don't go babe

•I’m sitting eyes wide open and I got one thing stuck in my mind,
Wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life•

I can see you sitting in front of me again at 4 am with your big brown eyes and your yellow sweater, cigarette in your mouth, smile on your lips, smoke in our eyes, crossed legs and your hands reaching out for me; I swear I can feel your breath on my skin, it’s like you’re so close but still too far away
—  i never liked yellow, now I don’t want to see anything else

Day 2 of Kwami week: Chosen

I really love all of the AU’s of Gabriel getting Nooroo when he is younger. But it makes you wonder, can you consider Gabriel a chosen if he is Hawkmoth? 


So here’s my opinion on why I think nygmobblepot is going to happen. (push the 6th sense feeling aside that i have towards them happening) anyways, i think it’s pretty clear that Gotham is leading towards Ed and Os being friends again. Like everything has been pointing towards this. Even more they’ve been narratively building up towards romance. (there was another meta once on how this storyline has been a romantic subplot buildup and it was perfection). But here’s my point on them building towards friendship: once Ed and Os reconnect, they won’t be able to be just friends. There’s no way in hell Ed and Os could stay friends. Not with all the remaining sexual tension between them; the love that Oswald has for Ed that will never go away. They would try to be friends, but there’s no way they just can be. Once all has been forgiven between them and they are friends, what’s standing in the way of them getting together at that point? NOTHING. I REPEAT NOTHING. So it’s CLEAR the writers are building up towards them being reunited and friends again. So what’s the next step? They are NOT going to just stay static. It won’t just end there. Nygmobblepot is coming; I’m like 97% sure.


Street racers!AU

warnings: still mafia related, hints for the next chapter, this is a stand alone story but it will confuse you for a bit if you haven’t read the other series, more delays, secrets and betrayals in so deep, some fluff to compensate. 

You raced the car beside yours, taking a strong left drift before repositioning the vehicle. Kicking on the clutch to shift your gear to a four, you accelerated the car as it neared the finishing line. However, the one beside you got ahead and took over. The crowd cheered as your opponent hit the finish line and the girl swung the flag round.

The male got out of his car before you did and strolled towards you slowly until you heard the sound of sirens. Instantly, he grabbed your wrist and dragged you behind a building. Seonho trapped your body between his own and the wall. He glanced back and forth at the policemen huddled on the road.

When you heard footsteps approaching, Seonho panicked so you held his hand instead and jumped into the water. This caught the attention of the officers; however, they couldn’t see your bodies for you were deep underwater.

You pulled the older male with you as you got out of the water, you placed your finger on his lips as he was about to speak. The both of you succeeded in escaping, but you still had to keep moving.

Not later did you find a telephone booth, thus Seonho made his call lucky enough that his cash clung to his pockets. You wrapped your arms around your body, shivering at the cool breeze. Seonho saw this and wished for his friends would pick up the phone; however, they didn’t.

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