don't happen in real life


This is kind of old but I just gotten around to finishing it….

Anyway this was based off a thing (I think by @prinxietys maybe) I saw about Logic having Dyslexia. And my favorite character that I relate to the most having Dyslexia like me, I’m defently gonna write that!

This is actrually based off my exspriences! I made up the end a bit because I didn’t get to finish my page like logic did because my Lover had to go home.

Please tell me if I need to tag anything!

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cpi cosplays so far

why? because i can. obviously.

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in an alt world where XF never happened... i feel like niall just shyly stepped up to open mic cleared his throat and then this magic fell out and the entire bar immediately shut up at his first note... iconic baby

GENUINELY. it’s quite strange to think about now, but that probably happened?? niall talked about how ‘dancing in the moonlight’ was one of the first songs he performed while gigging by himself before the x factor happened, so it must be quite strange and unreal to cover it now, once again at the threshold of his solo career. it really brings things full circle!

Actual conversation that happened today
Starbucks Dude: Can I have a name for the cup?
Me: Trouble
Starbucks Dude: Is there a number to go with that name “Trouble”?
Me: I don’t have a phone
Starbucks Dude: Haha I see what you did there
If he hadn’t spent the whole conversation staring at my boobs I would’ve went out with him

I get that it’s part of the “"style”“ but I hate Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s tendency to introduce seemingly major plot lines, only to wrap them up in one or two episodes. It’s not realistic in the slightest that detectives would bring someone in on a traffic violation, watch him willingly confess to working for a major kingpin and then taking down an entire empire in two half hour episodes.

The humor is silly and fun, and the diversity is great, but you know what show has all that PLUS plot lines that are believable and make logical sense? Superstore.


Could it be your death
means nothing at all?

I’m not much of a one for theories, predictions, or speculations, and I have no idea if this will happen or not, but I for one would REALLY like to see Sherlock find out that John was messing around on Mary.

I am just so curious about how he would react.

Would he be furious?  Understanding?  Amazed at himself for missing the signs?  Would he reveal that he knew all along?  

This series is supposed to be all about consequences, so I would really like to see John deal with some consequences for his actions – not just his own private guilt, but ACTUAL consequences.  It’s not so much that I want to see him punished or redeemed, but I want it to matter.

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spideypool though (i'm so happy you got dragged into this ship) how did you start shipping it?


honestly I don’t know what happened?? I saw one of the posts going around with examples of Wade bein pan, I casually tweeted a thing… then not even a full day later I see spideypool art on my tl and suddenly I was like………… huh. HUH.

then I asked for fic recs, read this and then THIS AND NOW I’M IN SO DEEP?? I DONT KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM, I’M A NOVICE FAN TO BOTH PETER AND WADE??????????

send help.

Yesterday I was on the bus reading gay smut when the bus hit a bump in the road, and the iPod flew out of my hand, into the seat across from me. It landed on a guy’s lap, so the guy picks it up, and he starts looking at the screen. At this point I’m having a panic attack, so I lunge over the gap between seats letting out some sort of cat growl, then I finally grab the iPod, and I return to reading my smut.

“These characters are in their own little bubble, so to speak, there’s no corruption from the outside. It’s just two people falling in love. It’s very beautiful.” — Rose Leslie