don't go to jail

Today's black people don't even know what it means to be oppressed

Your cousin going to jail cause he robbed a house isn’t oppressed. Your great grandad not being able to get into a place of business, talk back to a white person, have access to a decent paying job, and unknowingly being involved in medical experiments is oppression.

there’s not much about life to like right now but thinking about modern au big bro/single dad eizen walking edna to school while she jumps in puddles is helping

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the only reason why i don't sangwoo to go to jail just yet is because the one death that needs to happen is bum's uncle in the worst way ever :)))) bum's uncle can go choke on a chainsaw. AND THEN SOMEONE CAN COME ARREST SANGWOO AND EVERYTHING'S FINE AND DANDY.

I haven’t hopped on the bandwagon that is sangwoo x prison because I want to see more of Sangwoo’s past and overall character. But, yeah, Bum’s uncle can go die in a well. Or in this case,,, in the basement.

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y'all haters want him to be treated like a "normal human" but so quick to treat him like an animal. "normal people go to jail" well guess what tiffany normal people don't suffer getting hate from LITERALLY all over the world for something as fucking simple as this


I’m gonna get rich, that was one of my goals, so I can live comfortably

I wanna help my friends, but I have trust issues and even tho I love them, I’m worried they could leave after I take care of all their problems in this alternate universe where I’m rich af


Maybe I can hack the system and make them buy lottery tickets hehe

Literally this episode
  • Annalise: OMG how funny would it be if someone shot me in the leg lol? Connor you do it!
  • Connor: ERM no thank you I played such a small part in the last murder I don't want to go to jail!
  • Annalise: Well maybe I'll send Oliver to jail?
  • Connor: Give me that fucking gun.
  • Annalise: Omg do it! In the leg tho I don't wanna die lmao
  • Connor: Michaela no
  • Michaela: Michaela yes
  • Connor: I'm out bitches this isn't fun anymore. I want to go back to being a domesticated husband.
  • Michaela: If I'm not getting shot then I'm out too
  • Annalise: WES YOU DO IT BRO
  • Wes: No
  • Annalise: Laurel? Help a girl out! I promise you'll love it! I'll help you get Michaela to date you!
  • Laurel: Tempting but no thanks
  • Annalise: Wes your ex is dead does that change things?
  • Annalise: Hoe don't do it!
  • Wes: Bang!
  • Annalise: I said in the leg ur such a bitch Christoph
  • Wes: What the fuck?

     ❝ Listen, I - I’ve never committed a crime in my entire life. I think. But… ❞ 

He shifted his gaze to the distance, just behind the person he was talking to. His eyes held the same glassy look of longing as one may see in a movie - a look of love, romantics would say. However, Jaehyun was aware of his circumstances; he knew that it just wasn’t possible. He was gonna have to resort to staring once again. He pointed at the poodle across the street. 

     ❝ I kinda wanna steal that dog. 

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so the spoiler blogs (specifically alyonrequest) has teased of a "twist we won't see coming" so all i can think this means is that they don't go to jail, as that's what everyone is expecting, and maybe jake and amy do make a step in their relationship but in some other way than we all theorise?? opinions pls??

i don’t think rosa and/or jake will go to jail. that’s too easy of a plot twist to go with, especially when in the promo rosa literally says to jake “we’re going to jail”. it’s super obvious and if either of them did end up going to jail, then fox has ruined it with their shitty promos. the theories around jake and amy have mostly been that there’s going to be a pregnancy test or proposal - my favourite one i saw earlier(see the post below this one) was from @elsaclack speculating that jake and amy could potentially elope while they’re at the courthouse, now THAT would be a good twist since all of us are expecting a big fancy proposal to go down at some point. and since each finale has always ended with some sort of development involving their relationship, this would be a clever way to go about it. i just hope that whatever the twist is, it’s as shocking as gina getting hit by a bus because let’s be real no one saw that coming.

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[1/2] ok, i know that you may see your actions as justified, but the fact that you seem to think that cursing  people and causing them actual harm is totally ok is deeply concerning. I know people may wrong you, but going out and causing suffering is just not healthy tbh. Would you go and destroy peoples lives and cause them harm in person? hopefully not. so what makes that ok to do through magic? honestly nothing, you're just doing it so you don't go to jail.

