don't forget about the whole thing just

Just gonna say this here because of a post I just reblogged.

The whole “you get to have your pronouns unless I don’t like you” thing is easily the single most common form of transphobia and it is why any “ally” can’t be trusted until you see how they treat the identity of someone they dislike because god knows cisgendered people will play a tolerant tune right up until they have to pinch their nose and be, you know, a decent person.

I do not care how much you dislike someone.  I do not care what you think they’ve done to you.  If the only reason you refer to people by their preferred pronouns is because you like them, you’re fucking transphobic.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

You do not get to decide someone is not what they say they are simply because you, personally, do not like them.  There’s a time and a place for that very serious and very unpleasant conversation, but the time isn’t when you need to make a point and the place isn’t from petty hate.

  • television shows: i mean, who needs lighting?? let's just not use any lighting. forget the lighting. oh, but add a whole ton of contrast!! yeah, do that. can't forget about those blurry flashbacks!! oh, and let's make things really grainy!! love that, too. and why don't we put the credits over really awesome scenes?? yeah, that's great.

hey guys 

i am so sorry for not being active for the past few days and for not answering some of your asks or to any of your messages it’s just!!!! :’((((( our final examinations are coming up and that basically means being swamped with projects and juggling a whole lot of course work so yeah i think i’ll be mia for about another two more weeks in the least :’(((

i mean im so busy rn i haven’t even read the rule for lovers update??????? and this makes me so sadddddddddd i’m so sorry sweet songbird i have failed you ・゜・(ノД`) 

i guess ch 9′s art will just have to wait i cry

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Sorry I just have to tell this to somebody (it has probably been said before) : I have so many problems with s4 but i just thought about the fact that Sherlock making fun of Norbury to the point that he pushes her to shoot just is old. I felt like he got over the whole "i'm better than everyone else and I make fun of people without thinking of the consequences" thing by TAB already (the whole "women in the shadows are important even if you don't know it, so be humble and treat them well") 1/2

2/2 … so it felt to me like it was almost making him regressing/forgetting what he learned before, and that makes Mary’s death even more necessary and forced.

Hey Lovely!

Yeah, another inconsistency that they totally pulled out of nowhere. Sherlock had progressed SO FAR in TAB and S4 essentially pretended all that character development never happened. And Mary’s death is so pointless; if they were trying to make us feel something for it, they failed miserably. Like… just… Ugh.

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The whole loss of llamas thing is kind of sad lol. But like I don't wear it often, but should I even wear my llama hat at all anymore or not? I also have an old wristband that says Danosaur on it and that era is long gone lol

I mean, I don’t think Daniel expects everyone to just forget about his legacy, right? I feel like we as a phandom can still enjoy those things, but maybe not actively force the branding on to Daniel. Frig, a big part of TATINOF is that old branding - and that was all quite recent. We can still enjoy all that stuff for what it WAS, but we need to accept and support Daniel’s new direction. 

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So sorta random but every so often I randomly like to check in and see if that amazing Kate painting (the fancy gallery 'metaphor' arrows in her hair one) is still around and available? I've been following you for years and had my eye on it for quite awhile but while I could get the money for payment and maybe even transport at some point soonish I still don't have my own apartment and thus a safe place to put it yet. But I like to dream realistically so checking on availability and gen pricing?

GREETINGS ANONYBRO.  Man, I hope you weren’t holding your breath or anything; I really didn’t mean to be like, suspenseful or anything!!!, but occasionally my brain is a mess and I forget entirely about this whole Tumblr inbox thing, aha.  Anyway.  The funny thing is, I have done Kate with arrows twice and I don’t know which you mean. 

This one?

Or this one?


