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Ask away tumblr

1. What have you eaten today?
2. Who was your last kiss with? Was it pleasant?
3. What color shoes did you last wear?
4. Who has made you laugh the hardest in the last week?
5. What is your favorite scent?
6. What is your favorite season? Why?
7. Can you do a handstand or cartwheel?
8. What color are your nails?
9. If you had to get a tattoo on your face to save your life, what would it be?
10. What is something you find romantic?
11. Are you happy?
12. Is there anything in particular making you happy or sad?
13. Dogs or Cats?
15. Which do you prefer:a museum, a night club, the forest or a library?
15. What is your style?
16. If you could be doing anything you like right now, what would it be?
17. Are you in a relationship or single?
18. What makes you attracted to the person you like right now?
19. If you could replace your partner/best friend with a celebrity of your choice, would you? Who with?
20. Are you holding on to something you need to let go of? If so then what?
21. How did you celebrate last Halloween?
22. Have you recently made any big decisions?
23. Were you ever in a school play?
24. What movie would you use to describe your life?
25. Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
26. Complete this sentence, “I wish I had someone with whom I could share…”
27. What are two things that irritate you about the same sex?
28. What are two things that irritate you about the opposite sex?
29. What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?
30. What is something that makes you sad when you think about it?
31. How long was your longest relationship?
32. Have you ever been in love?
33. Are you currently in love?
34. Why did your last relationship end?
35. What jewelry are you wearing right now, and where did you get it?
36. When was the last time you cried and why?
37. Name someone pretty.
38. What did you receive last Valentines Day?
39. Do you get jealous easily?
40. Have you ever been cheated on?
41. Do you trust your partner/best friend?
42. Ever had detention?
43. Would you rather live in the countryside or the city?
44. What do people call you?
45. What was the last book you read?
46. How big of a nerd/dork are you?
47. What kind of music do you listen to?
48. How tall are you?
49. Do you like kids?
50. Favorite fruits?
51. Do you wear jeans or sweats more?
52. What’s your earliest memory?
53. Ever had a poem or song written about you or to you?
54. Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
55. Do you have a collection of anything?
56. Do you save money or spend it?
57. What would your dream house be like?
58. What top 5 things make you the angriest?
59. What top 5 things always brings a smile to your face?
60. You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late one more time you get fired. What do you do?
61. 72: You are at the doctor’s office and she has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. a) Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? b) What do you do with your remaining days? c) Would you be afraid?
62. Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word; heart.
63. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?
64. Do you like the beach?
65. Ever sleep on the couch or a bed with someone special?
66. Do you have a middle name? If so what is it!
67. Do you talk to yourself?
68. Describe your hair.
69. What is the meaning of life.
70. What is your ideal partner like?
71. Do you want to get married?
72. Do you want to have kids?
73. Like or dislike your family?
74. Are you Chunky or Slim?
75. Would you consider yourself smart?
76. What would you change about your life?
77. Religious or Not?
78. You’re drunk and yelling at hot guys/girls out of your car window, you’re with?
79. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, is that a problem?
80. Does anyone regularly (other than family) tell you they love you?
81. If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now?
82. So, the last person you kissed just happens to arrive at your door at 3AM; do you let them in?
83. Do you like when people play with your hair?
84. Do you like bubble baths?
85. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?
86. Have you ever danced in the rain?
87. Do you trust anyone with your life?
88. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
89. If money wasn’t an issue, what top 10 places would you travel to? (You get to stay at each place for a week)
90. How was your day today?
91. Play an instrument?
92. Describe the what you think of the ocean.
93. Do you believe in aliens or ghosts?
94. Honestly, are things how you wanted them to be?
95. Do you have a mean bitchy scary side?
96. When are you vulnerable?
97. How much free time do you have?
98. Do you like to go hiking?
99. Odd or Even Numbers?
100. Would you ever go sky diving, bungee jumping , cliff diving, wing suit gliding, parasailing, snorkeling, or other extreme activities?

Every ghost hunters show ever:
  • Owner of haunted place: "There's some weird stuff going on and why don't know why." ;(
  • Ghost guys: "Well, when did this all start?"
  • Owner: "After we let some cultists do a magical ritual here that might have had sacrifices in it. Things started to get weird after that but we don't know why." :o
  • +++
  • Ghost guys: "Okay, this room is very haunted. We know there's two ghosts in here. Let's be professional about this."
  • *Noises*
  • +++
  • Dude-bro: "Hey that room is suppose to be filled with evil, violent spirits... Let's let the fat dude go in by himself."
  • +++
  • Ghost guys: "If you can hear me, knock three times! We want to listen to you! We want to help you!"
  • Ghosts: "Uhhhh okay..."
  • *Knock three times*
  • *Leave*
  • Ghosts: "Uh....we still need help you know..." :I
  • +++
  • *Noise or something shows up on the camera*
  • Ghost guys: "WOAH WOAH WOAH!"
  • Dude-bro: "What was that?!"
  • +++
  • *Show starts off with 35 minutes of them goofing around, listening to the owners of the house, and general BS*
  • *Last ten minutes of the show*
  • *Show ends*
  • +++
  • *Ghosts start trolling them non-stop*
  • Ghost guys: "This is crazy we have to leave now! What is going on why is this all happening to us?!" D':

Make Time

it wasn’t your fault. it was schools fault.

everytime that hyuk has a performance, you miss it because of your packed schedule. you wished that you could just go or do whatever or wherever you wanted when you wanted.

you remember like it was yesterday..your high school graduation. of course, hyuk was there but he seemed a bit off.

“hyuk? what’s wrong?” your eyes filled with worry quickly after realizing that your boyfriend had a pouty face.

he forced a fake smile to assure you that there was nothing wrong. but there was.

“come on, lets go outside.” you got up and grabbed his hand, guiding him out of the refreshments room.

you weren’t going to believe any lies that he was going to attempt to tell you. it was obvious that he had something on his mind. something that was dragging his regular happy self down.

“tell me what’s wrong.” you said.

“i just…nevermind.” he looked at you and bit down in his lip to hide his frown.

“c'mon i don’t want to hear that.. you better tell me hyuk.” you forced him.

he let out a sigh and broke his eye contact with you. “will you still be able to…”

“to what hyuk? you’re like how many years older than-”

“come to my shows. and please let’s not talk about our age gap…ever.” he whispered the last part, no one could know about that. not now.

“if this is what’s bothering you, then…yes i will still try to go to your shows. i’ve never missed one yet. and i damn sure don't  plan on missing one.”


you cut him off with a kiss, causing him to turn to putty in your hands. he was a sucker for you and he needed to make sure that you’d be around. you were his inspiration for everything after all.

you got a nonification from the angel that attended each and every one of hyuk’s performances. she went live so that those at home could watch him live.

you tapped on it and god…there he was, singing pour up. he looked amazing. and you noticed that he was wearing the necklace you got him for his birthday which made you smile and tear up. you were beginning to feel emo.

honestly, you felt distant from him. you’d see him every now and then but that was either for a quick fuck or to spend “time” together which only lasted for about an hour.

god knows you didn’t want to break up with him. you loved him too much.

you pushed your thoughts to the side just for now and focused on hyuk. of course, he was singing well and giving a great performance. he sung a few songs before getting to what2do. a song that he wrote when you two weren’t on the best page.

but right in the middle of the song, he stopped singing, covered his face and looked down. he walked off of the stage while shaking his head. but before he left, he spoke into the microphone, “i’m sorry”.

“what?” you asked yourself before hopping off of the couch and heading to your room to dress yourself.

you threw on a skirt, one of hyuk’s old supreme jackets and a pair of your old sneakers. you looked fine, if you excluded the fact that it looked like you had no bottoms on.

after locking up the house, you looked back at your phone. the ‘angel’ was apologizing to her viewers.

“dean is backstage. he’s been back there for a good six minutes…i hope he’s alright. if there are new viewers, the reason why you don’t see dean is because he cried on stage and left. he’s still here and maybe will be out soon. hang on.” she turned the camera around to face the stage.

hyuk had came back, with a hat on to hide his puffy eyes. “i apologize for my abrupt stop…. it’s just… i’m having problems.” he wasn’t going to continue the sentence but people in the crowd encouraged him to.

“tell us dean!”

he sighed into the microphone. “i wanted her to be here and…she’s not…”

“aww.” the crowd cooed as he started crying again.

you put your phone in your pocket and continued your walk to the venue. you hoped that security would let you in although they most likely wouldn’t.

even if you told them that you were hyuk’s girlfriend. they probably wouldn’t believe you because of how you looked. or maybe just because they were trying to keep him safe.

when you finally got to the back of the building, you saw that there was no one at the back door so you started to open it… until someone opened it before you.

“what were you doing?!” two men who looked like security guards asked you.

“umm…” you paused. “i’m here to see hy- dean. i’m his girlfriend.”

the both of them started to laugh and point at your features, telling you how hyuk would never date someone like you.

you just stood there. unfazed. how and why were you unfazed? because you were used to this. it was nothing new, so you let them get in on their jokes.

“y/n!” hyuk literally screamed when he spotted you from the hallway.

he pushed pass the guards and pulled you into a tight hug. “what are you doing here? i thought you said that you have a test tomorrow and you need to study?”

“they teased me hyuk.” you ignored his question and stared the two older men in front of you down.

“what?” he looked back at them and codly said, “you’re not the only ones. hardly anyone believes her.”

“sorry.” they said in unison and left the two of you alone.

hyuk stepped back and looked at you, he noticed his jacket and that brought a slight smile to his face.

“you cried…on stage. why?” you cut straight to the point making his smile drop.

“because i miss you y/n. i miss us.” he paused and ran his fingers through his hair. “i miss you being in the crowd and i miss spotting you out and singing to you. baby we’re not even around each other as much anymore. and when we are… it’s just..not the same.”

“i honestly feel the same way hyuk…i really do. but-”

“please don’t say but, just be here with me. we can work this out.” he looked down, obviously he was in some type of emo state.

“alright..after your show, let’s go home.” you suggested.

“after the show? home?” he asked. the tone of his voice was lifted and his eyes opened much more wider than before. You

“yes hyuk, now get in there and give your fans a good performance!”

he grabbed your hand and guided you through the building, to the stage. “what are you doing?” you asked him through gritted teeth.

he placed his finger over his lips and signaled for the dj to start the music. “everyone this is the woman in my life, y/n. and i will be singing to her.” his voice came out shyly and his cheeks were a pinkish red because of all the blushing that he was doing.

the crowd cheered him on until it was time for him to begin singing. they cooed along with you all the way till the end.

“i love you y/n.” he said, sincerely.

you mouthed i love you back to him and opened your arms wide. but, he didn’t hug you.. he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you. he kissed you in front of all the cameras.. something that he once said he’d never do.

when his set was over, he bowed at the crowd and thanked everyone for coming. he also apologized again a thousand times until you had to stop him.

“are you happy with me?” he asked, while holding the door of his car open for you.

you nodded and spat out a quick “yeah.” before he could close the door.

you didn’t lie, although things may have been a little off with your relationship with hyuk but that didn’t mean that you weren’t happy most of the time.

when he got into the car, he started the engine and turned up the radio. you leaned back into the seat and held onto his hand.

