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hey so. there are a lot of posts circulating about manchester right now but i know how much so many people love ariana in the rpc, and how much something like this is bound to affect all of us. if you want to talk, i am a trained youth counselor, feel free to message me at any point.

my heart goes out to everyone hurt in any way, i wish only the best for every single person affected by this attack - directly or indirectly. 

so…I have an interview today that is really kind of important and amazing and I’m hoping if I get the job it will lead to…some good things. so if you could. just think about me for a moment? that would be great


Some thoughts on Extremis that I wanted to share. (This is for the more conscious and open-minded among us.)

The episode was very well written. Steven may have taken a jab at organized religion but he did not discount or belittle faith. In fact, he took it a step further to show how each and every one of us has a belief system. What is the one thing scientists and priests fear? Truths that challenge their beliefs about the world. 

In Extremis, Steven created a ‘brain-in-the-vat’ scenario. Picture yourself as a brain, simply floating in a vat and connected to a simulator of some sort. Every single thing you think and feel will be real to you, except you cannot know you are in a vat. In this case, truth is limited because you cannot possibly know what you don’t know. 

There are two outcomes: (1) You have a belief there is nothing else beyond the realm of the truth that you know. (2) You have a belief that there is more. There is something beyond the realm of your known truth.

What I appreciate about this episode is Steven’s message. Be like the Doctor. Examine what you believe. A healthy amount of skepticism and doubt in your belief system might be more rewarding to you than you think. In the words of Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

All of y'all are getting super excited for the paladin’s birthdays and that’s cool but!! Do the signs like? Really even matter tho?

Can I say how much I love Yoo Jin Oh/Shin Yool. He is the purest cinnamon roll. He worships friendship more than love. I mean in any other drama the two male leads would probably fight for the girl. But eventhough Jin Oh/Shin Yool was sad about the two getting together he didn’t confront Han Se Ju ( something along the lines of you knew I liked her I wanted you to protect her from other guys not fall in love with her etc. etc.) he was just happy to be together with his friends just like in the past. So I don’t think he was a traitor in the past or did something out of jealousy cause that’s not in his nature. I just want him to have an happy ending ( eventhough his happy ending will probably tear my heart apart).

i just watched all knb last game previews again and i’m…. i need to re-watch all of knb again asap i haven’t seen it in like a year or something what have i been doing with my life (haikyuu is consuming it but shhhh) and i’m so gonna make some edits omg

the skam fandom is like every other fandom in tumblr as it’s full of gay fetishizers ignoring everything else of importance and i am tireddd yes Evak is a gift but we need to pay attention to Sana’s issues smh

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Will you even do more Trimberly drawings? :3 question of curiosity bc I crave more and then and your bootyful art <3

YES LOL OH MY GOD let me tell ya. i’ve been reading so much goddamn trimberly fanfic. this is bad. this is so bad. i’m in so deep holy shit

… it’ll… take me a bit before i post another polished one like that kiss pic cause i’m a slow drawer and rl is hard, but (’: i scribble trimberly on twitter all the time lately !! so the answer is a definitely yes!! i’m trying to find a good fic to draw for but there are sO MANY I AM HAVING A HARD TIME PICKING ONE???

ok but….what if i did some major editing of the braveryverse

i was thinking about the weirdest phone calls i got when i still worked at the public library and i remembered this one phone call. it was probably less than 20 seconds long, but it still makes me laugh.

anyways, this woman called and without even saying hello after i said the usual “public library, how can i help you?” spiel, she said, “i have a very important question: when you shelve books, do you push them all to the front of the shelf or all the way back?”

it took me a second to process the question and then i answered that, at the library, we always shelve them so that they are even with the front edge so they’re easier to grab and see. she was obviously delighted by this answer and then, as if an afterthought, she asked, “okay, what about you? what do you do at home with your books?” i said i did the same thing. she hummed in obvious agreement and then just like that she said “thank you!” and hung up.

i never heard from her again. i hope she won whatever argument she was having.


Happy Birthday Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt ( April 3rd )

“I bet my bottom dollar you’re gonna be part of something that makes the whole universe sit up and take notice.” 

I know everyone remembers Alix as the reckless angry one who’s always ready to fight, and she is, but like… she’s also, in canon, really dorky and sweet?? Like how excited she is to get the pocket watch as her birthday present after seeing how cool it is, and reassuring her dad that she’s not gonna ditch him, and waving at Marinette’s parents, and just… look at this sweet happy child

And at the end of the episode when she thanks Ladybug for fixing her watch and says she’ll take better care of it next time and will try not to be irresponsible, it’s so Pure and Humble, she’s just such a Good

And Christmas episode??? Where she’s so happy to get sweets??? And happy to see Adrien’s okay??? And just generally so adorable and happy??? I’m love this child so much???


In conclusion: Alix is an adorable precious bean in addition to being a terrifying little monster, this has been a PSA