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New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg

“On location in Mississippi, Elizabeth Taylor threw off her sombre mood and left the rest of a marooned cast speechless when she bounced out on the balcony of the film-set house and into the pouring rain. In checked cotton pyjamas, she played and danced like a twelve-year-old, shaking her head free of drops and calling to the others to join her. Ever since she was quite small, she has hated to wear shoes, and her unconventional–or at least decidedly informal–outfit suited her mood exactly.“

I’m seeing a lot of PTA Sans lately and while I absolutely love the idea of the Undertale gang taking suburban life by storm, I feel like he’s being a bit too ooc

Sans doesn’t yell. Sans doesn’t take charge. Sans is lazy. Sans is subtle.

He wouldn’t be the one standing up to Linda and taking her down a notch all heroic with the rest of the pta members applauding behind him- he’s the guy who takes her down from the shadows, so to speak. He arranges for things to go wrong in tiny little ways until she breaks /herself/. 50/50 on whether or not he ever lets her know it was him.

If he ever did call her out in front of others, it’d also be subtle. He’d twist her words in ways she couldn’t argue with without sounding worse. She’d have to learn how to speak carefully or just not speak at all.

Sans, also, is more of the type to encourage others to take action, but in ways that have them coming to that idea themselves. He’s not a leader by any means. (Too lazy) It’d be more like “linda sure likes to brag about herself, huh papyrus? wonder what she’d do if she ever found out you know a superstar.”

Which would set Papyrus off on getting Mettaton to come to the meetings or the get-togethers or what have you, taking up all the spotlight, being condescending as possible to her while still maintaining his composure.

Don’t get me wrong, intimidating, threatening Sans is all well and good, but give me frustrating, shit-eating grin, ‘what? all i did was ask if you /meant/ that to sound racist’ Sans any day.

i’d like to think marinette has a few sketches of her own up on that wall of worship

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That Freyja AU is some top tier stuff. 10/10 would download as DLC. Have you any ideas as to what her other supports would be like (the rest of the royal family, other retainers etc)?

…I have many ideas. 

Corrin: Well, this is the most obvious damned thing in the world. The role of a leader was thrust onto both of them during critical times and both certainly have struggled with it. I feel like a lot of this would be Freyja encouraging Corrin and providing her advice, because she knows what it feels like to be in her situation, especially as a princess. and then they smooch a lot 

Azura: These two are both characters who intentionally craft an air of mystery around them and push others away from prying to deeply. Both have had the fate of the world rest on their shoulders and have had to hide it at times. This would be very different from the Corrin one because it wouldn’t be the same sort of mentor situation going on. I think they’d both be very wary of each other at first, especially on Azura’s end, but that they’d eventually drift together and come to be slightly amused in their status as a pair of ghouls. 

Laslow: This would do multiple things. In part, it would be a reflection on their awakening support and sort of contrast their feelings as of to then– for example, laslow would bring up how he doesn’t have to go to extra lengths to make Freyja smile anymore, and how they’ve come to have a deeper understanding of each other. I think I’d also make this the support where Freyja most openly muses about staying in Nohr, much to Laslow’s alarm. (in fact that would create a very interesting dynamic in their s support). I’d also have them discuss their feelings about Nohr–for some reason I feel like (putting aside its leadership) Freyja would actually quite like Nohr’s brand of darkness. 

Odin: Don’t have suuuuuper fleshed out ideas about this one yet, but I think it would focus on their status as part of ylisse’s royal house and how it feels to be in a position where they are bowing before others. 

Selena: Oh darling baby Selena. These two can’t not have cute interactions though I’d also throw in one of my darker ideas about Freyja, I think. Much like their hot spring scramble support it would at least partially center around expectations, but of an evolved kind. The darker idea I mentioned is the idea that Freyja has come to realize that after how much of her life she’s spent fighting, part of her actually enjoys killing. And she’d feel like she’s letting people down through that, especially her deceased father. The reasons I would bring this up with Selena are a) I honestly feel she would be in the same boat as her, at least to an extent, and b) Selena is exactly the sort of person to be blunt and lay out some cold, hard truth that ends up being reassuring in her own Sevvy way. 