“you know, if you at least attend some of my shows, i’ll be the happiest man alive.” hyuk said.

“i’ll see what i can do.” a smirk stretched across your face. he didn’t exclude the"some" which made you feel good. he was finally understanding that school was a top priority.

“you better.” he laughed.

when you two got to your house, you watched a movie and talked about your relationship. thankfully, you worked it out with him completely. you would attend some of his shows and he would come over to your place everyday for way more than an hour time to spend time with you.


“tell me everything will be alright.” you said, while you snuggled deeper into hyuk’s chest.

“everything will be alright. i promise.” he kissed your forehead and sung one of his songs to you until you fell asleep.

“love, love the stars.
love, love the moon”

Flags (Part Two)(#PrideFic)

Happy Pride Month!
Welcome back to our Spideypool #Pride Fic

Enjoy :)

Part One

Part Three

It was already the next weekend before Peter sat down on his bed and pulled out the card from “Pansexual Man.”

He turned it over and over in his hands, tracing the rainbow lettering, the raised numbers, tapping it against his lips as he closed his eyes and relived that fucking kiss that had been keeping him up at night and had him daydreaming through classes.

The mysterious stranger with incredible blue eyes and a mouth that had been chapped but perfect and a hard thick body that had been on display for everyone to look at and ogle and touch

And Peter had barely got to touch.
Damn he should have touched!

Peter dropped back into his pillows, running a hand down his chest to his belt, hesitating. It seemed… wrong to do this while thinking about a stranger at a Pride event. He didn’t even know the mans name. All he had was a card.

And that fucking kiss.

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anonymous asked:

You & Shawn are at a red carpet event & the whole night he's getting moved around from interview to interview & constantly getting asked to pose for pictures & the whole night he seems kinda down but u don't say anything until u guys get home. & when u do ask he tells u it's hard getting treated like a piece of property instead of a human being. & u can tell it was from nobody asking how he was doing it was all about the music. I'm sorry if this is a weird request or hard to understand!

I’m sorry this is quite long, I got carried away - and I hope this is what you meant! 

Sparks of camera flashes, the loud roar of chit-chat, screaming fans and arrogant press; the glamorous awards show was nothing but overwhelming. You stood back, allowing Shawn to do him; for everyone to see. You were beyond proud of him, and knew that it meant everything to him to just be nominated for some of the awards. You watched as he casually greeted fellow artists as if they were anyone, people you would be anxious around. Both of you had walk side by side for 10 seconds before someone grabbed Shawn’s hand, causing his other hand to let yours go, and dragging him to his first interview. With every passing moment, he would be moved down to another interviewer, shoved in front of another daunting lens. You noticed his smile become smaller and shorter each time, which was not like him at all. If anything, he was known for one of the biggest and brightest smiles. The concern grew when his answers became shorter too, and he’d end up looking down or around him - anywhere that wouldn’t mean he was focused on what was happening. 

Finally, you were re-united and you asked him if he was alright as you hurried to your table - with him replying with a nod and a kiss on your forehead. Compared to how he usually was with these sort of occasions, he was silent. He would clap twice whenever someone was called for an award, and then fiddle with his fingers or place with his glass on the table - as if he wanted to be somewhere else. Unfortunately he didn’t win any of the categories, and to your surprise he didn’t seem to mind. He grabbed your hand and hurried out of there as soon as it was over, avoiding lengthy goodbyes. The drive to the hotel was quiet, but his hand remained clasped over yours. 

When you finally reached the hotel room, he let out a huge sigh - as if he had been holding his breath the whole night. You followed him over to the bed and watched him tug on his tie, and finally chucking it to the floor. “It’s like taking off a collar,” he chuckled. You looked at him with furrowed brows. “You wouldn’t get it,” he sighed, shaking his head - about to stand up from the bed. You pressed your hand against his chest and pushed him back down, before sitting at his side. “Tell me,” you said softly as you began to rub your hand down his back. He ruffled his hands through his hair, and unbuttoned the first couple of buttons of his shirt. “I don’t feel like this very often, you know that I am very grateful to be doing what I am - and wouldn’t exchange it for anything” he said, looking at you for reassurance. You nodded, worried about where he was going. “But it’s at things like this; I know you were with me the whole night but to me it didn’t feel like that. I didn’t feel like I could be myself, or I could be with you like how we usually are together.” He puffed his cheeks and let them deflate before he continued. You brushed the bundle of curls that had parted from his combed back hair. “Every single interview is the exact same, I end up saying the same crap over and over again. It’s like, I’m promoting a product - or I’m promoting myself as a product. I have to be Shawn Mendes, I have to be the guy everyone sees me being. I don’t know how to explain it,” he sighed, shaking his head. 

You continued to rub your hand over his back, letting your forehead rest on his shoulder. His head rested against yours as he spoke again, “It’s like, no one ever asks how I am? No one has ever asked, “How are you today Shawn?” He paused, and you watched as he twiddled his thumbs in his lap. “It’s always got to be about the music, or some random tweet I didn’t think twice about. Or some photo that blew up over social media. No one, ever asks about how I’m doing. The real me, not the public figure.” Your spare hand wrapped around his bicep, gripping it slightly. It was awful to hear him speak like this, to know that he felt like this. You had always assumed he put on a brave face and just embraced it, knowing it was something he had to do and he didn’t let it bother him. You felt guilty for assuming. 
“The first time I felt like this, was shortly after my birthday. They would ask if I had wild nights with huge names, and when I’d say no; the conversation would end there. No one cared about what I actually did for my birthday, they were just squeezing me to see if I would spill any juicy gossip.” 

You swallowed the small lump in your throat, “I’m sorry Shawn.” He placed his hand over yours and let out a quiet laugh, “What do you have to be sorry for?” You sat up and looked him in the eye, “I should’ve known something was up. I just thought you were so used to this stuff and that it didn’t bother you like this.” He smiled and placed a hand on the side of your face, “I am used to it, I have to be - it’s part of the package. It just gets a little too much sometimes. But don’t feel sorry, you have done nothing wrong.” You smiled, closing your eyes as you felt a rush of relief. “Do you know what kept me going, what made me push through that whole thing?” he asked. You shook your head, biting at the inside of your cheek. “You. Knowing that once it was over, we would be coming back here; just us two in our own world. Because you are one of the very few people I can be completely myself around.” 

“I of the Storm” - Charles Xavier x Reader

I apologise in advance for this imagine, I don’t really listen to this band so I might have gotten the completely wring end of the stick with what you wanted.

Warnings: None 

Themes: Angst, Fluff (kind of)

Author: Charlie

Charles Xavier x Reader based on “I of the Storm”  - Of Monsters and Men

Your mutation: being able to block mind readers, Being able to change memories (amnesia etc)

Charles hadn’t seen you in years, but he still thought about you every single day. Every day he would wonder why you left, why you didn’t tell him where you were going, and blocked him from your mind. You had been gone over a year, disappearing one night out of the mansion, never to be seen by anyone at the school since.


You and Alex had been training on the vast expanse of grounds that the mansion backed on to, and by sparring that meant you dodging Alex’s well controlled burst of energy and him shouting at you to just try and use your mutation. Only you hadn’t been able to control it well enough so far that you felt safe using it around others. Charles was there with you as always, he and you becoming close as your mutations are fairly similar. He loved you, you knew he did, most people could see it. You probably loved him too, but you weren’t used to people loving you, or even liking you, and the fact that you couldn’t control your mutation only made things worse. With some encouragement from Charles from the side lines you concentrated and tried to make Alex forget where you had just been, giving you a chance to attack him from behind.

           “Come on Y/N, you can do it, just focus” you heard Charles speak into your mind.

In a flash you saw Alex stumble back, almost losing balance and you sprinted from where you had been standing in order to surprise him, only turning round when you realise he hasn’t moved. Alex was on the ground, leaning on his elbows as he looked around almost helplessly. Charles approached him to ask if he was ok as you stood frozen in the spot knowing what you might have done.

           “ Alex? Alex are you alright?” Charles said crouching down to eye level. Alex retreated slightly.

           “ Who are you?! Where am I ?!”  Immediately you knew what had happened.

“ No”  you whispered, shaking your head as you felt tears start to form in your eyes. Not again, this couldn’t be happening. Charles looked at you with concern as he tried to reassure Alex he was safe and would be alright.

You and Charles ushered Alex into Hanks lab where he and Charles tried to figure out how to restore Alex’s memory as you slipped quietly out of the door and away from anyone else you might harm.  It had always been like this, you can’t control your memory powers when your emotional, so you tried not to be. It had worked for a while when you first came to the mansion, Charles was an excellent teacher and your skills were vastly improving, but with every mistake you made your anxiousness grew and soon you didn’t want to use your powers any more for fear of obliterating the memory of people you cared about. You couldn’t let it happen. As you lied awake in bed that night you made the decision to leave. It would be better for everyone if you did. Tears came to your eyes again as you thought of Charles, but you steeled your nerve and packed your back pack. Sneaking out past Charles office door, you left a goodbye kiss for him on his door knowing he wouldn’t have made it to bed yet again, before leaving the mansion for the last time into the night.

*Flashback Ends*


“If I could face them,
If I could make amends
With all my shadows”


You were sat at a café nursing a cup of tea and staring off into the distance. There wasn’t a day went by when you didn’t think of Charles, or the others, hoping that Alex was alright, that Hank and the kids at the school were all happy and safe. But mostly you thought of Charles, how he looked, how he looked at you. You loved him, you realise that now, but that’s why you did what you did. That night at the mansion, when you left, you blocked Charles from being able to enter your brain. You knew he’d be able to hear all the thoughts going around your head as you left and you knew he’d try and stop you. So you blocked him, so he wouldn’t know where you were and he wouldn’t be able to come after you. You where dangerous, you didn’t know what your brain would decide to do if or when you saw him again.

“Are you really gonna love me when I’m gone
I fear you won’t
I fear you don't”

Charles was at his desk as always. His warm cozy office that held so many good memories of the two of you. Sitting back he closed his eyes, picturing you enter his office and wandering over to sit in the chair opposite, chatting away while he worked on his papers, not a particularly affectionate memory but one that made him feel warm and full none the less. He opened his eyes and pulled his top desk drawer open, riffling through it until he found what he was looking for; a picture of the two of you together, on a day out the school had had to a museum, the both of you looking at a large painting hanging on the wall you with your head on his shoulder and his hand gently brushing yours. That was one of Charles’ favourite days, with all the kids off exploring and rooms full of art and history to take your mind off of training you had been so relaxed and him had you had unknowingly spent the entire day in each other’s company, being as close as lovers the entire time. Thinking back he remembers Hank taking the photo on his new camera, the red burnt out edges of the photo typical of 70’s photography, but Hank had been elated with colour photography none the less. Charles still loved you, but after all this time and with how you left, he had given up on you ever loving him back.

“And it echoes when I breathe
Til all you see
Is my ghost
Empty vessel, crooked teeth
Wish you could see”

After your coffee you went for a walk through the rainy streets and along the large lake that butt on to wherever the hell you were this time. Charles had been playing on your mind recently, more than usually; and he was never far from your mind to begin with. Since you left you had learnt to control your powers a lot better than before, travelling to sleep villages to big cities, anywhere no one could find you. As you walked through the rain you closed your eyes and for the first time in years, let your guard down. Lifting your face to the sky and letting the rain fall on your face and wash away all your worries and troubles.

