don't get me wrong i love kingdom hearts

something almost counterproductive about the original GBA chain of memories is that it’s more… expressive? than the remake?

like… the 3D graphics of the remake lock a lot of the characters expressions into place when it isn’t a cutscene - and a lot of dialogue happens outside of cutscenes. in the GBA version everyone had sprites to consistently show various emotions

also, voice acting… really isn’t kingdom hearts’ strong suit. A lot of times in the remake, the voice acting could get a little wonky or overdramatic and it takes you out of the game. With the original, because you read everything, that isn’t much of an issue. you project your own tone into everything you’re reading, do nothing really sounds wonky besides the script sometimes.

so like. the expressions and emotions in the GBA version are a lot more consistent and impactful than in the remake - mostly because there aren’t any jarring shifts between in game graphics and cutscenes and the voice acting isn’t there to drag it down.

anyone’s free to add their own opinions on the original vs. the remake!

Introducing someone new to the Kingdom Hearts Series:

Me: Don’t worry friend, it’s a great series!

There’s action, adventure, great story telling~

Disney Characters:

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Final Fantasy characters:

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These really cute critters:

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Amazing music~

And characters you’ll get to know and love to Death…like the cute critters but also:

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And sure the story gets confusing from time to time…as does the plot…but it’s a JRPG, what did you expect?

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