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Happy Valentine’s Day: Phan Oneshot ^w^

“Dan wake up!”


Phil flopped onto Dan’s bed in exasperation, purposely landing on the lump curled up under the sheets that was Dan.

“Go away” Dan groaned sleepily.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, Dan!” Phil sang.



Dan rolled over, shoving Phil off his bed. He had stayed up late last night —what had he done last night? probably something useless like binge watching a TV show or browsing through memes. Dan sat up begrudgingly, yawning and tousling his mess of curly hair. Then, he turned to Phil who was lit up with a blindingly bright smile.

“Get your happiness away from me, you ball of sunshine,” Dan sneered playfully, pushing Phil’s face away with one hand.

Phil yelped as he fell back but immediately popped back up with a cheeky grin. “A ball of sunshine, huh?” he teased.

“I was being sarcastic,” Dan rolled his eyes, but a smile was already tugging at the corners of his mouth. “You’re blinding me with your good mood. It physically hurts.”

“Get out of bed already, let’s go out today,” Phil pleaded with a pout.

He grabbed Dan’s arm in an attempt to pull him out of bed. Dan resisted at first before going limp and tumbling onto the floor with Phil. Phil’s arm wrapped protectively around Dan’s bare chest as if his first instinct was to cushion his fall. Dan let out a burst of a laugh and twisted around to face his friend, but Phil had already rolled over so that Dan laid on his back, looking up at him. Dan’s heart fluttered, his stubborn attitude completely dissolved. He never quite got over how blue Phil’s eyes were and how beautiful his sweet smile was.

Phil was always amused by how Dan looked at him. From the way Dan’s brown eyes seemed to glow in admiration, you’d think Phil held the universe in his hands, but he was just a simple boy in love. He couldn’t help himself; Phil leaned down and gently kissed Dan. For a moment, time stood still.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Dan,” he said, breaking the ephemeral silence.

Then, he pushed himself off of Dan and walked out of the room as if nothing had happened, calling, “Cereal or cereal?”

Dan sat up, breathless with wonder. His fingers hovered over his mouth, as if touching his lips would wipe away the sweetness of Phil’s kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Phil,” he whispered.


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Bianca and Nico di Angelo

“You have to promise to keep my sister safe.”
”I… That’s a big thing to promise, Nico, on a trip like this. Besides, she’s got Zoe, Grover, Thalia-”
”Promise,” he insisted.
”I’ll do my best. I promise that.”
”Get going then!” he said. “Good luck!”

Aesthetics for the di Angelo kids, and this is my present for @italianghostking but I screwed up so its now belated birthday present…. ish. I’ve seen so many people do aesthetics and I always thought it was easy, but its actually waaaay harder than I thought?!(wow look at all the excuses but in all honesty it was actually harder than I thought) Anyway, hAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NICK/NICO! 
P.s. @italianhuntress this is kinda for you too. 

That feeling when you’re just trying to stress-draw out some stuff and then you kinda have that realization you were the first to do something?

Like, I was just kinda looking at my Chara and how simple their design is (as my AU isn’t really striving to be #radically different from UT–it’s just an altered timeline of events and universal mechanics and story), and like…
Was I really one of the first people to do that? If so, thas cool. I was pretty early to the game and have been around a long time–but I just figured there’d be some more off in the depths of the net kind of like that time someone showed me a Flowey they made a super long time ago that is a mirror image of my own.

(Also yes, I’m doing some trades and stuff currently, and the next comic page SHOULD be out this Friday. The schedule is hopefully resuming as normal!)