I feel I just need to add,


Bad news is, both of those are sold; but the good news is, Monet painted the Rouen cathedral thirty times because he was so in love with how it looked in shifting light, and along those lines I am nowhere near done with Kate-with-Arrows.  I have been thinking of doing another and you’re welcome to give me a concrete excuse, if you like. Both were 24″ x 24″ and sold for $575 + shipping (whatever the actual price is.) I’m in the US.  Just for realistic reference, I shipped one to Canada recently that was a little bigger than 24″ x 24″ and it was $68.  Shipping is realistically freaking expensive, like, I kinda wanted to buy the painting a Megabus ticket and personally deliver it with a hug, it would have been more fun. :D

So, if you have any more questions, feel free!  Just in general, you’re welcome to send me one of those flashy sorts of messages if you prefer a private chat - I can respond to those even from dumbass tumblr mobile.  

Also in general, thank you (and also you and you and you) for giving my art love over the years.  It keeps me going when life gets crappy and frustrating. <3

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Anons forget that until MM was thrown into our fandom she was with Billy and then "broke" up with Billy and already latched onto Sam? So does that make Sam a man that would come between a couple and the cause of said break up? Not at all Sam has much more respect for others and himself in that regard. I don't think Sam would settle for being anyone's rebound.

And let’s not forget just who threw MM into the fandom. And how. A good bit too convenient to be believable if you ask me! And then the “candid” pictures and recordings of time “spent together”. Really? Do studio execs usually spy on their studio actors and post pics of their doings? And do friends record and send the stuff directly to internet bloggers? Or tip off internet fan groups about who is coming to dinner? Or going grocery shopping? Not usually. So that’s too convenient to be believed too. The whole thing is too “convenient”. And on so many levels.


a list of things to consider when writing smol jaybirb

he lived in a crummy apartment in the narrows, meaning:

there’s almost constant rain and wind so:

jay learning to live with the constant numbness of his fingers and toes

getting a chilling draft from the holes in his clothes

eating just enough to starve off unconciousness but never enough to be sated

only really worrying about the cold when his fingers turn purple

dodging certain spots in the apartment bc of holes in the walls and windows

having a constant runny nose and being relieved when it’s clogged

sitting in forever soaked clothes for days on end bc if he takes them off he’ll die and he’s got no other warm clothes

cleaning up the mold by the window bc he heard a kid off the street ate it he was so hungry and died

every so often slapping his frozen toes through his holed shoes just to get a little feeling back into them

when he does finally scavenge out for food he doesn’t look at limp frozen people that aren’t lucky enough to have an apartment

living it out in the cupboard beside the sink bc it’s the inner most wall and the hanging doors hold heat better than the whole apartment

and now imagine what happens when he arrives at Wayne Manor:

at the very least it’s a culture shock, he’s warm for one and has tons of energy and he has lots of clothes so he wears too many at one time, and forgets that he doesn’t have to be hungry or cold that if he is he should do something about it - but that’s like a whole other post

just take this into account. smol jaybirb is literally from a different world then anything Bruce is painstakingly familiar with - bruce might have trained all over the world but this was jason’s life, he doesn’t know any better, it wasn’t training for jason it was just ‘how it was’ and survival and ‘do you wanna live through the winter’

