don't just pray


Lazy afternoons

I’m trying to get rid of art block by forcing myself to paint but it’s only making it worse x_x  rip.  Technically I like the sketch more but I spent way too much time trying to colour to not post that version too

Are you Kidding Me

Okay so I was messing around with a scenario generator. Where you input characters and it comes out with a scenario. So for fun I put in Bugs and Daffy as the two characters and of course the first thing to pop up was…



This is scenario is just too preposterous. 

Like, that’s never gonna happen.

Why would-

Either of them


Dress in drag. 


You’re drunk, scenario generator.

 It is so obviously so out of character that these two would dress in drag together. 

Prayer request

So there’s a very good chance that the mass in my dad’s esophagus is cancer, but nothing’s been finalized yet. I really need some prayers for him and my family.

(Also if you know me irl and like know my parents don’t talk to your parents or anyone else… we don’t want to worry people and he’ll tell them himself if he needs to.)

Imagine Woozi hugging you whilst reassuring you that things will be alright when you start getting overwhelmed.

This is the Gladnis candle of hope.

Pray to it once a day for our desires to reach Square Enix HQs, in the hope that Gladnis becomes canon.

If your faith isn’t as strong, you can pray to it once a day in the hopes that, at the very least, we get more potentially shippable Gladnis interaction and/or cinematics in future updates.

May the Shield and the Specs guard your heart and feels.

You know you’re way too deep into the Phandom when it’s midnight and you reach the first ever comment on Phil’s earlier videos and you then feel like you lived your life and it is complete.

friendly reminder that you do not need a big shrine with lots of candles and stones and fancy statues and a different incense for every day of the week to show your devotion to your deities! if you can’t afford fancy decorations or cannot burn incense/candles in your current living environment, that’s okay! your deities love you unconditionally regardless of how much money you put into their shrine

please don’t worry if your shrine is enough, because to Them, you are all they need, and your actions speak louder than that three-foot tall jewel-encrusted gold statue ever will