don't kill me for making this please ; u ;

  • Izuku: I'm gonna be a hero like All Might!
  • All Might: Be A hero just please not like me.
  • Nighteye: You WILL NEver bE LIKE All migHT
  • Class 1-A in general: NOT IF WE ARE FIRST
  • Tomura: That makes me want to kill you HARDER
  • Chisaki: y r u here
  • Recovery Girl: Damn OFA back at it again with the crippling pain and weekly hospitals visits
  • Naomasa: I didn't sign up for this bullshit.
  • Sensei: Cute. I've always wanted to know what it sounded like to kick a puppy when it's down.
  • Izuku: ....
  • Izuku: ....
  • Izuku: Why are you my support system???

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I hate his new outfit. It looks like something a kindergartner would wear! And the colors clash so hard it physically hurt me. Woo you know he looks good in dark foresty colors so play it up u sick sunovabitch. I'd kill to see Bum in a Garnet top and black slacks with some nice shoes. And clean thatbitches hair! What is he 5, slick that shit back and give him some style. I don't care about the dead body I'm here to play dress up bitches.

I actually love the outfits in KS– especially Bum’s, I dunno, I’m big on Grunge-style and his outfits just look cozy and practical, and are pleasing to me. 

Oh my gosh hahah someone should make a Killing Stalking dressup game featuring Bum, that would be wonderful. 

nct as things my friend has said

@cookiebarra i love u bud :)))

doyoung - i love satan, im kidding jesus i don’t sin please accept me

ten - o shit i’m gay

taeil - i want you to have my babies except not really bc i don’t want children
don’t write that down i don’t give you permission
don’t write that down either
why are you still typing

taeyong - *burbs* hot

jaehyun - can we see the furries

yuta - *friend is wearing a blanket on his head*
man how much did you pay for that wig

winwin - everywhere is the house of christ if i’m in it

mark - did i just blink without closing my eyelids

haechan - i’ll cup my fart and throw it at u shut up

renjun - *sneezes* there she is

chenle - can you flap for me

jisung - you know that feeling when you get wet crispy lettuce and you snap it in half and you get that feeling in your heart that’s the feeling i get when i see johnny depp

jeno - sirius snape

jaemin - severus black

hansol - do you think if i farted into space and lit it on fire would it create a star

kun - don’t make me put some of my boogie woogies in your mouth

johnny - kadoonk

the signs trying to comfort a sad friend
  • aries: uh .,. don't cry it'll be alright friend (pats them on the back)
  • taurus: you have every right to be sad don't worry let it out (teddy bear hug)
  • gemini: uhhhhhhhhhh you are a great person, don't be sad... (feels a desperate need to escape the emotional situation)
  • cancer: (buys u ice cream, cooks you dinner, hands you blanket and pillows) i will find who did this to you and i will kill them. (hug)
  • leo: awww no don't let the haters get u down man ur amazing and u know it! (energetic and comforting)
  • virgo: damn dude i feel ur pain........(sits in silence with friend for a while)
  • libra: (very unsure of what to say but says whatever nice thing comes to them at the time, sings don't worry baby to u and listens to you while you vent)
  • scorpio: uhhhh ummm please don't be upset it makes me sad to see you upset friend (acts more generous towards the sad friend)
  • sagittarius: oh, that sorta feels in-genuine only because they don't really know what to say, they will try to take your mind off of sad and take you to adventure or something else that makes people happy)
  • aquarius: (doesn't say much, but what they do say is meaningful and helps you grow to understand and accept the pain)
  • pisces: (hard for them to know how to react because they are used to being the sad one instead of the comforter, but they always make you feel better in the end)
the signs reacting to your sadness
  • aries: who did that to u??! i2g i will end them!!
  • taurus: i know i know
  • gemini: they don't even deserve your tears tbh..
  • leo: ok but don't you see how fab u are???
  • cancer: *hold your hand in silence until you stop crying*
  • sagittarius: what doesn't kill you make you stronger
  • virgo: give me the PRECISE reason of your sadness and i will fix it
  • capricorn: ??? but yesterday you told me it wasn't a big deal
  • scorpio: how would you recognize happiness without experiencing sadness tho?
  • libra: ....please smile
  • aquarius: the way i see it, it's written in the stars, if i tell u you'll be alright, you'll be alright
  • pisces: *cry with u*

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reasons u should adopt me as ur pet: - i have soft hair on my head as well as soft little hairs all over my arms and legs - i don't talk much, i am very quiet - i will let u boop my nose whenever - i am expert at cuddling - easy 2 care for, all i need is food and sunshiney spots to sleep in - please if u don't take me they'll put me in a college and make me do the essays

This little seedling is looking for a new home! Unfortunately I can’t keep them, since I’d be too distracted by them to do my actual work and even more people would be out to kill me then. So please, have a heart and adopt this lovely seedling! 

my mental state has taken a sharp downward turn lately, so to the friends I have been neglecting I’d like to reassure I will hopefully be back soon and please don’t take my absence personally

not trying to start a fuckin pity party, just wanted to make it clear what’s going on

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Who's forcing who's beliefs on who? I'm not the one sacrificing lives in order to eat their bodies. That's a bit forceful if u as me. Telling someone the truth is not forceful. And if you fell out of Veganism, you were never Vegan, you were plant-based. Veganism implies you are not a speciesist. Please wake up and be Vegan. Animals don't deserve to die just so you can make gains and take pictures of your arms. You're killing yourself. Go watch Vegan Gains on YouTube and carb the fuck up 🐣

Please educate yourself before wrongly assuming that THIS is the way to FORCE people into following your beliefs. You have an opinion, i don’t share this opinion, you are TELLING ME to share this opinion. 

Educating others on your own personal beliefs, then allowing them to make up their minds? Yes.
Telling people that how they choose to live their lives is wrong because it’s not the same as how you live yours? No.