Xander: …Confession time even though this is straight it might be one of if not my absolute fave Freyja ships so far. These twos’ personalities just meld so well in so many ways… I think the support would start because Xander would take a profound interest in his youngest sister’s retainer. I think Xander is the perceptive type who would be able to see through a lot of things in her–for example, I think he’d realize pretty quickly that she was really a royal or noble person of some sort (due to the way she carries herself etc) and take particular notice of Falchion, which he can tell is something quite special. (in fact the contrasts between Falchion as a blade of light and Siegfried as a blade of dark could be played up). I don’t think Xander would come at her accusatory– rather, I think he’d have an open mind and rather quickly realize Freyja is to be trusted. Freyja would be absolutely terrified of Xander’s discoveries at first, I don’t think he’d push her past any uncomfortable boundaries, and that she’d soon realize he’s someone she can be at ease around. And of course, as I talked about in my previous post, the S Support where Freyja would become Queen of Nohr opens up all sorts of interesting potential to her. Xander spends much of the support trying to learn more about who Freyja “really” is, but in the end she decides that Freyja IS who she is.

Elise: This one would mostly be very cute, fluffy interactions, heh. Elise would remind Freyja of how she was when she was a child, a happy, carefree, pure little princess. And thus she’d do everything she could to make Elise happy and protect that purity of heart. Freyja would be much warmer towards Elise than she is with most people, and I feel like Elise would be perhaps the first person she dotes over a little, in her own Lucy way of course. imagine Elise asking Freyja to brush her hair or have a tea party with her or aaa

Arthur: Don’t have super fleshed out ideas for this, but I do like to think that Lucina’s C-A support with Cynthia still holds something of an influence with her and Freyja can’t quite help not getting a little caught up in Arthur’s heroics at times. Perhaps their support would be a particular example of their efforts to bring about justice ;p 

Effie: Once again don’t have super fleshed out ideas, but I think these two would definetly get along well, the awkward dorks. Perhaps they can bond over something related to training… how many walls they can smash during it hahaha And of course their mutual care for their Lady. 

Oboro: …We all know where this is going to go. Freyja has an absolutely tragic sense of fashion and it INFURIATES oboro more than anything else. She’d try again and again to get Freyja to refine her tastes but Freyja would remain blissfully unaware the entire time…

Orochi: More of a general idea, but I have a feeling that Freyja’s “The future is not yet written!” attitude would run up against a brick wall with Orochi’s claims to be able to foresee the future. She’d likely challenge Orochi about that. And since the belief is very personal to Freyja we’d likely see a bit of a less dignified side of her than usual. 

Azama: Another case where Freyja’s foundational beliefs would be challenged. I’d have to read more of Azama’s supports to refine the picture more but they most certainly have very different life philosophies, and Azama’s kind of blasé-ness towards life would likely get to her. 

If anyone has any other ideas for other supports or more about these supports i’d love them to share ;)

I started thinking about Ciel and Lizzy while playing my sims game and I got all happy because like…they’re literally so cute and I don’t even care anymore about them being cousins. If the rest of the fandom thinks that pedophilia is JUST FINE, then I’m not gonna feel too bad about shipping first-cousins, especially giving the setting the anime/manga takes place in.

Amico or Nemico? ||Closed rp

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     “Pardon for the interruption, signore,” A lone voice called out, eyes glistening deep within the shadows that covered the rest of her slim, almost fragile form. She watched him closely, quietly summarising whether he was of friendly nature or foe due to having nothing on display making what would usually be a quick decision maker even harder, making Maria more on edge.

“You wear a  unfamiliar face. One that I have never had the pleasure of encountering before.” She spoke. “Of whom do I speak to?” She asked, blades at the ready as well as to the bow strapped securely against her back in case their meeting should fall to more darker thoughts.

