don't judge my emotional attachment to hart of dixie okay

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TV Line just updated their renewal score card for Hart of Dixie and upgraded from 'Could go Either way' to a 'Safe bet'!!!!! YES hopefully the ratings continue to be consistent and we can get another season!!

I’m not surprised because the ratings, while not tremendous, have been steady this season and they almost double when you add the DVR ratings. Plus the pilot of Cult crashed and burned so that’s one slot this show’s not taking next year. Also Jaime King said on twitter that “it’s looking good” so if the cast and TVLine are confident, I am too!

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10 shows that you would recommend? Cancelled vs shows that are still on air :)

Okay, 10 cancelled shows:

  • Friends
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Veronica Mars
  • The OC
  • Chuck
  • Alias
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Sex & the City

And the ten shows still on the air I’m enjoying the most:

  • Southland
  • Parenthood
  • Breaking Bad
  • Parks & Recreation
  • The Walking Dead
  • New Girl
  • Suits
  • The Good Wife
  • Community
  • Hart of Dixie

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what would you say were the best tv shows in 2013?

My favorite show of the 2012-2013 season (I narrowed it down to 15):

  1. Parenthood (s4)
  2. New Girl (s2)
  3. Southland (s5) ;_______;
  4. Suits (s2)
  5. Parks and Recreation (s5)
  6. The Good Wife (s4)
  7. Hart of Dixie (s2)
  8. The Mindy Project (s1)
  9. Ben and Kate (s1) ;_____;
  10. The Walking Dead (s3)
  11. Orphan Black (s1)
  12. Go On (s1) ;____;
  13. Chicago Fire (s1)
  14. Elementary (s1)
  15. Nashville (s1)