something to think about fanfic authors

Bones {Sentence Starters}
  • "Leave me out of it, I am not going."
  • "Fine. Then we're done here. Do you want to get some coffee?"
  • "I don't like people who think they're better than other people."
  • "No offense, but, um, I'm not interested."
  • "I just never figured you being in a relationship."
  • "Have you ever been charged with a felony?"
  • "You know, I'm glad we had that little chat about being nice to the locals."
  • "You're bad with people, okay? No use being offended by the fact."
  • "You don't need a gun. If anyone needs shooting, I'll do it."
  • "My most meaningful relationships are with dead people."
  • "I've noticed that very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye."
  • "You know, I'm sorry for wrecking your weekend for nothing."
  • "How I feel doesn't matter. My job doesn't depend on it."
  • "Are you as cold and unfeeling as you seem?"
  • "You know, you picked a really odd time to have this conversation."
  • "When you say things like that, it's just to bug me, right?"
  • "Don't use your charm smile on me."
  • "I have been wanting to do that for years. You are so hot!"
  • "I thought you were told to stay away from him?"
  • "Yeah. So, um, you should be a little nicer to me, huh?"
  • "You thought you were protecting me. But you're the one who needs protecting."
  • "It hurts my shoulder when I break down the door."
  • "Or better still, you could forget the whole thing and come home."
  • "You do know how this is supposed to work, right?"
  • "If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever going to touch you."
  • "I just... I feel like I want to kiss you."
  • "I'd say you were kidding, but, I don't think you know how to kid."
  • "I know when there's something wrong with you."
  • "If you had a pet pig, what would you name him?"
  • "Look, if anybody asks, the door was open."
  • "There's absolutely no reason for us to be discreet about our relationship anymore."
  • "He touched me with his creepy, serial killer hands."
  • "How long have you and _____ hated each other?"
  • "How are we friends? How is it possible? I mean we have nothing in common."
  • "Something's wrong, right? What can I do to help?"
Listening to Tegan & Sara Heartbroken:
  • iPod: *My Number plays*
  • Me: Tegan gets it. She just understands.
  • ipod: *Northshore plays*
  • ipod: *Monday Monday Monday plays*
  • Me: Sara know's whats up.
  • ipod: *plays Underwater*
  • Me: *cries*
  • ipod: *aligator*
  • Me: *does entire dance, forgets why i was sad*
  • ipod: *the ocean plays*
  • Me: *lies on floor, questioning whats real and what's not*
  • ipod: *plays Closer*
  • Me: Yes! I need to dance! Dance it out! *realizes I have no one to sing this song about, sings the whole thing at the top of my lungs sarcastically with rage!*
  • ipod: *the con plays*
  • Me: *can never tell if i'm drunk or its raining when i hear this song...* NOBODY LIKES ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ipod: *Someday plays*
  • Me: MARK MY WORDS I MIGHT BE SOMETHING SOME DAY!!!!! *to pictures of all my past lovers*
  • ipod: *burn your life down*
  • Me: I swear Sara saw my future and wrote this for me...and me alone.
  • ipod: *goodbye goodbye*
  • Me: *dance's, makes crying face, doesn't cry*
  • iPod: *call it off*
  • Me: isn't this song supposed to be happy???? *sobs in confusion*
  • ipod: *I Hear Noises*
  • Me: *dances* Tegan makes me so happy!
  • ipod: *I was a Fool*
  • Me: What the fuck are you doing to me Tegan!!!! *sobs*
  • ipod: *How Come You don't Want Me*
  • Me: *sings at the top of my lungs, dances around spilling whiskey*
  • ipod: *Now I'm All Messed Up*
  • me: *uses wine bottle as mic, turns on one lamp for a spot light, dramatic performance like its 1985*
  • iPod: *entire So Jealous album*
  • Me: i'm over it. that was exactly what i needed. Tegan & Sara = the remedy.

Zelda fanfic rec: Three Souls Bound

how did I forget this one, it’s so good. It’s so good. Based on that prompt about soul mates born with similar marks on their skin.