The mountains of paperwork that had been piling up on Charles desk were almost blocking his view of the door; they actd as a wall, sealing him in from the outside world, just him alone woth his thoughts. Charles had of coarse tried to find you when you had first disappeared, but after checking all the places he and the team thought you could be and without the use of his telepathy the search quickly became useless and even Charles had given up. He could still imagine you though. The way your hair curved around your face, your hands and their delicate shape and soft touch, you smile and the slightly crooked tooth that hid in the corner of it. He sighed as he pictured you, just as detiled as the day you had left, but as he slowl came back to the reality of office, you faded into the walls like a ghost.

“Are you really gonna love me when I’m gone
With all my thoughts
And all my flaws”

Now you were crying. The tranquillity of the lake you were by and the sound of rain and very little else around you had not only rid your mind of the worry you constantly felt but brought to surface old memories. Specifically Charles, his eyes, the way he used to look at you, or they way you used to think he looked at you. It all seemed so long ago now you couldn’t be sure if Charles ever loved you like you thought he might have. The doubt settled in your mind as you let the tears pour down your face, Charles could never have loved you, and even if he did, you hurting Alex and running away with no explanation would certainly cause whatever feeling he had for to you vanish in an instant.

“Are you really gonna need me when I’m gone
I fear you won’t
I fear you don't”

He didn’t need you, how could he love you when all you did was push him away and hurt people around you. You were no use to anyone. But the niggling thought that stayed at the back of your mind persisted, you missed the mansion and everyone in it, you so wanted to return just for a moment and see everyone, make sure they were ok. But you couldn’t do it, could you?

“Til all you see
Is my ghost
Empty vessel crooked teeth
Wish you could see”

It seemed everywhere in the mansion Charles went there were reminders of you, pictures, places, hell even patches of grass that brought back memories of you. He had never let go, not fully, the pictures of you in his desk drawer, wallet and on the walls of the mansion surrounded by all the other mutants, happy and smiling reminded him of that.

“And they call me under
And I’m shaking like a leaf
And they call me underneath

To the storm”

Your car pulled up at the entrance to the estate. And you sat there, the rain pattering on your windshield, wipers going as you looked up at the place that was once your home, and you couldn’t go in. You sat there for at least an hour, hands sweating as you thought of everyone in there, and Charles. You could see through some of the ground floor windows, faint outlines of some of the students chatting away and laughing with each other, you could disturb that you thought. It would be like you brought the rain inside with you, none of them would want you there after what you had done, especially Charles and Hank. You didn’t know how Alex was but if it was bad you couldn’t face them, any of them. So you didn’t, you slowly reversed out into the road and drove silently away, hot salty tears falling freely from your face, a stark contrast to the freezing rain still pouring down outside.

Alternative Ending:

Your car pulled up at the entrance to the estate. And you sat there, the rain pattering on your windshield, wipers going as you looked up at the place that was once your home. You sat there for a while clammy hands encasing one another as you thought of Charles in his study.

He sat at his desk, scribbling away at new paper work for students, with the fire blazing away in the corner of his room when he heard a knock at the door.

           “Come in!” he shouted through the thick oak

Slowly you pushed the door open and stepped inside, looking around to find the top of Charles head peaking up from behind some papers.

           “What can I help you with?” he said not looking up from his writing

You stood still in front of his desk not knowing what to say to that question, when he looked up from his papers read to question the silence.  All at once he saw you again, standing in his office just like he had pictured a thousand times. You started silently weeping again as you saw his brilliant blue eyes staring back at you like they had done years ago. He slowly made his way around the desk, reaching out to touch you face. As his warm soft hand came into contact with your ice cold and slightly damp cheeks you turned your head to nuzzle into the snugness of it. He brought you closer until your foreheads were touching, whispering sweet nothings into the air as he too started to cry, his other hand coming up to your face eyes still fixated on yours to make sure you didn’t vanish again, he brought you in for the kiss he’d waited three long years to give you.





Please give me feedback on this and tell me what you think, and feel free to request headcannons at the moment as my imagines requests are closed although I might not do too many more song fics for a while, they are so stressful xxx

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Here's a small prompt that you can apply to any ship you'd like: Ghost hunters

This got so out of hand because I had no idea Teamiplier Ghost Hunters was something that I needed so badly in my life. Fair warning, I’ve never written anything like this. I hope it’s not too terrible and that it doesn’t disappoint you terribly ;-; Thank you for the prompt! ♥

“Are we ready?” Amy looked around to see everyone nodding and throwing their thumbs up. Everyone but Ethan. “Where’s—“

“Here! I’m ready, let’s go.” The younger of the crew came running in. While Ethan was usually on the sidelines of their adventures, deciphering the readings they got in EVPs and going over the footage they got on camera, he had to fill in for Tyler today. The other had gotten sick, and even though Ethan had suggested over and over again that they come in here another day, the rest of the guys reminded him they had plane tickets back to LA the following night. They couldn’t postpone this investigation, not even if Ethan kept insisting Tyler’s gear was built for someone thrice Ethan’s size and there was no way this could go well (“That’s a bullshit excuse, Ethan,” they told him each time).

The sooner they went in, the sooner they would be out, he supposed.

“I promise it’s not that scary in there,” Mark said quietly to him as they walked behind the rest of the crew, his voice low as if he was telling a secret.

“I’m not scared,” Ethan argued for what felt like the millionth time. “This is just not what I signed up for.”

“Uh huh, sure.” Mark placed a comforting hand on Ethan’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll be close by. Y’know, to help you with your gear. Not because you’re scared.”

Ethan let out a heavy, dramatic, annoyed sigh. Mark could be infuriating, but… He supposed he didn’t mind having some help. With the gear. Ethan wasn’t scared. Besides, Mark was the tech guy, the one who tinkered with all the devices and got the best in the market (considering their budget), so Ethan definitely trusted him. With the gear.

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things people submit
  • Aries: I get so frustrated when people waste my time taking their time. Like "let's get a move on people, there's only so many hours the sun is out!!"
  • Taurus: I hate how I love routine to the point where Im not able to leave a toxic relationship. My stubbornness wont let me give up on someone I love even though I know they are no good for me.
  • Gemini: There's a distinctive flaw in my personality - it's ever changing. I can't even decide what style I want to wear. One day I'll wear all black and the next I'll wear flower crowns and floral clothes. My personality changes like my dress sense does.
  • Cancer: It's true that we are very sensitive, but we can keep our emotions for us without showing anyone. It's weird because we always try to show our toughness but yet people say we are sweet and kind but when we are alone we can count on just our strength, yet often I wish people didn't confuse our kindness with weakness.
  • Leo: I am constantly in need of attention. Not only from my boyfriend, but from all of my friends. I crave people falling in love with me. Nothing is more devastating to me than being a second choice.
  • Virgo: I'm really needy I wilt without attention from my close friends but I feel like I'm bothering everyone when I want to talk about my problems because I'm so used to doing the helping. Then I feel selfish for wanting help in return.
  • Libra: A lot of people tell me Im pretty and forget my intelligence. I feel like ppl care more about the physical than whats inside. Ive been told many times that ppl were surprised Im also smart because I look pretty. That depresses me.
  • Scorpio: I find that I like to have control of things, so I often take the place as the leader of the group, and when I am not I have very strong opinions on things and express them without a filter, and often take the place as a co-leader, I also find that it is easy to tell people what to do.
  • Sagittarius: It's true clingy people do annoy me. If you bother to stop me from having fun I will immediately drop my smile and give you the scariest death stare you've ever scene. Stop me from exploring places where adventure lies ahead and you'll be next on my kill list.
  • Capricorn: I come off as aloof, cold and shy when in reality I'm just at peace, observing. I'm afraid this trait of mine will push people away and that they find me boring, arrogant or stuck up. I want love but I'm afraid of vulnerability.
  • Aquarius: I don't like people that don't know how to keep a conversation going it annoys me on a level that is extreme because if ur awkward then I'm gonna get awkward and there's gonna be a uncomfortable silence. No.
  • Pisces: I am constantly torn between everything in life. One day I think I want my life to be stable and become a normal upper middle class citizen then the next I want to run away to a strange place with nothing but a camera. It's this way with everything in my life.
  • Reader x Jimin (bts) x Wonwoo (seventeen)
  • Word count: 1021
  • An AU where Jimin overhears your dirty confession to fellow band mates about wanting a threesome before an awards show
  • ---
  • Inside the dressing room was silent, nothing but the sounds of makeup brushes being sat down on the table and the occasional sounds of home buttons of phones heard.
  • "So I heard that Seventeen are attending this award show" My fellow band mate, Angel says from the back of the room causing my cheeks to flush red. I swear I could hear the smirk in her voice.
  • "Ooh, (Y/N)'s lover boy is gonna be here" My other band mate, Kim coos as she gets her eyeliner done beautifully. "He is not my boyfriend" I groan for the millionth time this month. Memories flash back of one of seventeens most recent interviews that had aired.
  • ---
  • "So Wonwoo, the fans want to know, who is your ideal type of girl" The MC asks Wonwoo as the rest of the band snigger and hit his shoulder, like they already know the answer. "(Y/N) of 4Angels" He smoothly says, winking at the camera.
  • ---
  • The interview made tabloids, trending twitter tags, and so much more. Fans began shipping us, and so did my own band.
  • "He's so hot though, you're lucky you know" Angel says as we begin to get dressed for the awards show. "Not my style" I say, wanting to divert the topic away from Wonwoo. "Let's talk about something else" I say quickly, as I'm being passed a black dress.
  • I get undressed in front of my band mates and the female makeup artists, not caring as we are all very close and they don't mind as my band mates do the same with their outfits. The black dress reaches mid thigh and shows off my curves nicely.
  • "Oh my god (Y/N), you look sexy!" The maknae Poppy yelled out with a gasp, Kim and Angel agreeing with me. "At least she'll look sexy for Wonwoo tonight" Angel says with a cheeky wink making me groan.
  • "What do you think they'll get up to tonight huh?" Kim says to Angel as if I wasn't there. "Probably some dirty stuff to be honest, we all know she wants him too" Angel says.
  • "I want to do something like that with someone as good looking as Wonwoo to be honest" Kim says which lead to the most dirtiest conversation that I thought that I would ever have.
  • "A threesome would be so hot if you think about it, just imagine going down on someone whilst someone else is taking you at the same time" I say to the other 2 members thinking that no one else was around. The groan in response, agreeing to my dirty confession.
  • "Next time you confess things like that, you might want to close your dressing room door" A voice comes from the door, startling all of us. My head snaps to the right, only to be met with Park Jimin of BTS smugly looking down on me as he continues to walk his way down the hall.
  • My cheeks flush red as my head falls into my hands. His table is right next to the seventeen table. Knowing Jimins attitude, he is bound to tell him.
  • During the award ceremony, that was all I could think about; the Park Jimin knows my guilty pleasure. After the awards show, embarrassment was still present. Especially whenever I saw Jimin smirk at me from across the room.
  • My stomach flipped when he came walking towards me, his lip in between his teeth sexily. Without stopping, he took my arm harshly and dragged me with him down the hall towards the dreaded room that I tried avoiding all evening.
  • Seventeen; hip hop unit
  • He opened the door and quickly locked it behind him. My eyes dart tithe only person sitting down in this room. The man himself, Jeon Wonwoo. He stares up at me with his own lip in a bite.
  • "You told him didn't you" I say in a voice barley above a whisper. Jimin nods before quickly attaching his lips to my neck, Wonwoo watching from his seat. Jimin trails his hand below my short black dress, touching my clit and slowly rubbing. A moan escapes my mouth as my eyes shut.
  • Jimin drags me over to the dressing room table, placing me on the cold surface. Lifting my legs onto his shoulders, he takes my black lace panties off and throwing them in the corner. His mouth instantly attaches to my clit and begins sucking. My hands reach for his hair as he licks up and down my now wet sex. Wonwoo could be heard taking his jeans off in the distance and groaning, probably palming himself at the sight of Jimin having me like this.
  • "How's her pretty pussy?" He asks Jimin in between moans. Jimin moans in response as he sticks his tongue in further, practically tongue fucking me to my orgasm. Before the knot in my stomach could be untied, Jimin stops all of a sudden leaving me in a hot breathing mess. Wonwoo walks over, quickly picking me up and placing me on the couch he was once sat on.
  • Wonwoo crawls on top of me, not even bothering to put a condom on and begins roughly thrusting inside of me, my back arching at the pleasure I'm receiving from his dick all of a sudden. "How's that princess? How's daddy's cock" Jimin purrs as he plays with my hair and makes out with my neck.
  • I reach my hand out into Jimins pants and begin to palm him off as Wonwoo relentlessly fucks me. "Daddy's cock feels good" I say as I move my hips, meeting Wonwoos thrusts.
  • "Be more vocal princess, daddy wants to hear you as you cum all over my cock" Wonwoo says as his thrusting intensifies, my hand speeding up on Jimin as he cums into my hand.
  • Moans fly out of my mouth as my cum spills over Wonwoos dick. "So pretty" he praises, kissing me quickly before putting his pants on.
  • "Wonwoo, open this door before I kick it down" Mingyu yells from behind the locked door causing Jimin and I to laugh a little.
Laura Jackson-Blofis