[2/2] i wouldn’t be surprised if you did someday tho, since most people don’t cause harm to others for honestly very petty things. I just thought you should know that.  curses are very serious business, and for you to advocate it so nonchalantly is gonna give alot of terrible people the power to hurt many innocent people for very slight wrongs.

receipts? p sure i mentioned that no “physical harm” caused to anyone i’ve cast a curse on was my intent, and therefore, could very well and probably has nothing to do with any curse i did. 

my philosophy on cursing is that the curse has to fit the crime, and i’ve never done anything outside of that philosophy. 

IRL, it’s my literal job to do the opposite of cause harm to people. i am very non-confrontational in person, which is why magick comes in handy so often. 

i feel like you’re really upset about this, maybe come off anon and express your concerns? because what you’re doing right now… it’s just not healthy tbh

'texts from last night' starters
  • [MSG]: His birthday is on Valentines Day, of course he's getting a blowjob.
  • [MSG]: Where are you and why are you fighting with a bird?
  • [MSG]: Apparently my thong was thrown in the cornfield last night. No one will tell me why.
  • [MSG]: He understood my need for pizza was more important than my need for sex. He's the one.
  • [MSG]: So you don't take a regular pic with her, but you take a selfie with her ass. Interesting...
  • [MSG]: The only reason I have clothes in my overnight bag is to cover up my sex toys.
  • [MSG]: Nothing says "happy birthday" like a negative pregnancy test.
  • [MSG]: Do me a solid and hit me with your car.
  • [MSG]: The night went downhill when he lit her purse on fire and tried putting it out with vodka.
  • [MSG]: As the bouncer was escorting you out, you yelled "keep your filthy dick beaters off me!"
  • [MSG]: I don't think problem is the right word. Problems arent something you enjoy. Life would be too boring without gambling.
  • [MSG]: I don't call her my roommate, that's too cordial. I prefer to refer to her as the whore that was assigned to live with me.
  • [MSG]: Why does every poor decision I make end up with over 1000 likes on YouTube?
  • [MSG]: Oh boy I hope we come out of this alive. And with clean prison records.
  • [MSG]: How do you politely bring up someone's criminal record?
  • [MSG]: I just literally had a dance party in my closet. I've never been this blazed.
  • [MSG]: She kept calling herself DJ McDonalds and said she wanted to make some Egg McMusic.
  • [MSG]: My dad just called from upstairs on the house phone to tell me to bring him a beer. You tell me how I am.
  • [MSG]: Okay, just don't go to jail. I saw your account balance. It can't take that.
  • [MSG]: At what point did you actually think that you could throw knives safely?
  • [MSG]: I'm wayyy too drunk to be in a parade right now.
  • [MSG]: You would be so proud at how green we're being. Re-using last night's jello shot containers.. saving the world one step at a time.
  • [MSG]: Nothing kills the mood quicker than kneeing him in the face during sex.
Supernatural Teaches Hetalia (lesson 1)
  • Supernatural: Ok so we need to make fake IDs.
  • Hetalia: Isn't that illegal? I don't want to go to jail!
  • Supernatural: You won't. Now come on.
  • After getting IDs
  • Supernatural: Ok so when a cop ask for your ID what do you do?
  • Hetalia: You surrender and run! Oh and maybe offer friendship if you can! *smiles*
  • Supernatural: *facepalms* No Hetalia! You show them your ID!
  • Hetalia: But it's fake! I can't lie!
  • Supernatural: You're gonna have to!
  • Hetalia: ...ok!
  • Supernatural: Here comes a cop now remember what I taught you!
  • Hetalia: Alright!
  • Cop: Who are you guys?
  • Supernatural: We are fellow cops.
  • Cop: May I see your IDs?
  • Supernatural and Hetalia: *Hold up IDs*
  • Hetalia: *is holding it upside down*
  • Cop: *gives a strange look*
  • Supernatural: *looks at Hetalia and eyes open wide*
  • Supernatural: *flips it to the right position*
  • Cop: ...
  • Supernatural: Um...he's new.