don't get me started with his voice

Klance sing
  • So everyone knows that Lance can sing and everyone enjoys him doing so from time to time. But there is another Paladin that can sing.
  • Lance: Keith, Keith , Keith, Keith.
  • Keith: No Lance I've already told you I won't sing now leave me alone.
  • This argument had been going on for awhile now and the other Paladins were getting sick of it.
  • Shiro: Keith just sing with Lance once, that's all. Then you never have to again.
  • Keith feels betrayed by their leader but does as his told.
  • Keith: Fine, you better pick a good song.
  • Lance grabs his green guitar looking thing.
  • Lance: Don't you worry I've had this planned for a long time.
  • Lance starts playing his guitar.
  • Lance: Do you hear me, I'm talking to you.
  • Lance continues with a smirk whilst Keith face is slightly red.
  • Keith: Boy I hear you in my dreams.
  • Everyone stops what they're doing when they here Keith's angelic voice.
  • Lance and Keith: lucky I'm in love with my best, lucky to have been where I have been.
  • The two continue to sing Lucky together looking deep into each other's eyes.
  • As the song comes to an end both boys are very close to each other almost leaning in.
  • Pidge: Ha gaaaaay
  • The two look away from each other and walk their seperate ways. Though they defiantly sing together more often
Can the Marauders sing?
  • <b> Sirius:</b> can sing and will sing, all the time, everywhere.
  • <b> James:</b> can't sing, but still sings till your ears screech
  • <b> Remus: </b>can sing, but won't sing in front of anyone
  • <b> Peter:</b> can't sing, won't sing
  • <b> Lily:</b> can't sing, but knows all the lyrics and will correct you
diego luna films i've seen rated by his moments in them
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien: He is a main character and in almost every scene. Wow. You see so much, possibly TOO much of Diego, so watch out if you're a minor or just don't like sexual scenes in films. Definite gay vibes with co-star played by childhood best friend Gael García Bernal. There's a wonderful and powerful confrontation scene between the two men around an hour in, Diego's acting is WOAH. And everyone thought he was the ugly one, we were so wrong. AND SO MUCH SPANISH. The phrase 'no mames' is uttered approximately 178 times. 9/10
  • Frida: Salma Hayek plays artist Frida Kahlo in this unique film. Diego plays her young lover Alex in the beginning of the movie; they have sex in a closet at some point, wild. Their relationship is cut short after a tragic bus accident which leaves Frida crippled. He brings her flowers and they break up, and Diego's role is finished. But I just had to keep watching because of how special the cinematography of this film is! The bus accident is so well directed it blew my mind. I don't know enough about Frida Kahlo to know how accurate this film was, but it was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But since this is a list about Diego, low points ought to be given. He really isn't in this movie a lot. Let's see, 2/10.
  • Havana Nights: A true cinematic treasure. Also known as the worst movie you will ever see and you will love every second of it. Bad script, zero plot - but Diego does his best and fucking nails every moment in this film, carries it on his back. Apparently no one told him that he was supposed to act robotic, so everything he does is sweet and natural and he makes it look easy. All the while dancing himself into Castro-era Cuba, which he does SO well that Jonathan Jackson, who is supposed to be his romantic rival, actually seems TURNED ON whenever he sees Diego dance. Nice. Sweaty group-dance sequences, cutish one-liners. Actually makes out with dance partner Romola Garai in front of her PARENTS, after a very erotic dance routine, like how savage. 10/10
  • The Terminal: Diego plays airport employee who befriends Tom Hanks, and probably charms the pants off him, because he is wonderful in this secondary role. During the 2 hours of this film, all he wears is a jumpsuit/uniform and makes it look like a fashion statement. Has quite a lot of one-on-one scenes with The Tom Hanks himself, and is in love with Zoe Saldana, which is sweet, if not a bit generic chasing the girl type of thing. There's a scene where he absent-mindedly starts speaking Spanish to Tom Hanks who of course doesn't understand him, and Diego's very very cute about it. LO AND BEHOLD: one hour in, he changes into a suit while pouring Catherine Zeta-Jones too much wine. A breathtaking moment. 6/10
  • Mister Lonely: A very strange film about celebrity imitators. Diego plays a Michael Jackson impersonator in the film, his voice and looks imitating the singer and dancer. The movie introduces us to a surreal world of people living the lives of the famous people they dress up as, blurring the line between impersonating and becoming. He's rather in the center in the first and last bit of the movie, but the focus shifts in the middle with the story of "Marilyn" and "Charlie Chaplin". This film is a true risk-taker, which means it's not for the masses. Very thought-provoking though! 7/10
  • Milk: Diego plays Sean Penn's gay lover, and he's only in this movie for a short period of time. Kind of mentally unstable in this role, he tells Sean Penn he loves him without actually knowing what his name is. The movie deals with gay rights and is set in the 1970s, resulting in everyone having funny hair. This is an important LGBT film, but I hate Sean Penn, so there you have it. He is admittedly a skilled actor though. However, the lack of Diego in the majority of this film has to mean low points. 3/10
  • Rudo y Cursi: Another Diego-Gael movie. This time, it's about football. This is an excellent and very sad film set in Mexico that discusses the world of professional football playing. Diego is very different both in looks and in character from how he is in his other films - it's like he's a different person! That says a lot about his acting skills really. This film is also in Spanish, Diego shouts a lot (and very well too) and calls everyone 'chinga' and 'güey'. 8/10
  • The Book of Life: What a film! This animated feature has Diego portray main character Manolo Sanchez and makes you swoon basically. Since he's present in voice-acting only, you don't get to see his pretty face, BUT his voice is gorgeous both in speaking and in singing. A lot of songs are sung by Diego in this movie, and it's so so good. The Apology Song made me cry. Fun fact: Zoe Saldana is once again a love interest to Diego in this film, and their duet No Matter Where You Are is short but earth-shattering. 9/10
  • Casanova: Yep, Diego plays Giacomo Casanova in this TV movie, so you get the idea. It's about Casanova starting over in Paris, but things do not go well. Diego is very charming and rather authentic as Casanova. He makes out with women and climbs on rooftops in heels. Lots of close-ups to his face, I approve. However, this film confuses me. It's set in France, yet people speak with a British accent, except for Diego of course, who speaks with a Mexican accent BOTH in English and in Italian. The latter bothered me a bit, seeing as he is supposed to be a native Italian. All that aside, his performance is overall lovely. This film also has nice cinematography and a pretty solid script. Lots and lots of Diego seducing not-so-innocent maidens. 10/10
  • Rogue One: The greatest movie you will ever see. Diego has the role he deserves as he steals all our hearts as Captain Cassian Andor. You guys know the scene he gets all wet in the rain and then loads his gun on the ship? Sign me up. Warning: you WILL cry. 100/10
The Little Sister (A Zach Herron Imagine) Pt. One