To the Future Berklee Kids:
  • CONGRATULATIONS to all the new kids that just got accepted into Berklee!
  • You're in for a roller-coaster ride, let me tell you. Trust me when I say that you're going to have an amazing time here and you'll learn a hell of a lot from everyone around you, just as long as you're willing to.
  • What you get from being at Berklee is exactly what you're willing to take from this place. Take advantage of all the resources, because there's a lot more to this school than meets the eye! Talk to your teachers and get to know them; most of them have done incredible things in the music industry that you wouldn't even know about unless you asked.
  • At Berklee we're surrounded by great musicians that are constantly improving, so you can easily to get discouraged just by simply passing by the practice rooms. But let that INSPIRE you instead of discourage you. Never get stuck into the rut of thinking,"Oh god, some people that go here are so bad, how did they even get in?" Just focus on yourself and how you can improve your own musicianship when you're here. As a freshman, I met quite a few people that seemed like they were decent musicians. Now almost three years later, all of us are almost unrecognizable; if you're willing to put in the work and effort, you'll improve so much while you're here.
  • But most of all, don't ever forget your musical roots. Yes, Berklee is a jazz based school. And being a pop/r&b/soul musician myself, it was very difficult for me to wrap my head around the whole "jazz" thing. But now, I just let it improve my skills. The more you know about music, just means that you have a bigger pot to draw from when you're writing your own stuff : ) (I just tend to add some jazz chords here and there to make things sound a little more interesting every once in a while. :P)
  • So... meet some of your future best friends, collaborate with some brilliant musicians, learn from your mistakes, laugh a lot, and throughout all of it, always keep an open mind : ) You never know what can happen!
  • We're so proud of all of you for taking this step to come to Berklee...
  • p.s. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime!
The signs as Blurryface songs//Why
  • Aries: Not Today// Out of their mind, and believes everyone who tries to be nice to them or tries to start a relationship is also out of their mind. Would be willing to take anyone down, but soon changes their mind. Seems like they are all happy and upbeat, but they get sad and mad just as easily as they get happy. Wants to play hard to get. Doesn't like big massive changes in their life. "I look outside, and I see a whole world better off without me"
  • Taurus: Hometown// Doesn't know how to make themselves better, so they need someone else to show them how to. Let's things go easily, but doesn't know how to bring them back if needed. "I will let the wind go quietly"
  • Gemini: Heavydirtysoul// Admits that they believe their soul and personality is dirty and 'heavy', but they don't know how to fix that. They need someone to save them and their soul. Turns to many things whenever they are upset, from writing to drugs. The future makes them eager but also worried. "Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit"
  • Cancer: Doubt// Needs someone to always be there for them, when they are afraid and lose hope for everything. Worries about losing someone important the whole song. Wants beautiful things to mean something to them again. "I hope you haven't left without me, please don't forget about me"
  • Leo: We Don't Believe What's On TV// Wants someone to be their plan B if things don't work out. Wants to care for this person and be 'saved' by them. Believes that everything they see is what they want to see. "I need to know that when I fall you'll still be here"
  • Virgo: Polarize// Wants help with organizing thoughts and problems. Just wants help for once, even if they aren't good at showing love and don't want people to see weakness in wanting someone else's help. Thinks they can always do better, and would if they were given a second chance. "Domingo en Diego, I think I lost my halo"
  • Libra: Tear In My Heart// This song is very upbeat, just like libra. Very romantic, and sweet. Often thinks of their significant other than themselves. Their heart is their 'armor'. "Sometimes you got to bleed to know, that you're alive and have a soul"
  • Scorpio: Fairly Local// States that they think they are evil and others think they are emotional. Later admits that they aren't evil, and knows that they are emotional. Shows the conflict between their mind and their true personality, and what others think of them and what they think of themselves. "Bulletproof in black like a funeral"
  • Sagittarius: Ride// Loves to fantasize and wants to be loyal. Sometimes over thinks, which brings them to a depressing state of mind. Knows things get hard sometimes, but it doesn't stop them one bit. Normally is very fast paced, but once everything piece together, they take their time to enjoy it. Gets asked plenty of questions, but finds it hard to answer them in the right way. "'I'd live for you,' and that's hard to do, even harder to say when you know it's not true"
  • Capricorn: The Judge// 'In charge' and has very high expectations. Knows that they are imperfect, but is perfect at being imperfect. Doubts other things that they don't know 100% about. Wants to make a change in someway and help someone. Kinda cold hearted but secretly wants to change that. "I'm a pro at imperfections and best friends with my doubt"
  • Aquarius: Lane Boy// Everything they hear is heartless, which shows that they find something wrong with everything, even if it's perfect. They don't trust people that are flawless, because there is probably something wrong with them. They know that their creativity and beauty is just 'currency' or just something someone else makes money off of. "If you get in between something I love and me, you're gonna feel the heat of my cavalry"
  • Pisces: Message Man// Knows that they are very different than what others think. Needs motivation to keep going, even if they don't believe in themselves. Doesn't want to hurt anyone by accident, so they like to warn people. "Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man"

c-c-check out! so this is a secret project i’ve been working on :)

The Minecraft Youtuber TCG!

