don't judge me okay i have no life

Isak and Even are currently cuddling in bed, watching another movie from Even’s endless “movies that my boyfriend Isak Valtersen MUST watch at least once before turning 90 years old” list. And Even is wearing Isak’s grey hoodie (you know THE grey hoodie) and Isak cannot concentrate on the movie because this, him and Even, lying on their bed, in their apartment, feels so so good and right that Isak can’t believe he’s actually here.

All those lonely nights he spent in the basement of Eskild’s and all those sleepless nights in Noora’s room, Isak couldn’t believe even in his wildest dreams that he’d get to have this, to have Even beside him. To feel so carefree and at peace.

Life is amazing, isn’t it?

Luka Couffaine

Alright, so… Am I the only one low-key losing it over this guy? I mean, I have so many hopes! And… Lord, Marinette/Goth-Punk romantic interest?

* Imagine Luka being the same extrem flirt that Chat is.

* And has a near obsessive love for cat!

* Like, he even volunteers at the local animal shelter. Of course he does. That’s where he adopted his own kitty, a lovely black cat he named ‘Love Bug’.

* A kitty that he insists his pretty princess (because of course he would call Marinette that) would adore. Would she like to meet him?

* His room is a rough blend of cats, music, and martial arts trophies. Would Marinette like him to show her a few moves? 😉😄

* He would relentlessly flirt with Marinette. Would pass by her classroom and gain her attention outside the door. Would make goofy faces and exaggerated air kisses and Wink’s.

* And ADRIEN would see!!

* Adrien would turn, expecting awkward and stuttering Marinette.

* But Marinette, who of course believes her silly goth-punk (who may or may not wear a black ring, idk) is Chat, just sits there with a reluctant smile.

* Jealous Adrien??? Yes???

* Also worried. Was this guy insinuating he was Chat?? He should fix that. Soon. Very soon.

* But after Chat makes a visit to Marinette later that night it has the opposite effect?!

* Now Marinette giggles at Luka’s puns?? Wait, she blushes at him?? Hold on, wait, wtf is happening?

* Just the huge, wonderful mess that I am totally looking forward to.

* Also, imagine the copious amounts of fresh sin that’s about to hit the fan?

…… Okay, so maybe low-key isn’t the right word. I’m going to combust. Somebody please help me I don’t have time for this crisis! I’m lying, nobody do a thing. Just let me sit here and enjoy my own hell.

Y'all now get to hear why I love HI Hello MV so much…

I struggle a lot with the friendships I have so I interpreted this MV to be about those kind of relationships.

Sungjin and Dowoon are already friends. Those kind of relationships can come into your life where you become friends with someone because they were apart of the group and it doesn’t lessen your relationship (sometimes it does but I’m just bitter)

Jae is the person who actively looks for friends. The social type of person who is always looking to start up a conversation or make plans with someone.

Wonpil is the opposite. While he is open and friendly he isn’t trying to hitch a ride in the truck. Wonpil’s type will quickly let new friends in if the feeling is right.

Then there is Young K (who wants to be called young k so baby I’ll try to stop calling you Brian). He is the person who doesn’t want to join everyone else. It is possible that he has been burnt before by his friends and rather be a loner. Or that he sees no need to make deeper friendships. Luckily he changes his mind and seems much happier as a result.

This isn’t a theory its just how I read it and why I like it. Tag your friendship? No. Okay. Sorry.

  • me: jesus fucking christ im fat. i need to not eat anything at all anymore. 2000 calories is too much, so i should like eat only a meal and a half a day. small portion sizes and counting calories on everything. i need to get skinny!!
  • me to me: get rid of your internalized fatphobia and love yourself. exercise if you must but don't overdo it. a little chub is okay. it's healthy. eat whatever you want, life is too short to count calories. please love your body

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How can I go to the gym if I'm not even confident enough to go outside? I deeply want a positive change but I don't know if I can make it that far.

Hey anon, it’s not about confidence it’s about competence. You are better than you think. It’s okay to feel self-conscious, but you shouldn’t let it affect your life’s goals.

If you want a positive change in your life, have a plan, think positive and be positive. People will not judge you if you’re trying to improve. Go to the gym, do your thing and trust me if you’re working hard you won’t have the energy to think about what other people are thinking. 

If you’re really scared to go to the gym, start working out at home.

Don’t give up, you got this!

Beginner’s workout routine:

so im sitting at the library next to this really scary looking guy with tattoos and a beard and everything and im trying not to make eye contact in case he decides to stab me or something because holy fucking shit he looks like he could murder three people before breakfast and not even lose his appetite and then his phone rings and his ringtone is that song timon and pumba sing in the lion king to distract the hyenas and he answers it and has a really sweet conversation with the person on the other end finishing with “okay honey, see you soon, love you” before standing up and giving me a smile before walking out and the moral of this story is don’t judge anyone by what they look like because i have never been so wrong about a person in my life

I love Dan and Phil so much. They spend hours every week creating content and providing us with lovely heartwarming free entertainment that helps us to smile even on a bad day. They have said “it’s okay” where others have judged me. They are funny and smiley and silly and everything I need in my life rn. They are good boys who try their best and I don’t ever want anything bad to happen to them. They are very special and I want to watch them succeed and be happy until the very end ♡

You shifted on your bed, trying to find a comfortable position. You were half asleep and didn’t hear the door open briefly, letting a tall figure step in.