Why Don’t We Imagine

*As Requested by @daisy-hearts*

(so sorry that this took literally a million years to finish!)

Word Count: 3519

Have a lovely day!

Description: In which Logan Paul’s baby sister tags alone on his summer adventures with the WDW boys, falling for the youngest member in the process

Part One

      I took a deep breath, smiling as I took my first steps outside the LAX airport, the warm summer air hitting my face as I couldn’t help but break into a grin. Since I’d just turned 16, Mom finally agreed to let me spend the summer with my big brother, Logan, at his place in L.A. I’d been begging and nagging her for a couple years now, ever since Jake and him left Ohio to pursue acting, and finally that long-awaited day had come.

I scanned the crowd of people rushing from place to place, looking for that one familiar face. After a few minutes of searching, my eyes landed on the tall, muscular young man with blonde hair, and an American flag t-shirt draped across his chest. I broke into a smile, laughing as I sprinted towards him, his arms outstretched.

“Logan!” I screeched, giggling as he wrapped his arms around my waist, spinning me around in circles as I dropped my suitcase in the process.

“YO IT’S MY BABY SISTER!” He laughed, finally setting me down as I fixed my now windswept hair, giving him a playful shove.

“It’s been forever!” He grinned, stooping down to gather my things as I nodded, adjusting the straps on my Maverick backpack (he would’ve killed me if I hadn’t been wearing it).

“It’s been 2 years, but that’s basically forever.” I retorted as he smiled, walking my things over towards the Uber parked along the street right outside the entrance.

“Yeah, well, Mom always said you were the smart one.” He quipped. I laughed, shaking my head.

“What does that make you?” He smirked, opening the passengers door for me before sliding in himself.

“The talented one.” I rolled my eyes playfully, shaking my head.

“And Jake?” Logan laughed, buckling his seatbelt and giving directions to the Uber before turning towards me.

“The other one.” I laughed, shoving him slightly for his chiding comment. Logan smiled, only shrugging.

“Soooo, it’s your first official trip to L.A.! What'dya wanna do!?” He asked.

“Hey, technically I’ve been to L.A. before!” I defended. Logan shook his head, pulling a bottle of water out from his bag and handing it to me.

“The airport doesn’t count.” I pouted slightly as he rolled his eyes.

“What’s this for?” I gestured towards the water bottle now in my hands.

“This isn’t Ohio, kiddo- it gets hot as hell here sometimes. Need to stay hydrated.” He commented, pulling an even larger bottle out for himself. I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

“Stop being such a dad.”

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I really hope I’ll survive watching Shoukoku no Altair.

Hearing Makonyan & Ayumu’s serious voices…. if I wasn’t already sitting while watching I’d be melting on the floor for sure *___* I LOVE WHEN THEY USE THEIR SERIOUS VOICES HNG.

