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TaeTae what's your favorite part of your own performance also love you tae <3

Tae: Can I be my favourite part of my own performance..?

Tae: Jokes aside.. my favourite part is seeing their horrified faces gaze upon me, as I am in control.. Just a little closer and-

I kind of want like the double sided klance aka when they’re around others, their instinct is to fight to the death but when they’re alone, like if they’re paired up for a mission or if they’re the first ones to dinner or something they act completely different?? Like they don’t really talk in each other’s presence but if they do Keith manages to smile a little bit and Lance tells a considerably smaller amount of puns around Keith and he’s really polite and tbh they act like kind strangers that just met ?

Where was this going? I don’t know but I figure after a while, they start to realize the differences and how comfortable they are around each other and then maybe they get TOO cozy on accident like playing a weird game of footsie or like Keith kinda sitting too close to Lance or Lance awkwardly puts his hand over Keith’s and either someone walks in on them or they scare themselves and flee? And then they have a hard time adjusting again because of what happens but for some stupid reason none of them want to address it because labels are anxiety-inducing and the wordless company felt nice??

There is no conclusion lol just focus on Keith leaning into Lance because he likes being as close to him as humanly possible within their weird social boundaries


A World They Could Only Dream Of

The bittersweet reminder of how others before us could only long for these days to come.


For those of you wondering, this was the friend I made on my walk the other day.

He flew past my head and landed on a tree on front of me. I whistled at him, he came to sit on my shoulder and proceeded to nest in my hair. I couldn’t get him out of my hair (more like he refused to come out if it) so I was forced to take him back to res on my shoulder. About a 30 minute walk from where I found him.

He then proceeded to bite anyone else that touched him and once we got him wrapped safely in a tea-towel, he chirped loudly when I left the room.

We made him a nice box-bed and gave him some cut up apple and some water. The wildlife centre came to pick him up about 9:30pm that same night. (I only had him for about 4 hours)

His name is Pidge and he likes the Peter Rabbit song and kisses.

TL;DR: The bird nested in my hair and was very attached to me. Only in Australia.

Imagine secretagent!Woozi being hired to protect you but he somehow ends up slowly falling in love with you.