don't kill me

there are 3 types of musical theatre kids:

  • hamilton fans who then got into heathers, dear evan hansen, newsies, and be more chill
  • hamilton fans who then got into great comet, falsettos, hadestown, and ghost quartet
  • everyone else

widowmaker: this chair is feminine. ‘la chaise’.

mercy: this chair is masculine! 'der stuhl’.

mccree: this chair is a fuckin’ object, i don’ see a skirt or trousers anywhere on its damn metal surface, y'all are fuckin’ insane.

hanzo: if you don’t pronounce 'chair’ exactly the right way in japanese, you’ll end up saying 'testicles’ instead.

Okay so not to be that person but realize that in season 1 of Stranger Things the show opened with the boys playing DnD and Will’s character is attacked and subsequently killed or injured… whatever by the Demogorgon… As Will says later to Mike “The Demogorgon, it got me.” And then he is taken by the monster from the Upside Down on his way home, they dub the creature as the Demogorgon for the rest of the season.

Now in season 2 we start out at the arcade, where they’re all gathered around the game Dragon’s Lair, Dustin is playing this time… His character is killed, turned into a skeleton, and the game is over… 

I don’t know much, but what if that is foreshadowing as well?