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11x12 “Don’t You Forget about Me”

“She hasn’t been called in, but she hasn’t been to classes for weeks. She spends all her time looking for cases and readin lore. I don’t have anything against hunting, but she’s hiding in it, cause she doesn’t have anything else. I‘m worried about it. Her being so alone and all”

Can I just express my love for how this whole scene played out. Awkward family dinner in which not only it gets emphasized how the Winchesters are both grown men and yet turn to teenagers when Jody Mills is talking chops, because they just never really learnt how family works that way, because they only ever a scratch of “normalcy” in their entire lives. In a way this talk captures not only everything they have lost and have never had, but it also fits into the larger framework of growing up as a thread this season.

And the way they sat at that dining room table - Sam and Claire who have settled into normal life fine after some adjustment issues and Claire and Dean who never really were able to - made perfectly clear who is aligned with who here. Of course Dean and Claire have been mirroring each other for a lot longer than now, but the points really gets driven homw with scene following this, which BTW gets introduced with the evil little steam whistle/train horn sounds that has become an audio cue for when things are not well at all.

First Jody tells Dean all about parenting and that she loves the kids but that she ain’t “their mom” and that she didn’t “raise” them and that doesn’t have the “history” with them, which judging from Dean’s facial expression he knows immediately what she’s talking about (also rememebr how Crowley called Dean to be very maternal at the beginning of this season, callback sitting right there at this table) and how he remembers himself parenting. And naturally the point is driven home when Dean says “Sammy could have benefitted from having a mom” with a sad smile.

And of course it gets sadder and sadder, because Claire’s story we know is practically’s Dean. A young kid traumatized by the events in early life, unable to find their way out, seeking comfort and meaning and reason to live in a world of hunting, because they feel the dn’t have a place anywhere else. That entire piece of dialogue as a caption below the picture is Dean parallel text and it could not be any clearer it is, when Dean gets this sad look in his eyes again and realizes that himself by saying “it sounds kind of creepy when you put it like that”, but of course the mirroring doesn’t stop there. Jody’s worry about Claire being alone relates to Dean and it’s just all kinds of telling that we next head into a scene of Claire in her room, alone on her bed, kind of like the last episode left off with Dean…


And you know what just struck me? It’s that this shot picked randomly, which doesn’t have Jody in it and it’s exactly that what all these people have in common at that table. They all lost their mothers. And then there’s Jody who lost her husband and kid.Man, this fucks me up how they try and fill all the empty places of the other…

you know what i don’t get about “anti-tony’s” ?? is how most of them hate the AOU movie, and everyone in the mcul fandom seems to want to forget the whole movie even existed, yet when someone asks for receipts on tony they are like “well, in age of ultron blah blah blah” yet for every other character people are like “well you can’t use AOU as reference because everyone was so out of character” like why do excuses always apply to every except tony stark. tony isn’t a villain and people have to stop treating him as one.  like i’m not saying he doesn’t fuck up, i love the dude for sure but i can sit here and say he has fucked up a lot. but so has literally every single avenger except for maybe ??? war machine and falcon ?? and maybe scott lang but i can’t be sure. i don’t know i just don’t get it.