don't judge me for knowing all their names

Dank Names For RFA + Saeran and V
  • Yoosung: YooBUNG ;))))
  • ZEN: ZOON.
  • Jumin Han: JEW-MAN HAND.
  • Saeyoung: DankMaster27
  • Saeran: SaeRAN AWAY
  • V: V-ery Blind.
  • I am never sorry for any of my posts.
Dead man walking.. Brohm

I really wanted to make this and.. uh… It’s from the musical “Heathers”.. the song “Dead Girl Walking”.. don’t judge me- literally almost song I hear it reminds me of this ship- *screams*

also.. I just changed a few words and the names- I think that’s all..

Also ].. Vanoss is the leader of the Heather’s.. I dunno why- I just had to make him… Heather.. Chandler.. Delirious shall be Heather McNamara.. and……. hmm.. who should be Heather Duke?… Anyway- We should deffinatly make an au for this? I dunno.. bleh

Enjoy!! I guess? haha- oh geez.. why

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 song recomendations?

1. Dear Evan Hansen OBCR (I know it’s not a song but it’s all I’ve been listening to for the past month so I’m just going to annoyingly recommend the whole album in general as I have been doing and also Ben Platt’s voice hurts me)

2. Running If You Call My Name- HAIM

3. Friends- Bon Iver (ft. Francis and The Lights)

4. The Fool- Ryn Weaver

5. No More Sad Songs- Little Mix

Ask Me My Top 5

OTP Tags!
  • So I have a load of weird tags for all my OTPs (some haven't been used yet) but I wanted to post the names here so they're easy to find in the future. All are preceded by "OTP: "
  • Tsukkiyama: Night Sky
  • Bokuaka: You know owls say up all night ;)
  • Daisuga: Suga-ry and Sawa
  • Levyaku: Welcome To Our Cafe
  • Kagehina: Sunkissed blueberries
  • Iwaoi: The local tip
  • Kiyoyachi: Beauty and the cutie
  • Kuroken: Cats do all sorts when you're away ;)
  • Asanoya: I love Yuu
  • Kyouhaba: One man and his mad dog-chan
  • Ukatake: Beauty and the badass
  • And... That's it? I only have 11 OTPs.

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NAME: Kento
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Tall like Ren and well built because of his extracurricular activities
PERSONALITY: He’s quite the jokester. He is always playing pranks on his brother. When it gets too bad things happen like…he transforms into a cat. He has the voice of an angel but he doesn’t want to be an idol. It looks like fun but he’s the rebel so he has to break all the norms of his family. This is partly how he got the cat ears and tail.
FUTURE: He wants to be the next king of Agnapolis. That includes getting a queen but he’s too much of a free spirit to settle down in one place long. He tried being an available prince for a month and nearly lost his mind.    
FIRST LOVE: Nothing yet! Causing mischief is his mistress

^ His face everyday he was an ‘official’ prince.

NAME: Raziel
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: He is the spitting image of Cecil. He has his exact height and build. Sometimes Ren mixes them up from behind.
PERSONALITY: He’s a little more serious than his cat like brother. He hates all the pranks and jokes but he has a few things up his sleeve. He is the singer of the palace. There have been many guests and parties where he was asked to sing. His parents never made him but the talent has always been there. 
FUTURE: If he had his way he would be the one to run the kingdom. His luck ran out in being born second. He decided to follow in his parents footsteps and try to become an idol. Sadly, he was scooped up by Raging.
FIRST LOVE: He falls in love WAAAY too easily. He wanted to be with each person that composed a love song for him. He still has A LOT to learn.


Handbags are great.

In what feels like less than like half a meter you’ve got this amazing vault that you can fill up to the brim with completely useless crap! After this weekend in Napa Valley where I spent three fourths of the time utterly drunk, I managed to pack in a case of dental floss, two thongs, a single bra strap, my Karl doll I thought I had left back home and a flashlight. Anyone wanna tell me how all of those things fit in there? Nobody knows! Magic. The magic of the handbags!

Hello, my name is Cara, these are the things that amuse me when I’ve slept twenty hours in the past four days. What’s amusing you?