don't freaking steal

Stealing Writing Update

So I have gotten a few messages letting me know that there was an imagine on tumblr that was scarily similar to one of mine (Sweet Tooth). I’d like to thank all of you for letting me know, as the situation is being handled appropriately. I’m trying to ask the other user, who shall not be named because I have realized that it is not their fault entirely, to take their version down as I do not want any repetition of my work out on other blogs.

Please do not slander this user, if you know who that is, please. I don’t need any more hate going around in a community already spreading it from time to time.

Thank you so much, darlings. Much love, xoxo.

Seriously I was thinking about these books again tonight and how freaking amazing they are…turns out it has a secret fandom
I wish I had known this fandom existed all along holy crap
I read these back in like, seventh grade (yes I read the chapter books first, but the manga is super amazing and perfect oh yes :3)
I feel extremely stupid for not seeking out this fandom more because I had so many pent up feelings for this series back in the day.
/Actually I still kind of do/ *pokes book 9* ;A;


ok…. new characters XD both were made out of boredom at school. I decided to try to draw a different character everyday, or at least at school (tomorrow’s the last day, so maybe at home? XD )

the first came out just like that, but the second one, I DID want to draw a monster (MU inspiration) I might draw more monsters C:

I looked at the guy and thought “Hmm… he looks like he was called ‘Fred’”, but I’m not sure about it, and I don’t feel like naming them

that mini ghost in the first paper has a story: remember I was sick? (and I’m still a bit XD ) my friends (and I too) sometimes say “you’re dying”. So, I came to the conclusion I died of a cold XD

so yeah… :D

both characters belong to abrilmazziotti


One of the stigma’s that goes with shelter’s is that you know if it’s a shelter dog there’s gotta be something wrong with it that’s just not the case, These are perfectly good dogs if whatever reason ended up here. I’m very proud of this partnership with with Pedigree because they’re truly doing something that’s making a difference, I mean they donated 20 Million pounds of food since 2008 and you know a lot of these shelter’s really need that, I’ve seen first hand how appreciative an adopted dog is, The little bit of work that it takes to take care of them isn’t anything compared to what they can give back to you.”