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Destiel + established relationship + blind!dean

For @prayforjensen. Happy birthday, Lee! I love you!!

Dean’s vision begins fading somewhere around the sixth date. He tells Cas that he should get out now but Cas doesn’t budge. 

He started losing his heart somewhere around the third.

Dean gets glasses. He hates them at first, always laughs and says he looks like a nerd. Cas adores them, loves to take them from Dean to clean the lenses before settling them back on his nose. He likes the way they go crooked on Dean’s face when he falls asleep on the couch, loves the sound they make when Dean sets them on the bedside table right before he turns out the light and kisses Cas goodnight.

The prescriptions steadily get stronger, buying them a little more time. In that time, they whisper their first “I love you”s, Cas moves in, and they travel. Cas takes Dean anywhere and everywhere, from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific. They stop at the Grand Canyon, drive down to Mexico for a day. 

When it seems that Dean’s vision will last the fall, they decide to go to Texas for Austin City Limits. They take a few days before Thanksgiving to drive up the east coast and visit some orchards, see a few lighthouses. They spend a night in Martha’s Vineyard and Dean complains about feeling like some uppity Hartford housewife but he holds Cas close that night as they sit on the beach and watch the stars. 

It’s when they’re in Kansas for the holidays that Dean wakes up, puts on his glasses, and sees so difference. He shakes Cas away, starting to panic.

“Everything is still blurry, C-Cas. Why-why- it shouldn’t” His breathing becomes ragged and there are tears streaking down his face and Cas cups his chin, heart breaking in his chest as he tries to calm Dean down. 

“It’s okay, baby. It’s going to be okay. Just breathe.”

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The Marauders
  • Remus: The tingle in your fingers when you hold a hot mug, feeling warm sunlight on your eyelids when you close your eyes, the vanilla-like smell of old books, soft musky cologne, cuddling with a dog and burying your face in their fur, bruises that you don't remember getting, the bite of cold wind on your cheeks, snuggling up in a blanket on a cold day, looking after your friends, wearing woolly jumpers that are too big for you, falling asleep studying, being quiet so you can observe rather than ignore, surprising people when you speak up, being fiercely loyal to your friends
  • Sirius: Leather jackets on hot days, that one pair of boots that are practically moulded to your feet, bleeding and bruised knuckles, running until your lungs burn, resting bitch face, flirting your way out of anything, quotes about rebelling against authority, graffiti, having a short temper, the chill in your blood when a wolf howls, saying "fight me" a lot for someone who couldn't hurt a fly, Arctic Monkeys songs, using sarcasm as a defence mechanism, the burn in your throat from drinking whisky too fast, trying to find a place where you belong, nails bitten to stubs
  • James: Grass under your bare feet, scuffed knees, freckles, cheeky grins, being loyal to your friends, trying to remember certain events to tell your children, messy hair that will never stay still, losing your glasses, not thinking before acting, falling in love so hard it hurts, the smell of lilies on a summer's day, the sting of the wind on your face, the smell of treacle tart and broomstick polish, chapped lips, a crooked nose from it being broken, having friends that are more like your brothers and sisters
  • Brain: Imagine Raven stealing Yang off her bed to train her personally, so that Yang will become strong enough to save herself in the future.
  • Me: Go on...
  • Brain: Now imagine Raven giving Yang a prosthetic arm with a sword attachment coming out of the wrist and teaching her how to fight with blades.
  • Me: This is getting better.
  • Brain: Now imagine, after spending a lot of time with her beautiful smiling-again daughter, that Raven's heart begins to become less cold and hard. Perhaps after Yang passes out from too much fighting, Raven carries her to bed. Yang whispers while asleep, "Don't go..." and Raven hesitates to leave. "Don't go... Blake..." Then Raven leaves.
  • Me: Hang on, this is starting to get emotional.
  • Brain: Now Raven is starting to smile, when Yang isn't looking. And her insults during training become less biting and maybe slightly encouraging. Raven can see Yang improving steadily, becoming more powerful than she has ever been. She's even coming close to actually landing a hit on Raven! Raven would never say it aloud, but she's secretly proud of her daughter.
  • Me: We've been down this road before, you're gonna make me cry at the end of this.
  • Brain: Now, finally, it happens. Blake arrives to save Yang from the clutches of the dangerous rouge Huntress. And the most flabbergasting thing is that Yang immediately forgives Blake! Raven can't figure it out! She tries to kill Blake, but Yang defends her! HER! THE WOMAN WHO LEFT YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED HER MOST! HOW CAN YOU FORGIVE SOMEONE WHO ABANDONED YOU!
  • And Yang just says, "But you abandoned me too."
  • Raven can't say a word. She just watches as Blake leaves with her daughter. And once more, Raven is left all alone. Somehow though, the loneliness seems to hurt a little bit more than usual.
  • Me: (sniffling) You're an asshole, Brain.