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

This all happened during freshman year, the first year of high school. Back then, I was kinda just this introverted girl who always sits in the back of the class with no friends. In one of my classes, the teacher decided to put the class in pairs for a project. And immediately, almost everyone in the class found a partner, except for me and three other girls. The first girl had pink hair with a white streak on the side and was dressed in neon rainbow clothes, let’s call her White. The next girl had raven black hair, a pair of black cat ears, and wore all black clothes, let’s just call her Black. The last girl was taller than all of them, had really short hair, and was wearing an Attack on Titan hoodie over a Fullmetal Alchemist T-shirt, let’s call her Silver. At first I didn’t really want to ask any of them to be my partner, but as soon as they saw me, all three of them just headed straight for me. It felt like a pack of wolves just spotted a prey; I had never been that scared in my life. First they all asked me to be their partner, then they started arguing with each over who gets to be my partner. I guess they must’ve hate each other before, but there was nothing I could do about it. In the end, the teacher just paired up me with White and Black with Silver.

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Do you have any headcanons for Shin Soukoku? I know you're specialty is Soukoku, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on Akutagawa and Atsushi too!


- I’m being basic but obviously Soukoku sets them up on dates disguised as “urgent missions”. The entire Port mafia and the ADA actually agree to work together to make sure nothing is disturbed. 

- “Man tiger. I like you” “Uhm. I’m glad but. Do you know my name is not actually man tiger.” [Thunder roars in the background]

- Gin gives good love advice. By good love advice I mean sitting besides Akutagawa for 5 hours in silence everytime he fights with Atsushi before he finally says “Yeah you’re right.”

- Rashomon actually can act on its own sometimes based on Akutagawa’s hidden emotions. So basically “Jinko I hate you get out of my school” *Rashomon wraps around Atsushi 3 times and doesn’t let him walk away*

- Akutagawa is awkward ™ so instead of outright hugging Atsushi he just wraps rashomon around him. It’s uncomfortable as hell. Atsushi smiles and says he likes it because he’s an angelic angel too good for this world.

- Sharing an umbrella under the rain is for the weak now you have sharing rashomon under the rain. Don’t mind the blood stench everything is fine when you’re being romantic.

- Atsushi doesn’t know that Akutagawa hates mandarin oranges at first. He just wants to be a good boyfriend and feeds his emo partner mandarin oranges on new year. Akutagawa eats all of them and gets sick. Dazai laughs at it.

- Neither of them can cook and Atsushi decides that he can’t let Akutagawa live on chazuke for the rest of his life even though it’s romantic. So he asks Chuuya to teach him how to cook (Chuuya is actually a yamato nadeshiko in disguise because Kouyou-nee and because Dazai keeps pestering him to cook). The first attempt was horrible but Akutagawa ate the burnt food anyway.

- Akutagawa is extremely dense when it comes to flirting. Atsushi tries hard. “Akutagawa, I want to be closer to you.” “We’re sitting 2 cm away from each other jinko we’re close.” Like why.

- This happens at one point: “Take this Akutagawa, a gift from dad. Atsushi will like it” *Daizai hands him a box of condoms* “Atsushi likes these balloons?” “………..Yeah. Yeah he does.”


Hello world of Tumblr! Not really sure what to put here since usually this is where one puts a name. But in my case, it’s not safe to be identified just yet.

Anyways I created this blog today because I have recently come to the conclusion that keeping things in is not a healthy way to get through life. Earth shattering reveal right? So, in conjunction with therapy, I am going to share my stories and hopefully heal some of my cracks.

Quick backstory: I am a 25 year old woman in New England. I live with my boyfriend and our cat. I grew up with two siblings. I have two parents, a mom and dad. From the outside, I’m sure we looked the typical nuclear family. But inside it was hell. Just fucking hell. (Disclaimer: I swear a lot and am super sarcastic. No my childhood did not affect how I cope at all, thank you for asking. (I also ramble)).

The “contaminated” comes from my mother mainly, but of course it was a joint effort and my father did not help. My mother is a toxic parent. My siblings and I are 98% positive that she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (I’ll post some links later). She was physically abusive from birth to when I was in the range of 6-8 (repression is great). She still is, to this day, emotionally and mentally abusive.

