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So today is Igot7 selca day and I’ve decided to join in for the first time ^-^

Growing up with acne like
  • Someone who has never had acne:You know, I read that if you cut out sugar and coffee and pizza from your diet and stop being stressed out all the time and wash your face, you can actually clear up your skin! :)
  • Me:I hear that if you stay in your lane you can clear up your chance of me punching you in the face. :))))))))

I thought I would make this post to explain somethings that have been going on lately. These things do slightly effect this blog and I want you all to be aware of what is going on. 
So as of right now I’m working on a pretty large project for all of you and I really hope you enjoy it. I don’t have a paying job right now but I hope with your support I can make what I am doing into a permanent job. I won’t get into detail about what it is yet. I know that you all are very supportive and hopefully you will support this thing that I am doing.
Another thing that is going on: My personal life, meaning my family and my husband, aren’t doing so hot. There is a lot of conflict happening which makes me extremely uncomfortable. So the project that I am working on might take longer than I hoped due to all of this crazy drama.
These problems are so bad that my husband and I are considering packing up and heading to his parents home. This is a big journey for me and I want to include you all. I know it isn’t holiday related but I feel like you all are family now and I never thought this blog or anyone could be so supportive and fulfilling. 
So these, rather large things are currently in motion and I can’t wait to tell you all what this project actually is, but I think you all are going to like it - considering you and I have similar tastes c: 
I will keep you all posted : Happy Holidays! 

So I don't know if any of you care but...

That boy I stayed up until 1 texting a few night ago, we’re still texting. And snapchatting. I think it’s going well. But I can’t tell if he likes me as a friend or if there’s possibly something more there. I need your advice.

Can those stupid Sex-Blogs please unfollow me!!! Why the heck are you following me in the first place!!?? I have no interest in gangbang, naked tits or whatever… Just go the f*ck away. Thanks. Sorry, just needed to get this off my chest. Shitty day today. Got even shittier when I became excited for a new follower, only to find out it’s another damn sex blog I’ve got no use for whatsoever!!!

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I was told by @transjohnnygill to hit you up because you love Tyki and we should bond

@transjohnnygill … I’m hoping you said good things -_-

Rei… dear and lovely Rei, please tell me your love for Tyki is still healthy? I feel like I’m going to jail in a near future because of my love for that man and I don’t want the same thing happening to you <3

Stay safe. Don’t kill <3

((not like I’m one to say not to kill, but… jail… remember jail XD))

But yeah…  we shall bond

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Since you're also karamatsu girls can I just say. I'm. Definitely. Going. To. Hell. I've fallen too deep. I cnt sto p replaying this mmd of karamatsu dancing and i' m j u s t