don't know her last name


Chandler and his girlfriend, Rosemarie, moved to college. They rented a house instead of staying in the dorms because my heir needs privacy if ya catch my drift. ;) 

They had fun playing in the snow until Chandy’s aunt stopped by and decided to cause some drama. Is she PMSing or something? 

Anyway, he painted Rosemarie’s portrait and a penguin ended up in their house by some glitch. o_o I don’t even know. 

Name some cat themed or vaguely cat like characters who are adults and preferably sentient/not literally cats that you think are cool/have cool color schemes? I’m thinking of getting A Thing that is cat themed, but for squick reasons would rather the color scheme be based on a person or monster or alien.

   ❛Sorry, am I in your way –❜  he sidles away from the cart until focusing on the girl. she seems vaguely familiar, but he can’t remember where he knows her from. she must be a friend of nova’s, or an acquaintance of someone he knows. it’s hard, but he looks away to finish what he’s doing and pays the merchant before taking the bag and parting ways with the cart. something about her is a little unsettling, giving him a feeling of unrest… what is it about her that makes him so wary…


Been getting my weapons inventory in Fallout 4 a little mixed up, so I decided to take advantage of the ability to rename them. Maybe naming all Haizea’s permanent weapons after her dead family members was going a touch too far, though.