don't hate me i don't have a bad intention

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Hey! This might be a controversial question, but I was hoping to hear your opinion. My friend wants to cosplay Garnet - only problem is she is white and wants to paint herself red. I don't think it's a good idea for my friend to do this, as she'll get a lot of hate for it. She doesn't think it's black-facing, but it kinda is? (We're not American, so we don't really have this cultural issue and it isn't talked about/seen very often.) Do you have any advice for me?

ah yeah thats kind of a difficult topic. Im not an expert in the area or anything but I would avoid doing body paint like that, that won’t end well even if your friend doesn’t have bad intentions. She can totally cosplay whoever she wants–i think it’s fine for people of any gender, race etc. to cosplay any character they like–but doing body paint for a character like Garnet is not going to be perceived well. If anyone else has thoughts on this please feel free to reply, like i said i am not an expert and don’t mean to offend anyone