don't judge at all if you can help it

I’m hungry. I think someone should cook me something so that I can judge/eat it. Open your baskets! Your mystery ingredients are dough, tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. You must incorporate all mystery ingredients IN MY DAMN PIZZA. ya you heard me, I’d like a pizza, por favor

so.. um I hit 2,000+ followers and I’m just speechless..

Thank you all so very much for the all the support and love you have given me! I can not thank you guys enough! 

You have all really helped me get through some rough times.. so thank you for just believing in me when no body else would ^//^ I’m so glad I joined this site and I got to talk to such wonderful people and make amazing friends! You all have helped me so much you have no idea. Thank you for every like, reblog, message and for all the cute tags you guys do! <33

You are all so amazing! I love you all! ALSO! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Jongdae’s mole study...

Guys help me count the moles:

1. One one his ear lobe.
2.  Four aligned moles toward his eyebrow.
3. Just  a little bit up those four is another one but because of his hair is difficult to see.
4.Two on his cheek (they’re really clear and sometimes you can’t see them because of his make-up)
5. One just under his jawline.

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Gaming Withdrawls
  • *Me and my friend sitting in class*
  • Me: *fingers start twitching*
  • Friend: uhh you alright...
  • Me: yeah I'm all good.
  • Me: *puts hands down, starts twitching again*
  • Friend: dude what is wrong...
  • Me: I think I'm having a slight video game withdrawl.
  • Friend: how long did you play?
  • Me: well... all night...
  • Friend: ....
  • Me: every time I close my eyes I can seeeee them.
  • Friend: *backs away slowly*

Don’t judge your skill as a writer by how popular your RP muse is.

{ A lot of RPing isn’t just writing an interesting character and writing good threads. To be honest, it reminds me of freelance writing a lot.

  • Because it involves marketing: having a good theme, nice looking promos, easy navigation, putting yourself out there, going for the right “market” [fandom]*, and being recognizable [ie canon] helps too. 
  • It involves “Follower” Relations goes in with this: posting a lot of unrelated ooc, being overly negative, and getting into drama can hurt even the best writers’ popularity.
  • It involves networking: mutual follower interactions, interactions with popular roleplayers, talking to muns ooc. 
  • It involves consistency: roleplaying consistently, posting and responding to memes, general showing up on non-followers dashboards often. 
  • And honestly, sometimes, luck

You can be a great writer and have only a handful of followers because you don’t focus on the other things. You can be an average writer and be popular just because your muse is a popular canon character* [especially if you respond consistently]. 

So please please please don’t think you’re a bad writer based on what your follower count is! Because even though there may be a correlation, it is not causation! Good writers will, a lot of times, have a lot of followers! But not always. }

{ { * = both are taken from personal experience and i’m talking about myself, notably my experience in the supernatural fandom. my female non-hunter oc had only a few followers for a long time, while my crowley blog that i didn’t even try to write well, always had a lot. even when i purposely wrote him badly. } }