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Ooofff. I hope I don’t trigger people with my opinions.

Disclaimer: I am not shitting on anyone’s personal preferences or judging people’s taste, if you get triggered then I’m sorry, but it’s my opinion.


I don’t understand all the overage characters being shipped with underage characters, like Giorno and Bruno or like Trish and Bruno because I don’t know, it just makes me hella uncomfortable, and it’s like whoa that character is way too old for that other character


Nah not really. Jojo fandom is pretty nice actually, everyone is super nice and encouraging and I’ve made some sweet friends off it ( @lasqudrahoe and you ( @paisley–park ). And I’ve grown to love all of the characters I’ve hated before (Dio), and ship some characters (BrunoAbba, JonaDio, JoshuGappy ( @dailyjoshu has some good drawings of the two that made me convert), GappyYashu, ProsciuttoRisotto, etc… I have way too many ships)


Would it count if I say that I use to hate Dio? Idk. He was such a dirtbag to Jonathan, and I’m like fuck this vampire pussy bitch, but then I keep reading analysises about Dio’s character, and he’s totally my meme Jesus, and found him extremely shippable to Jonathan and Pucci, now I’m like eyyyy waz gud, Dio?


Ahhhh. I don’t hate/dislike arcs, but definitely if I had to choose, I’m kinda split between SDC and Jojolion? Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters (Joshu, Yasuho, Gappy, Kakyoin), but idk. Their arcs don’t really do much for me in the emotional department. Iggy’s death was sad for me, and Polnareff’s development was good, but eh. Idk. And then I started to read Jojolion after that masterpiece, SBR, and I’m like Jojolion just can’t follow up that emotional roller coaster I felt in SBR, unless you know if Araki kills off Joshu, Yasuho, the whole Higashikata house, idk, that would frankly destroy me.


Lmao. I love all the popular characters. I can’t hate anyone


Joshu. Idk why people hate him. He’s such a relatable character to me because I know Joshu’s pain of being a socially awkward, middle-child, a-whole who can’t get the person they like even though we’ve done everything in our power to woo that person. I’m a lost child like him, and hopefully both of us can find our place in the world.

emoji book ask

1) 📚 approximately how many books have you read 

2) 📝 book that everyone has to read 

3) 📕 favourite first book in a series 

4) 📗 favourite second book in a series 

5) 📘 favourite third book in a series 

6) 📖 book you’ve read more than once and how many times 

7) 🛋 book that keep you up all night 

8) 🎁 book that was surprisingly good 

9) 😡 book you expected more of 

10) 💰 most expensive book you’ve bought 

11) 💩 the worst book you’ve read 

12) 🏆 the best book you’ve read 

13) 🎥 favourite book to movie/tv show adaptation 

14) 🎬 book you want to be a movie/tv show 

15)  🏝 summer book recommendation 

16) ⛄️ winter book recommendation 

17) 🌎 favourite fictional world 

18) 🐲 favourite book creature 

19) 👯 favourite female friendship 

20) 👯‍♂️ favourite male friendship 

21) 💋 favourite kiss 

22) 👸 favourite princess/queen 

23) 🤴 favourite prince/king 

24) 😈 favourite villain 

25) ❤️ favourite ship 

26) ⛵️ favourite crack ship 

27) 😱 best plot twist 

28) 🔮 power you’d like to have 

29) 🥊 character you’d punch in the face 

30) 😤 character you loved but now hate 

31) 😻 character you hated but now love 

32) 😭 death that made you cry the most 

33) 😂 the funniest scene 

34) 🤢 the grossest scene 

35) 💔 scene that broke your heart

36) 🏹 favourite fantasy book

37) 🚀 favourite sci fi book

38) 🌹 favourite romance book

39) 👻 favourite horror book

40) 🏰 favourite historical fiction book

41) 🔫 favourite dystopian book

When a family member asks what kind of guys you like…

Me: *awkward cough* … ummm….

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Me: ….. *whispers* the type that only exists in video games……


Percy decided enough was enough and FINALLY showed Hazel what a chicken nugget was.
They went to McDonalds, he bought two happy meals, and they sat down and talked to eachother.
Somewhere in the conversation, Percy let slip that Nico use to raise the dead with the very meal they were eating
Later that day, Hazel skipped inti the Hades cabin and told Nico she had something special for him…
And plopped a red box with a yellow smile on the table, right infront of him, and cheerfully skipped away

We may have forgotten an -iplier…

So you know how the “Mark’s New Car” videos just seem a little… off?

Like Mark’s not quite himself?

As if maybe, something is…

… wrong?

(Humor me here, at least a little.)


Is this Wrongiplier we’ve been watching?

I mean– look at that logo. It’s not Mark’s signature pixelated “M”.

Almost everyone here has said something about how Mark is acting strange in these new videos.

This probably has no merit whatsoever, and it’s not even a theory, but…

Wrongiplier… is that you?

Don’t Judge

A/N: Written for my Daring Drabbles Challenge. My prompt was Dean + Obsessed. This drabble was requested by @boxywrites. Word count is 470.

A reminder that I’m posting the MASTERLIST for this challenge tomorrow! If you still haven’t submitted your piece, please send me an IM :)

Warnings: judgement and pie

What do you have there, Y/N?”

The cheerful whistle on my lips quickly died off, and I paused in my descent of the bunker steps. My arms quickly swung behind my back, taking the overladen plastic bags with them.

“Uh…hey Dean.” I tried for nonchalant. I failed at nonchalant.

Dean quirked an eyebrow and set down the plate he’d been carrying on the war room table. “I thought you were going for a supply run?”

I nodded and resumed my downward trek, my eyes on my feet to assist in my Let’s not trip technique. “Yeah, um…yeah. I did. I did do that. Yes.”

My eyes landed on boots as I came to the last step, and I slowly looked up the length of flannel until my eyes met Dean’s. “You wanna, maybe…scooch over a bit?”

“Show me the bags, Y/N.”

I shook my head, a child-like gesture that was accompanied by a small, involuntary step backwards.

His arms went around me before I could process what was happening, pulling me forward and into his chest. My cheek landed on his shoulder before my brain kicked in, and I started to do the wiggle worm with ferocious flailing.

“Dean! Lemme go!”

It was too late. He ripped one of the bags off my arm, stretching the plastic handle so thin that it almost snapped. He brought it around into sight and looked down at the contents.

“I needed provisions,” I barked defensively as I tried in vain to bypass the hand he’d clamped firmly on my shoulder, holding me just out of reach of snatching the bag back.

“There are at least five sweaters in here.”

“It’s cold outside!”

“And what is…” he rummaged through the bag, slowly pulling out an object, “…is this a mug in the shape of an elephant?”

“It was only a dollar.” I ducked under his arm and grabbed my bag back. “I’m not appreciating the strong waft of judgement drifting over me right now, Dean.”

He eyed the three other bags that had come into view with my movements, “You have a problem.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but then my eyes landed on the plate he’d set down earlier. Half a piece of pie remained, the bright cherry filling standing out starkly against the white ceramic it was resting on.

“Wait, I thought we had apple pie last night.” 

He paused and then looked down at me, confused at the sudden subject change, “What?”

I pointed at his plate, “That’s cherry. We had half an apple pie left last night. Did you…?”

He turned away from me and picked his plate back up, “So what if I did?”

I smirked, “Who has a problem now?”

Dean rolled his eyes, “Whatever, at least I’m not out popping tags.”

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