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Daily Reminder from a Fitblr Mom

It’s Monday and I hope you had a great weekend!

If you indulged during the weekend, that’s okay! Treat yourself every once in a while. :)

Big things start with small choices, so take baby steps. You’ve got this!

You know what’s best for you, so don’t let anyone make you question your choices.

Make sure you eat well!

Don’t forget to drink your water!

After you’re done with work or school or whatever you have planned take a 15 minute walk to clear your head and destress from the day.

You are important and people love you. ❤️

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”

“You do know your ship isn’t canon right?” “You do know your ship will never get together again right?” “But one of them is dead!” or my personal favorite... “But they’re better off as friends!!”

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Whether you celebrate it or not I hope that your day is great, fun, and safe! Drink safely!


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO MY SIS @masterburner!!! Wishing you a great day. Keep on being awesome.


I’ve seen a bunch of posts on tumblr recently criticizing Taylor Swift (or her reps) for taking down fan-created crafts or artwork that uses trademarks related to Ms. Swift.

The problem they face is that, as explained in this video, you cannot selectively enforce trademarks. So if you don’t tell fans they can’t make fan art, then Urban Outfitters can come along and say, “Your trademark isn’t real because you didn’t enforce it with this or that product for sale on etsy, even though you knew about it or could have easily discovered it, so we don’t have to pay you for all these Taylor Swift shirts we are selling.”

This is why we have chosen not to trademark “DFTBA” or “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.” We aren’t going to tell nerdfighters they can’t make DFTBA stuff and sell it, and so we can’t tell Urban Outfitters they can’t make DFTBA stuff and sell it. 

But that’s much harder to do when you’re Taylor Swift and there are a bajillion corporations trying to cash in on phrases and images related to you.

Trademark law is really stupid and annoying, and unless you create a series of complicated hurdles offering some people free licenses, it’s almost impossible to restrict certain people from using your trademark without restricting everyone from using it. 

anonymousbathtub  asked:

Sorry I didn't see earlier, but in regards to your job stay strong!!! Your boss clearly doesn't realize and respect you for the amazing person you are, and that's their loss!! If I was able to meet them in real life I'd certainly give them a stern talking to (because walking up to people and slapping them is assualt apparently), but as another person on the internet all I can do I remind you of the amazing inspiration you are, and that I hope it gets better soon! Please take care of yourself <3

I love you so much you have no idea ;_; Thank you so much aaaaa

And yeah I really wish I could speak up for myself but doing that just leads to MORE yelling at and I just don’t want to deal with that.


Happy Birthday, Maria!

Charles Xavier Request- All My Heart

Request: Charles xavier x reader one shot based on the song all my heart by sleeping with sirens please?<3

Hi lovely! This is actually one of my favourite songs of all time… I love it so much! It’s so sweet… and I love Kellin Quinn, that lovely munchkin! So thank you for sending it in, I wouldn’t of thought to write to All My Heart, but this is a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for sending it in! I’m worried I haven’t done the song justice though…. Happy Reading!

Charles and you sat across from each other, cross-legged, just in your room at the mansion.
Charles hesitated… he couldn’t quite get the words out.
“What’s on your mind, Charles?” You asked, softly.
"…. I… I don’t know how to say it. I mean I do… but it wouldn’t do it justice… It wouldn’t do the way I feel about you justice.” You smiled softly at him.
“I don’t have the words either, love’"You shrugged, looking at the floor.
"Something the matter, Y/N?” He asked, suddenly concerned.
“They… they just…. they were talking today again….” Charles crawled over to you slowly and just held you in his arms.
“Let them say what they want, Y/N… they’ll never have what you and I do.” Your head was pressed close to his chest so you could hear his heart beat. You picked your head up and pressed your forehead to the side of his head. He turned his head towards you to kiss you gently. You kissed him back but then looked away, stretching out your body and looking towards your socked feet.
“Do you remember the first summer we met?” He asked you, calmly.
“Of course, how could I forget? We’d stay up talking all night, and we’d talk about philosophy, how lives were messy, like spaghetti. How we wanted to escape, how we wanted to escape all that, just move away to something quieter, smaller… happier. We’d talk about how some people… they might miss out on everything. They might go their whole lives just waiting for a love that never comes, or waiting for anything even close to us, what we have.” Charles smiled at your recount.
“Do you remember what I first told you, the first time we stayed up talking all night? That I thought we were made up of a million and one things?” You nodded, curious where this was going.
“I don’t think that any more. I think we’re exactly who we’re meant to be. I think it’s as simple as that. I don’t care what anyone says, y/n. You’re who you’re meant to be and… we’re gonna make it. You and me… I think that we’re who we’re meant to be and we belong together.” You turned to him suddenly. You remembered another of those late night conversations, and you’d asked him ‘Do you think we’ll stay together’. He’d replied with ‘I’m sure we will if it’s right’…. this was right. The sudden realisation hit like a ton of bricks. You kissed him deeply.
“What… what was that for? Am I really that wise?” He joked.
“I just realised how completely and utterly you have all of my heart.” You told him, slightly breathless.
“… I think you found the words, y/n. You have all of my heart too…. But…” Charles stopped for a second.
“I… I could’ve been better…. stronger… for you, sometimes, Y/N… i’ve stuffed up sometimes, too.”
“Charles…. So have I. And it doesn’t matter. None of that matters any more. Other people don’t matter, what they do or say, doesn’t matter. You have all of my heart.”
“Bless your beautiful heart” He replied, slight tears in his eyes.
“Every year we get older, and wiser… and now I can see it Charles…. the rest of everything is white noise. I love you and you love me.” You shrugged. He kissed you again, passionately.
“I’ll always love you. You’ve got all my heart.”
“Maybe that’s gonna be how we tell each other we love each other.”
“I’d like that.”
“So would I.”
From that day on, that was how you two told each other you loved each other.
‘You have all of my heart’.

I made a gif for the first time ever!

This is so exciting :D

The font for “DON’T FORGET TO BE AWESOME” isn’t the same font as the original logo, because I could not figure out what font it was. I thought this was the most similar font in my font library.

This is for my Computer Graphics 2 class. We’ve just started working in Flash and I am excited to start learnin’ it.


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