Also I like the plot so far. Like I’ve mentioned before - major Arslan vibes, I like it. 

anonymous asked:

hey! i'm kinda new to btob, and i'm still trying to get to know them. do u think u could give me a quick one sentence description of their personalities? i havent really been able to grasp them ^^; it's okay if u don't want to! u just seem like u know them pretty well :)

This is super cute and I’m gonna try it to the best of my abilities because I love my boys. Although, I don’t think that I can write just a quick sentence about them yikes. (Also they’re a super dorky loud beagle group I don’t think I can give a serious answer omG) 

Seo Eunkwang- (vocals) please don’t get me started he’s my ult bias, the tiniest leader you’ll ever see, his voice actually has the power to bring me to tears, literally one of the nicest voices i’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing?, tragic emo hot topic bird debut hair, super contagious nasty loud laugh, so so sweet, extra as hell

Lee Minhyuk- (rapper) cute hammo hamster boy with a body carved by angels, a super rough rap voice but also super soft singing voice, how does he do it, could punch me in the face, dresses like a dad, extra as hell

Lee Changsub- (vocals) an egg with the voice of a thousand angels, high key the weirdest but only for the laughs, a literal ball of sunshine, seriously he never fails to make me laugh, VISUALS THO, extra as hell

Lim Hyunsik- (vocals) a blinding eye smile that makes you fall in love immediately, so handsome, serves up the biggest boyfriend looks, lover of kermit the frog, composes the bops, lowkey extra as hell

Peniel Shin- (rapper) soft squish boy from chicago usa, kind of quiet until he’s not, needs more lines always and forever, has a dog named pennie and it’s the cutest thing, really loves to take photos, extra as hell

Jung Ilhoon- (rapper) inventor of The™ aegyo gwiyomi game, please don’t bring it up, king of comeback hair, thinks his british accent is Top Quality, a fashion god, looks normal but is probably one of the most extra as hell tbh

Yook Sungjae- (vocals) designated giant lovable maknae, lover of fishing, endearing speaker of english, actor of the century, somehow the most mature out of all of btob but respect? he doesn’t know her (esp. to changsub), still extra as hell

AnywAys I hope this gives you an idea of who btob are, literally just extra as hell and f u l l of passion. They love their melodies (fanbase) so so much and while I’ve only been a part of the community for a few months, they’re honestly one of the sweetest and funniest groups I have ever seen. Also if anyone wants to add anything else that’d be LIT I’m always up for a roast discussion about my boys

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I don't know if this is one you have answered before, but what would you headcanon are any of the bros special skills? Like, we know that Ingis is a great cook, and Noctis is a good fisherman- but skills maybe they don't make particularly public? Like, maybe one of them has a beautiful singing voice, but they don't often sing. Stuff like that. ^^;;

I honestly love doing headcanons like this!! I love getting to dig into their character and find something new so thank you for the request nonnie!! I hope you enjoy <3

I wrote something a little while ago ((I think it was the post about the boys’ and their R&R day of choice)) that made me start to headcanon that Ignis is actually a really good artist.  Not like painting or anything like that, but sketching.  We all know he has that little leather bound notebook of his that he takes notes in for his recipes and so I definitely see him as having another smaller one dedicated to his sketches.  It tends to be random things that catch his eye when he goes out on his days off to recoup, and because these sketches are done for more his benefit than anything else they never really see the light of day.  Nobody knows that he’s a brilliant sketch artist.

Noctis is really good at playing the guitar.  He’d been taught how to play the piano when he was younger as “all young royals should be skilled at an instrument” but many of Noctis’s memories related to playing the piano are filled with frustration for the most part.  It was in high school that he began to teach himself to play the guitar.  It was a slow process as he didn’t have much time to himself to practice, but he was able to become decently skilled after a year or so.  He prefers to finger-pick and when he does it’s quite honestly mesmerizing.  The way his fingers move so dexterously along the strings and the way he seems to simply lose himself in the music.  He tends to play around the campfire when he’s with the guys.  It helps them all loosen up.

Maybe I’m just projecting for this one lol but I think that Gladio is actually a very talented writer.  His fascination with books dates back to his middle school days where his love for reading blossomed.  It wasn’t until probably around high school when he got into writing.  It had been during a time where he didn’t want to be the next Shield anymore – fed up with the constant pressure and idea that his life was second to that of Noctis.  With all the books Gladio had read he had something of a knack for writing.  Nobody, not even Iris, knows about his love to write and thus nobody knows that one of his dreams is to publish a book one day likely under a pen name, chronicling his adventures with Noctis and the rest of the boys. 

Prompto…idk this one was difficult for me but I think that one of Prompto’s quiet talents is that he can pick up new languages very quickly.  A part of Prompto has always had a slight fascination with languages and during the period of time wherein he really didn’t have any friends, he’d turned to learning languages as his coping obsession.  Once he became friends with Noctis and co. he stopped throwing himself into learning new languages so rigorously, but he still kept the interest.  Prompto is up to six languages at this point and is currently in the middle of learning a seventh.  This talent isn’t as unknown as the rest of the boys’ talents as after the first few instances where Prompto randomly started conversing in a foreign language the boys picked up on his affinity for languages pretty easily.  