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Loud bottom!steve with no shame. Someone complains to Steve the next morning? Too bad. That's what they get for walking too close to his room. They complain to Bucky? He think's they should be grateful for such a wonderful warning system so they don't walk in on them. Steve sees no point in hiding something he's not ashamed of. Bucky will egg him on. Nothing like screams of pleasure to make his day better.

Oh man, oh man. Yes. I love this. 

Just Steve clutching Bucky’s arms, as he’s fucked into their mattress, wailing with how good he feels. 

And Bucky being above him, growling, “louder, sweetheart. Louder, c’mon baby, let them all hear you.”

The next morning, Steve has love bites on his neck and Bucky’s a little possessive over him and if anyone tries to bother Steve about it, they get full on glaring Bucky Barnes. 

What I know about you
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> (And things that your sign reminds me of. In no particular order)<p/><b>Aries:</b> You've got a fire in your veins that burns out all the sadness. Your anger is straightforward and easily brought out; you tell it like it is, but sometimes you regret the wording of your honesty. Quiet strength, strong will. blue skies with few clouds.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You'd like to believe that laughter will heal everything. You have a lot of simple pleasures, and you don't mind hard work. Still, there's an odd kind of sadness in you that you can't shake. High pain tolerance, holding everything in. Green leaves at the beginning of summer.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You're some kind of quiet there, wanting to share all of your compassion with the world, but too afraid that it will be stepped on. When you're mad, you're fierce. The silence between someone's confession and another's response.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You put people through a lot, because you want to connect but you also want your way. Because after all, your way is the best way, isn't it? You love deeply and are afraid of letting people down. In the end, this is often what hurts you the most. People are drawn to your thoughts. Sunlight filtered through trees and/or windows.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You like to have a good time, and/but you care more than you would like to admit. About everything. When something hurts you, it really hurts. You're pretty good at shrugging things and people off when you need to, though. Royal blue, starry nights.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You carry a heavy burden, but like Sagittarius, you like to have a good time. Nothing gets your mind off of things the way socializing does. Throwing parties and birthday streamers.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You've got A LOT of feelings in there, and I'm willing to bet you're a crier. You consider the people close to you very important, and they can easily hurt your feelings. You're more likely to mutter about it to someone else than to straight up tell them, though. Puddles in the summer.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> You try to be very grounded, and you'd like to think that you're all about working hard for what you get. You're self-reliant and want other people to be self-reliant and responsible, too. Dirt and bulls, tbh.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> You care about other people, but you have a hard time not making everything all about yourself. Talking about yourself, especially. You don't really know what you want, but you want it now, at any price. You're a fireball, for sure. Fire balls and stinging sensations (like bug bites, or of course, scorpion stings)<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You care about those close to you so deeply that sometimes you drown in it, and it makes you seem distant. Talking things out can relieve some of that pressure, but you're not really the type to instigate conversation, or instigate any type of closeness, really. You find child-like wonder in things, and thoughts fill you to the brim if only someone would ask about them. Clear water running over pebbles.<p/><b> Pisces:</b> You, too, have a lot of emotions. You really don't mean to be such a handful; you just want to be spoiled, and given what you want. You love attention, even if you say that you don't. Your anger is a very bitter, painful thing and you're probably prone to tantrums and feelings of boredom. You cure this by seeking out others to stroke your ego, or by unleashing your creativity. Depths and silver webbing.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You're such a loyal person, and you care so much about people. The problem is, you can't often expect the same devotion from others. You try to pretend this doesn't bother you, and that you're a cool cat. You probably lie under perceived pressure, even though there isn't actually any being exerted on you. Big cats and lazy days.<p/></p><p/></p>

