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If you don't mind me asking, what are your hopes for Captain America: Civil War? While I loved what the Russo Brothers did with The Winter Soldier arc, I am a little worried that this Civil War will be a psychological thriller rather than a film based on politics (The comic version of Civil War, at it's best, about the Patriot Act IMHO)

Oh man, don’t get me started on the Civil War comics. Total trainwreck, and a huge part of it is that the writers couldn’t decide whether the Registration Act was gun control, the Patriot Act, or the total abrogation of the 13th Amendment. (And remember, if Civil War was supposed to be about the Patriot Act, Millar thought that pro-Patriot Act was the right side…)

Here’s what I want from the Civil War movie: make the conflict make sense for both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Let them both have important points to make that are grounded in their characters, rather than turn Iron Man into a fascist because you need that to make the fight happen. 

Yes, it’s going to turn out that Baron Zemo and HYDRA are manipulating General Thunderbolt Ross. But let’s have that exacerbating tensions between positions that both men hold already. 

We’ve already seen the foundations of this - Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron show that Tony Stark (partially due to his PTSD) can’t stop himself from trying to build the whole world an Iron Man suit (or build a giant fleet of drones to be everyone’s personal Iron Man) despite the awful consequences of that, and if someone hurt one of the people he cares about (even in self-defense) that would kick it into overdrive. (Also, Tony tends to over-correct when he fucks up - hence blowing up the Iron Man suits, hence building Ultron, hence embracing Sekovia Accords after Ultron goes rogue)

And we already know that Cap will react to that kind of security state the same way he did to Project Insight - fear vs. freedom, the individual’s right to due process etc.. He’s not going to stand for Ross and Stark building a black site prison in the middle of the ocean, or preventative detention for people supposedly too dangerous to put on trial. This is especially the case when it comes to Bucky, someone whose possibility of redemption he has already shown himself willing to risk his life for. 

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