Since I'm not that familiar with them yet and don't know their personalities quite well, I can't really assume an answer. What do you think based on their character? Sorry again for this weird question ^u^'

this should be a fun one so hopefully I don’t mess it up  //ps I have no idea what the members said about having kids if anything tbh so this is all just pure opinion//

Seungcheol: for Seungcheol I definitely see him wanting a daughter, but either just the one daughter or a daughter and one son (either way only two kids max.)  I’m honestly not too sure what it is, but something about him just screams to me that he’d want a daughter (who is younger than the son). maybe it’s because he’s the “father” of seventeen and he treats the members very cutely so I feel like he’d do that with a daughter awsdfgh

Jeonghan: I feel like Jeonghan would like a daughter as well and literally teach her how to do things to get what she wants I’m so serious 

Joshua: I see Joshua as one who wouldn’t mind either gender, although I feel like he’d fit better with a daughter (again). Although I don’t see him to want a lot of kids, so maybe two max

Junhui: I definitely see Junhui as another one who wouldn’t mind either gender as a child. I can see him spoiling his daughter probably as much as seungcheol would and training his son to do martial arts and overall grow into a really great father/son or father/daughter relationship. I also see him as one to be a little more strict when it comes to discipline though

Soonyoung: Soonyoung seems the type to also just want one kid, but again gender wouldn’t matter. he’d be a very supportive parent to each one and I just think he’d be a great supportive dad overall 

Wonwoo: for Wonwoo, I think he’d want to have two kids, a son and a daughter. I feel like he’d like the balance of having one of each and would just be a great parent to both in general yay 

Jihoon: Jihoon is a little tough for me bc I don’t see Jihoon as one to actually want kids or want them early in say a marriage or something. I feel like maybe down the line when him and his wife were reaching the good limit for having kids then he’d have one and only one but other than thaT he’d probably stick to the one child. 

Seokmin: okay listen to me seokmin would want like four kids man I’m serious. genders probably wouldn’t matter but with four kids it’d probably be to his benefit to have an even amount of both or maybe more daughters bUT EITHER WAY he would be such a fun parent from newborn-preteen years and then try and adjust to accommodate his children as teenagers and UGH I love seokmin and am a strong advocate for dad!seokmin

Mingyu: Mingyu as well I think would want to have two kids, one of each would be nice but if not then I think he’d prefer two sons over two daughters. but again, for mingyu I think one of each would be most preferable 

Minghao: my son minghao here I think would only want one kid. I see him leaning more towards wanting a son but at the same time I also don’t think gender would matter. although I could see when his child is a teenager and he’d tell them “you know your dad used to b-boy, I think I still got it” and his child would immediately stop him like “dad no stop” but he busts out some moves anyways and his child sits there in awe like what the f u c k 

Seungkwan: okay y’all I see Seungkwan as someone who’d want three kids bc when he gets old and all his kids go visit him and tell him what they’ve been doing with their lives and all their achievements he’d be so proud and reminisce on the memories on when they were younger and everything he did to help them grow up well and his kids would love him as much as Seungkwan loves his mom rn and just my heart

Vernon: my boy Vernon I could see wanting a son more than a daughter bc I feel like he’d be more comfortable with one. I don’t think he’d be opposed to having a daughter, but if he were to have both I think he’d want the son first so it’d help him get better accustomed to having a child shoUld he decide to have more than one 

Chan: when he gets older I think Chan would either want one kid or three for somE reason. Chan’s still pretty young himself so I can’t come up with too broad of an explanation as to why he’d want kids but that’s just the vibe I’m getting 


alRIGHT THAT’S A WRAP after spending 80 years in the bathroom after I took my laptop with me and staying up until 12:11am when finals week starts tomorrow I am finally donE 

I need to go to bed now, so I hope you enjoyed this, goodnight!

~peach admin

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I'm sorry if this is rude, but what's so wrong about Auti$m $peaks? (I censored it bc I know it's bad, I just don't know why)

There’s a lot of things, so I’ll summarize:

- They believe that autism needs to be “cured”. This is one of the biggest issues with the organization. They feel that autism is debilitating and therefore you MUST want to get rid of it and force it out of people.

- They refuse to let autistic people speak for themselves. Generally all of their press conferences, videos, etc are about “autism parents”, aka parents of children with autism. These videos focus on how terrible neurotypical people feel around autistic people and never take actual autists’ feelings into account.

- With regard to the above, they sympathize with abusive parents who have stated they want to kill their autistic children. They continually talk about what a burden autistic people are, and focus more of their attention on neurotypical family members than actual autistic people.

- They do not have a single autistic person on their board. Therefore, it is an organization for autistic people… but it’s run by neurotypicals.