  • me: louis is so iconic.
  • someone: wait, what? we weren't even talking about --
  • me: i mean, even after being put in a band he still didn't have many opportunities to shine. his mic was turned down/off, he wasn't given hardly any solos on Up All Night OR Take Me Home, which were his bands /first two albums/. let that sink in!!!! and if he let that discourage him, he didn't let it keep him down, which is inspirational enough on it's own. but not only that, he's used every negative experience in his life as a stepping stone to become better and better (especially career-wise).
  • someone: how did you put the parentheses in a spoken conversation?
  • me: people said he couldn't be a solo artist because his voice was "weak" but Just Hold On depicts exactly the opposite; JHO is full of range and really emphasizes the vocal power i've always known he's possessed. you asked about his songwriting?
  • someone: no i didn't but
  • me: don't even get me started on his songwriting. louis is one of those people who writes to tell a story. he takes the listener from Point A to Point B; within three minutes and thirty seconds, he manages to weave songs of high points&low points, good&bad, and most of all, an overarching theme of hope. he sings of love in a way that sounds attainable for anyone, and maybe it is. louis's songwriting sounds like memories being made and summer days and
  • someone: are you crying? again? i'm pretty sure this has happened before
  • me, choking down my tears: no i'm not crying shut up i'm not finished... bc i mean. not only is louis Doing That(TM) in all of these other areas (and slaying, i might add), he's still so lovely and sweet. he's humble and thankful for everything he has and for all the people who have helped get him this far. i mean, i have never seen someone so appreciative of their fans. he doesn't have to support our fan projects but he does because he /cares/. he loves us even though he doesn't know us and what's important is that he knows how to make us feel loved
  • someone: *sigh*
  • me, crying openly: i wonder if he realizes just how much he's adored and how much people admire him. because for the past six years, he's had struggle after struggle thrown at him and he's faced it all with such dignity and grace. even if he's had bad moments and sad moments, he still manages to laugh and make other people laugh and i admire him so much.
  • someone: are you done
  • me: i'm never done talking about louis but for now, yes pls put on up all night and cry with me. we're on 1d discography lockdown lets go
Return - Part 10 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you play backseat driver.

Warnings: none

A/N: they’re called starships for a reason, captain. my favorite part so far

Though the floor of the Franklin was covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt, you sat against it with your back pressed to the wall dividing the transporter pad from the console. You figured your comfort was more important than concerning yourself with the potential for a filthy uniform.

You rested your head on the wall, your eyes sliding shut for a moment before Scotty asked, “You’re not still angry at me, are you, lassie?”

You opened one eye halfway. “About what?”

“Telling Jim about the artifact— snitchin’ on you, as you called it.”

You craned your sore neck, stretching the skin that was painted purple, red, and yellow wherever Krall had gripped onto you. You looked over Scotty’s features, his forehead creased and his nose bunched over a deep frown.

You sighed and shook your head, answering honestly, “I was never mad about that.”

He pointed his nose down towards you. The confusion over his face was clear. “Really?”

“You did the right thing. I respect you for it— you’re a great Starfleet officer.”

“You’re not pullin’ my leg, are you?”

You snorted. “Scotty, I was only ever angry about you telling Bones that I was refusing medical care for a burn. And even that anger lasted five minutes, tops.” You sighed again. “It’s hard to be angry at a fundamentally good person.”

“Aye,” he replied, staring at the console again. “S’why we all forgave you so easily.”

“I’m not a fundamentally good person, Mr. Scott,” you laughed humorlessly, rolling your eyes as you tipped your nose towards the ship’s ceiling. “I stole that artifact, I lied to all of you, I—”

“So you made a few mistakes,” he shrugged. “You accepted your punishment without protest and have done nothing but help us all since you came aboard. S’quite honorable, eh, Chekov?”

Chekov nodded and leaned over the console to catch your eye. “You make the captain happy, too.”

You scoffed, tipping your nose down again so you could narrow your eyes at the bandage wrapped around your wrist. There was a tingling at the tip of your nose, a stinging in your eyes, and a pinching in your throat as you listened to what they told you. You couldn’t bring yourself to accept it.

“I think your captain might disagree.”

“With the way he’s been looking at you, I beg to differ,” Scotty chuckled. “That’s a man in love, lassie, dinnae let anyone make you think differently.”

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song-birb  asked:

haha ☆ I love your sense of humor and writing style, Amalthea (ˆ⌣ˆ) so i was at that part in ikesen!Ieyasu's route where Kenshin call out to the mc in cracked voice and I started to feel so guilty |ω;`) don't get me wrong, i love Ieyasu, but i also feel bad and a need to save Kenshin (๑•﹏•) sorry, i need to get this out my chest and wanting to tell how awesome you are so here i am (ノ´ヮ´)ノ have a good day, dearest ♡

Right!? RIGHT!?

The part where Chatelaine and Ieyasu are running from him? No!

You do not run from Kenshin. 