…kind of…i wanted the cards to have different colored back grounds (youtubers would be one color, mobs another, boss mobs a third, etc.) but because the cards i have are white and the printer won’t fit the image 100% onto the card i had to make the cards white…

anyway, these are the 2 DRAWN sets. 

i say DRAWN cause i have ashleymariee sketched and the rest are either missing mobs/items/skills or arn’t sketched.

im actally excited about getting this far cause i’ve been working on it for almost a whole year now :)

i want to ramble on and on about this project but i also want to go and get more sets made, so im gonna split and leave ya’ll with this 8D

~Had feelings for each other within 5 minutes of the very first freaking episode
~Had a very awkward relationship during the entire season
~Kissed in the season 1 finale
~Dated for one episode
~Broke up in said episode
~Continued to have an incredibly awkward relationship ever since

~Wasn’t shown to have any type of feelings towards each other in the first episode
~Had a funny 10 second relationship
~Began teasing and calling each other nicknames in episode 2
~Both put effort into the little game they play
~Formed a friendship as the season progressed
~Were constantly making physical contact with each other
~Maya makes it clear that Lucas would never like her romantically
~Lucas literally ends up canceling his date with Riley so that Maya wouldn’t feel upset and alone

~Maya lets Lucas know that she finally likes him
~When the class split into two groups, Mayaville and Rileytown, Lucas chose Mayaville
~Their banters became a little more flirtatious
~Maya becomes attracted to Texas Lucas
~When asked why he lets Maya tease and call him names, he doesn’t answer
~Despite their little games, it was revealed that Lucas had called Maya beautiful during a phone call with his hometown best friend, Zay
~Maya refers to him as Lucas for the first time (much to his surprise) and started calling him by his real name more often
~Lucas blurts out to the whole class that he wants Maya to be happy (much to her surprise as well)
~They then start feeling this brewing, unresolved tension anytime they touch
~Grew confused about their feelings for each other mid season

Oh and let’s not forget about sloppy joe S1EP1.

But yeah, Lucaya is soooo forced.

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Hey, I really think you should forget about the whole thing. I'm on your side here, I agree with you. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Sorry they talked shit about you, but you've done all that's necessary. Don't talk to them anymore.

I’m not going to, I just wanted to make sure that my side was heard too because they are saying so many untrue things about me. I’m done now. It’s just hard to avoid the drama when you have to defend yourself.

The signs getting a B on their test
  • Aries: a part of them doesn't care but a part of them is scared about their parents
  • Taurus: rips it a part and throws it at teacher
  • Gemini: somehow turns the B into an A with a sharpie
  • Cancer: *disappointed**gets distracted**forgets the whole thing ever happened*
  • Leo: I knew it.
  • Virgo: they must've graded my paper wrong LOL
  • Scorpio: I just won't show my parents...
  • Sagittarius: B for Beautiful that's what
  • Capricorn: aw man
  • Aquarius: it's okay I'll do better
  • Pisces: it's okay my parents don't care

OF 2014: Is Stiles making out with Lydia or Malia on his bed?

OF 2016: Is Stiles saying “You’ll forget me” or “Don’t forget me” as he gazes intensely into the eyes of Lydia Martin, his soulmate, who gazes back with tears in her eyes as she declares passionately “I won’t”?

bonus: Is that a lipstick smudge on Stiles’s bottom lip or is the lighting just weird?