don't hate me ;)

unpopular opinion

but i dont really care that the era is over????? like i’m sas that it is but like…i’m not affected really. i feel like it’s been dragged out too long personally. like don’t get me wrong it was a great era but i’m ready for new music

  • Sherlock, pulls a ring box out of his pocket : John Watson, I've been in love since the first day we met. I've loved every single adventure we had together. Will you give me the honor to be your beloved husband?
  • John, also pulls a ring box out of his pocket: Well shit

_ Big brother… I miss the trees..
_ I know, my Mischa…
_ D’you think we will see poppies again?
_ I don’t know

_ Big brother..
_ Yes?
_ I’m hungry.



Don’t take away my Mischa


Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24

I’m scared to leave home…

I’m used to staying in my safe space

y'all: connor was a little innocent smol baby boy who wouldn’t hurt anyone he was NEVER abusive

zoe: he kicked down my door screaming that he was gonna kill me multiple times, no one can tell me that he was not the monster i lived with, i will compare him to a fairy tale villain, i feel no grief about his death because he treated me like shit