If you didn’t know Percy, you’d think he was a professional in childcare. He could put them to sleep without any problems, they wouldn’t protest to eating when it was he who was doing the feeding, he could even calm a crying baby with just the sound of his voice. Percy Jackson had never even held a baby before his little sister was born, yet he couldn’t do any harm when he first held her.
“Would you like to hold her?” Sally asked, the baby was not even a day old, she was so tiny. Percy quickly shook his head, even taking a few steps away from his mom.
“I might drop her.” he protested. However, after Sally had fallen asleep, and Paul had gone home to shower, the little girl started crying in her crib. “No, no, don’t do that, mom’s tired, you can’t wake her” he pleaded trying to hush the baby. Popping his head out the door he saw no nurses, cursing he ran back into the room and carefully lifted his sister. “Shh.” Percy had been told before that his voice was powerful, that he could stop entire armies just by talking, he would never have guessed that quieting babies was something he could be capable of. The baby stopped crying instantly, with his voice and the rocking, she was as quiet as she would be if she were sleeping. Only, she was wide awake, looking at him with the most perfect blue eyes he’d ever seen, just like their mothers. “There we go, that’s better” only an hour ago he was adamant on not holding her. Now, with small tears in his eyes, he didn’t want to put her down. “You know, you look just like mom,” he told her as he walked towards the small armchair “You even have that dimple on your cheek like she does.” He gently poked it making her giggle. “I wish I still lived with her now, just so I could see you everyday. Wait, you don’t even know who I am, do you? I’m Percy, your brother.” He continued talking to her for almost an hour before Sally woke up to feed her and he had to leave for school. However, before he left, Sally quickly called him back.
“Her name’s Laura, Percy.” Laura, after his grandmother, any other name couldn’t have fit any better than Laura.

4 years later, Sally still talked about how she woke up to him having an entire one-sided conversation with Laura, how he’d take her giggling and gurgling noises as noises of agreement to whatever he said. As Laura Jackson-Blofis grew up, anyone could tell that her favourite person in the world was her brother. Some nights Sally would call him to come over, just so he could put her to sleep. If Percy was around, Laura would refuse to be fed her apple sauce by anyone else. When she could stand on her own, he’d let her stand between his legs as he slowly rode his skateboard around the apartment. Annabeth’s new favourite moment was when Percy put on a little fashion show for Laura. He needed to pick out an outfit for their sixth anniversary and she was determined to find him the perfect one.
“What about this one?” he asked the now 4 year old. She looked up from her book, a small smile on her face, but when she saw his green button down, she scrunched up her nose.
“You don’t look nice in green” she told him.
“Then what colour should I wear?” he couldn’t help but chuckle at the ‘thinking’ face she put on, as she furrowed her eyebrows and tapped her chin, Annabeth walked in. Neither of them noticed her, too caught up in what colour Percy’s shirt should be to hear the camera click of her phone. Instead of saying anything, Laura jumped off the bed and ran into the closet, promptly coming out with a white button down and a black vest.
“What did you ever do before I was born?” she asked, a finger pointing at him with her other hand on her hip. She even had the same look their mom gave when she scolded him, it kind of scared him. Annabeth couldn’t help but take another picture, laughing at the sight of her 6 foot boyfriend being scolded by his hardly 3 foot tall little sister. Laura’s eyes seemed to light up at the sound of her laugh, Percy swore that this girl loved Annabeth more than she loved him. “You’re home!” she exclaimed running right into Annabeth’s arms.
“I was only gone a few hours, you two looked busy” Annabeth teased, winking at Percy, “What else did you do while I was gone? Other than give Percy some fashion advise”
“Uhm, Jason came over for lunch, we had grilled cheese and apple juice, then he took me to the library while Fishy took a shower,” if anything could melt your heart, it was Laura calling her brother Fishy. It started when she first saw him breath underwater, it was when they were gone to Montauk for her fourth birthday. She already knew who Percy’s dad was, she just hadn’t seen any of his powers yet because no one was sure if she’d be able to see through the mist. After they realized that instead of a poodle she actually saw Mrs O'Learly as she was, they decided it was okay to show her. Ever since that day on the beach, he was forever known as her big brother Fishy. “I got a book, that one.” she pointed towards the bed, a copy of Sleeping Beauty laid discarded on a pillow. Laura went through the rest of her day; she told Annabeth how she ate ice cream with Jason and Piper, how Katie grew a flower for her right in her palm that only had a tiny bit of soil. With each event, Laura counted it on her finger. By the end of her story, she had a total of 6 fingers held up.
“Wow, you’ve had an eventful day” she smiled and nodded as if she accomplished something amazing. “Now, why don’t you go pack your over night bag while I get dressed and we’ll go drop you off at…”
“Nico said he’ll watch her.” Nico Di Angelo didn’t smile much, but something about Laura had put a new spring in his step ever since he met her. Apparently, Laura could even make the darkest of people light up.
“Nico?! Nico lets me eat cookies before bed!” in a flash Laura was out the door and headed for the guest room, which she declared as hers the moment Percy and Annabeth moved into their new apartment. Annabeth smiled and walked over to Percy, placing a hand on his chest, she gave him a kiss.
“I think she likes Nico better than you” she teased, Percy rolled his eyes and picked up the clothes Laura left for him.
“I don’t know why, I let her eat cookies before bed all the time”
“No, you eat cookies while putting her to bed. Anyway, at least we don’t have to feel bad about leaving her tonight” usually, Percy never left her side when she was staying with them. However, with their anniversary, they really had no choice but to find someone to watch her. Especially over night, because they were probably going to do something that Laura could not accidentally walk in on. Percy replaced his shirt with the new one as Annabeth walked into the closet to change. A few minutes later, Laura was waiting at their bedroom door, her backpack looking as if it was going to explode with what she stuffed in there.
“See! I told you this is better!” she stated seeing Percy in the outfit she picked out, “And hurry up, I want to go to Nico’s house” she turned on her heel and walked off towards the front door. Percy just rolled his eyes and smiled.
“Yeah, we don’t have to feel bad. And even if we did, the sight of Nico after being her make up doll will make us feel better” Annabeth laughed from inside the closet, the memory of Nico’s last babysitting experience replaying in her mind.

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 4)

(Pretty long for an imagine again but-  READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3

“No” you breathed out, pushing Dean away despite how your heart was screaming at you to do the exact opposite- which was grab him and crash your lips to his a moment faster.

“No, Dean” you repeated, mostly trying to convince yourself “You- you are drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing. You won’t even remember this in the morning. Please jut- don't” you tried to sooth your rapidly-beating heart.

“You- you kee saying that but- but now that I think about it it’s not just my fault that nothing had happened between us.You- you keep pushing me away. You insist it’s because I am drunk but- but you don’t get. You don’t get it at all” he shook his head, pushing himself away from you. He ran a hand down his face, stumbling backwards and trying to walk away from you.

“No, Dean no wait a little” you sighed, moving fast so that you were by his side again. You were pretty lucky his room was just a few steps away.

He didn’t say a word in the beginning but you could see how he wanted to so he finally broke.

“Why?” he looked up at you with sad eyes “Why do you do this? I finally go the balls to say how I feel and you- you push me away”

You sighed, looking down at your feet “It’s because you actually didn’t Dean. You- you don’t know what you’re saying and most probably you-” it was hard to phrase it “-you don’t feel anything about me”

He scoffed loudly “Bullshit. You are the one wrong here and you will see it sweetheart. You wiiiiill see it!” he looked at you in his drunk state.

You breathed out a chuckle that felt forced “Yeah Dean, whatever you say”

“Oh yeah!” he exclaimed, throwing one hand in the air “And you- you will be unable to resist! I will smile and boom- You will know what I want to say and you will know I was right all along!”

You laughed truthfully for the first time “Sure Dean sure”

“Oh don’t suuuure me- you- you- You!” he wiggled his finger in your face and you laughed even more.

“Yeah Dean yeah. Come on now let’s get you to bed huh?” you opened his bedroom’s door and helped him inside.

“Fiiiine” he visibly rolled his eyes and you chuckled, shaking your head at him.

“But you know that doesn’t mean I will stop trying to convince you I am saying the truth” a cheeky grin spread on his lips and this time you rolled your eyes.

“Do whatever you want Dean”

“Oh but I will! And when I get you I will be there to point it out! You can play hard to get but not to me princess” he chuckled and as hard as it was to believe you laughed as well.

“Oh really?”

“Heck yeah and you wanna know why?”


“Because you’re like a camera, baby. Every time I look at you I smile!” he said cheekily and you tried to hide your smile.

Even id you’d never admit it, when Dean flirted like this it made you feel so many wonderful things you’d never believe.

“So that’s how you’re gonna get me huh?” you smirked slightly and he grinned even more widely.

“Hellz yeah! Sides- You wanna know what’s the best thing in my life? It’s the first word of the sentence” he said and you rolled your eyes at him.

“Yeah really smooth” you helped him towards his bed.

“I always am- oh by the way do you happen to have an extra heart? Mine had been stolen when I first met you” he tilted his head to the side and damn if that wasn’t the most adorable sight you had ever seen!

