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140528 U-KISS' 'Mono Scandal' Mini-Album Release Notice

Hello. This NH Media.

We’re always thankful to have your faithful support for U-KISS. 

Please see below for the release information regarding U-KISS’ new mini-album [MONO SCANDAL].

Album Name: Mini Album [MONO SCANDAL]
Title Song: 끼부리지마 (Don’t Flirt)
Release Date: 2014.06.02 (Mon)
Contents: 6 tracks

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    Date & Time: 2014.06.02 (Mon)
     Locations: Kyobo Books & Stationary, Sinnara Music and other various locations
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Available at all major sites.

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     Date & Time: TBA
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   The release will also be available across various online sites!

U-KISS’ new album [MONO SCANDAL] is to be released on Monday, June 2.

The exceptional title song ‘Don’t Flirt’ is composed collaboratively by Duble Sidekick and Park Chigi.

Apart from the title song, the new composer team 'Delinquent Boys’ composed the mid-tempo ballad 'One’.

'Playing Children’ and 'ZigZagNote’ came together to compose the emotional ballad 'Come Back to Me’ — a beautiful track with a blend of acoustic guitar and a piano arrangement.

Finally leader Soohyun’s 3-Octave vocals are highlighted alongside Jun & Eli’s rapping in the funky hip hot beat / heartfelt piano and guitar sounds in mid-dance track 'Can’t Do Without You’.

All the songs are very appealing to a wide audience.

Lastly, as this is Jun’s first promotion with U-KISS, he will soon greet everyone on the official cafe.

Even though it’s the first time and we still have many mistakes, we hope that you will embrace our new release and give us your support.
We are in your hands.

As mentioned previously, AJ will not be joining U-KISS for this promotion due to his schooling commitments.

We hope you understand.

We initially arranged for this release to be sooner so we will be working even harder with the release of the new mini album.

Please show us your support.

Thank you.

Credits: Source + ROCKETBOXX.NET