It was around mid-afternoon and the curtains were drawn for your nap, giving the room a dark shade of purple, the colour of the curtains. Birds were chirping outside and the wind blew noisily.

Maybe that’s why you didn’t hear the figure step closer -or should you say, the intruder- nearing your bed, but when a heavy mass sank over you you couldn’t possibly miss it.

This, and the light giggle the intruder let out when you startled and squeaked.

You were now fully awake as you tried to shift away from what had taken your breath away- what or who could possibly be this heavy??

But when your mind quickly processed the laugh and the scent that was now everywhere, you recognized your attacker and let out a complaint.

“Luuuuuke! Get off me you idiot!”

Of course.

Of all the people in this house, or just in general, who could think of doing something like this?

No one else but the giant man child of a friend who could not resist crushing you whenever he could.

He laughed again and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck. You could not help shivering slightly at his proximity as he replied.

“Nooooo. It’s comfy here”

You sighed the loudest you could and tried getting Luke off of you but considering your weight gap, this was not something you could achieve this easily. You gave up squiggling under him and laid still, on your stomach.

“Ugh, Luke”

He giggled and snuggled your neck even deeper. You could feel his breath on your skin and his eyelids flutter against your ear. The closeness made you feel rather awkward. You always had had a crush on him but never demonstrated it and very-close-and-friendly things like this always made you feel slightly uncomfortable, as much as you’d appreciate them.

And when he started talking, you couldn’t keep yourself from blushing at the sound of his voice right next to your ear. At least he couldn’t see your face from here.

“I’m just comfy here. It’s all warm and cozy. I think I’m gonna stay here forever.”

After all, his weight was equally spread on your body and you didn’t feel that uncomfortable.

Actually, you could stay like this forever, too.

His fingers started slowly running up and down your sides and you sighed once more, this time of contentment. Your skin was tingling under his touch and you gasped as softly as you could when he slipped his hands under your shirt to keep on with the motion. Your body was burning with every light feather-like touch his fingers left on it.


His hands suddenly stopped their track.

“Do you mind it when I do this?”

His voice was like melted gold to your ears and you shivered slightly.

“No”, you quickly replied.

You then felt his hands move on your skin, this time a little less softly.

“Do you mind it when I do this?”

And with that he gently pressed his lips right under your ear.


“And this?”

He slowly trailed down the back of your neck leaving your skin tingling with kisses.

“No”, you breathed.

You still couldn’t move under him and he seemed to notice this because he got up his knees and helped you turn over so to face him. He leaned down, pressing his forehead against yours.

“Do you mind it when I do this?” he said, staring at you intently.

You barely could focus on his eyes, your gaze falling instantly to his lips but you managed to return his look and quietly let out:


The next thing you knew, his mouth was on yours. You breathed in and kissed him back eagerly, tasting with delectation his pink lips, something you’d wanted to do for ages.
They felt soft and warm and your hands automatically got to the back of his neck, running your fingers in his blonde locks. You pressed his face against yours and he kissed you harder. You felt the tip of his tongue on your bottom lip, asking for entrance, and you gladly parted your mouth to his. You could feel his tongue dance against yours, his hands on both sides of your face.

Fireworks were exploding in your stomach and you felt like fire was burning through your whole body. You wanted him, you wanted more of him, you wanted all of him.

Your cadence, however, slowed down a bit and soon your lips detached from each other while you both gasped for air.
Your breaths were loud and you stared into his blue eyes inches from yours, reading everything you’ve ever wanted to say, everything you’ve ever wanted to do, everything you’ve ever thought about him.

You lightly stroked his face with your fingers as you asked with a teasing smile:

“What was that, Lukey?”

He smirked.

“I don’t know, I think you have something to tell me.”

You bit your lip nervously.

“I like you”, you said quietly.

“What? I didn’t get that.” he said, putting his hand behind his ear like he didn’t actually hear what you just said.

He was smiling broadly, this idiot.

You rolled your eyes but you were sure he didn’t miss the blush flushing on your cheeks.

“I hate you”, you practically yelled.

He laughed and snuggled his nose in the crook of your neck.

“I like you a lot”, he said in a high pitched voice yet muffled in your hair, sending vibrations through your skin.

You giggled and played with his hair.

“Me too”

You felt his lips part into a smile against your skin and soon a smile made its way into your face too.
You stayed like this for a little while before a thought emerged in your mind among the mess of all the others.

All of sudden, you pushed him off of you. He startled and looked at you confusedly as you put the covers back over your body.

“Now let me sleep you dork”

You briefly saw him grin again before shutting your eyes closed.

Soon after you felt his arms wrap around your waist, spooning you and you fell asleep in his arms for the first time but definitely not for the last time.

