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Jaal: I’ll need a small Resistance squad to guard a lake on Aya for an afternoon and make sure nobody approaches it.

Resistance officer: Um… why?

Jaal: I need to… *winkwink* infiltrate something.

Batfamily jobs as adults

Bruce: We all know this one.

Kate Kane: I feel like she is busy as it is with Batwoman. In her free time though, I see her being a big support for LGBTQ. Volunteering at the different organizations to help them. 

Dick: Police officer. I know he was that in Pre 52 era, but it fits him so well.

Barbara: She has had a few different ones. I like the librarian one the most and feel like that works for her. Of course doing computer work for the police as a side job.

Jason Todd: English teacher. Also like English teacher at the public schools maybe in the Narrows. He would be the teacher who actually cares about his students and wants them to succeed and get a better life after school. He might also teach self defense classes after school.

Tim: So he was working at WE Pre 52, I could see him being good at business. I feel like he would best be suited for the design department or IT. Anything to do with technology.

Duke: I feel like he would start a new line of social workers in Gotham. A department focused on helping children whose family has been affected by crimes committed by the rogues. If not then a detective. 

Cass: Professional ballerina for the Gotham City ballet or an instructor at the community center. Maybe teaching marital arts classes or self defense classes.

Stephanie: Doctor or nurse. Most likely working in the free clinics in Gotham. The ones she would have gone to as a child.

Damian: Veterinarian. He cares a lot about animals and for him would be very rewarding.  

Harper: Electric engineering. She has the skills and can create amazing items that can help others.

Just because someone empathizes with Oswald doesn’t mean they hate Ed. 

I love both characters equally and I also recognize that they both have flaws & reasons for doing what they did. Neither of them are perfect. Neither are completely justified in their actions. Neither are completely wrong either. 

That’s what makes them so complex. 

Oswald didn’t deserve to be shot by Ed, but Isabella didn’t deserve to be hit by a train either. 

Edward abso-fucking-lutely never deserved all of the abuse and bullying he’s faced throughout his life by people who were supposed to love and protect him. (It can be argued that this pain and abuse helped to make him who he is)

Everyone is in pain. Everyone has fucked up. This is Gotham.

things i like: illidan as a character

things i dislike: legion’s blatant attempts to make me sympathize with illidan while simultaneously ignoring the pretty terrible things he’s done

To the side who is all Ed, saying Os deserved to be shot because he was selfish and killed Isabella out of a pure self-serving nature. That Ed was happy and Oswald couldn’t stand it because Ed was happy with someone who wasn’t ​him​ and thus eliminated the middle-man to get what he wanted: 

I can see your point. Oswald absolutely ​was​ selfish. I was mad at him too. You can’t just kill someone and expect their lover to not find out and fall into your arms when you confess. 

BUT Oswald is pretty much new to the romance thing. He doesn’t get that you can’t just ​make​ someone fall in love with you by eliminating competition the way you do rising in the mob. His only association with learning how to survive is to ​make sure​ he gets what he wants. He wanted Ed. Therefore Isabella had to go. She was simply an obstacle to him and what does Oswald do? He ​overcomes​. With the mob bosses, Fish, his injury, his past, the bullying, his own depression and loneliness…it what he does. He knows no other way. He wanted Ed and he was going to get him through any means necessary. This is shown in his flawed delusion that Ed would seek him out as a “shoulder to cry on” and his confusion when Ed didn’t get over it in a day and kiss him al-fucking-ready. He was genuinely confused because, remember, Ed expected Oswald to jump up and teach him about murder just after his mother’s death. His ​mother​ that he knew and loved, and was the only source of love he had, all his life. Of course Os would expect Ed to get over a girl he only knew a week quickly and come to him.

To the Oswald people who think that Ed is a “snake.” That he’s a back-stabbing murderer and Oswald is a precious baby who has never done anything wrong in his whole life (completely cynical, ik y’all don’t really think that) and that Ed overreacted: 

I can see your point too. Ed certainly did overreact. Oswald ​didn’t​ deserve to be shot. Especially after sacrificing his own life to keep Ed safe from Butch, Barbara, and Tabitha (as far as he knew). And that was after Ed had tortured him in the warehouse. 

BUT, Ed is not a snake. He’s confused. For all he knows, his last chance of happiness was destroyed. At this point, he can’t even imagine being with Oswald because Oswald killed his Isabella selfishly. Remember that Ed’s never had a single friend all his life. Not even his parents cared very much for him. He’s been abused, told he’s unlovable, ignored, pushed away…Ed’s lived an extremely toxic and lonely life. So why ​wouldn’t​ Oswald betray him? Everyone does. Everyone leaves him. Ed grew up believing that anyone who wanted to be around him was only in it for personal gain…then came Oswald who ​seemed​ true. Oswald who taught him many things and saw him for who he was and ​loved​ him. Oswald who willingly touched and hugged him… Oswald who betrayed him and killed his last chance at happiness to selfishly be with him. So in a way, he was proven right…again. And he can’t take it anymore. 

What I’m saying is, both characters deserve love and should be protected and cherished. Thank 


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rare picture of jimin with haters

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


happy holidays, mysme fandom!

the hate on otayuri is ridiculous.

it’s a 2 YEAR AGE GAP.

in sports anime people ship 1st years with 3rd years ALL THE TIME and no says jack shit about it (and those are also 2 year age gaps!!! and there’s nothing wrong with it!!!!!)

it’s also kind of gross how people assume shipping an m/m couple is automatically associated with shipping them sexually. fucking STOP.