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ClexaHalloweenWeek starts tomorrow! :D

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence! I have a bit of bad news, unfortunately- I may be a bit slow as to sharing stuff on this blog. To my intense irritation, my place of work chose the past couple weeks to really crack down on cell phone use, and we aren’t supposed to even have our phones out now, let alone playing on them during down time. As I work 12 hour shifts, this is not great news. 

I work tomorrow, then I’m off Thursday, then I work Friday (but only 8-5 that day, yay!), I work Saturday, off Sunday, then I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. My schedule is not usually like this; usually I work two or three days then I’m off two-four days. But my coworker is out for surgery so the schedule’s weird. This has messed with my plans on here and my plans for my own fics I hope to post :( Hopefully I can get them finished in time now…

So I’m really sorry if I’m slow sharing stuff- I’ll be taking frequent “bathroom breaks” when I can to frantically update, and as I work 7am-7pm, I’ll be updating after I get off work! So don’t worry, your stuff WILL be shared, I just might be a little slow, sorry :( 

But anyways, happy ClexaHalloweenWeek and I can’t wait to see what you’ve all created! :D

dear god what have i done


Looks of bewilderment and awe

Klaroline rewatch: tvd 3x14

Reset Day

We interrupt this sadness with some requests from followers. Thank you guys so much for being such amazing fans of my fanfic. You guys are the best, and I don’t know where I’d be without you.

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Warnings: Panic attack, Undyne, Happiness–whatever that is

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I’m back!

It’s been a rough week but I’ve drowned myself in binge watching the entirety of Person Of Interest and Jessica Jones, and it made it all a little better.

Operation Canada will be updated soon, comics and videos. Some fandom artwork too, as well as some other random stuff.

Thank you for all the messages you sent me while I was gone, and sorry I can’t answer to all of you ♥

- Maryne.

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Also, the teacher not doing anything doesn't mean they don't like you , it just means they don't want to get in trouble TBH, I'm working as a teaching assistant now and honestly , so many of these 20-45 and older year old male teachers obviously have crushes on their attractive female students , some in large groups , some just like one specific girl and the tension is a bit obvious if you pay attention. It's a normal thing , have hope guys :)



June 20th, 2013 | The Last 5 Years filming candids
All you can say, all you can feel, was wrapped up inside that one perfect kiss

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Baby only getting angrier and angrier...Yenndo, I think if you don't get off Ennard now, you will be in big trouble later...0-0

XD im  laughing


Competitive!Mix blaming the interviewer despite getting the highest score  ≧◡≦ 

JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?

Hello everyone! I found a low-quality video of the animation! Sadly it’s only 2 minutes long, and it’s filmed with a camera, not uploaded directly but if you want to watch it in low quality, the link will be posted at the end of this post!

The animation is based of the REBO to DLIVE photobook! You get to see all the characters come to life from the drawings found in the book!

Thank you for reading, when the video uploads officially on the internet, we’ll link it to our blog here, DailyKatekyo!



[EDIT] This is just preview for the animation crossover, this preview will be released online officially on August 4th, the day the 6th Volume of  ēlDLIVE is released! Our amazing Aki translated a page by herself and the preview will be shown on August 4th, but there’s also a great chance of it being a full animation that is longer than the preview!


The video has now been taken down sadly, but wait till August 4th and we’ll have an HD version available online uploaded by Amano and the animation team!

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What you do to Larries is awful! You know there is no Larry, I'm sure you know Harry is queer and Louis and him are using Larries for promo (all this next to you and friendly gestures are just promo, let's be honest, did you saw the video of sound check from live lounge where Harry and Louis ignored each other for all their rehearshal? And they didn't know they were filmed!) You know the truth and you still give false hope those poor people! Just leave, they will wake up soon to reality!

I know the truth, on that we agree.
Anon, if you only knew who my best source is. If you only knew. I won’t probably ever be able to publicly say that, not even after the coming out, but, God, I swear I’ll tell you if you come off anon one day, just to have you shut your mouth up for the next two centuries. I’ll even send you a picture, you very rude, annoying person.
Have a nice day in the meantime :)