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WonTaek fanfic reclist (updated in June 8, 2014, will be updated once a month)

Based on my personal appetite, but i think those stories below are really good, and should be read (I still hope we’ll have more wontaek’s fanfics in the future because omg they’re so precious ;;).


-I’m cute too…: Leo obviously wasn’t happy with Ravi’s ‘Cutie Ranking’.

I think it’s a cute drabble, although it’s kinda short ;;

-Curious: Taekwoon is Wonshik’s tutor and Wonshik just can’t stop thinking about things involving him since he found out he was gay.

A supa adorable twoshotttttttttttttt /sobs/ highly recommended \o/

-Take like a duck: Leo just needed to go to the rapper for help in talking like the famous Disney character.

Another highly recommended ;; trust me, you’ll get a toothache by this ;;

-The need for words: This is the tale of a completely normal romance, a romance where the lack of words on one side doesn’t define just how strong someone feels, or doesn’t.


-Insecure: Whatever the exterior maybe, Jung Taekwoon will be who he’s truthfully.

A beautifully-written story, mentions of cosmestic surgery, so skip it if you’re not comfortable with this type.

-Sleepy: Wonshik had been planning this night for a long time, and long time meaning around two to three weeks.Fluffy Leo and protective Ravi, who loves spoiling his baby ;;

-Cudding somewhere: Wonshik doesn’t seem to mind too much, though. Even if his hair is soaked and the gel he’d put in it earlier is trailing down his neck which is insanely annoying, he decides things are okay.

Cuddling in rainy day, such a fluffy and romantic scene right? ;;


-Android Leo with his VIXX members: Leo of VIXX is secretly a robot/android/Artitifical Intelligent or whatever.

Well, I’m not sure about this one tbh… you know, it’s not a focus on wontaek, it’s ot6 and… smut everywhere lol BUT, I love Wontaek’s relationship so so much in this story, it’s the most beautiful pairing in that fic tbh, i’m not biased ;;

-Am I not cute: Because Leo just wants Ravi to find him cute.

Do I have to say something about tsundere Leo? ;@;

-Sexy bitch: Taekwoon’s got an itch and Wonshik seems to be the only one who will scratch it.

cat!leo, horny!leo, slutty!leo, I’m so done with my life.

-Sweet on my lips: Wonshik comes back home and finds Taekwoon crying.

comforting seksu, hmmp, it’s like the title, really sweet ;;

-Parastiches: At the end of the day, Hakyeon crippled them both and the only thing they could do was pitifully cling to each other and both be co-dependent freaks.

sad, but beautiful, i don’t even know why I love this so much ;;

-Crazy: After a harsh breakup with Ken, Ravi decides to help Leo.

… yeah, it’s kinda… totally crazy lol, i think some things are kinda ooc but… orz nvm, it’s still a great thing about wontaek to read \o/

-Lights, Camera, Action: Wonshik and Taekwon are actors of adult movies, and they’re going to have sex.


-High rise: Taekwoon thinks the city looks even prettier when he’s in the highest apartment of his block and he’s got his cheek pressed against clear glass and the most handsome man whispering dirty things into his ear.

I think you’ve already had the image -q- a hawt and kinky seksu ;;