don't hate me for failing

Boyarsky as Lestrade is a work of art

There are three things you can watch for ever: fire, water, and these three seconds of Boyarsky delivering more acting than a half of all modern movies combined.  

I’m just tired and mildly emotional, but man. I love all my friends so much. I’m such a loser with so little to offer, and I wish I had better ways to express it, but man. I love you all.

I picked up riding horses while I was filming The Three Investigators in Cape Town, South Africa. Every weekend that I had off, I would go ride horses. It was pretty amazing. I got to see a lot of beautiful landscapes.

y'all this shit has been bothering me for a grip now. like i got out of bed to write this so bare with me. i have been seeing a lot of people trying to praise their bias in got7 at the expense of jackson. like saying a member is underrated and talented while jackson is overrated and not as talented and like….why?? y'all sit up here and claim to be in the fandom when y'all out here taking shots at other members of the group?? i need some people to understand you don’t have to try to dim one persons light to have someone else’s shine. people sit up here and hate jackson for the simple fact that he is the most known globally….but that doesn’t mean he has the most fans or the most fansites for that matter. you would think that him being so overexposed would lead him to be the most popular but that’s just not the case. and for that to be the only reason to dislike him is so baffling to me and so sad honestly, truly. at the end of the day i’m not telling you to stan jackson, not at all. I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO PUT SOME RESPEK ON HIS NAME!!!!!every single one of those boys are talented and don’t deserve to be bashed at the expense of the other. there is no reason to compare cause they are one team. like jackson said its seven or nothing at the end of the day.


Finished this just in time. It was pretty rushed and I really don’t like it please no one look at Hiccup’s face it’s crap

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

Youth - Daughter (Cover)

happy friday!! ahhh i always get so stressed out with posting covers so i hope you like this!!! :]