“I think that’s enough Dean” you sighed, trying to keep the smile down.

“Aww but all I wanna do is take care of you. And right now you look pretty cold… Wanna use me as a blanket?” a smirk immediately spread on his lips and you shook your head at him.


You know (Y/n) your lips look very lonely. Would they like to meet mine?

“Ok fine, I think that’s been enough for a night” you said, immediately removing his hand off your shoulders and let him fall.

Dean let out a loud huff and groan as he collided with his bed.

“Already getting me to bed? But (Y/n) I want to take things seriously with you” he said with a visible pout and you shook your head at him.

“Yeah I know you want to Dean, I know” you mumbled as you worked on getting him out of his shoes.

When you finally did so with both you took them and placed them by his door. You heard a whistle behind you so your back immediately straightened and you turned to look at Dean looking at you with a grin.

“Whoa (Y/n) did you sit on a pile of sugar? Because you have a very sweet ass!”

You shook your head at him, not really wanting to say anything. The blush would certainly get darker.

“Shut up” you fumbled and he chuckled.

“I am just saying the truth!” he exclaimed and you rolled your eyes, going back to him to help him out of his clothes – maybe not a really good decision considering the heat on your cheeks but you still had to.

“Yeah sure” you sighed, sitting on the bed close to him and starting to unbutton his plaid shirt.

“No! I really am! Sides- that’s a nice set of legs too”

You sighed “Thank-”

“What time do they open?” he grinned up at you in that flirty way that could make your knees go weak and your eyes all but widened.

“Dean!” you shrieked “Enough!”

Dean only laughed at you, probably enjoying how flustered he got you.

“Jerk” you grumbled and he laughed even more at you.

“Oh- Oh gosh look- look at her! You’re blushiiiiin! You’re so freaking cuuute!” he laughed, wiping his fake tears.

“I’ll show you cute when you sober up” you grumbled under your breath.

He shook his head at you, opening his mouth to speak but was immediately cut off by a squeak leaving his lips. You immediately stopped your movement and raised an eyebrow at him “What was that?”

“N-nothing” he shrugged.

You narrowed your eyes at him and unexpectedly moved your finger by his ribs and sure another squeal left his lips. Yougrinned widely and without waiting a second moved more your fingers more and more.

“No, no hey! Hey! Stap! Stoooop!” he giggled even more and sure that was a pleasant sound to your ears.

“Dean did you just… giggle?”

“So what?” he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest “I am ticklish” he shrugged and you shook your head laughing, this time fully and unable to keep it.

A smile boke on Dean’s face as well.

“Oh gosh who would have ever thought of this” you shook your head, your laughter dying off.

Silence was there for a while until you noticed the way Dean was looking at you “What?” you asked and he shook his head.

“Nothing it’s just- Hey (Y/n) wanna hear a last one?”

You sighed, rolling your eyes “I can’t avoid it no matter what so shoot”

He smiled at you, trying to get a little up by supporting himself on his elbows just so that he was the same eye level with you – his face you certainly noticed – was very close to yours “There is side view, rare view and oh what else? I loview”

That certainly made your eyes widen.

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Congrats, jerevin <3

This is so late it probably shouldn’t exist. I don’t even know if jerevin is still a thing, that’s how out of touch I am with the fandom. However, please enjoy some pure tooth rotting fluff and expect a dragon story from me soon


He wakes to the feeling of scratchy kisses being placed on his stomach and the sound of light, mischievous laughter filling the room.

“Jeremy,” he hears, still struggling to open his eyes so that he can look and the undoubtedly beautiful boy in his bed. “Come on, cowboy. Time to get up. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

That manages to push past his sleep induced haze and he manages to murmur a jumbled, “‘prise?” as he finally gets his eyes opened and gazes down at a widely grinning Gavin Free who is currently draped across the bottom half of his body, head propped up on hands adorned with golden rings resting on his bare chest. “What surprise?”

“A surprise for our special day!” Gavin coos, scooting forward to press a kiss to Jeremy’s lips. Jeremy kisses back even though his still sleepy brain seems to be trying to tell him to think about what his boyfriend just said. He ignores it, finding it much easier just to bask in the attention Gav seems willing to spend on him so early in the morning. With a laugh, Gavin starts to pull away even as Jeremy chases after him for another kiss. “Now come on, love. Enough of that, I’ve got a whole day planned! We don’t have time for that.”

Waking up a little more now, Jeremy grins playfully and bumps his forehead against Gav’s. “Must be some really important plans if you don’t want to spend the day in bed.”

“They are, I promise! I swear they’re good, I swear, J!”

Humming, Jeremy bumps his forehead against Gavin’s again the ducks in for a brief kiss and then another one. Despite his initial protests, Gavin doesn’t resist at all and accepts each kiss with a smile and one of his own. It’s only when Jeremy wraps his arms around the Brit and attempts to drag him down in an obvious attempt to get some more sleepy cuddles that Gavin finally pulls himself away and punches Jeremy in the chest.

“Oh no you don’t! You are going to get up if I have to drag you out of bed myself!”

With a wince, Jeremy finally fully sits up, rubbing at his chest. “You used to always fall for my charms, Gavy.”

“Yeah, back when your hair didn’t look like shit,” Gavin says with a giggle and a ruffle of Jeremy’s currently blue dyed hair. “You’re lucky your hat usually covers this monstrosity or no one would ever take you seriously.”

“Hey! Says the bleach blonde bimbo,” Jeremy counters, grabbing a pillow and bashing Gav in the side of the head with it. Gavin squeals and curls up and the two of them laugh as Jeremy beats him with the pillow until Gav manages to grab it and retaliate. Neither of them let up until Jeremy pins Gavin to the bed, laughing in triumph and joy. Giving a few weak attempts to get out of Jeremy’s hold, Gavin eventually gives up and falls back on the bed with a huff.

“Come on J,” he whines, “I gotta go get the surprise. I can’t do that with your fat ass holding me down, can I?”

“Hmmm,” Jeremy responds, ignoring the fat comment and pretending to think about it, not letting up on his hold on Gavin at all. “I dunno, what is it worth to you?”

In response, Gavin blows air into Jeremy’s face and grins when he flinches. “You’ll be the one missing out on a gift, not me.”

Jeremy pretends to think about it for a few seconds before letting go of Gavin’s wrists and climbing off of him. “Alright, you’ve convinced me. You’re free, now shower me with gifts before I change my mind,” he says, waving his boyfriend away.

Sticking his tongue out in response, Gavin gets off the bed and heads towards his desk where he picks up an envelope before returning to Jeremy’s side. “Here,” he says as he thrusts the envelope into Jeremy’s hands. “Open this and then we can get started on the rest of our plans. I already told Geoff we were going to take the day off so he knows not to expect us today and probably tomorrow too. I figure we’ll start by going to breakfast at that place you like with those smoothies-”

Jeremy smiles at Gavin fondly before actually looking at his gift and freezing in shock. ‘For our first anniversary’ is written across the front with a little heart with a happy face next to it. Even with Gavin still chattering on happily, Jeremy can’t help but blurt out, “You- you’re really serious about this, aren’t you?”

Gavin freezes. “Oh, bollocks,” he says, eyes suddenly scared,“ are you not? Shit, forget I said anything.” In no time at all,  Gavin begins to get off the bed to run from the room, already intent on running from the rejection. However, when he reaches for the envelope, still in Jeremy’s hand, Jeremy pulls it into his chest. “Come on J,” he begs, “give it back. It was a mistake. Let me leave here with at least some of my dignity intact.”

“No, calm down Gav. We need to talk about this.”

Making another swipe at the envelope and missing, Gavin shakes his head. “We really, really don’t. I didn’t mean to fuck up, I swear, but you have to let me go now.” Going for the envelope one last time, Jeremy smacks his hand away.

“No!” He says firmly. “Just sit down and listen to me Gav. You didn’t even give me a chance to say anything.” When Gavin continues to eye the door as if waiting for his chance to escape, Jeremy grabs hold of his wrist and tugs him down onto the bed. “Now stay,” he commands, thrusting his finger in Gavin’s face. The Brit nods weakly, posture unnaturally demure and lacking the usual confidence that comes to him so easily. Satisfied that he isn’t suddenly going to bolt from the room, Jeremy takes one of his hands in his own. “Look, I wasn’t upset. You didn’t misunderstand my intentions. I want to be with you. I want this to be our one month anniversary and I want to have every other anniversary we possibly can. I want to fucking celebrate our fiftieth anniversary one day, if you’ll have me. I just didn’t know you were also serious about whatever it is we have together. We never talked about it.”

“Of course I’ll have you,” Gavin says softly, eyes fixed on their hands. “I thought I wasn’t being subtle. I want us to be together, you’re pretty much the best person I’ve ever met.”

“Good,” Jeremy says with an encouraging smile, “then we’re on the same page.” He gets up on his knees and strikes a pose. “Gavin Free, I will gladly accept accept whatever is in this envelope because I, Jeremy Dooley, love you and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Gavin laughs at that but he still just watches in silence as Jeremy opens up the envelope. Out falls a photograph of the two of them. He recognizes it from the first time Gavin and him had gone out on their own together, exactly one month ago. They’re at the pier, the ocean and beach in the background, and Jeremy’s arm is around Gavin, who is wearing Jeremy’s cowboy hat. Both of them are laughing in delight as Gavin takes the photo and Jeremy is watching Gavin like there’s nothing more important to him in the entire world. Jeremy smiles at it, and grins even harder when he turns the photo over and sees “1/??? To the best beginning.”

“See,” he says, turning the photo around for Gavin to see, “how could you look at this and not realize I’m completely fucking stupid about you. Now get over here.” He tucks his now flushed and smiling boyfriend into his side and grabs his phone, posing them quickly and making sure Gavin is smiling shyly up at the camera before snapping a photo.

“Here’s one more moment to add to the collection. We’ll have to get a book or something to put them all together.”

With a whining noise, Gavin stuffs his face into Jeremy’s side, mumbling something in response. Ruffling his hair, Jeremy wrestles him from out of his hiding place. “You’re going to have to repeat that Gavy, so I can actually hear it you nerd.” He laughs as his lover pouts before stuffing his face back into Jeremy’ side, tilting his head just enough so Jeremy can hear him this time as he says, “Michael will never let us hear the end of it if we become one of those couples.”

“I hate to break it to you buddy but we’re already one of those couples. Not that he can talk, we all saw him cry the first time Lindsay said she loved him.”

There’s silence for a long moment, Gavin mildly toying with the waistband of Jeremy’s boxers. Recognizing the signs of the golden boy wanting to say something but being unsure about it, Jeremy waits patiently, just basking in the soft morning and quiet moment with his boyfriend, still running off the high of the realization that this is his first major anniversary with Gavin. Finally, Gavin sighs and settles more firmly into Jeremy’s side.

“Love you, cowboy,” he whispers for the first time.

Jeremy freezes before grinning so widely his face hurts. Ducking his head, he presses a kiss to the top of Gavin’s head.

“Love you too.”

