don't have time to draw for myself today

In case you feel like you need to get your act together:

Today I…

  • Had to ask my mom to call me and make sure I was awake cause I’ve been sleeping through alarms.
  • Had a breakfast consisting of a 100 grand candy bar and some gulps of water from the water pitcher for my plants.
  • Got a 90% on a test and had an anxiety attack because it was “too low and I should’ve done better”
  • Tried to draw a sigil on my hand and when it didn’t draw right, threw the pen and lost it.
  • Made French toast at 3pm for an actual meal and it was the proudest I’ve been of myself today
  • Had a meltdown over studying for a math test and am currently bordering on a panic attack :):):)
  • Was proud of myself for drinking water (4 more drinks from the water pitcher…)
  • ALSO: I have a math test tomorrow and have 0 plans for Halloween/Samhain because my friends suck and I haven’t had time to think about Samhain 😭

anonymous asked:

I have never related to a blog more. I'm dealing with severe depression and anxiety, and my happy place is drawing. I'm always stressed and I don't sleep a lot, so I spend my time looking at blogs, and let me tell you, when I found yours, I was immediately hooked. I also draw a lot of dark stuff as an outlet, it's just something I use so I don't hurt/kill myself, and looking at your art, I could see how you're struggling. Just like me. I had a hard talk with my therapist today, and seeing your

(Continuation of last anon) seeing your art made my day. I want you to know that your art helps me, that you matter so much to me, and even though I’m just an anonymous user, I hope you see this. Have a nice day, and please keep doing what you’re doing.

Holy shit.. this.. 

I’m BEYOND happy to know my art does help people, i would’ve never thought in a million years i’d get told this. I grew up trying to please people and i never once succeeded. and now.. I have. 

Knowing I have makes me want to continue, I do have days where I just want to delete my entire blog and disappear forever but this ask I will keep forever and will motivate me throughout my time here(If you don’t mind ofc anon)

Also, nonnie, if you ever need anyone, my dm’s are ALWAYS open- I’m always here and I’ll fight anyone for you(`・ω・´)9 It might sound cliche considering everyone says that but from one struggling person to another, I’m here for you and if you want to remain anonymous that’s more than fine, I’ll continue making art in hopes it helps you. Please stay strong, I love you nonnie! remember to smile for me and many other people. 

You say that you’re no good for me
Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear I hate you when you leave
But I like it anyway.

I tried to teach myself to paint in Sai and now we know that we should probably never ever try that again lolololol.

sketchbook pages // happy national toast day

I downloaded @cutecatdoodles​ Flowey shimeji earlier today and he’s been keeping me company while I draw/work/stuff myself with turkey.

He’s got a lot of really cute animations – It’s like having the little brat guy right there with you. His favorite thing to do is latch onto tablet pens and prevent them from drawing. The first time that happened, I laughed and scared my cat.

Just wanted to do a little doodle because it made me happy, but it became a big doodle.

lynnliciousadnan  asked:

I know you have tons of asks buuuut I love Turkey so much <3 and it's my birthday today! Any chance I can get a happy birthday from my favorite country and biggest crush ever? <3

Happy birthday darling, i made this dessert myself you’ll enjoy it you’ll see *winkwink* // Turkey

[[Happy birthday to you ! :) ]]

Hey, Law…  I love you!!

For today’s onepiece_69min : Treasure.

Traditionally inked today since I was on the road with only phone internet. I miss inking!

I royally screwed myself by drawing this on the first page of my new sketchbook though. So every time I open it to draw new stuff now……..


rosesentinel  asked:

Do you ever have problems motivating yourself to draw? I find that a lot of the time I don't have the motivation or I don't think my art is good enough. I think your art is absolutely amazing (just found your tumblr today) and was wondering if you go through some of the same stuff? If so, how do you deal with it? Keep up the awesome work! I hope you're having a good day. ^^

Thank you!! I’m glad you like my stuff 💕 and yes, all the time, sadly I have no tips on motivation only on endurance, I can’t stay motivated for long but I push myself to do it anyway because it is important to me and it is the only way i will improve, sometimes it is a chore, for every picture I upload there are ten failed attempts that I don’t. The bad days will chip away at your self esteem, it is frustrating, this never changes, you will never feel you are good enough, at least not for long, but this is true for all kinds of growing, I force myself to do it anyway, try to forgive myself and look for inspiration, the excitement of wanting to share an idea outweights the insecurities most of the times and when it gets really bad i take a step back and do something else that can bring me a similar sense of acomplishment. This.. came out way darker than intended, I hope it still helps somehow, maybe you can find comfort in our shared pain hahah have a good day you too!