So I’m writing this blog for my own selfish reasons but also to add my voice. The idea of “Toxic Parents” is a fairly new concept. So I want others to know that this is real, this is something that is incredibly hard to go through, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I know what it’s like to be scared and voiceless and impossibly sad and self-loathing. I’m still dealing with the ramifications. I am in no way a medical professional but I always have my own advice. I’m hoping by seeing my stories you can know there is hope.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy my blog, even if you don’t have toxic parents. It’s not going to be all doom and gloom I promise.

TL;DR: My mother is fucking insane (legitimately) and I’m sharing my story to heal myself and hopefully help others. Stay tuned for motivational quotes, pictures of animals, sad stories, happy stories and watching a girl learn to blog!

Sehun loves the way Jongdae talks about love. 

He says love is not about destiny and being lovestruck from the very first glance: it’s about learning how to be truly good for each other even when time passes by and everything changes. It’s something you build not something you find. He talks about sparkles but not fire: he says passion is beautiful but dangerous and just because it makes you feel like a bright star doesn’t mean it’s good for you. After all, stars shine only because they’re dying and it may be spectacular and powerful, it’s still the end of their stories. Jongdae says there’s nothing wrong with wanting something that would last, that he’d rather slip out of the world softly and quietly than implode with a loud bang.

Sehun loves how Jongdae talks about it with his body as well.

He does not only talk about softness and peacefulness: he becomes the feeling he’s trying to describe. His voice is like a gentle caress that wraps itself behind your ear where you can still find it whenever it’s cold and you feel lonely. Jongdae does not only whisper about always being there: he leaves marks and memories of burnings fingers against skin behind him and sometimes his presence is so strong, so overwhelming that Sehun thinks he may be about to understand what love really is about. 

Sehun loves how Jongdae still talks about love without even opening his mouth. 

He grabs Sehun’s hand under the table and links their fingers and Sehun feels like he’s not the maknae anymore but someone Jongdae trusts to understand what he’s trying to show. Sometimes he lies down next to him in the middle of the night and curls up against his side before letting his fingers run through Sehun’s hair. It hits Sehun, then, how they would have never done that when they first met and it makes him smile because it does sound a lot like building and not waiting for it to happen. 

Sehun really loves the way Jongdae talks about love. 
And he loves being the only one who hears all those stories.

But most of all, Sehun loves how falling in love with Jongdae is so graceful and easy, how softly it happens when he finally realizes he understands.

“It’s not really about sparkles either you know,” he finally whispers one night and Jongdae looks up to him without letting Sehun’s hand go. “I’d say it’s more.. It’s more like feathers,” adds the youngest, thinking. 

Jongdae smiles. 
He really loves how Sehun talks about love.

1/ Tᴜᴍʙʟʀ Dʀᴀʙʙʟᴇs: Cʜᴇɴʜᴜɴ

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Omg, you're a Conan fan, too?!? I now love you even more than I already did for all your amazing ZoSan fanfics!!! :D

dude. Let me try to explain. 

Detective Conan is seriously good. I am a huge fan. It has a huge cast of lovable characters, cute as hell protagonist, badass as ALL HELL real and relateable female characters!?!?

( I would wear EVERY. SINGLE. OUTFIT. IN. THIS. SHOW. no panty flashes or stupidity this is real people wearing real clothing.) Except the gentleman thief but he’s like the biggest adorkable attention hog nerd look: 

-all this plus gruesome murders and mysteries in almost every episode for you to try to solve?! What more can you want?? IT HAS EVERYTHING I LIKE except pirates. One piece has that front covered plenty.

but seriously guys, you don’t get like ~800 chapters published of something unless it’s good yo. I’m recommending, it give those old as balls looking first episodes a chance. The art and animation gets better, I promise. This series has been running for 20 years ok. Trust me it gets better.

At the start It’s really old-timey and fascinating though. There’s a hilarious episode in the early seasons where they are trying to hunt down a floppy disk with pictures on it and they explain how computers work.

you know. because this story started in like ‘94. YOU GET TO SEE THE FIRST CELL PHONES BEING EXPLAINED. and murder. Lots and lots of mysterious gruesome murders. I haven’t watched ~800 eps for nothing guys.  