Forbidden Documentary Footage Released
  • [NOTE]: Recording has been partially edited by unknown parties.
  • Recording begins. Title is shown, "Retail Hell".
  • [NOTE]: "Retail Hell" is an episodic series of documentaries with traceable origins described as "punks dissecting wageslavery." At least five episodes were released alongside an independently published magazine dedicated to skateboarding culture. Each episode has a different host(s) who attempt to interview workers at retail chains. Hosts often vandalize storefronts and harass workers while filming.
  • Recording begins with Host and Co-Host standing beside each other in a Target parking lot.
  • Host: You already know who the fuck I am.
  • Co-Host: And I'm Helen.
  • [NOTE]: Co-Host is wearing a gas mask.
  • Host: Mark's on the camera. All together, we're the Chain Gang. Welcome to Retail Hell.
  • Cameraman: Okay, that was good. The fuck do you mean by, "you already know who I am," though? Also, the what the hell is the "Chain Gang"?
  • Host: Everyone who matters knows me, dude. I-
  • Recording cuts to Host and Co-Host skateboarding. Cameraman can be seen in some shots, but doesn’t join them. Footage from a skate park is edited in. Skateboarding footage lasts three minutes.
  • Recording cuts to footage taken from inside of Target. Host and Co-Host are in store's toy section examining products.
  • Host: Fucking Barbie.
  • Host removes a packaged Barbie brand doll from its shelf.
  • [NOTE]: Barbie doll does not resemble any known versions ever publicly released. Its notable features are its green hair, pink skin, and purple dress.
  • Host: Come here. Look at this. Made in China.
  • Host shows bottom of package to camera. Camera zooms in on "Made in China" label.
  • Host: That's how you know your shit is bad. 100% cruelty. Do you know how the Chinese government treats their own citizens? This is sweatshop garbage, and they just shill this shit out at places like this. It's bad for you too. Probably got fucking lead in it, or something. Radioactive, or something. My mom used to buy me barbies and shit as kid. Like, I fucking hated Barbie I didn't play with them, but I was still, like, exposed. That's why I've got a third arm.
  • Cameraman: You have three arms?
  • Host: It's on my ass. No one's allowed to look at my ass so no one's ever seen it. They're going to have to recall Barbie cuz kids all over the USA start growing ass arms. No, you know what they'd do. They'd normalize it cuz that's how business works. You'll start seeing "Ass-Arm Barbie". Hey kids, it's okay that you've got an arm on your ass. Barbie does too. Hey kids, you're a mutant freak because we spray down our toys with arsenic and all the food you eat is GMOs, but it's cool. Just buy our shit or you'll look like a bigger freak than you already are.
  • Cacophony of recorded voices and songs are heard. Camera turns to Co-Host who has activated a large number of toys. Host laughs.
  • Host: Holy shit! What the fuck are you doing?
  • Recording cuts to Co-Host holding small skateboard.
  • Co-Host: It's a baby board. I was born with one of these. They had to cut an umbilical cord from each piece of hardware. The doctors didn't know what was going on. I did, but only because I'm really smart. I was only about two years old when I was born.
  • Cameraman: The fuck are you even trying to say?
  • Recording cuts to Co-Host preparing to skate down an aisle on the small skateboard.
  • Co-Host: Skate or die!
  • Co-Host skates down the aisle and knocks products off of the shelves along the way. Co-Host barely avoids hitting a customer, but falls off of her skateboard at the end of the aisle.
  • Recording cuts to Host, Co-Host, and Cameraman getting into conflict with a security guard.
  • Security: Stop filming.
  • Security attempts to grab the camera.
  • Cameraman: Don't touch my fucking property, dude.
  • Security: You need to leave now.
  • Host: We're just trying to buy a skateboard, man.
  • Security attempts to grab the camera again.
  • Cameraman: Stay the fuck away, dude.
  • Security: Leave now. We're calling the police.
  • Cameraman: You're a fake fucking cop! Don't touch me!
  • Co-Host: We were all born with no purpose! Live fast! Die Fast!
  • Co-Host rides her skateboard into a display.
  • Host: Holy fucking shit!
  • Recording cuts to Host outside interviewing a Target employee.
  • Host: How do you like your job?
  • Employee: It's a job.
  • Host: Do you get paid well?
  • Employee: Hell no. Why does she have that mask on?
  • Host: Ever wish you could do something else?
  • Employee: What is this for? Is this gonna be on TV or something.
  • Host: It's a student project.
  • Employee: Alright.
  • Host: You know, your security guy is kind of an asshole.
  • Employee: I don't know anything about him. I just work the registers.
  • Host: You know I got an arm on my ass?
  • Employee: What?
  • Recording cuts to young child speaking to Co-Host.
  • Child: Why are you wearing that mask?
  • Co-Host: Because I have to.
  • Child: You don't have to.
  • Co-Host: I do.
  • Child: Can I wear it?
  • Co-Host: No.
  • Child: What happens if you take off the mask?
  • Co-Host: I'm allergic to air, so I'll die.
  • Child: I think you should take it off anyway.
  • Recording cuts to Host and Co-Host in line at a fast food restaurant.
  • Cashier: What can I get for you today?
  • Host: I'd like one McKiss please.
  • Cashier: Excuse me? A McKiss?
  • Host: Yes.
  • Cashier: Uhh, that's not something we have on our menu.
  • Host: Seriously? Let me show you.
  • Host embraces Co-Host who removes her mask. Host and Co-Host proceed to kiss passionately. Camera zooms in on cashier who looks confused.
  • Recording cuts to a plain white room. Camera turns to a door opening into a hallway. Co-Host shambles past door. Camera follows behind her. Co-Host walks up to a CRT television at the end of the hallway. CRT television only displays static. Co-Host kneels in front of the television and rubs her hand across the monitor, spreading blood across it.
  • Recording cuts to half an episode of the Flintstones. Any scenes indicating strife, negative emotions, or violence have been censored. Episode lasts ten minutes.
  • Recording cuts to Host and Co-Host standing in front of a chained door. Co-Host is carrying a large strapping cutter.
  • Host: This is going to be a first in Retail Hell history. I call it, Retail Hell: Deep Cover. We're gonna sneak inside. We might see some fucked up shit. I don't know. We're definitely gonna break some stuff. Hel, you got this.
  • Co-Host attempts to cut the chains with the strapping cutter.
  • Co-Host: This is impossible.
  • Host: Put all your weight into it.
  • Co-Host: I am.
  • Host: No, like all your weight.
  • Co-Host: I don't weigh that much.
  • Cameraman: I don't think that's the right tool.
  • Host: You're not doing it right. Let me show you.
  • Host now attempts to cut the chains.
  • Host: Fuck, this is harder than it looks.
  • Cameraman: Do you guys even hear me? I'm 90% sure that's not what they use to cut chains.
  • Recording cuts to Cameraman smoking alone in a bedroom. Unknown female enters the shot and the footage ends.
  • Recording cuts to Host and Co-Host within the backroom of a retail chain, presumably Target. Host is snapping a bolt cutter in front of the camera.
  • Host: These are the scissors of the gods!
  • Cameraman: Please be careful with those.
  • Host: This is it. This is the belly of the beast. This is the womb of capitalism... maybe not the womb, but this is where all the shit you buy goes before they put it outside on display.
  • Host picks up a box and drops it on the ground. The sound of glass breaking is heard.
  • Host: No fucking clue what was inside of that.
  • Recording cuts to Co-Host climbing backroom shelving.
  • Host: You won't do it.
  • Cameraman: This is a really stupid fucking idea.
  • Co-Host does a backflip off of the shelving and into a stack of boxes. Recording freezes before impact.
  • Recording cuts to Host and Co-Host exploring store. Store is partially dark. Camera's flashlight is on.
  • Cameraman: Why does it smell like wires burning in here?
  • Host lights a cigarette and begins to smoke it.
  • Host: Did you get me lighting that? Looked badass as fuck, I bet.
  • Cameraman: There's nothing cool about lighting a cigarette.
  • Host: Whatever. Gonna do, like, a soliloquy. Don't stop recording.
  • Cameraman: I'm not stopping any time soon, Ms. Director.
  • Host: Okay, uhh... this store is like a fortress of exploitation. A monument to fruitless capitalism where underpaid workers are treated like shit by corporate suits and customers alike. It's... uhh... fuck.
  • Cameraman: Can't think of anything deep to say?
  • Host: Chev made it look so easy in his episode. Like, he said some real profound shit and dropped the best skate video I've ever seen at the end.
  • Cameraman: You can talk about having an arm on your ass again. That was the high point of this video so far.
  • Host: Fuck you.
  • Host blows smoke into the camera.
  • Host: Where the hell did Hel go?
  • Cameraman: I don't know.
  • Host: Like, when was the last time we even saw her?
  • Cameraman: Don't remember.
  • [NOTE]: Co-Host is seen standing next to Host throughout this entire section of the recording.
  • Recording cuts to Host and Co-Host standing in front of a PA speaker that is leaking a clear, viscous fluid. The PA speaker emits sounds that resemble gurgling and coughing.
  • Host: Don't even know what to say about this shit. Sounds like my granddad dying or something. It's leaking. There's like a flood of this gross ass goo on the floor. It's like drool.
  • Cameraman: Touch it.
  • Host: I'm not touching that stuff. I don't touch shit if I think I'll regret it later.
  • Cameraman: You touched Lenny's dick.
  • Host: Fuck you.
  • PA speaker emits a loud screeching sound and wads of liquid shoot from it.
  • Host: The fuck?
  • Cameraman: Jesus Christ!
  • Clumps of a yellow, semi-solid substance begins to drip from the speaker. Co-Host removes her gas mask and plants herself face first against the wall under the speaker. Co-Host allows herself to be covered in the liquid and the yellow substance.
  • Host: This is the weirdest shit I've ever seen. Get up close, man. Look at this stuff.
  • Cameraman moves closer and zooms in on the substance in Co-Host's hair. Substance seems to be crawling and pulsating. Host, and Cameraman don't seem to perceive the presence of Co-Host. Co-Host rubs the yellow substance into her hair.
  • Recording cuts to blank footage. Audio is still available. Host and Cameraman are heard speaking. Sounds of other individuals are present, as well as the sound of fire crackling.
  • Cameraman: And it's completely fucked!
  • Host: So is he still dating her?
  • Cameraman: Yes, of course. Like, he's fucking desperate. He'll date any girl who gives him attention. It doesn't matter if she acts like a fucking werewolf. He's hopeless, and I'm tired of helping him.
  • Host: I feel you, though. Like, dude, even if this wasn't like his 90th time being in some shit I wouldn't help him. Dude blamed that fucked up shit on someone's dog. They're probably gonna put it down. That's fucked. That's an innocent animal. That's someone's family as far as I'm concerned. Fuck him. You gonna tell the cops or something?
  • Cameraman: Nah. I'm hoping his girlfriend just butchers him like she did that to that cat. For real, though. I don't mess with cops or feds.
  • Host: I feel you.
  • [NOTE]: □□□□□□□