You stand right there and let Kenshin dive for you with all his might, and then let him carry you off to his bed into the sunset!

And thank you so much, my lovely! You are too kind! So good to have you here with me!

what if

  • They’re in the thick of battle and Widowmaker takes a serious hit, whereby she got slammed into a brick/concrete wall or something. Her helmet prevented her skull from cracking, but the impact was hard enough to concuss. What if this triggers her mind to become Amélie again.
  • And she’s disoriented, dazed, terrified, because where is she? What happened to her body? Why is she stuck in a crossfire? Where’s her husband? Who is that man in black dual-wielding shotguns and protecting her? Shouting at her and calling her widowmaker like that’s supposed to mean something, like she’s supposed to understand.
  • “Shit” Reaper thinks to himself when he catches the fear in her eyes. Shit shit shit shit shit.
  • He says he’s Gabriel Reyes, your husband’s colleague remember?, when they have a moment to breathe. He won’t take off his mask. There are bullet cases all over the ground, lodged into the walls, smoke coming from a torn-apart building. They’re on a battlefield and she can’t breathe, thinking to herself that this isn’t happening, this can’t be happening.
  • Ou est mon mari?” Stuttered, scared, Amélie is shaking.
  • Gabriel shifts on his feet, pensive. He’s not wearing the Overwatch uniform. He won’t take off his mask. She crawls backwards, head aching, body aching, heart aching, back against the wall, trapped in all meanings of the word. 
  • “I’ll take you to him.” Voice gruff, a furtive glance cast over his shoulder, then back at her. It dawns on him that he needs to reassure her, win her over. Talon needs its best sniper and… Reaper holds out his hand.
  • He needs her at his back, for support. 
  • “Stay close to me, yeah.” He swallows reflexively, his mask making the sound like static. “You know Gérard would fuck me up if anything happened to you. Wouldn’t wanna risk my ass, not even over your pretty face” Lies are supposed to come easy to him now, easier than before. 
  • She’s still trembling and they don’t have time for this shit. Fuck Amélie, Reaper curses silently, we have to move now. 
  • Gabriel, what happened to me?” Her voice breaks along his name, her eyes are open-wide and vulnerable. 
  • There’s a pause. He holds onto her hand, gets her up on her feet and steadies her. “Overwatch, but we can catch up later.” Sirens are howling somewhere to their right. They need to move. Now.
  • “Take me to Gérard.” Amélie asks quietly, squeezing his hand.
  • He doesn’t squeeze back, doesn’t reply, but he holds onto her and starts to move.
  • She follows anyway.

or any excuse for those two to hold hands is nice.

Real talk

Okay, imagine the bafamily with accents. 

Like, Bruce is pretty much flawless but even he has broad a's 

And Dick has a little bit more of an accent, but it’s tripped with multiple others because of his days at the circus. Like, he rounds his r’s and and sometimes messes up ch for the k sound and lots of other stuff.

Jason is full blown Gotham New Jersey accent. But even he has a Crime Alley accent, which is somewhat Gaelic sounding.

Tim, precious child, isn’t SUPPOSED to have an accent but due to his childhood romping lays it on THICK. It’s even a little nasally for certain words, because that’s how he heard them. 

Barbara pretends not to have one but she does. She does. It’s there and it’s powerful when she’s angry. 

Stephanie just. Just is unashamedly a Gotham girl. She has a similar sound to Jason’s, but it’s broader and and her intonation goes from flat to shrieky in 2 seconds flat.

Cassandra is pretty accent free, but little bits and pieces sneak in and it’s ADORABLE.

Damian, actually, speaks in a near British accent with Middle Eastern undertones. But he’s starting to sound like his dad, and when he’s not paying attention he follows Bruce’s voice pattern and intonation like the TINY BABY HE IS. 

filthy-rat  asked:

my buddies don't really get why i'm so into junkrat, so maybe you could explain your love of the trash rodent for them. bonus points for gifs and pictures, go :>

Oh boy, where do I even begin with this one? Lol. So this may come as a shock, but when I first got into Overwatch, I actually hated Junkrat. I despised the boy and the mere sight of him disgusted me. I remember when Junkensteins Revenge rolled around this time last year and whenever I saw him in his little intro video I’d always say ‘SHUT UP NOBODY LIKES YOU’ *sigh*

So anyways, once I started playing the game more myself (I was a Dva main at first, shocker I know.) I kinda got bored with hating him so I was just meh about him. My boyfriend (who also hated Junkrat at first but now has almost 30 hours with him and a golden frag launcher) mentioned to me that I would probably be a good junkrat and I got SOOOO OFFENDED. I was like ‘I don’t wanna be Junkrat! Gross, why would you even say that?!’ 😂😂

