don't hate me

I don't think some guys understand how screwed up girls can really get if they have a bad relationship with their father. Especially if it started at a young age.

Do you realize that was the first ever relationship they had with a male? That will literally be the base for every male relationship they have from now on until the end. Do you get that? You can make fun of “daddy issues” all you like. But that shit really fucks you up. Take it from someone who not only had a horrible biological father, but also a shitty step father.

MBTI Under Stress!

INTJ/INFJ: *buys expensive shit* I don’t like cheap stuff! I’m a man of QUALITY! Money is no object for me!!! *throws money at ppl face*

INFP/ISFP: *moves & reorganizes furniture* *cleans house* *orders people around* *put things in order* I am such an ORGANIZED PERSON, I have TOTAL CONTROL over PHYSICAL REALITY!!!

INTP/ISTP: *injects emotion* GOD! I need human interaction. I will literally accept every invitation to hangout with ppl. I’m FUN & INTERESTING right?! They’re gonna like me right? Right? RIGHT???

ISTJ/ISFJ: *maximum paranoid mode: ON* Idk why people doesn’t realize that earth is a totally dangerous place to live on. We could literally die every time we step out of the house. There are Tsunamis & Tornadoes & Volcanoes everywhere! Tbh, this might just be my last day on earth.

ENTP/ENFP: *turns into an introvert* Ugh, my life is such a mess! I should get my shit together. I should probably take care of my body too, I’ve been feeling unfit lately. Maybe I should try that weird diet and go to the gym.

Need. More. BOOKS. I WILL READ EVERYTHING and get to the bottom of this shit!!! I WILL SOLVE THIS!!!

I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power and you people are taking me for granted! You guys are just using me! I have feeling too, you know!? *cries* DON’T TOUCH ME!!!

ESTP/ESFP: If my prediction is correct, my future will be shit. I don’t see this shit coming and I’m not prepared. There are like 99 shits that could go wrong and there’s nothing I can do. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!