(Also i know the premise of a 17 year old being turned into a preschooler and living with his unknowing sort-of-girlfriend doesn’t SOUND good at all, but trust me. It’s comedy fucking GOLD when it’s not BEING INTENSE AND EMOTIONAL.)

also everyone should watch One Piece and Gintama.

It’s okay my darling, just go to sleep
The night has fallen and new day awaits
I’m here, I’m here, I’ll keep you safe
No bugs will ever creep on you
No hard time can ever reach you again

Here in my arms, I’ll make you warm
The dead of night won’t scare you
The monsters won’t hurt you here
Just stay strong for one more day
Stay go for one more night

Don’t fear, my dear love
Don’t you fret either
Believe me I won’t leave
Not even an inch from you
I’ll stay with you until the end

Soon we’ll be free from this hell
Soon we’ll fly away from this place
We’ll fly to somewhere happy,
Where we can build a home together
And we’ll forget this hopeless past

—  Alby’s lullaby for Newt when the blonde guy can’t sleep.

My Rooster Teeth poster wall in all its (glare-y) glory! Featuring most of my posters I’ve collected over the past few years (including the lovely gaelfox’s Rise of the Mad King poster nequais printed out for me <3)

Aliens are so confused right now
  • Homura: Mmm baby
  • Homura: Awwww yeah
  • Homura: Just look at that ass girl
  • Homura: Baby your butt is just DAYUM
  • Homura: That booty is banging
  • Homura: I just want to touch it
  • Madoka: Uh....
  • Homura: God I'm getting horny just looking at it
  • Madoka: Homura? Hello? Homura?
  • Homura: I just want to spank it till it's red and raw and-
  • Homura: Huh? What?
  • Madoka: I can hear everything Homura, you're such a freak!
  • Homura: Oh
  • Homura: OH MY GOD
  • Homura: I am so sorry Madoka!
  • Homura: I AM SO, SO SORRY!
  • Madoka: Homura you idiot, you didn't say it out loud!
  • Homura: I didn't?
  • Madoka: You left your telepathy on this whole time! Everyone knows what you're thinking!
  • Homura: Oh shit, everyone?!
  • Sayaka: Yep. You're a goddamn creep Homura.
  • Homura: Oh god.
  • Madoka: Hey wait, aren't you out shopping with Mami Sayaka?
  • Mami: We ARE out shopping. Homura's been broadcasting her PERVERSE, INAPPROPRIATE SEXUAL DESIRES over the entire city!
  • Homura: I swear it wasn't on purpos-
  • Kyouko: Yeah, that's pretty weird Homura.
  • Madoka: Kyouko too?! But you're back in Kazamino visiting your family's graves aren't you?!
  • Kyouko: I am. Homura's been drooling over your heiny so hard she's broadcasting it over several cities.
  • Kazumi: Pretty far, actually.
  • Kazumi: I'm Kazumi. You know.... from Kazumi Magica?
  • Kaoru: Whoever you are lady, you're actually really goddamn creepy
  • Umika: I'm pretty sure we and the rest of the Pleiades are judging you pretty hard miss.
  • Homura: The WHAT?
  • Kazumi: The Pleiades Saints. It's like....
  • Umika: it's a group of 7 puella magi working together.
  • Kazumi: Hey, did I hear Mami before just now?
  • Mami: You know what though? We should totally make one!
  • ?: Hello? Who are you people?
  • Homura: Huh? Who the hell are you first?
  • ?: Uh, I'm a puella magi operating in the Hokkaido area and-
  • Homura: Hokkaido?! HOKKAIDO?!
  • Kyouko: So like.... what, Homura's been screaming about Madoka's ass to the entire nation?
  • ??: Ni hao?
  • Sayaka: Is that person from China?
  • Homura: OH COME ON, CHINA TOO?!
  • Bruce: Did ya hear that mate?
  • Brucebey: Hear what?
  • Bruce: Dunno mate but I reckon we should find out!
  • Bruce: GIDDAY MATES!