So fast forward a few months (at this time I was playing overwatch on my boyfriends account cause I was too cheap to make my own) it’s the year of the rooster event. My boyfriend got his friend into Overwatch and they we’re about to play together for the first time and he said he was a Junkrat main. Lol, me and my boyfriend both gave each other disgusted looks and was like JUNKRAT? EW! He said he just loved shooting bombs at people while laughing about it. Later that night, I was watching them play and as expected our friend picked Junkrat. And it was kinda weird because I had never actually gotten to see him so close before, like before junkrat was always just doing his own thing, but this junkrat was saying hello, doing emotes and always following my boyfriend around in game so it was kinda like 'hanging out with junkrat’ if you will…and for some reason I found it ADORABLE. His 'gday mate!’ was the cutest thing I had ever heard in my life (bless you Chris.) As I kept observing the game I found myself focusing less on the game and more on this Junkrat guy. The first thing that stood out to me was how loud he was. The whole game was just nothing but Junkrat laughing and that really started to grow on me. So just in like one game I had already started to warm up on him. It was very fast. I wouldn’t say it out loud but I was like 'ok maybe this guy isn’t so bad’…

My boyfriend played a lot of mystery heroes and whenever he got junkrat he would kill himself so one day I was like 'hey give me your junkrat turn!’ So I would start being his junkrat and like even though I wasn’t good with him at first, I found myself falling in love with this character. He was so fun, so unique. One day as I was playing I realized I didn’t know what any of his emotes were, and was like 'hmm what even is his emote?’ And it was the puppet one and after I saw that emote it was over. The transformation had begun. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN!!! I thought to myself. I couldn’t get over how insanely adorable it was. Every weird, strange little quirk about this character was just amazing to see. After a few more weeks of playing Junkrat on my boyfriends account I started getting good, like really good. I was getting POTG left and right and racked up 20 hours in a matter of days. I realized I had found my main. Then I made my account and I even named it after him (I wanted to call it trashmouse, but that taken I threw in 'lady’ and made it ladytrashmouse so people knew I was a girl lol) 😂Like, it’s so insane how quickly I became so fascinated by this rat. I wanted to know everything about him, and then came the part where I started thinking he was cute. At first I was in total denial and like 'no way I can’t think this trash person is cute…I found myself googling him in my spare time, reading all his wikis and bios, I got all caught up on the comics and lore and found myself unable to get him out of my head. Finally, I realized what happened.

Shit, I’m in love with him.

Where to begin? I sincerely adore him and everything about him. So many people think I love him ironically. I totally get that he’s not 'conventionally attractive’ but that’s what I love about him. I love how tall he is, I love how long his face is. I love his crazy brownish/orange eyes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his hands and his adorable little fingers, even his robot hand and he singed fingertips. His body is just 👌🏻👌🏻 and his smile is so pretty and just UGHHH. I love all his quirky little voice lines and antics. Don’t even get me started on 'The Plan’ oh goodness…I just love him. Call my cringey, creepy whatever I don’t fucken care. I adore Jamison Fawkes and everything about him. (Blah, blah, blah he’s a not real fictional character what the hell is wrong with you, etc, etc…I’ve heard it all) Sorry it’s such a long boring story but I have a lot to say about the characters I’m passionate about, especially that junk boi 💕

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DUDE in the latest eat jin, JIMIN was SO beautiful I actually can't get over it his hair was so soft and he had his legs pulled up in his chair he looked so tiny and perfect and his laugh that makes his eyes get all squinty I actually love him and don't even get me STARTED on jungkook contrasting him sitting with his legs spread out and taking up so much spaced like a total jock WHOM I LOVE they all have such totally different vibes and they're all so lovely I'm so in love help me

Did you know korean armys came up with a new nickname for jimin??? He looked so damn cute and fluffy and soft in that vlive, but because he was wearing this bright orange shirt k-armys just

Isnt this cute ksjfdajdf, its like a tiny orange!!!!!!! And yes i love his laugh, his singing voice is beautiful, his hair looked so fluffy n soft, the way he squint his eyes whenever he starts laughing too much, it all looked so domestic, also the way he had his legs pulled up in his chair made him look so tiny n cute, i love him

And jeongguk was completely the opposite LMFAO, he looked so broad with his legs spread open like that, please, this child. I love them too, you’re in too deep my friend, it’s ok, don’t worry

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Ey, I love your content to bits like seriously, especially your hypnosis stuff. I was wondering (and I totally understand if you don't want to or it'd be too weird) if you could do hcs w/ either TFA or TFP Optimus and a hypnotized s/o? Again, if it's too odd, you totally don't have to do it

nothing is too weird for me. also since u didnt specify, ill just do sfw headcanons (yes sfw hypnosis is a thing ya SINNERS). if u want nsfw feel free to send in another request!

Optimus Prime (Transformers: Prime)

Honestly, at first, the hypnotizing isn’t intentional. He’s just got… such a /soothing/ voice, and you relax so easily when he talks.

When he learns how you react, and how you relax, he gets… kind of interested? He likes the idea of you being able to relax like that, without any problems.

He starts to do it intentionally, and holds you in his hand/against his chest while he does so.

He’ll never admit he thinks you’re pretty adorable when you’re all spaced out and smiling.

