don't judge me it was a phase


Who does he think he is? Some kind of Hollywood action hero?

i’m watching “long way round” and i gotta say ewan mcgregor is probably the calmest aries in the world


To my dad who tells me no one will want to date a “tomboy”:

I’m still trans.

To my mom who tells me that I’m young, I don’t know who I am yet:

I’m still trans.

To my friends who say I’m not a real boy because I have boobs:

I’m still trans.

To everyone who has and continues to invalidate my identity and say “it’s just a phase”. To those who use the wrong name and pronoun when referring to me behind my back. To those who misgender me to my face. And to those who think I’m faking it unless I plan on getting top/bottom surgery:

I’m #StillTrans

@dajo42 is one of the many people who constantly inspire me to be who I am and to be comfortable in my own skin and to not take any shit from people. <3