don't hand sew

One head complete! Trico’s got horns now! :D (the second’s almost done and I’ve started transferring the third’s pattern onto the fabric). Gonna have to buy more grey before I make more of these guys, didn’t realize they’d be this big!


Ritual Raven doodles.

I’ve never seen this card before Duel Links added it and I’m in love with it. Its whole design - having faces for eyes (especially this since I’m wierdly attracted to that kind of stuff and eye-related symbolism), these strange frog-feet, the butt-wings and the little, cute arms - it’s just overall appealing.

I have the urge to create a sticker pack for Telegram featuring this little guy :’D I wish I can seriously draw again soon.

I have been informed I should never tell anyone when I buy clothing from a thrift store. I should say “its vintage” instead.

Also I should never gleefully inform someone I bought an article of clothing for $2. I should instead say “it was a gift.”

I don’t think people realize half my happiness over finding something amazing in a thrift store is the fact I only paid $2 for it. Its like I’m a treasure hunter! Why would you try to lie to people to make it sound like you paid a million dollars for it? That’s a trick question. I know why. I just think pretending to pay absurd amounts of money for goods is a ridiculous game that wealthy people play. I’m much more interested in the “I found this for $2 and it looks AMAZING” game.