[everything about woozi in this video is just too much for me to handle but with that being said, god bless this video and it’s entire existence] 

- Admin Leen

How I imagine the scene of Ferid turning Crowley into a vampire
  • Human!Crowley: *lying on the ground, bleeding, after a vampire had attacked him*
  • Ferid: *shows up and walks towards Human!Crowley* Oh my, Crowley-kun! You look terrible...
  • Human!Crowley: You... You were watching me fight that vampire all along, weren't you?
  • Ferid: *getting closer to Human!Crowley* Maybe~ But getting to see me now relieves your pain a little, doesn't it?
  • Human!Crowley: HOW COULD YOU-? *abruptly tries to get up* YOU BAST-! *falls back on the ground, panting*
  • Ferid: Well, if you don't want me near you then I'll just leave and let you die alone. So sad... *turning his head to the side, ready to leave*
  • Human!Crowley: *grabs Ferid by the ankle* DON'T YOU DARE- *coughing blood*
  • Ferid: *looking back at Human!Crowley*... So, are you clinging to life that desperately?
  • Human!Crowley: ... I... I must avenge my comrades. My friends. My brothers... *his voice starting to crack* I... I can't die here... *grabs Ferid's ankle tighter*
  • Ferid: Awww, so noble! As expected from Crowley-kun. It would be a real pity for me to see you die...
  • Human!Crowley: Just... *releasing Ferid's ankle* don't... *his vision starts to get blurry*
  • Ferid: Mmm... Alright! *smirks and straddles Human!Crowley*
  • Human!Crowley: *eyes wide open* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
  • Ferid: I am saving your life, of course!
  • Human!Crowley: ... How-? *feeling Ferid's weight over him, panting* Ah...
  • Ferid: Don't worry, you will be fine! At situations like these, only a true love's kiss can save you~ *laughs*
  • Human!Crowley: ARE YOU SE-?! *coughing*
  • Ferid: Of course I am! *keeps laughing*
  • Human!Crowley: *facepalms internally*
  • Ferid: You do want to keep living, right?
  • Human!Crowley: ...
  • Ferid: You see, I can make your wounds heal in no time. In fact, I can grant you eternal life! In order to accomplish that, I shall feed you my blood... Mouth-to-mouth. *laughs*
  • Human!Crowley: *sighs deeply* Unbelievable...
  • Ferid: Trust me, that is the only way I can save you!
  • Human!Crowley: *panting*... I feel that... I'm talking to the Devil himself right now...
  • Ferid: But I am much more beautiful, right? *smug face*
  • Human!Crowley: ... I am already dead... and I ended up in Hell. That must be it...
  • Ferid: Don't be silly, Crowley-kun! Now, you better accept my offer before you die~
  • Human!Crowley: *looking at Ferid right in the eyes*
  • Ferid: You don't have much time left and you know it. I can see it in your eyes... *leaning closer to Human!Crowley, pinning him to the ground with both arms*
  • Human!Crowley: ... You... you saw this moment coming... right? *panting*
  • Ferid: *passing his tongue over his upper lip* Perhaps~ *chuckles*
  • Human!Crowley: *heavily panting* I... don't care anymore. Just... Do what you have to... *visibly weakened, starting to close his eyes*
  • Ferid: *bites his lower lip with his fang, making it bleed* My pleasure~ *lowering his head, opening Human!Crowley's lips with his tongue and pressing their lips together for a while*
I Don’t Want To - Brett & Alison

 Alison x twin!reader

Brett x reader

Warnings: ???

Word count: 872

Summary: on a hunting trip, kill or save? Make the choice that defines

Author’s Note: i just came up with this today and just kept writing, before scott and before alison new 


“Y/n that way, go now !” My father yelled pointing to the right of the forest. Being a event was tough and never easy especially after finding out about the supernatural. Me and my twin-sister Alison  were stumbling about unpacking and found all these books on the lore of the supernatural creatures. Alison just let it go but I of course being curious as I am kept digging into what I found. When my father Chris found out he had a long talk about it with me and ever since then I’ve been training. Alison just thinks I want to be fit so she does it with me, I want to tell her so bad but they didn’t even want me to know I don’t want to get her hurt either.

As I headed the way my father pointed. After walking probably a mile or two out I saw shadows move and start to run I chased after 2 of them one small one tall. We came to a deep trench at the cliff they were backing up to the cliff. I pulled my bow over my head and grabbed a arrow and reached myself. As I got closer I noticed they guy had to be my age and the little one must be his sister.

“please don't” he said to me.

“i’m sorry” my voice cracked

“You’re sorry? Your hunting us and your sorry?” This time it was his sister who asked.

I lowered my bow and put the arrow back. “I don’t want to hunt you, -” i sad to her as she came forward and i kneeled in front of her “-or any of you” I finished looking up at her brother.

“Then dont “ he said

Before I could open my mouth someone I haven’t seen in a long time started walking over.

I stood up “long time no see” I smiled at her.