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I'll make this vague so you don't have a heart attack. Reaction to their partner randomly just pulling their pants down and giving them a bj while they are in the library studying. (Makoto, Rei, Rin, Sousuke, Seijuro, Momo)

(oahsdiohofisahpfdsan brb wipin off my nasal blood)

*sharp inhale*

Makoto: He wouldn’t like the look in his partner’s eyes, and would gently try to push away their head while quietly freaking out and blushing all the way up to his ears. “_-____! What’re you doing in a place like this? S-Stop, we can’t do it here- ahhh-!" 

Rei: "W-Wait, wait, wait, please wait just one minute, _____-san! Why are you trying to tempt me here?!” He’d be so embarrassed he might faint, and he’d probably scramble to get them off him until they corner him into the back of the bookshelves. 

Rin: The second he feels their hands touching his belt, he’d flare up and jolt straight up in his chair, blood rushing to his cheeks. “_-_____, what the hell are you thinking? Not now! H-Hey, are you listening to me, I said we can’t-” He’d have to slap a hand over his mouth to try to stifle a moan, knowing it was too late to stop them but still trying to push them off with a hand and praying it would end soon before his heart pounded so hard it burst.

Sousuke: He’d sense that something was off with his partner before they even got to undoing his pants, so he’d abruptly stand up and drag them to a bathroom stall and let them do whatever they wanted then; the least he could do was offer his partner some sort of release. “Make sure no one hears you." 

Seijuurou: He’d blink in shock, not even knowing how to react. "Oi, _____, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden…? Hey-” He’d be so shocked he wouldn’t even be able to react in time, but honestly he’d be pretty excited about it too once they got going. Doing something like that in public was enough to get his blood boiling and the thrill he got from it was indescribable. 

Momotarou: He wouldn’t even know what was going on until they started unzipping his pants, and by that point he’d be scrambling around, almost screaming and getting them kicked out of the library. But like Rei he’d just end up getting cornered, and the poor boy would have a horribly hard time not being too loud and need to bite his own hand or clothing in an attempt not to cry out his partner’s name. “_-_____, I-I can’t-" 

Your Older Brother Walks In On Sexy Time - Mikey Clifford Imagine SMUT

‘Michael, are you sure we should be doing this right now?’ you said, your eyes wide. He began to take off your shirt and sucked at your neck.

'I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life. I just want you so fucking bad’ he said, between kisses. You closed your eyes as he sucked at your sweet spot.

'Ugh me too’ you said. 'But I’m anxious’ you said, pulling him away from you.

'Why? You said your parents went out’ he said.

'They did. But my older brother didnt’.

'Your older brother that hates my guts?’. You nodded.

'I dont understand why he doesnt like me’ Michael said.

'Dont take it personally. He’s never liked any of my ex’s either’ you said. He nodded.

'Y/N, you dont understand how much I want you’ Michael said. 'Nothing can stop me. I need to take you now’. You gave in and undid his shirt. He took of your shirt that was already open. Both of you were now naked and he picked you up and literally threw you on the bed. He climbed on top of you and attacked your neck once more, his lips leading up to yours. You could feel yourself getting wetter as he slipped inside you. You both moaned as he moved in and out.

'Ugh Mikey, go faster’ you said. He obeyed your command and moved faster and faster.

'Oh god, Y/N. Are you as close as I am?’ he said, biting his lip. You nodded, not being able to speak from your heavy breathing. The door suddenly swung open as you both reached climax.