I knew it was wrong, and yet I found myself hip deep in the bullshit before I even knew what had hit me.  I made the mistake of wanting to know what ‘Ace Discourse’ was all about and searched in the tag.

Lesson #1 - thankscaptainobvious is a dumbass.

You see, I have to come the realization that I am a heteroromantic asexual (I feel like I’ve said that a lot today, but fuck it, I’ll say it every five minutes for the rest of my life, if I have to).  I crave having a romantic relationship with a male partner, but have no interest in partnered sex (it’s far too complicated to get into here).   According to the Ace Discourse tag (and that fucking title - seriously? Am I going to earn a credit for studying the discourse? Will there be a test at the end?), I was lucky to be born a white female who is interested in a gender that is not my own.  I am privileged in that I will never know what it is like for someone to hate me based purely off the color of my skin, nor will I have people look at me sideways when I walk down the street with a potential partner.  In those respects, I DID get lucky.

But let me be the latest in a long line of people who says that being a heteroromantic asexual is no fucking cake walk.

We are discriminated against in different ways.  We run the risk of corrective rape (yeah, I know everyone brings that up but holy shit - the threat of rape should terrify all of you), of having people laugh in our faces as they tell us that we “just haven’t met the right person yet” or that we “just have low sex drive” or that they can be the one to “fix” us as if there is something broken or wrong about who we are.  Oftentimes, we find ourselves bullied into sexual situations because that is what is expected of us as women (I say women, but the same applies to men, trans people, and agendered people, as well)

Does that sound familiar? Any of it, at all?

It fucking should because those are the very things that the majority of the LGBT+ community has been fighting against for decades now.  

Also, please stop saying that you’re keeping heterosexual asexuals out of the LGBT+ community because we’ve been denying you your rights for years.  Have some hetero people done so? Absolutely - but by no means all of us.  Saying that all “heteros” do is tear the community apart is like saying that all gay people run around calling people “hunny” and wearing bright pink.  Do some? Sure - but not all and it’s wildly unfair to use one person as a blanket description of how all gays act.  Money says that you’d get pretty pissed off after awhile if someone accused you of doing or being something that you’re not.

The Ideal Self

Hi guys!

As I was doodling last night, I doodled what I think I would most like to look like and dress like, if I could- Otherwise called my ‘Ideal Self’!  Throughout the rest of the night I was very happy, and just drawing that self and saying, 'this is me’, made me feel really nice inside!  

So I’m inviting anyone who would like to make a little doodle, or dollmaker, or whatever you have access to, to make an Ideal Self!  You can post it separately or post in a reblog, but for me, it was a nice exercise and I hope it can make you happy too!  I made a headshot, but you can make a fullbody or whatever you want. uuv

This is my ideal self;

Have fun!!

Kit had imagined before what he’d do if a Nephilim ever grabbed him. How he’d stomp on their feet, break their bones, snap their wrists, spit in their faces. He did none of those things, thought of none of those things. He looked at the boy with the knife to his throat, the boy whose black eyelashes feathered down against his cheekbones as he glanced away from Kit, and he felt something like a shock of recognition pass through him.
He thought, How beautiful
—  Excerpt From: Clare, Cassandra. “Lady Midnight.” Margaret K. McElderry Books. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Castiel Novak is successful businessman, head of his division at Sandover Industries, reliable and relied upon by his higher ups. The one thing he wants and doesn’t have is the one thing he cannot allow himself: a relationship. He can’t trust himself with other people, he gets too involved, puts the relationship before *anything*. Rather than risk it, he turns to, a site that helps like-minded individuals find each other for anonymous sexting, in the hopes that he can satisfy his desires without endangering his career.

Warnings: None in particular. As always, see tags on AO3.

Chapters: 1 (of an expected 2 or 3)

Current Word Count: 4,200 (of approximately 15,000 - first draft is finished)

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