don't hate me

In a world full of weird horse-faced humans,

Crazy head instructors,

And the fear of being a titan’s lunch,

Eren Jaeger

That’s me

And my two best friends 

Try to do the impossible

Create a guide to help you survive the Titans


The sheer amount of guilt that Josh showed in his hallucinations meant to me that… he must’ve been a quite sweet brother. Also, I think Josh would’ve been a smart little cookie from his childhood.

p.s. I know I’ve said I’m gonna do a longer comic to a few of you guys.. but this is not the one I was talking about. I only have time to do a short one this weekend  :‘ / 

can we just imagine an au where Steve Rodgers and Matt Murdock meet, and of course they get along because they’re both disabled men (or in Steve’s case, previously disabled) who pick fights with anything that moves and have absolutely no regard for their own safety or the punishment they’re putting their bodies though. And they meet, and they swap stories and have a grand old time.

Then Steve introduces Matt to Bucky and Bucky just loses his shit because of course Steve would make friends with a blind man trying to fight crime. Of fucking course they’d find one another because the universe is trying to give Bucky Barnes a heart attack.

Sometimes, though, when Matt’s kicking ass in Hell’s Kitchen, he hears the distinct sound of whirring mechanics and bullets against metal and grins because he might have found a friend in Steve, but he’s got an ally in Bucky.

Witch Things

-Sometimes birds are just birds

-Magic/crystals/herbs/spells should never replace actual medical treatments

-Spells do not always work in the way you expect them to; use caution

-Spells are not shortcuts for hard work; i.e., instantly memorizing information, increasing magical or psychic abilities. Chanting a poem over a candle or drawing a sigil will not instantly give you special powers or skills.

-Emoji spells may work, but don’t expect strong results.

-Gods are not tools, and cannot be controlled. They are very old, very wise, and deserve respect.

-Magic is potent, and real. It can be a force for destruction or transformation or new creation. But it isn’t like the movies. You won’t levitate, or freeze time, or control minds.

-Magic is unruly and untamable. Even with years of practice a spell may backfire or reveal itself in unexpected ways. Sometimes the effects will be immediate, sometimes they will take days or weeks or months.

-Christians can be witches. Wiccans can be witches. Polytheists can be witches. Anyone can be a witch.

-Witchcraft is a practice, and is very personal. It is not a religion, and though there are modern movements that attempt to standardize specific paths, witchcraft traditionally was personalized and individual. What works for someone else, might not for you, and that’s OKAY.

-Astral projection isn’t like the movies. There’s no one “right way” of doing it.

-The Gods are not tools.

-Nobody can tell you if you have been visited or chosen by a god or goddess.

-Wicca is a new religion, and was not practiced by our ancestors.

-You will receive the best results by creating your own spells, recipes, rituals. Borrowing can be good for learning, but personalizing your craft is vital if you want to grow.

-The Gods cannot be controlled.

-You don’t have to believe in Gods to be a witch.

-You don’t have to practice witchcraft to believe in Gods.

-Witchcraft is not easy. Witchcraft cannot solve all of your problems–in fact, sometimes it may actually complicate them more. But it is real, and beautiful, and empowering. Make it yours. Study others’ paths, become aware of the ridiculous amount of misinformation is out there. Never stop researching and learning. Recognize that some of the popular ideas and beliefs are harmful, inaccurate, and wrong. Accept criticism gracefully. But don’t let anyone dictate your practice. Make it yours. Make it real.

MBTI Under Stress!

INTJ/INFJ: *buys expensive shit* I don’t like cheap stuff! I’m a man of QUALITY! Money is no object for me!!! *throws money at ppl face*

INFP/ISFP: *moves & reorganizes furniture* *cleans house* *orders people around* *put things in order* I am such an ORGANIZED PERSON, I have TOTAL CONTROL over PHYSICAL REALITY!!!

INTP/ISTP: *injects emotion* GOD! I need human interaction. I will literally accept every invitation to hangout with ppl. I’m FUN & INTERESTING right?! They’re gonna like me right? Right? RIGHT???

ISTJ/ISFJ: *maximum paranoid mode: ON* Idk why people doesn’t realize that earth is a totally dangerous place to live on. We could literally die every time we step out of the house. There are Tsunamis & Tornadoes & Volcanoes everywhere! Tbh, this might just be my last day on earth.

ENTP/ENFP: *turns into an introvert* Ugh, my life is such a mess! I should get my shit together. I should probably take care of my body too, I’ve been feeling unfit lately. Maybe I should try that weird diet and go to the gym.

Need. More. BOOKS. I WILL READ EVERYTHING and get to the bottom of this shit!!! I WILL SOLVE THIS!!!

I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power and you people are taking me for granted! You guys are just using me! I have feeling too, you know!? *cries* DON’T TOUCH ME!!!

ESTP/ESFP: If my prediction is correct, my future will be shit. I don’t see this shit coming and I’m not prepared. There are like 99 shits that could go wrong and there’s nothing I can do. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

  • Simon:Also from now on we'll be using code names. You can address me as 'Eagle One.' Clary, code name- 'Been there done that.' Raphael is 'Currently doing that.'
  • Raphael:*high fives Simon*
  • Simon:Izzy is 'It happened once in a dream.' Jace, code name- 'If I had to pick a dude.' Alec is...'Eagle Two.'
  • Alec:Oh thank god.
  • EP 29: Troye Sivan - Ear Biscuits Extended Cut


So apparently, Troye’s interview with Rhett and Link from April was cut down more than we thought, and the unedited version just leaked somehow and I don’t know why anyone hasn’t posted it yet, but here it is. 

And if you’re a Troyler shipper like I am, you just might wanna listen to this clip. 

Just saying. 

Because I flipped out.