'WHAT THE FUCK!’ your brother shouted. Michael quickly pulled out of you.

'Don’t stop!’ you said, frustrated. You pulled the cover over yourself when you noticed your brother. Michael jumped under the covers too.

'You know, Michael, I didnt see you come in. And I dont think youll be leaving stable’ he said, walking up to him.

'So if you want to keep your dick, you better get your fucking clothes on and leave this house. And Y/N, I’m telling mum and dad’.

'No Y/B/N! Please don’t! Dad will kill Michael’.

'Why me?’ he said. 'Why cant he kill you’ he joked. You playfully slapped him.

'Look, just get out’ your brother shouted.

'Y/B/N! Stop! Michael is my guest not yours. You cant tell him to get out’ you shouted. Y/B/N slapped you right across the face.

'Shut up. Your just a woman. You cant tell me what I can and cant do’ he sneered. Michael picked his boxers up from the floor and pulled them on.

'Never talk to Y/N like that ever again. And if you slap her once more, I will hurt you’ Mikey said, intimidating him. Your brother slapped you again.

'Y/B/N! Please’ you sobbed. Michael punched him right in the face.

'I told you not to slap her again’ he said, pushing him roughly.

'So just leave us alone, before something bad happens’ Mikey said. Y/B/N laughed.

'You dont fucking scare me! Look at you! You dont have any of slightest bit of dignity in my eyes. Standing in front of me half naked and tryna act all tough! You got nothing on me Mikey boy’

'Oh yeah?’ he said, picking him up and thrrowing him out your bedroom door. 'This relationship is none of your buisiness and I just want to make love to my girlfriend without your fucking consent so dont get involved you piece of shit!’ Michael shouted, your brother lying on the ground. He slammed the door and jumped back onto the bed next to you.

'He hates me doesnt he?’ he said.

'Yeah’ you said, laughing. 'But to be honest Mikey, your well sexy when your angry’.

'Maybe I should be angry more often’ he said, laughing.

'Now why dont you take off those boxers again and we can pick up from where we left off?’ you said, biting your lip.

'Dont have to ask me twice!’.

Thanks for reading! That was my first imagine for this new blog of mine! Now I dont know about you, but my brother would never be this horrible to me or a boyfriend of mine but I thought it would spice up the imagine a little bit! Hope I havent upset you in any way either! Follow for more!

I just want Damon and Elena circling each other like caged animals, uncertain of how too start, slowly getting close until they feel that it’s ok to bite each other’s neck and they start drinking carefuly until it gets too intense and they drink furiously of each other, growling loud with every sip and next they rip their clothes off and have angry sex against random walls while breaking the furniture

The Little Sister - Requested (Luke)

Hello, this was requested by Anon (can you do a luke one where you’re Calum’s sister and you really like luke but you think he only sees you as a sister?) ENJOY!!!!

‘I still can’t get over Cain fallin off stage’ you laugh a little remembering the look on his face. 'He was defiantly getting laid after that’ Robbie tells you. You nod agreeing 'Your just jealous, he was getting laid before that’ you tease. He smirks a little 'Why would I be jealous? I got to take you home’ he bites his lip. 

'Yep, literally just taking me home’ you laugh a little. But as the laughter does down his lips crash into yours his hand holding the back of your neck, you kiss him back, knowing this was gonna happen from the moment you saw him tonight. The tension between you two has been building up for weeks. You feel his over hand moving higher in your leg. 

You don’t even get chance you register what is happening before your pulled out of the car, 'Keep the fuck away’ Luke growls before slamming the car door, he grabs your for arm but you pull away seeing Robbie driving off you storm off for the house. You slam the door before standing in the first step; you hear the door open right behind you and turn to see Luke had followed you. 

'What the hell was that?’ You shout annoyed with what just happened. 'Me? What were you thinking? Who even is that guy?’ Luke shouts at you. 

