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i was tagged by everyonesalittlegay-okay to post 4 of my best selfies and tag a bunch of people to do the same

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Safe Twitter accounts for people who are triggered by Blurryface

HERE and HERE are accounts that keep you updated on everything that’s happening with Blurryface but with out all the scary stuff. 

They warn you of any videos etc that are going around that could be too much for you. This account also gives you tips and friendly websites to help calm you down. 

They’ve helped me so i thought I’d share. Even if Blurryface doesn’t affect you, some of your followers could be struggling.

Together, let’s breathe |-/

The Unnecessary and Never-Ending Quest to Label Myself

The unnecessary and never-ending quest continues as Emily pointlessly struggles to figure out what labels fit her best! On today’s episode Emily has another breakthrough realization about her sexuality and romantic orientations and decides to share it with her internet friends. 

Last time on “The Unnecessary and Never-Ending Quest to Label Myself” Emily vocalized the realization that she was almost certainly demisexual. But that still left a lot up in the air and didn’t quite explain all of her feelings. She delved deeper into her worldviews as well as her innermost feelings and continued to dig around in futility seeking that missing puzzle piece.

Alas! Hark! Forsooth!

After weeks of nothing but stress and uncertainty she stumbled across a missing link. It would appear as though her demisexuality has an acquaintance alongside it. Who could it be!?

Why… It’s none other than homoromantic! It seems like Emily finally found the long lost golden pair of identities that summed up a sizable portion of her feelings. She clung to it and whispered the combination under her breath, “Demisexual and homoromantic?” Could it be? Could this be what she had been searching for!? Could this be the more specific terms hiding beneath her bisexuality? Or could it just be another late night drunken hallucination? Perhaps a trap laid by some trickster demon that came to visit from her mirror?

Find out next time on…

The Unnecessary and Never-Ending Quest to Label Myself!

queue end credits and badass outro music

Reflection: Honestly saying I was drunk was just an excuse to cover up feeling vulnerable without any sort of catalyst. I was just super sleepy, not drunk.


I am back aww yeah~

Went out of town for a couple of days to watch the house/cat/bunnies/fishies for my parents and I just returned home tonight. Thought I might get a couple of replies done, but my very sleepy head has decided that that’s apparently a no-go. -sobs-

For anyone waiting for a reply or starter from me, I will do my best to get some things done tomorrow! I’ll have quite a lot of time, so yeah though I really should spend some of it on schoolwork ugh cries


I recently finished watching Akatsuki no Yona and the temptation to add Kija to this blog is sO VERY HUGE SOBS I MEAN LOOK AT THIS ADORKABLE BBY LOSER






“What do you know… She can laugh.” Finn Collins

X Hospital - The tragic story of an unrequited love

Bed-chan lived her life in the hospital, carrying patients around everyday, doing her job like everyone else. Until she met him, her idol, her bias, her favorite Johnny’s - Fujigaya Taisuke. She wouldn’t let him go anymore, she would follow him everywhere, do everything for him. If he ever will return her love…?

So I got bored and wrote this and I apologize in advance...

Tears already streaming down his face, Will leans over the Italian’s almost translucent body.
“Nico, what did I tell you about shadow traveling,” his voice cracks, “your fading, and there’s nothing I can do.”
Nico’s breathes are shallow, he can barely manage to speak.
“I’m not fading….” He says, barely audible, “I’m going ghost”.
Will can’t find it in himself to laugh at the poor Danny Phantom reference. He’s a crying mess, sitting helplessly by his boyfriend’s side while he watches him disappear. And just before Nico fades away completely, Will thinks he hears the brunette’s voice whisper a quiet, “Worth it”.

Oh and hey, another fun fact about Entry 67.5 because I’m bored:
It always kinda bugged me that Jay had a room with two beds, because like…why did he need that? This was before he and Tim were on the run together, so why wouldn’t he save money by just getting a room with one bed?
Well as it turns out, I now know from experience that in real life, the cheapest room you can get at that hotel actually is a 2 double bed room. So yeah. Mystery solved woo!