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I’m back!

It’s been a rough week but I’ve drowned myself in binge watching the entirety of Person Of Interest and Jessica Jones, and it made it all a little better.

Operation Canada will be updated soon, comics and videos. Some fandom artwork too, as well as some other random stuff.

Thank you for all the messages you sent me while I was gone, and sorry I can’t answer to all of you ♥

- Maryne.

JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?

Reset Day

We interrupt this sadness with some requests from followers. Thank you guys so much for being such amazing fans of my fanfic. You guys are the best, and I don’t know where I’d be without you.

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Warnings: Panic attack, Undyne, Happiness–whatever that is

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