  • Recording cuts to Cameraman sitting at a desk in a plain white room. Cameraman seems be unconscious, and is drooling onto his clothes. A purple carpet like substance is growing from his face. A plastic arm appears from out of the view of the camera and taps the Cameraman until he awakens. The Cameraman proceeds to vomit clumps of wires and coiled metal. Cameraman speaks, but his voice is dubbed over by a woman's voice with a slight southern accent. Cameraman seems to fade in and out of consciousness for the duration of the footage. Cameraman occasionally drools blood from his mouth.
  • Cameraman: Hello, my name is Mark. I'm a kid just like you. I love to play outside, I love learning and growing bigger everyday, but most of all I love my mommy. I like to paint. Watch me paint.
  • Plastic arms appears from out of the view of the camera, one with a green Sharpie brand marker and the other with a piece of paper. The piece of paper is placed onto the desk, and the plastic arm draws on it. Once the drawing is finished, the plastic arm lifts the paper and shows it to the camera. Drawing consists of green scribbles.
  • Cameraman: These are the big green hills where I live. Where do you live?
  • Recording is silent for thirty seconds, Cameraman seems to continue speaking however. Cameraman falls from his chair.
  • Cameraman: That sounds fun. I wish I lived there too. I like the snow. Let me show you what the big green hills look like after it snows.
  • The plastic arm moves off screen and returns with a bottle of milk which it pours onto the drawing. The hand shows the soaked drawing to the camera.
  • Cameraman: This is what the big green hills look like after it snows. Aren't they pretty? I like the snow, so I make sure to bring it with me wherever I go. Maybe, one day I will come to your town.
  • Recording cuts to the previous footage of the conflict with the security guard. Footage is dubbed over by a woman's voice with a slight southern accent. The dubber does differentiate the voices of subjects. The Host speaks in a higher pitched "girly" voice, the security guard speaks in a deeper voice, and the Cameraman speaks in the dubber's plain voice.
  • Security: I like your Camera. Let me see it.
  • Cameraman: You must ask before you can play with my camera.
  • Security: Can I play with your camera?
  • Host: Mark, please let our new friend play with your camera.
  • Cameraman: I shan't let him play with my camera. I am a bad boy, and I don't like to share.
  • Security: I'm telling my mommy and you will be in bad trouble.
  • Cameraman: Don't fucking touch me... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I said a bad word.
  • Recording freezes once Co-Host enters the shot.
  • Recording cuts to blank footage. Audio is still available. Co-Host is heard being interrogated by an unknown individual who will be referred to as Unknown. Unknown either uses a speech synthesizer to speak or a has a natural speaking voice that sounds similar to a speech synthesizer.
  • Unknown: Why? Why? You lie.
  • Co-Host: Please, let me go.
  • Unknown: You breathe. Why lie?
  • Co-Host: Please.
  • Unknown: No. No. You lie.
  • Co-Host: I don't know what you're talking about. Please. I'm so sorry. I just want to go home.
  • Unknown: You lie. Him. You breathe. No mask. You breathe.
  • Co-Host begins to sob.
  • Unknown: Why cry? No cry. You bad. You wrong. Lie. Lie. Why lie? Why lie when breathe? No mask. No. No. You lie. Lie to boy. No.
  • Unknown's voice morphs into that of the child spoken to earlier in the recording.
  • Unknown: Why did you lie to him, bad girl. You're a big liar. You're a bad girl. Mommy's upset.
  • Recording cuts to footage of Cameraman engaging in sexual intercourse with an unknown female. Audio has been dubbed over by Unknown who repeats the statements, "no", "bad", and "don't look" throughout the entire thirty minutes of footage.
  • Recording cuts to footage of Host and Cameraman in conflict with an unknown entity. Recording has been dubbed over and replaced by dialogue spoken by a woman's voice with a slight southern accent. Unknown entity is humanoid in shape with a balloon-like head, a neon green plastic-like substance dangling from its head, and hot pink skin. Aside from large eyes drawn in "Anime" style on its face, it lacks any facial features. The entity wears a purple dress.
  • Host: Look, it's mommy.
  • Host is covered in blood and wielding an ax. Panicked, she points at the entity which is quickly pushing a shopping car full of toys towards the her and the Cameraman. Host jumps out of the way. Cameraman attempts to jump out of the way, but is hit by the shopping cart. The camera is dropped, but the unknown entity can be seen climbing on top of the Cameraman and sticking its arm into his mouth.
  • Cameraman: No, not my favorite camera. If I would have shared it this would have never happened. Now mommy is angry at me.
  • Host: Don't worry, Mark. I will save you.
  • Host hits the entity several times on its back with the ax. The entity bleeds a yellow and pink substance. Camerman crawls from under the entity, gets up, and stomps the entity's head.
  • Host: Ouch, hurting mommy hurts me.
  • Cameraman: Owie, it hurts me too!
  • Host: I think we both learned today not to hurt mommy. Hurting her hurts me more than it does her.
  • Cameraman: I don't know what that means, but I agree.
  • Host and Cameraman continue to attack the entity for the duration of the footage.
  • Recording cuts to footage of Host lying face down on the floor of a plain white room. A mannequin wearing the Co-Host's gas mask stands beside her. Bolt cutters are jammed into the mannequin's torso. An episode of the Flintstones can be heard playing in the background. Host raises her head to the camera. Her face is similar to the unknown entity's. Her head pops off and floats to the ceiling like a balloon.
  • Recording cuts to footage of a bonfire party. Host, Co-Host, and Cameraman are present and take part in different activities. A large number of unknown individuals are present as well. Audio of footage has been dubbed over by a woman's voice with a slight southern accent. Audio is significantly distorted. It is impossible to make out any words spoken.
  • [NOTE]: Co-Host does not have her gas mask in this footage.
  • [NOTE]: Audio is perfectly audible. It's just that mommy is speaking directly to me and you're not allowed to hear her.
  • Recording cuts to Co-Host stabbing the palm of her hand repeatedly with a butcher knife. Footage is in night vision and is taken in a wooded area.
  • Cameraman: You're a real fucking freak.
  • Co-Host: I know.
  • Recording cuts to Host and Co-Host sitting next to each other as they watch a bonfire burn.
  • Host: Hel, I love you.
  • It begins to snow heavily. Recording ends.
  • Recording was discovered by a user named, FriendlyHelper000, who posted a thread on the Runescape forums entitled, "This Is Why Liberalism Has Failed", which included links to the recording. Thread was quickly deleted and the user was banned. The publisher of the magazine which Retail Hell was distributed alongside claims to have no knowledge of the individuals in the recording.
  • Thank you for reading.
[Requested] Yuu and Tomori's Love Life Abridged - The Thrilling Saga [updated]
  • Nao: Welcome to the academy!
  • Yuu: fuck this place
  • Nao: oh why you wanna end up like my bro?
  • Yuu: wut
  • Nao: I lost my brother, but thanks to that one person I can trust, I was able to escape that school environment...
  • Yuu: that's sad
  • *an episode later*
  • Yuu: good god
  • *shit goes down*
  • Yuu: you know you are kinda pretty
  • *another episode later*
  • Nao: Let's go camping!
  • Yuu: fuckin christ this student council is whack af
  • *goes out shopping*
  • Yuu and Nao: *argues about groceries*
  • Yusa: oh my god those two are so in sync!
  • Takajo: They should go out!
  • Yusa: nah they ain't dating
  • Takajo: awwwwww
  • Yuu: aw fuck ayumi is sick
  • Nao: She also has the "collapse" ability whatever that is. We should probably take care of her
  • Yuu: idk
  • Ayumi: ARE YOU TWO DATING????
  • Nao and Yuu: fuck off
  • Ayumi: *dies*
  • Yuu: *hides himself in his room*
  • Nao: Oh god, he lost his little sister. That's pretty understandable.
  • Yuu: *runs away from home*
  • Nao: He probably wants to be alone, I mean, I can't blame him...
  • Yuu: *does nothing but eat pizza and watch anime*
  • Nao: Maybe he'll cheer up if he does something that he enjoys???
  • Yuu: *gets addicted to a violent video game and releases maniac laughter*
  • Nao: It was someone close to him but-
  • Yuu: *starts picking fights with everyone who crosses his path*
  • Nao: oh dear...
  • Yuu: *snorts crack cocaine*
  • *kicks the shit out of Yuu*
  • Nao: I was watching you this whole time! Get your ass out of the grass, and come with me. I wanna make you something.
  • Yuu: dammit
  • Nao: Just one bite, and then I swear we'll have nothing to do with each other anymore
  • Yuu: fine
  • Nao: *makes him rice cake*
  • Nao: Ayumi probably did this because she wanted to be your mom when she wasn't around anymore. Look at this *points to book*
  • Yuu: How did you get my mom's-
  • Nao: She probably saw this as your favorite meal and wanted to make it for you
  • Yuu: *gobbles it up*
  • Nao: it's good ain't it
  • Nao: Feeling better? :3
  • Yuu: what the fuck you said you wanted nothing to do with me after this
  • Nao: after one bite, you ate the whole thing, and i watched thinking "Wow, you must really want something to do with me!"
  • Yuu: ... please go fuck yourself
  • Nao: come back, k?
  • Yuu: k
  • *an episode later*
  • Nao: who wants to go to the Zhiend concert with me?
  • Yusa and Takajo: you should go yuu!
  • Yuu: Why me?!
  • Yusa and Takajo: dude literally everyone here ships you and tomori and if you don't fuckin go out with her you'll be sorry
  • Yuu: FINE
  • Yuu: *meets Sara Shane*
  • Sara: you love that tomori bitch don't you
  • *the next day*
  • Nao: i don't want anyone thinking we're dating please put the phone case back
  • Yuu: fuck
  • Nao: here hold my hand i don't wanna be bored
  • Yuu: oh well what do you know maybe she likes me
  • *shit goes down with memories*
  • Nao: you collapsed
  • Nao: oh sorry forgot
  • Yuu: da fuck happened
  • Kuagami: right this way
  • Yuu: r... r u fuckin kidding me rn
  • *mmm whatcha say*
  • Shunsuke: so I timeleaped and shit so there you have it
  • Yuu: can dis bitch pls stop
  • *saves Ayumi*
  • *an episode later*
  • Yuu: hey so all this crazy shit happened in another world would you believe me if i told you that i'm from the future?
  • Nao: ya probably
  • Yuu: Thank you for everything!
  • Nao: the fuck you talkin about
  • Yuu: Well, in a different world, you did cool stuff
  • Nao: well, thanks i guess...
  • Nao: *gets kidnapped*
  • Kumagami: *dies*
  • *an episode later*
  • Everyone: ya she good
  • *visits Tomori*
  • Nao: well i have this crazy idea but idk if it will work. It would be a feat of strength though
  • Yuu: What is it?
  • Nao: You see... if you loot everyone's ability all around the world and then took the anti-power vaccine... that would save everyone
  • Yuu: ...
  • Nao: See, I told you it was craz-
  • Yuu: IMMA DO IT
  • Nao: lol wut
  • Nao: bruh you don't even have a motive...
  • Yuu: ya i do
  • Nao: what then?
  • Yuu: i love you
  • Nao: *looks into the camera like she's in The Office*
  • Yuu: What?
  • Nao: I came to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Yuu: bitch why the fuck do you say that
  • Nao: our compatibility is absolutely the worst we would never be a good couple
  • Nao: Fine. Save the world, and we'll fuck. Sound good?
  • Nao: ur really desperate for my pussy aren't you?
  • Nao: fine then
  • Yuu: *leaves*
  • Nao: lmao hes fuckin dead