- They pioneered the “puzzle piece”, implying that autistic people were “missing something” that everyone else had. Also, they continue to imply that autistic is something only boys can be.

These are just a few reasons. Here is a post with more information (written by an autistic person).

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What do you think about all black schools? I've been reading that it's working in some places but I don't know how to feel about segregation.

For one thing it’s not the same as the segregation and Jim Crow laws of the past. 

I support all black schools. It’s self-preservation and creating a safe space for black children to be educated in. It’s a lot better than these schools filled with standardized tests and racist ass teachers/principals/etc. I mean shit, with the way district lines work here the schools are separated to begin with. Why not do it to benefit black people?

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I don't know if anyone's asked this, but- we know how being possessed affected Dipper, even though he hid it well until The Last Mabelcorn. In Reunion Falls, has Mabel been affected by the events of Sock Opera in a similar way?

ive talked about this a couple times (and drew it once here) but im always up for discussing traumatized children So

i think mabel, by nature, is generally better at hiding when she’s upset, hurt, or worried than dipper is, until something major happens to expose those feelings, and she can have a tendency towards denial. she’s also a more trusting, open person, to the point of priding herself on those qualities. in rf she never gets to the point of really believing “trust no one”, but being tricked/possessed did have a bigger impact on her than she’s willing to admit. not even so much in being physically hurt and having her body used against her friends, but in the way bill managed to convince her that he was truly trying to help her. afterwords her natural desire/ability to make friends is somewhat stunted and theres always this underlying worry that anyone could be lying to her, or pretending to be nice in order to use her. the experience leaves her with a sense of doubt that she never really had to deal with before.

Hidden Joys of a Historical Fan Fic Writer (Phantom of the Opera)

THAT FEELING WHEN you’ve been scrounging over documents written about the 1871 Paris Commune (Which Erik was at) and you come across a reference to The Church of the Madeline and how its the site of the largest single massacre/execution  (including children and elderly) of the whole civil war. 

Its where Erik said he would marry Christine in the final chapters.  He KNOWS that place is a church of death…..

My EdgeLord Husband, Pham………

After the murder of Nora Allen and Henry Allen’s arrest, Barry Allen was taken in by the detective who brought his father in, Joe West. Joe already had two children, Iris - who was Barry’s age- and Wally - who was two years old, and now he is taking in the son of the man who murdered his wife in front of him. Now his partner, Lewis Snart, is thought to be involved in the crime world and is possibly thought to be abusing his children, Lisa and Leonard Snart. Joe get’s enough evidence against Lewis from an anonymous source, and Lewis is arrest. Joe, feeling partly responsible for the Snart siblings decide to take the both of them in. After a couple months, Joe became the guardians of Barry Allen, Leonard Snart, and Lisa Snart. He was raising five children, three of which weren’t biologically his. As years pass, the whole West - Allen - Snart clan become close. Lisa becomes an Olympic Figure Skater, Iris goes in journalism, Barry and Len both take the path of law enforcement and Wally becomes an Engineering Major in College. Over that time, Barry developed a crush on Len and everyone knew about it… except Len. Unfortunatley, the Particle Accelerator explosion happened and Barry was struck by lightning.

So I might be writing this…..

everyone in this comic is awful except for Dad Egbert

Me: so, like, people insist that Bro is Forever Bad and beyond redemption and no one is allowed to enjoy his character or else they’re excusing his treatment of Dave, but… why does no one say that about Mom Lalonde? who raised Rose while drunk off her ass 24/7? who raised her child in such a way that the child misinterpreted EVERYTHING she did as passive-aggressive mind games? (let’s not even talk about how Rose later tried to cope with the realization that her dead mom actually did love her by emulating her mother’s bad habits and blaming herself for being a “bad daughter.”)

Non-Homestuck friend: i’m wondering why people whose delicate feefees are hurt by people being horrible even LIKE this fucking comic!

Me: RIGHT? i love this fucked up comic and its fucked up characters but it’s about TERRIBLE PEOPLE being BROKEN AND TERRIBLE. they’re ALL Problematic Faves. but, you know, Bro’s the ONLY one we must boo and hiss at. let’s just ignore that Jade’s (senile??) grandpa let a toddler play with LOADED PISTOLS.

Friend: …the other examples. the children are girls.

Me: … … …i’d only been considering the genders of the adults.

Friend: nnnnnuuup. abuse is worse when it happens to their male fave.



“You promised me a planet.” - Under the Ruins of a Walled City, chapter 11 by the ever wonderful @hollyhark

I wanted to draw something from this dream sequence as soon as I read it. Somehow that something ended up being two pages worth of comic.