don't go hating

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here

I found Victor at animate in Kyoto but neither of the Yuris were there and all the YOI goods were sold out because fans in Japan are savage, but not as savage as I was when I tried to buy the stand but it “wasn’t for sale and it never will be. seriously we’re not going to change our policy. please don’t walk out of the store with that, we’ll call the police. moshi moshi, keisatsu, a gaijin is stealing one of our standees again.”

I’m going to bed.

I’m going to bed in a country where more than half the population just proclaimed that they hate me, that they hate the diversity that has been the mark of America for decades.

I’m going to bed, thinking of those people that won’t sleep tonight–those people that don’t fit into the homogenous mixture of white, rich men that our new xenophobe-in-chief has deemed “Great America.”

I’m going to bed, praying for my fellow Americans that will now have unwarranted eyes glued to their backs, that will have their every move and motion scrutinized by a government that has deemed them a threat merely for reading a holy book not entitled “The Holy Bible.”

I’m going to bed, haunted by the rainbow flags and pride pins my friends will be forced to take down for fear of harassment, by the businesses they’ll be refused service at and the families they’ll be denied.

I’m going to bed, weighed down by the violence to come–the people murdered by our supposed protectors, the innocents thrown in undeserved prison cells, the parents and children thrust across borders into countries that have exiled them at the threat of execution.

I’m going to bed, worried about myself–about my own bodily rights that have just been snatched from me, about walking the streets under the leadership of a man that has told thousands of men and boys that I am submissive, that I am just an object for them to grab.

I’m going to bed in a feeble attempt to escape the nightmarish America that tonight has revealed to me. 

(But aren’t you supposed to escape nightmares by waking up?)

andrew taking care of neil. wrappin him in a towel. washin his hair. givin him kisses. helping him get dressed. checkin his booboos. suckin his dick.

anyone: calls out army for being rude

army: wow stop being such an attention whore 

army: lol look how pathetic they are. Go get a life bitch 

army: look at this hoe tryna use bts to help make their irrelevant faves noticed 

army: look at them giving attention to our boys. #stankings#stanbts 


army: exo l’s are way worse than this. Stop tryna act all innocent 

army: no one cares about your stupid ass opinion. Just shut the fuck up already 



army: how to deactivate? 

army: fake bitch trying to start drama 

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Probably going to get hate but...

I am 100% DONE with people who say Otabek is a Pedophile. Oh my lord he is still in high school here in America. If you can’t ship them without sexual undertones then you are fetishizing their relationship and you are going to need to the ones that need help, not us. Oh and Knock Knock, Age of consent here. In both of their respective countries it is 16. So once Yuri is 16 he can have intercourse with who ever he pleases if he consents. Knowing Otabek and the gentlemanly aura you get from him he probably wait till Yura was 18 to hold his hand. They are also the same age difference as a 1st year and 3rd year or Sophomore and Senior. I also understand if you do ship is in a sexual relationship at canon ages, that’s is in fact pedophilia, but other wise this ship is clear to sail.

So please stop hating on the Otayuri ship.

- Your Neighborhood Navi

Why does it feel like all of the members of 1D are suddenly back at work? And why is it happening all at once? Louis has a lot going on with this stuff with Steve Aoki, Niall has a lot going on and he’s getting papped, Liam is tweeting with Louis Walsh and making headlines, and now Harry is getting papped again. (Even a certain ex-member is making headlines.) What is happening? And why is it happening now, one year since their last performance together? I have so many questions.

I’m happy for you, I really am… But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish that I could change your mind and make you want to be with me again. I can’t change your mind and the more I think about it, the more I wonder why I want to so damn bad.
—  Okay