“Yes, y/n long time.” Satomi said with a smile she came over and hugged me.

As we pulled away the boy asked “you to know each other?”

“Yes, although I haven’t seen you in a long time y/n. Since-…” Satomi stated.

“Since me and Derek Hale we’re hiding from that rogue group of betas” I stated. She nodded remembering when she found us and helped us find a place to hide.

“So you know other werewolf’s and you still hunt them!” He stated kinda shocked.

“Brett relax, like she said before she doesn’t want to.” his sister said

“Loris right Brett y/n doesn’t want to hunt.” Satomi looked at me “ do you.”

“ I don’t , I really don’t. I have friends that are supernatural , and I don’t believe all of you are bad. It’s just-” this time I was cut off.

“Your family. “ Satomi stated I nodded.

“Your family makes you hurt people?” Lori asked

I leaned down to her and put a hand on her shoulder nodding ‘yes’.

“You guys should go” I said looking up at the guy Brett and then looking over at Satomi .

“i got they rest to my place we will be safe there-” Satomi said.

“What about you” Brett said coming up to me.

“Look I deal with it ok just go while you have a chance, please…”  I pleaded.

“Sweetheart maybe you should come with us or go back to Derek. Please… You know what they will do to you” Satomi stated.

“I-” I started but got cut off.

“wha-what will they do? What will your family do ?! what will your own father and mother do to you?” He started with yelling but seemed a little terrified at the end.

“Look I’ll be honest with you Brett, is it, they will do one of two things.”

“What are they gonna do?” He asked

“One, disown me kick me out and never speak to me again. Two, kill me they would call me a traitor and say it had to be done. Protocols is to say to the rest of the family I has killed by a werewolf but my father would say something else he follows our original family code not everyone does.” I told him honestly.

“Come with us! Neither one of the choices is good. Please don’t stay.” Lori begged.

“Lori’s right y/n please don’t go back. “ Satomi said

“I’ll be fine, if they do try and kill me I’ll leave I’ll go to Derek’s  he told me to come to him if ever wanted or need to. “ I told her, then I heard the hunting dogs “ now please go “

As Satomi took Lori Brett stayed for a minute “ so you gonna be ok ? “ he asked.

“I’ll be ok , just another day in the life of being Argent “ I said with a side smile.

“When your safe, can we hang out sometime?” he asked nervously

I smiled up at him and nodded ‘yes’ “ yes, yeah, sure sounds great.”

He then kissed my cheek and left.

Now time to face the jury, yayyyyy.

Why can’t I be normal (fanfic)

Sanders Sides fanfic

I wrote this at 12:30 And didn’t grammar or spell check it don’t hurt me.
Warnings: Angst and anxiety attack

I’m not okay I’m not okay I’M NOT OKAY. Virgil wanted to scream he wanted to shout, but the darker side just held his knees tightly willing to regain control over his breath. Today’s episode was bad. Usually he could get Patton to calm him down before it even started but he barely registered Patons soft voice. “It’s okay kiddo I’m here. You’re okay. You’re enough.” He rubbed circles into the sides back just like he always did Logic sat beside him explaining why it was all irrational. Trying to bring him back to reality. After a while Anxiety grew sick of it and stood up
“Shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP!” He shouted staring at them fear and anger burning in his eyes. “I’M NOT OKAY! MY FEAR IS RATIONAL I’M SICK OF PRETENDING LIKE IT’S ALL OKAY!” He held his head tightly. Logic watched him not knowing what to do… he never knew what to do when Anxiety blew up. Patton on the other hand stood up and gently placed a hand on Anxiety’s shoulder.
“Virgil it’s oka-”
“SHUT UP PATTON.” He backed up “I don’t want to hear it any longer.” He growled and stormed out slamming the door. Logan watched Patton was in tears. “He sh-s-s-shouted. I just tried to help.” He whimpered. Logan looked at Morality as he crumbled to the floor. The usually happy and tough side was cracking Logan pat his head trying to be comforting and walked out putting himself in charge of finding Virgil.
They never paid attention to you
They’re better off without you dragging them down. Horrible thoughts shot through the darker sides mind like a bullet through paper. How could you yell at Patton like that? If you could hurt the most important person in your life without batting an eye why can’t you hurt yourself? Black thick smoke was crowding around Virgil air taken out of reach. He shut his eyes for a few seconds trying to get through it.
It only made it worse.
Logan finally found Virgil and sprinted over the composed side showing panic. “Virgil? Focus on me. On my voice. Come on you got this… I know you do.” Logan said encouragingly. After ten minutes Virgil finally broke and screamed out a sob Logan hugged him trying to do what Morality would’ve. Anxiety leaned into him crying into him “Why can’t I be normal Logan?” He mumbled balling his hand into a fist. Logan looked at him “Nobody’s normal Virgil. Everyone has their sharp edges. You’re perfect. Let’s say we get home okay?” Virgil nodded slightly and stood up.
“Let’s go home.”