don't kill the animals

I love dead things so much and I’m sure some people think I wouldn’t go out of my way to save an animal or care if it died but here I am, desperately trying to care for newborn mice rejected by their mother, so scared they’re not going to make it.

  • Tumblr usually: Be happy and full of hope and don't infect the world with your cynicism please. This space is a positive place and no edgelord nihilism is going to ruin that for me. Keep your cynicism and negativity away from me.
  • Tumblr when a vegan is within a 10 mile radius: I fucking love nihilism, man. I mean, we're all gonna die, anyway. May as well kill some animals while we can because their lives don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Maybe we're relieving them of their perpetual suffering by eating them. Ever thought about that? And it's not like anything you vegans do will amount to anything, anyway. Life is too short. You're all worthless. And I love animal abuse. It's the cows' screams which make the steaks delicious. I love fapping to slaughterhouse footage and listening to the recorded cries of farm animals every night. It help get me to sleep. Vegan tears are delicious, too.

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what do you think about ethical meat production?

I personally don’t want to eat an animal ever again because I’ve started seeing them too much as equals and living beings like us who are intelligent and stuff like that. But if hypothetically speaking someone keeps a pig or chicken in their backyard and treats them well and then kills & eats them after a while, then I’m OK with that I guess if that person really wants the meat so badly haha. And that’s the only way of producing meat I’d deem “ethical”. Like how it was in Them Old Days.

here is a story that is in the first place a record for me of how things really are, a touchstone, and in the second place a parable of gender in the academy.

one scene: my research team sit together having a meal in a very bizarre historical theme park of a town in central europe. the lady boss congratulates the male boss on having won a residential fellowship at a major american research library for the fall. this is the first i have heard of it, that he will be out of the country for most of the fall, or was thinking of being. after the lady boss left, he turned to me and said ‘you might be asked to do some teaching as a result of this.’ (spend a moment with the syntax of that sentence. note its conspicuous absence of first-person pronouns and active constructions.)

another scene, a week later: i receive an e-mail from the incoming head of department, saying that the male boss told her i’d be well up for covering his teaching in his absence. do you see the problem here? i am in luck, because the H.O.D. is a woman i have known a long time, and also president of the Male Boss Is A Nonsense Person Club, so i can say to her, ‘it will not surprise you to learn that he did not consult me on this before volunteering me.’ foolishly, i said i’d think about it. she wrote back to me with details: the kind of insulting wage temporary academic staff get paid everywhere. that was what did it, what gave me the ability to say no as i should have done all along. 

another scene, another week later: a lovely hour in the sunshine with the H.O.D., a very long overdue coffee. she offers me more practical advice in twenty minutes than the male boss has in a year. she also makes it clear that the department will have no trouble covering the male boss’s teaching, and that she’s happier for me to be focusing on my research anyway. 

another scene, the next day: the male boss pretends not to be angry with me for declining the teaching until i (1) ask him not to volunteer me for anything in future without consulting me first, and then (2) suggest that perhaps if you are contracted to teach, you must in some way buy yourself out of that teaching. if you are not due leave, perhaps the fellowship should pay to cover your teaching in your absence. ‘well if that’s how you want to be about it’ are words he really said. like a ten-year-old boy. i realized that he sees me as the one with a sense of entitlement. i realized too that there was nothing i could do to change his mind about any of this, that arguing could only make things worse. because of the kind of relationship we have, and the way his feelings work, i was able to deal with this by pausing to chill (and take a long sip of my pint), and then kick him in the shin and say ‘don’t be pissed off with me.’ a gesture he reciprocated, and said he wouldn’t be pissed off with me. the remainder of the conversation was a half hour of him talking about his work and me asking him polite questions. i don’t remember the last time he asked me a question about me, or my life, or my work, or gave me a substantive piece of feedback on anything i’ve done. he is the living embodiment of virginia woolf’s observation that men need women to reflect them back to themselves at twice their actual size. he is a case study in the gendering emotional labor. but i’ve always known that about him.

but what was most instructive about this experience was not actually about him, really. what was most instructive was the way it felt to receive the H.O.D.’s email and respond to it. i can’t describe the feeling except to say that it was powerful, visceral, literally, i felt it in my guts, hot and horrible. humiliation, and anger, and fear, and shame. when i realized i could say no, what i was realizing was that i could say no to that feeling. and then i recognized the feeling as the feeling that governed my work life for the last three years of graduate school. and then i realized that i had not felt it in a very long time. what can we learn from this? 

1. material security can mean that you get to say no to being humiliated

2. the word is ‘trauma’. when you feel you are in danger but you are not in danger, and the reason you feel that way is because for a long time you did live in that danger, that is called trauma. the feeling is information, and what it is telling you is that this is all real.

3. never trust men, and never  trust famous white academic men.

i shall add as a coda that i am, as ever, grateful for all these women in my life. let’s observe for example that part of my material security takes the form of an intimate mentoring relationship with a woman (advisor). let us also observe that the person with the most authority in this particular scenario was a woman, and it is her experience as a woman which made it possible for me to both say no to her and still count on her support and mentorship. (had that email come from the current H.O.D., a man of modernism if ever there was one, i can’t imagine how much worse this would be.) let us also observe that i can absolutely count on the lady boss to take my side in this, should it come to that, should he try to make out to her that i am the bad guy here. and let us observe that as all of this unfolded i had a number of women to vent to, every single one of whom drew a breath of scandalized horror or sighed resignedly (according to her personality) when i quoted the male boss’s iconic aside. you cannot be gaslit when you have truthseeing women on your side. when you have material support. when the people in the power positions are women of integrity. women. women. women.

