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Case Dismissed

Note: I dont know what I’m doing, I haven’t written for a while. I just got this funny little idea in my head so thought I’d share. Haha.

*also I wrote it on my phone, so sorry for any mistakes~


“C'mon Counselor, can’t we go over this stuff one more time, the exam’s tomorrow. I gotta make sure I get this right.” Sonny pleaded, his hands on his hips, as he watched DA Rafael Barba grab his coat from the rack by his office door.

“Carisi, we’ve gone over this so many times, I think you could recite the text by memory by now.” Barba replied, putting on his coat, and throwing back a stern look at the young detective. “You’ll do fine.”

Carisi nearly stumbled over himself to stand in front of Barba before he opened the office door to exit. “Wait, Barba, I’m serious. One more time is all I’m askin’, then we can call it a night, I swear.”

“Detective, it’s late, I sent my secretary home hours ago, I’d like to call it a night.”
He said, his nostrils slightly flared and a look of annoyance on is face.

Barba opened the door and Carisi quickly put his arm across the doorway to block the DA. Barba grew more annoyed at the way the young detective seemed to tower over him,and rolled his eyes.

Carisi started another plea but was interrupted by Barba putting a finger up to silence him.

“Carisi, you’ve been this way the last few times I’ve helped you study. I know I said I’d help you when I could, but at this point I’d say you’re just looking for an excuse to spend time with me.” He said, with a slight flick of his eyebrow, his eyes staring into Sonny.

Sonny looked taken aback at first but tilted his head and scoffed a laugh.

And..uh..if that were the case?” He asked nervously trying to make a joke.

“Then,” Barba said slightly rising on his toes to get closer to Sonny’s face ,“ case dismissed.”

Barba smirked smugly, and ducked under Sonny’s arm to exit the office, leaving the detective with a bewildered look.

anonymous asked:

It makes even more sense to me that m-sh started this 'not alone' thing now. Of COURSE he did. He had to do SOMETHING because the news about Jared on GG was coming out. Instant publicity. What has m-ish even done lately besides piss people off on social media? Must suck being a third string character actor that no one wants to hire. XD

Well I think he actually announced he was going to do this a while ago and I don’t know what his intention for it is but I’m actually not opposed to it. I know I’m sorry to disappoint some of you who want me to criticize him for it but I actually thinks it’s a good idea. Too many fans were sharing their stories all the time at cons and burdening the stars with their issues. There needs to be a better outlet for it. I know I’m not a fan of him but I actually don’t have an issue with it. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done just for attention but whatever I support the idea enough to not care. 

Clexa “Maybe… this is our second chance” AU | ılı.——Volume Up——.ılı.

“… don’t we deserve that? Yes. Maybe we do …”

                                                     This feels like falling in love…
                                                                  Falling in love…
                                                                           We’re falling in love…

Scully sees her son’s name on her cell phone screen repeatedly. A son she hasn’t seen for fifteen years.  Maggie Scully comes to lucidity after experiencing a heart attack and asks for her son Charlie, from whom she is estranged and hasn’t seen in years.

Maggie doesn’t get to fix things with her son, but she reminds Mulder about his son so that perhaps he and her daughter will have a chance to fix things with theirs.


Newtmas Week Day 2 - song lyrics

                                         And after all the ambulances go.
          After all the hangers-on are done hanging on to the deadlights of the afterglow.
                            I’ve got to know. When love is gone where does it go?
                        I know it’s gone but where did it go? And where do we go?
                                            It’s just an afterlife with you.

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LADYNOIR/ADRIENETTE/LADRINETTE/MARINOIR CAN YOU PLEASE DO 27 (for the number drabble thing if you're doing that I saw you reblog it so...)

I fail in the rules of drabbles with this, because this is like worth four or five. I blame @pikotan​ for tagging all sides of the ship. (I know you meant them as options, but…) Let’s go.

The ML Love Square #27 from this drabble prompt list.

She yawns so loudly that he almost feels offended.

“Am I…boring you?”

She slaps her hands to her mouth, and shakes her head.

“Nononononono!” Her ears and cheeks are as pink as her throw blanket, reminiscent of the time when she was idolizing him and he was idiotically oblivious of her. “I’m sorry, it’s just…I’m so tired recently.”

He nods as he puts an arm around her and rubs her shoulders. “You have been working hard on the new line, huh?”

She leans her head on his chest, but doesn’t answer.


She’s so distracted that he’d had to jump in front of her more times in the fight than usual. While he doesn’t mind, he knows that she’s usually sharper, more alert, more focused than this. He waits until the fist bump is over before he asks.

“Hey…Is Alya okay?”

“Hm?” She’s so distracted! “Oh! Yes. Yes, yes. She’s okay.”

“…Why did you have to go to the hospital, anyway? Nino kept asking me.”

“It’s nothing to worry about, mon minou.”

She smirks at him and prepares her bandalore.

It’s him who’s distracted when she sways her hips just so before swinging away.


She jumps him in broad daylight. While it’s not exactly an unpleasant thing, he still pushes her away and scrambles backwards.

“Ladybug, what—?!” he asks in alarm, looking around. Thankfully, they’re alone, for the moment.

“What, can’t I kiss you?”

“Not when I’m like this,” he hisses.

“I happen to like you when you’re like this,” she answers, running her fingers down his silk tie. “Besides, it’s not my fault you de-transformed in a hurry.”

“The crew should be coming back any second. Shoo!”

She gasps in (what he hopes to be) mock indignation. “Shooing one of the heroes of Paris! How rude, Monsieur Agreste!”

He pushes her to the window, anyway. She jumps through it while blowing a flying kiss.


They were out of sync, tonight. In fact, they’d been out of sync for over a month. He’d been brushing it off, blaming it on their combined exhaustion from work, but the truth is: the last time they were like this was when he was planning to propose. The guilt (and excitement) of hiding something from her had seeped into his movements; the gut feeling of knowing that he was hiding something from her had affected hers.

In spite of the good ending of that particular episode, this was still not a comforting comparison, because he’d been trying to come up with another good thing she could be hiding—anniversary, birthday, promotion—but none of them applied. He’d been waiting for her to say something, even Plagg was telling him to wait, but—

“I can’t take this,” he tells her in the darkness. She and Tikki turn to where he’s stood by the window, the moon on his back.

It’s almost a confirmation of his fears when she says nothing. Instead, she moves to turn the light on, but he falls to his knees in front of her and holds onto her torso for dear life. His claws sink into her dress, and he briefly wonders if she’ll hate him for that, too.

“Chaton, what—!“

“Tell me what’s wrong,” he begs, “please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Chat Noir—“

“I know I can be oblivious, sometimes, but I’ll fix it, I swear I’ll—“


She pries his hands away from her waist and kneels to join him on the floor; he only lets her so he could hold her face, instead.

“Marinette, please, I love you, and whatever it is that you’re not telling me— I can handle it, just give me a chance—“

“I’m pregnant.”