Fang: Why’s Bahamut so small?!
Hope: Uh, yeah, I thought Alexander was bigger than this…
Lightning: WE RIDE AT DAWN

  • Vernon: maybe if I do the "adore u" dance they will be impressed
  • Judges: ok SHOW ME THE MONEY!!
  • Vernon: *shit I forgot my name* ...........
  • Judges: ........
  • Vernon: *okay don't panic I have a strategy :D*
  • Judges: me the...something?
  • Judges: .......
  • Vernon: :D
  • Judges: WOOOOOOOOOOOOW you're in
Northwest Mansion Noir (shipping and the apocalypse)
  • Me: (watching promo) What the heck? Dipifica, NO. Creepy ghost murderer dude? YES. Mixed emotions oh well I'll probably love it anyway I mean it's Gravity Falls
  • Me: (during beginning of episode) Jeez, Pacifica's parents are cruel. Who the heck controls their kid with a bell? Don't make me like her, Disney...
  • DISNEY--
  • Me: (Pacifica hugging Dipper) THE SHIP IS SAILING PEOPLE THE SHIP IS SAILING Wendip fandom run for cover...Oh, darn, this is actually kinda adorable...why disney why
  • Me: (Pacifica crying and Dipper comforting her) OKAY FINE DISNEY HAVE IT YOUR WAY now I ship it and I want to just contemplate life now...*starts Pacifica art I'll post it soon*
  • End of episode/my final thoughts: I seriously love Pacifica as a character now, she's got inner strength and could possibly become a severely important character--and yeah, Dipifica did turn out to be one of my favorite ships. Jeez, Alex Hirsch! I used to really ship Wendip (I cried over into the bunker don't judge), but the show did a good job of making Dipifica my OTP. Enough shipping info, let's focus on the apocalypse:
  • I personally am wondering whether the March 9th episode will have the apocalypse, since the "end times" are happening 21 hours after the party which could have a time frame between Stan's secrets revealed and Bill taking over. They could pull this off either way--either with a
  • Obviously, I watched and looooved Not What He Seems so yeeah


DAY 1: Why you love Phoebe
 once upon a time there was an insecure little peach blossom that liked football, had short hair, and awful bangs (this is me btw). and she watched a little show about mermaids every week on nickelodeon. everything i learned from that show was good, to be kind, to love your friends, and that if a bitch seems evil, they probably are, do NOT trust them. I also felt very connected to Cleo, and especially the way people treated her because she was shy. i was bullied through most of my years at school, and a lot of my teachers, especially in primary, resigned me as below average, but then when everything came together, and i found great friends, and i was able to work hard and achieve what i wanted without being judged, i got really smart. Cleo was a great role model for me, and because of that Phoebe has stayed with me for a good part of my life, stretching from early teens to the present, and she just continues to inspire me and push me to be the best version of myself i can be.

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Since I have no life I tried something I like to call the 'camren social experiment' which is basically staring at your friend's mouth while they're talking -don't judge me I was just curious okay- and GIRL I regret everything it wasn't worth it, It feLT SO WRONG IT CANNOT BE INNOCENT AT ALL WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? Conclusion of my so not biased study: Camily must be thirsty af to do that so often..

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I hope this is okay to ask, but what is the controversy about June about rn? All I know is that many are defending him saying he's an adult and can make his own decisions. You're one of the v few ikon blogs I follow so its hard to keep up w evrything

people are just overreacting and freaking out because he was in the club with another girl

i honestly don’t understand why people are blowing this up and making such a big deal out of this. it’s sad that it’s even a controversy because he is an adult as many already said and he can do what he wants. i also don’t understand what’s so wrong about it or why people are hurt?? i think it’s mostly younger fans because it’s their oppa doing “”””bad””””” things like that when it’s NOTHING bad  AT ALL. it’s pretty normal if i look around, most of the people in my age (who are even a year or more younger) do stuff like that, so why shouldn’t june do that? isn’t he a human being? they think just because he is an idol he has to dedicate his entire life to us fans and oh never even look into the direction of a girl because oppa you’re mine??!!?!?? some people sometimes forget that they’re just like us and that they don’t belong to us. who are we to judge them anyways? or even make decisions to not go to the club or whatnot. he is just a human-being, he is an adult, it’s his life and he can do whatever the hell he wants. isn’t it already enough that they’re not allowed to date and barely have any free-time because of us? let him live for gods sake. he probably already got enough scolded for this, for something which he shouldn’t be scolded for. 

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Now you listen here, pal :( These past few months of my life have been pretty hell. I can't even begin to explain. and I find my escape from life in my lovely fandoms (MCU and One Direction don't judge me). And today in particular has been rather stressful but your Winter Soldier cosplay with the.. the eyes omg. BBY. I haven't laughed so hard, and so /genuinely/ in months I adore you. I saw it on my dash like 15 minutes ago and I'm still laughing i just love you, okay, you're amazing xx thank u

I’m so so so happy I was able to help in some way! Whenever you need a laugh or just to talk to someone please feel free to message me at any time and I’ll be happy to do what I can to help! Just call on me and I’ll come running into action…