don't keep it inside

I honestly think it’s healthy to have a mental breakdown every now and then because it shows your human and stops you from bottling your emotions inside.
Basically what I’m saying is have a cry, scream if you have to. I understand and it’s good for you to let it out.

In case you guys wonder, I still feel awful and I am still worried we all may die as we sleep. But what can I do, when life just loves to fuck you over and over, right. Anyway, I’ll probably work on drafts or so. I don’t really have any energy to make single posts or starter calls. Ive hit 1,4k+ followers, but the bias list will be kept for later.


Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

when you talk about Schlieri and someone asks if you like him and you just think about your 2007 Motorazr (which is lying somewhere in your cupboard) with Schlieris face still as background AND lockscreen


I might or might not be trying to draw a little soumako steampunk AU comic.

The real question is: will I be able to finish it one day?

(edit: ah I forgot to invert it back ^^“ this one would be the right version )