don't judge me dance

GUYS MY ILLNESS LET ME DANCE TODAY (i can already feel the pain spiking but it was worth it???) also my dear sister @wylanvanxck is an angel for putting up with me while trying to teach me this. i’m so out of practice.

Me: *shows friend EXO's Monster and Lucky one MVs*                                                                             Friend: They are a pure Korean fail of One Direction in their earlier years.                                                                                                         Me:

Steve Rogers refuses to dance with Bucky Barnes when he is mad at him and then Bucky gets really sad and then Steve has no other choice because a sad Bucky is never okay and BUCKY KNOWS THAT AND CAN PRETEND TO BE SAD JUST TO MAKE HIM DANCE WITH HIM THE JERK 

“I found my perfect dance partner years ago, Sofia.”

Did I mention I watch Sofia the First? And that I’ve kinda started shipping Sofia with Hugo? Like, really badly? I mean, just imagine the two of them growing up together, being ice dancing partners and the occasional flying derby partners and slowly realizing they’re in love as they get older.

….Don’t judge me. Or my butchering of their jacket and skirt…

Has anyone else noticed that Sofia is really similar to Ariel with her facial structure? Her mom’s closer to Belle though… And they both have more of Aurora’s hair… ….I’ve studied the Disney princesses too much.


Sometimes you forget how beautiful Lully’s music is and then BOOM Spotify decides to remind it to you.

Totally no 18th century, but here’s a little clip from Le Roi Danse. Because Louis. And gold. And Lully. And reasons.


Quisiera besarte pero no me atrevo
Tu amor es prohibido; el pecado es eterno
No tiene sentido si eres mi amigo sentir lo que siento

(I’d like to kiss you, but I don’t dare
Your love is forbidden; an eternal sin
It makes no sense, if you’re my friend, to feel the way I feel)