'What does it matter?’ You call jogging to your room. You slam the door; you swing the wardrobe doors open and start to pull off your jacket. There is a soft knock and you roll your eyes. 'What?’ You snap, 'Can I come in?’ Luke asks already stepping into your room. 'Looks Luke you already are’ you mutter. He is silent for a second sitting in the edge of your bed. 'You mad?’ He asks, you just give him a blank look. 'You’ve never been mad with me before’ he states. 'Yeah well you’ve never pissed me off before’ you snap. 

'I’m not gonna apologise for looking out for you’ he tells you, you ignore him. Pulling your shirt off and throwing it to the side as you slide into one of Calum’s shorts that you sleep in. 

'He was just gonna use you. A quickie in the car is that all you think your worth. Because that’s what was going to happen. He would have driven in a little further, parked up away from the houses and that’s it. You know your worth more, we both know you do’ he tells you, this only annoys you further. Probably because you know he is right. 

'How do you know I didn’t want that?’ you hit back, he scoffs a little. 'Because you’re not like that. Don’t fucking talk about yourself like that’. 

'Why do you care? What I do has nothing to do with you’ you shout. 

'Of course it does, you’re my friend…you’re practically my sister…’

'YOU’RE NOT MY FUCKING BROTHER’ you scream, shocking yourself a little. You can’t take your eyes off Luke, biting his lip, his eyes filling with water, sending a shock of confusion and guilt through you. 'Just leave’ you tell him softly. 

'Why wo…’

'Get out Luke’ you snap, just as your bedroom door opens a little Calum stepping in. 'Come on man’ he tells Luke. Luke glances from Calum too you before he turns and leaves, the door closing but not fully behind Calum. 

'Luke!…Mate come back’ you hear Calum calling before the front door slams. You sigh flopping down into your bed. Calum comes back in a couple minutes later. 'What was that?’ He asks a smirk playing his lips. 'Don’t fucking laugh Calum’ you snap, he bites his lip as he climbs on the bed next to you. You wrap his arm around your shoulders pulling you into his side. You cuddle into him. 

'So?’ He asks after a moment 'he’s a dick’ you mutter closing your eyes not wanting to talk about it. 'Sure littlen you keep telling yourself that’ he chuckles you sit up. 'I’m not a fucking kid Calum, Jesus you and the boys are always treating me like some toddler that needs looking after. It’s so frustrating.’ You argue, standing up and heading for your door. 'Where are you going now?’ He calls. 'To talk to Mali’

'She’s not here’ he sings 'then I will call her’ you shout jogging down the stairs. 'She’s with Rebecca why don’t you just talk to me’ he shouts but you don’t reply heading to the kitchen and grabbing yourself a can of 7up from the fridge you head for living room. Plopping yourself into the sofa, you don’t bother with the TV instead closing your eyes and resting your head in the back if the sofa. 

You start to relax until you hear Calum coming down the stairs a couple seconds later he sits next to you. You can feel his eyes on you, forcing you to glance at him, you raise an eyebrow. 'Since when can’t you talk to me?’ He asks. 'You wouldn’t get it’ you mutter, closing your eyes again. 

'Sure, I wouldn’t get that you have a thing for your brothers best friend but are worried he only sees you as a sister’ he tells you, you nod, keeping your eyes closed until you realise what he said. 

'How the fuck did you know? Did Mali tell you?’ You half shout, sitting up. 'No’ he defends looking at you with huge eyes. 'Wait Mali knew and I didn’t?’ He asks making you roll your eyes. 'You knew, plus she’s Mali’ you explain as though it gives a good reason but it earns you a blank look. 'I’m your big brother too, you could have told me’ he argues. 

'No I couldn’t Calum, it’s weird he’s your best friend’ you sigh. 'And, you’re my sister first. I’m good at secrets, I have known about Ashton liking Mali for wyes and not told a sole’ he defends himself. 'That’s why I didn’t tell you’ to wave your hand towards him, a confused look pulling his eyes. 

'You just blurted Ashton’s secret out without even realising’ you half laugh, he rolls his eyes. 'Shut up’. 


