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🎉🎈 happy, happy birthdaaayy to this most precious bud 🎉🎈

♡ Yeshi's 1st Mutual Appreciation Post !! ♡

Hello friends !! I’ve been on tumglr.hell for a little over a year now and I just hit 200+ followers !!! I’ve met so many new friends and wonderful people during my time on this website, and I’d like to thank all of you for being so so kind and making me laugh and smile (and sometimes a little disturbed) even though hard times :’)

Listed below are some of my beloved mutuals, friends, and favorite blogs. I can’t put into words how much I love all of you, some of you I’ve know for a long time and others I haven’t interacted with that much but I still love you lots and would not hesitate to take a bullet for you if the opportunity arose 👀👀

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Thank you all again !! Ya girl Yeshi here sending you all good vibes ilysm 💕♥️💕💖💕

no one talks about the fact that Kaz and the rest of MSF spent three years living in the middle of nowhere in Colombia, so he likely

  • has had a face-off with at least one jaguar
  • puts mosquito netting on everything, may use DDT despite known environmental concerns because yeah, it’s important for the future of the planet or whatever, but it’s more important his people not get malaria
  • had a healthy respect for venomous spiders, snakes, and scorpions, and checks his boots before he puts them on
  • since he has a high rank in medicine, probably learned really shitty field medicine with makeshift tools and minimal supplies
  • possibly learned to drive with that jeep on dirt roads, because when else would he have learned to drive
  • and, on an unrelated note, since the only vehicles they own are probably that jeep and Snake’s bike, has probably ridden double with Snake on that bike at least once out of necessity
bad news

mr blake’s teammate has had a last minute Issue for a race tomorrow and I’m now joining my lil cyclist on the road, so Modern Romance will not be done in time for its usual Sunday evening release. I feel awful but this one especially needs to be done right, so I’m going to take my time and post when it’s done to my satisfaction rather than rush it. I’M SO SORRY I really feel bad, after all those asks last week saying people enjoy getting it on sunday night I just knEW something was going to come up to Ruin Everything so please forgive me I love you pardon my indiscretions amen

cryopearl  asked:

I noticed that Red doesn't have any asks yet, so... Red, who's your best friend (Male) and best friend (Female)?

Serious Question

Why are there so many WtNV Christmas Cecilos fics, but not one of them is titled THE NIGHT VALE BEFORE CHRISTMAS??????


Finished this just in time. It was pretty rushed and I really don’t like it please no one look at Hiccup’s face it’s crap

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

Imagine cuddling with Woozi on a cold, rainy morning while you two are still in bed. Your head is gently resting on his chest and your arms lightly circled around his waist. Woozi on the other hand, has his head leaning on top of yours with one of his arm on your shoulder, pulling you close to him.

Sourin drabble (anon request): drunk!Rin out clubbing with protective!Sousuke

Rin’s drunk to the point where he can’t walk without stumbling. He’s spent the last hour clinging to Sousuke and kissing his neck and now Rin wants to go buy them drinks, on his own because “I’m not that drunk,” and Sousuke’s foolishly lets him go. 

Sousuke watches him the entire time just to be safe. He sees Rin struggling to pull out the correct money, cocks an eyebrow when Rin buys an extra shot, and sighs when he realises that Rin can’t possibly make it back to him without landing on his face with both hands occupied with drinks. 

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It was supposed to be a Disney marathon, but the movies became forgotten somewhere in the middle of good-natured chatting…

Mistaken Identity is one of the fluffiest hurt/comfort ten x rose fanfics there is <3 The drawing is about what might happen right after the fanfic’s ending :’D The author of this adorable au is @wordsintimeandspace~


We covered “His Theme” from Undertale :)

Holy cow this is so good!