What if there are aliens that have been receiving our messages in outer space and have been using their resources to try to get a way to communicate back and/or come here,, but they are a good peaceful species that haven’t spent centuries developing weapons and fighting each other. Cue them coming and getting killed because humans think they asteroid/invading/are just big meanies

IKEA! With batboys

I just really like IKEA so I decided to make an IKEA Headcanon for the batboys :)))


  • Man does he love IKEA 
  • Takes a video of the whole IKEA trip 
  • Makes puns out of furniture names 
  • You guys secretly jump on the beds 
  • You buy a carpet for no reason 
  • You don’t really need it but it’s IKEA so why not 
  • Eat cinnamon rolls 
  • He has no idea what smorgasbord is 
  • You don’t either
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • You pretend like you’re a model 
  • Have a photo shoot with the furniture 
  • You consider getting something for Bruce
  • You get him a shoe organizer 
  • The man has a lot of shoes


  • Doesn’t really know what the big deal about IKEA is
  • Thinks it’s kinda ridiculous
  • Prefers rooms to go
  • Can’t help but joke about the names too
  • “Surprisingly Swedish pizza is good”
  • You want to buy something but you’re broke
  • Even the shower curtains are expensive
  • You finally find something affordable
  • Some bitch fights you for it
  • You start a fight
  • Jason holds your hoops
  • You get kicked out
  • Somehow you both saw it coming
  • You sneak back in for cinnamon rolls
  • Because they’re really good


  • Best behavior
  • More of a museum instead of a furniture store
  • You find a nice couch
  • It’s like $500
  • “Nope”
  • “Moving on”
  • Tim finds a beanbag chair
  • He likes it
  • He buys it
  • Thinks about getting something nice for Bruce
  • But he can probably buy the whole store, so you say nah
  • Plus Dick and his s/o already bought him a shoe organizer so…
  • “Where’s the Sofia Vergara collection?”
  • “That’s rooms to go, Timmy”
  • “Whoops”
  • Swedish salad was good


  • Hates IKEA at first
  • Nearly burns all the cowhide rugs.
  • “We are not coming here again.”
  • “I bet they kill all animals”
  • “No damian they don't”
  • “Yeah they do”
  • Lots of facepalming
  • You buy stationery for Alfred
  • Gardening section is damian’s favorite
  • Buys lots of gardening things
  • Buys a gazebo
  • “Your dad is gonna be mad”
  • “It’s just a gazebo, who doesn’t love gazebos?”
  • “Your dad”
  • Buys a lamp
  • Buys jason and his s/o a nightstand
  • They don’t need one but oh well

(If you want you can add on to the Headcanon!)

*whispers at PETA and extremist vegans* y'all need to stop being assholes to everyone like,,,, stop. Please. I eat animals and consume animal product but I'm a person who cares for them as well. I love them. I'm not some murderer. Stop accusing people of being so terrible. Honestly. Shoo fly don't bother people who consume animal product or take part in the dairy/egg/meat/animal industry.

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Plenty of vegans use honey 🤦🏻‍♀️ the strict rules and regulations are annoying af, people are doing what the think is right. I used honey on my oats all last week because I didn't have access to another sweetener while out of town with my very nonvegan family. I'm still vegan. If people are doing what they feel is right by vegan standards, they're still vegan. Not to mention I don't know how I feel about calling bugs animals?? Like I kill spiders on a regular basis?

I have never met a vegan in my life that uses honey intentionally, and I have met and know A LOT of vegans. Every single one of them avoids it. “If people are doing what they feel is right by vegan standards”… don’t you see what is wrong with that statement? Veganism is veganism. If you’re a vegan you follow the rules, if you don’t then you’re not. There aren’t vegans who are ok with a sprinkle of cheese on their meal every now and then, and there definitely aren’t vegans who purchase and use honey regularly… you either do it all the way and commit to this lifestyle or you don’t. I can’t believe a self-proclaimed vegan is having a whinge about the “strict rules and regulations”! You clearly don’t have much passion for the lifestyle you have chosen. It is what it is. If you don’t like it then stop staying you’re a vegan. There is no problem with people only going some of the way and doing their absolute best to be vegan when in a household that makes it difficult and they don’t have access to providing their own food, but the way you’ve worded your message seems as though you really don’t give a shit and you just want to do whats easiest and most convenient for you.

Why do you even need to use honey when there’s sugar, maple syrup, coconut nectar, rice syrup etc? There are so many ethical options out there and yet you still choose to use the one that causes incredible harm to the environment and the bee. If you are so sure that honey is vegan then you clearly haven’t done much research sweetheart. Stop whinging about needing to cut things out of your diet to be vegan and acting like YOU are the victim when it’s really the animals, and do whats right if you truly have compassion.

And read this.

  • tumblr users: don't step on snails and ants ^_^ be kind to fleas ^_^ treat every cat and dog like an angel or i'll beat the shit out of you lol!! ^_^ animals are just trying to live happy let's help em all! *300k notes*
  • same exact tumblr users: fucking vegans telling us what to eat and wear! animals arent as important as people GET OVER IT! don't tell me I shouldn't eat and kill animals, or I'LL KILL AND EAT YOU!! *300k notes*

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It's sorta like when people kill babies or animals. People don't like when someone so defenseless gets hurt. Someone who trusts you unconditionally then you betray them. Someone who did nothing wrong. At least that's how I feel. We're used to seeing people die. It's a main mechanic in many games. But you rarely see it happen to those who are completely defenseless.

exactly! we’re very used to seeing people be killed, but seeing something so vulnerable be killed is very hard for many people to watch because it’s not something they’re exposed to/used to seeing