'CALUM I NEED YOUR HELP’ you shout through the house as you jump the last few steps and turn for the kitchen, you freeze in the doorway seeing Luke and Calum both looking at you. 'Luke’ you nod a little greeting him, he smiles 'Hey’. 

'What do you need help with?’ Calum asks, you drag your eyes away from Luke and glance at the papers in your hand. You look back up shaking your head. 'Nothing’ you glance at Luke 'We can talk later’ you tell Calum before spinning back around.  You spend the day in your room until a few hours later when you leave to pee. You jump back when you open the bathroom door to see Ashton on the landing. 

'Fuck, why you creeping around?’ He gasps making him laugh 'I wasn’t creeping. I didn’t know you were in, why didn’t you come say hi?’ He asks faking hurt, which makes you laugh. 'I didn’t realise you were here’ you tell him. He nod slowly 'I have to pee’ he laugh after a second of you both just looking at each other, you nod moving away from the door and letting him in. You head back to your room but as you open your door Ashton speaks. 

'You better be downstairs by the time I’m out’ he warns you. 'I think I’m going chill up here, I’m half way through a film’ you tell him but he frowns. 'Fuck that, get your ass downstairs, I want a hug’ he laughs before closing the bathroom door. You roll your eyes heading in your room and switching off you TV and heading downstairs knowing Ashton won’t drop it. 

'HEY!’ Michael shouts seeing you, you smile waving 'When did you get in?’ He asks, you shake your head grabbing a can from the table before sitting next to him 'I’ve not been out’ you inform him. 'Then why haven’t I had a hug yet?’ He gasps making you laugh as he throws his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side. You hug him a little before pulling back. 

'We just ordered pizza’ Calum informs you 'Sweet’ you smile glancing at Luke and you feel guilty for how awkward he looks. 

About twenty minutes later there is a knock signalling the delivery guy was here, Ashton stands to go and get it and you stand to get some ketchup from the kitchen. Luke walks in as you turn to leave the kitchen with the ketchup. 'I already have it’ you tell him knowing that’s what he was getting he smiles a little nodding and turning back around. 'Luke’ you sigh, he turns back to you, his blue eyes meeting your and melting you like thy have for years. 

'I’m sorry about the other day’ you apologise, he shakes his head 'Me too, do you still hate me?’ He asks sweetly. 'I never hated you asshat’ you laugh hugging home his arms wrapping around your back and his head resting on top of yours. 'Asshat?’ He questions as you let go heading towards the flowing smell of pizza. 


You head to Calum and Luke once you have finished your set; you smile as Cal gives you a hug. 'You were great’ he tells you, you nod ‘Thanks did Ash leave?’ You frown a little looking around but not seeing him 'Yeah, Lauren called him’ Luke explain and you nod. 'Are you ready to go or you staying?’ Calum asks. 

'Actually Robbie asked me to…’ You look over your shoulder to where you last saw Robbie, only to see him kissing another girl who’s sitting in his lap. You spin back to the boys. 'I’m coming home with you’ you laugh a little, Calum and Luke or start over at Robbie making you roll your eyes. 'Guys!’ You sing, catching Calum’s attention. 'Are we going?’ You ask, he glances up at Robbie before nodding. 

'Don’t you need your guitar?’ Calum asks, you nod feeling dumb for forgetting it. 'Two seconds’ you tell him before rushing off to the back of the pub for your stuff. 


'Just do it’ I huff, Luke frowns at me but only for a second, then he is staring at that Robbie guy again. 'Do what?’ He asks. 'Tell her you like her’ I shrug, he spins to stare at me, his eyes wide. 'What? Who? I don’t…I don’t know what you talking about! I don’t like anyone’ he rushed looking panicked and I don’t best to bite down my laugh. 

'Come in Luke, we spend 99% of our time together, how long did you think you could hide the facts you like my sister from me?’ I question him, his lips move and I know he has no reply. 'Seriously just ducking tell her already' 




'Ready?’ I ask the boys, Calum smiles. 'Yeah, I’m gonna Erm…meet some friends so you go back with Luke, he’s staying ours anyways’ Calum explain and you nod following. 

