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Looking at Mark's (Got7) placements, how do you think he'd go about trying to get the attention of someone he fancies? I wonder if he'd prefer someone with strong water placements to balance him out. Or maybe theyd bore him idk lol

Hi anon! I think the person having water somehwere would actually be nice because the guy can be too agitated and emotional in a bad way - as in having to deal with bad feelings like rage that he can’t control since his Sun combust Mercury in Virgo is bringing him great denial… So someone with healthy water signs that are making them observant, eager to make him open up and overall caring (also patient lol) can be great for this guy. The thing with Mark is that I think he’s genuinely nice but has so many unresolved feelings that he does not deal with at all that he might act emotionally unavailable sometimes, so the person has to have some kind of spark, per say… To actually attract him and make him wanna make a move. So water placements alone won’t immediately attract him that way, but it’s likely that it’s what will make him want to stay in the long run.

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“On siblings: We know one another’s faults, virtues, catastrophes, mortifications, triumphs, rivalries, desires, and how long we can each hang by our hands to a bar. We have been banded together under pack codes and tribal laws.” - Rose Macaulay

Search & Rescue || Orvanca

The end of summer seemed to signal a change in the town. Miss Bianca had only ever known Swynlake in summer - she had arrived at the end of a snow storm, apparently, and ever since the days had been bright and cheerful, save for that minor setback in the middle there. She had conducted her business in keeping with the summer; she had gone to the university, interviewed the professors whilst the halls were still quiet and classes had yet to be scheduled. Now the students were drifting back into the classrooms, and the town was becoming quieter, as people got back to their routine.

And that meant it was time for Bianca to move on in her investigation.

Which was what she was trying to do today. Or at least, what she was planning on planning today. She couldn’t take a trip to the woods before she got herself some more practical clothes; she hadn’t thought she would be trampling through the forest when she had first arrived in Swynlake, and so her wardrobe consisted mostly of nice coats and heels. She had asked the Director to send her some things. Going out and buying a new wardrobe would only arouse suspicion.

She was just going to pick her parcel up when she spotted someone on the other side of the road, a figure she thought she recognised for a moment. Miss Bianca had been in town long enough now to know a few people, though - maybe she just recognised him from around town. But the feeling niggled at the back of her mind, until she looked again, and for a second, her breath caught in her throat.

Try to make it look natural. She ducked into a shop front, pretended to look at the wares on offer. She browsed for a few moments, watching from her periphery as the figure retreated. Five seconds, ten seconds, twenty, and then she was off, her pace measured as he followed him, sticking to the opposite side of the street. She would hang back, for now. See where he went. It was important that she didn’t move too quickly, but she was quite nicely on his tail.


On today’s episode of inspirational 5sos lyrics: don’t have my license lets make out in your dads car


“Last year an officer from this division went missing and we brought her home.”

Gatherings grand and small, by Kit (on AO3)/hornkerling (on tumblr)

Fandom: Dragon Age (particularly Dragon Age II)
Words/Chapters: 1399; 1/1
Rating/Warnings: Gen; None
Pairing: Fenris/Female Hawke
Additional Tags: Dragon Age Holiday Cheer, Gift Fic, Grief, Fluff, ridiculous crowd scenes, Found Family

Summary:  Wintersend into First Day on the Hawke estate. Friendship is a quiet thing, until it isn’t. Hawke does not have to grieve alone.

You should read this story when you’re:  Feeling a little bit down, want a refresher on how seriously fucking GREAT the DA2 companion characters are, need a strong dose of family/sister feels, or just want to experience some kick-ass top of the line writing.  

Why I love this story:  Because it’s so good I want to punch myself in the face.  hornkerling as usual delivers impactful lines just FILLED to the brim with quiet emotion, and the voices of her characters are so spot on - and timely.  For a relatively short fic, she not only captures the essence of each character, their motivations and struggles during this particular scene, but delivers them with an economy that keeps the pace moving and - honestly, allows the piece to be entirely self-contained while leaving you wanting more.  A lot more.  So it’s good that she has so many other fics, because you will seriously be hooked.

My favorite line from this fic:  "Child apologies hurt when they’re swallowed.“

Let me tell you what else I loved (note, this section includes spoilers and scream-flailing, so if you care about those sorts of things read the fic first and/or don’t click):

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What goes through people’s minds when they go to make upd8 fanart?  Like, do they look at things and just go “oh hey I wanna draw that moment”?  Is that the feeling?