'You are? I am?’ Luke looks confused or shocked as he looks to Calum, 'yeah you are’ Calum tells him, you give them a second as they stare at each other before breaking the silence 'Okayyyyy’ you drag before patting Luke’s chest. 'Let’s go’ you tell him. You walk out to the car in silence Luke looking deep in thought. He climbs in and you open the door in your side, freezing when you hear your name being called. 

'I thought we were going out?’ You see Robbie jogging over to you, you roll your eyes. 'Yeah so did I’ you mutter before moving a little closer. 'Look Robbie I’m good with this being casual but don’t make me look like an idiot’ you tell him, he doesn’t reply for a second, you notice he looks over your shoulder, glancing at Luke. 'You do a good enough job of that yourself, Calum’s your brother, what’s this loser always around for?’ Robbie spits. 

'Don’t talk about him like that’ you become defensive causing him to scoff. 'Wow, okay, are you fucking him too? You get around love’ you’re about to defend yourself when you feel an arm pull you back a little, Luke putting his body in front of yours. 

'I think it’s time for you to go’ Luke’s voice is harsh, in the years you have known him you have never seen him like this. 'No worries loser, the sluts all yours’ Robbie laughs a little as he steps back about to walk away Until Luke’s fist comes into harsh contact with his jaw, you gasp, grabbing Luke’s arm. 'Luke what the fuck’ you hiss, shocked by his actions, the wide look in his eyes showing you he is just as shocked. You glance to Robbie seeing his bent over holding his face, he doesn’t move other than sway for a couple of seconds and you look too Luke. Nodding your head to the car you both climb in silence as Luke pulls away Robbie stands straight and watches you drive off. 

'Thanks’ you sigh ten minutes later, although it was unnecessary he had done it in your honour. 'It’s fine, that’s guy is scum, I don’t know why you were wasting your time’ he tells you, causing you to roll your eyes. 'Let’s not do this again’ you mutter, glancing over you see a smirk tugging his lips as he knows he was right all along. 

You’re sitting under your duvet half an hour later, you only came up to change but ended up climbing into your bed, 'What are you doing?’ Luke calls from downstairs. 'Come up’ you shout back, you hear his feet trampling up the stairs before your door opens and stands in the door way glaring at you. You lift the covers next to you and nod for him to join you. He closes the door shaking his head 'Get the control’ you tell him before he sits down he huffs standing back up and climbing in the bed, he starts flicking through channels and you shuffle down the bed resting your head in his chest. 

'Thanks again’ you tell him, 'you don’t have to keep thanking me, it’s my job’ he tells you, you internally scream but smile instead. 'Yep, as my brother’ you sigh a little hopping he didn’t notice. 

'Not as your brother’ he tells you, 'Come on Luke you know I was just pissed the other day, I love you’ you move your head to look at him he smiles softly but it doesn’t reach his eyes. 'No it’s not that, look I probably shouldn’t do this, I mean it’s just…’ While he starts to ramble you sit up and turn to face him. 

'I hate calling you my sister; I hate thinking of you as my sister, it’s pretty sick to think of you as my sister. Okay….I wasn’t gonna tell you, ever, but Calum figured it out and he told me to man up, I just don’t want you to freak out I mean it’s weird I just….’

'Luke I like you, more than a brother, more than a friend, I like you’ you rush out, interrupting him, he stares straight at me. 'Oh shit, I don’t know why I said that’s, I thought you were…of course you weren’t’ you ramble getting out of the bed and moving towards the door, your heart racing as you feel the heart filling your cheeks. 

He grabs your arm pulling you back to the bed where he is kneeling on the edge not giving himself the time to stand, he pulls you to him, his lips crashing into yours, your mind is racing as you feel his lips move against yours, your to shocked to move, you have been waiting for this for years, this is what you wanted. 

'Kiss me’ Luke whispers before pressing his lips slowly back to yours. 

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