I ended up rewatching Frank and Karen’s first prison scene in 2.07 “Semper Fidelis”, so now here I am, completely distracted from my original purpose and about to go step by step through their body language, words, and how important this scene is for establishing their dynamic. Because it really is. (If you read this, I’m so sorry for the length.)

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carry on, darling, we were built to last

Watching the gold medal, the same one as the other five in Victor’s trophy case, being hanged around his fiancé’s neck was not actually as bitter a feeling as many supposed it would be. Victor was happy. He placed second, but he was so happy… happier than any gold could make him.

After two years of training together, after a year he spent cheering on Yuuri from the sidelines and a year he motivated him from the ice as his fellow competitor, Victor could honestly say Yuuri deserved that gold. He’d worked so hard to achieve the highest place on the podium, towering over the other skaters, that when Victor looked up to the side he couldn’t imagine a better way to end this season.

Yuuri noticed him and smiled a tad apologetically.

“Sorry, I took the gold,” he said, almost as if he thought it was rightfully Victor’s. What a silly boy.

“Yuuri,” Victor shook his head with a smile, stepping up onto Yuuri’s podium and wrapping an arm around his waist. “You did your best and you got a medal to show for it. Don’t make me angry.”

He said it teasingly and by the little embarrassed laughter he knew Yuuri caught onto it. Camera flashes sparkled all around them constantly while they held up their medals. A stray thought, one that he didn’t have for a very long time popped into his head.

He always used to kiss his medals.

And didn’t he promise Yuuri to kiss his medal at last year’s GPF? There was something like that, wasn’t there?

Victor grinned to himself. He dropped his silver and reached out to take Yuuri’s gold. It was already warm from the heat of Yuuri’s hand. Blinking furiously, camera’s focused on what Victor was doing and he knew that soon the whole world would be talking about it, but… he didn’t care. He wanted them to know that Yuuri was his in every single way.

So he pulled the medal up to his lips, giving it a small kiss, while flashes went off from every direction making spots of white dance across his vision. Yuuri seemed to have remembered their promise, because his eyes brightened and he smiled at Victor a little incredulously, but overwhelmingly warm and–

How could Victor have held himself back?

He let go of the medal and leaned down, tilting his head away from the cameras for just an ounce of privacy. His lips pressed against Yuuri’s, sweet and slow, and grateful more than anything. Because it was Yuuri who showed Victor how colourful and warm the world could be, it was Yuuri who made him believe in happiness and bright future, it was Yuuri who beat his ass on the ice fair and square, finally, after all these years of loneliness…

“Congratulations, Yuuri,” he whispered against slightly trembling lips before he pulled back.

Yuuri’s cheeks were flushed, so beautiful in the sharp lights directed at the podium, but he wasn’t shy. He looked straight at Victor, with his eyes direct and warm. His lips were quirked in a tiny exasperated manner that Victor had come to associate with Yuuri calling out his name in that cute, meltingly adorable way.

“You’re horrible, you know that,” Yuuri said, but his voice was light. “Now the press just won’t leave us alone.”

Victor only shrugged a careless shoulder, pulling Yuuri closer to his side and smiling at the flashing cameras.

“It was going to happen sooner or later,” he replied. “And I actually quite like the idea of everyone knowing you’re mine and I’m yours. It’s a little exciting, isn’t it?”

He glanced down at Yuuri, who was busy making a peace sign at one camera. A little was an understatement. Victor was always excited when Yuuri was concerned. Ever since Yuuri swept him off his feet, quite literally, at that unforgettable GPF in Sochi.

When Yuuri turned his head back to him, his smile a bit nasty – oh, how Victor loved that smile ­– Victor didn’t expect these words to fall from his mouth.

“You’re dealing with it, then,” he said. “I have another season to prepare for, coach.”

And he hopped off the podium, leaving Victor alone and shocked and pleased beyond reasoning, because Yuuri was always going to keep him on his toes and he just couldn’t wait for what the future will bring.

Undercover Swing - Chapter 1

Author: 2momsmakearight

Rating: M – E (it gets racier, don’t worry)

Summary: She remembers what he said so clearly. “Look, Agents, the truth of the matter is that we don’t have a male/female partnership who could pass for a married couple in the same…capacity…the way you two can.”

Notes: a huge thank you to my amazing beta @storybycorey Without her, I would be lost. 

Chapter 1: Holly and Paul


Undercover Residence

Las Vegas, NV

 Mulder put the key in the ignition and paused, turning his face towards his partner sitting idly beside him. “Are you sure about this, Scully?” he asked, his face slightly pained. She swallowed, her eyebrow arching, her eyes directed at her bare legs.

 “It’s ‘Holly’, and…,” she sighed shakily, “It’s not my preference, but what are the alternatives? This guy needs to be caught.” She shifted in her seat nervously, tugging at her too-short skirt. Mulder reached across the console, tracing his knuckle down the side of her cheek.

 “Anytime… anytime you feel uncomfortable, or want to go, you let me know,” he spoke gently. “They know we’re novices. It will be okay if we didn’t participate in everything,” he explained gently. He heard her shaky breath as she nodded in understanding, her eyes still plastered on her uncomfortably bare legs.

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"Save it, I don't wanna hear it" - Luke Hemmings (Part 1)

So I feel like this is way too long, but bare with me. Also, if you want me to continue this let me know! Dunno if it’s good enough though.
Hope you like it!

MASTERLIST| Part 2 | Part 3



“Why are you so acting like this? I didn’t do anything! You should know by now how much the media manipulate things into something else” Luke said to me over the phone. We were currently fighting over some pictures that came out of him holding some girl’s hand

“How am I supposed to act when you’re on the other side of the world and I see things like this? How do I know you didn’t take her home or something?” I asked, I didn’t want to cry but this really affected me; I mean, he could get any girl he wants in a second and I’m just plain old me, I was afraid I might lose him

“You are supposed to trust me, like I trust you! How do I know YOU’RE not fucking every guy that talks to you?” He was screaming by now.

“How can you say that? You know I’m not like that Luke”

“No, I don’t anymore and I feel like if you can’t fucking trust me then this relationship should just end”

“What? Luke but I…” I started crying as soon as he said those words

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it” He cut me off “Bye, have a nice life” And just like that he hung up

I was a pretty awful mess after that call, I was bawling my eyes out, my boyfriend of a year and a half had broken up with me for a stupid misunderstanding.

I realized that he could never cheat on me like that, and I couldn’t lose him because of that, I just couldn’t. So I bought a plain ticket to the city they were in at the moment and packed a couple of bags, then I just waited til it was time to go.


I had never been one to think that drinking until you couldn’t remember anything was the way to solve a problem, but tonight it seemed like the only thing I could do.

I was just so mad, how could she think I cheated? I knew I shouldn’t have hold that girl’s hand but she was screaming for help, the people outside the club were pushing her trying to get around us so I just pulled her without thinking, nothing else happened.

After the show me and the boys went out to a club and started drinking, they kept trying to make me feel better but I was having non of it. I wanted to get wasted and forget about everything.

When i was reaching for another shot i felt a girl grabbing my hand and placing it on her thigh, I looked at her and smiled, she was quite pretty, she looked so much like (Y/N), my beautiful (Y/N). Without thinking I kissed her passionately on the lips and felt her kissing back.

“Want to get out of here?” She whispered in my hear

“Yeah come on” I grabbed her hand and led her outside, I could feel flashes from cameras and paparazzi screaming questions at me but I couldn’t understand what they were saying.


I arrived at the hotel they were staying in and figured I wouldn’t book a room since I could crash with them, so I took the lift and went up to their floor, as soon as I got there I saw Ash and Cal getting into a room

“Guys! Hey!” They turned around and looked like they’d seen a ghost “Are you two ok?”

“(Y/N)! Yeah we are, what um.. what are you doing here?” Ashton asked as he hugged me

“I had a fight with Luke and realized it was stupid, so I came here to apologize and make up with him” I hugged Cal “Where is he by the way?”

“Umm he..We went out and he stayed with Michael” Cal said as he looked and me nervously

“OK… I’ll wait here til they come back then” I was about to sit on my suitcase when Ash stopped me

“Don’t be silly, come with us” He grabbed my suitcase and pulled me into their room, Cal started ordering some room service as I made myself comfortable

An hour or so later i went to the bathroom and i heard the bedroom door open, my heart started racing thinking it was Luke

“Yo, Luke is really getting it on with that chick” my heart stopped when I heard Michael say that “She screams so fucking hard I..”

“Dude shut up! (Y/N) is here!” Cal whispered not so quietly

“Where is he?” I asked getting out of the bathroom, they all looked at me scared “I said, where. is. he” they remained quiet. I saw Michael holding a room key with his left hand and run towards him, taking it from him

“NO (Y/N), WAIT!” He screamed, but I was already in front of the room the key had the number of, opening the door.

I could hear moaning from the outside but I didn’t want to believe it until I walked in and saw Luke with that girl on top of him

“WHAT THE FUCK LUKE!” He looked at me and I saw his eyes widen, he pushed the girl away and she fell to the floor, then he started pulling his boxers on
“(Y/N) shit, it’s not what it looks like i swear, I..“

"Save it, I don’t want to hear it” I said and ran out of there, I went to the other room and saw the boys looking all guilty

“You fucking knew…I don’t ever want to hear from you again” I saw the hurt in Ash’ eyes as he was the one I was closest to and then i sprinted off toward the lift. As the doors were closing i saw Luke running towards me with tears in his eyes, screaming my name…

Preference: Vlogging
  • Harry: You were a successful youtuber by day and Harry's girl by night. Your subscribers were very open when you first told then you were dating, although you were still very careful making sure not to film Harry. It's not that you didn't think the fans would be okay with it it's just that so much of your life with Harry was out for the world to see, so you decided to keep whatever you could just to yourselves. You always thought that Harry didn't like to be filmed because of how much of his life was filmed of him already. Until one day he straight up asked you to be in one of your daily vlogs and it happened to be the day that you were repainting Harry's house, you weren't living with him yet but the amount of time you spent there was like it was your home. "Hey everybody, today I've been put through the torture of painting this ones house" You sighed at the end before turning the camera onto Harry, he turned to the camera a paint roller in his hand, his smile wide as he waved a little with his free hand. "Hello" He said his voice raspy. "For those of you who don't know him, which if you don't where have you been these last 3 years" Harry chuckled as you had the camera on yourself. "This is Harry Styles" You swapped the camera to him again, who had turned to face the camera again. "Her boyfriend" He confirmed to everyone. "Now put that camera down and help me lazy!" He said trying to put some paint on the end of your nose which you merely missed. After placing your camera on the tripod you picked up a paintbrush and starting painting just underneath where Harry was. After only mere moments the both of you forgot about the camera still recording. "Get on my shoulders" He said looking up towards the ceiling his eyes landing back on yours. Your face said it all, confusion written all over it. "I need you to paint the top of the wall, it's not like you'll be able to carry me" He sighed crossing his arms across his chest making you feel smaller than you were already, Harry being at least a head taller than you. "Wanna bet?" You mocked him by crossing your arms across your chest and cocking your hip to the side. "Get on" You said bending down a little so Harry had only a step to get onto your shoulders. "Ill crush you, you're tiny" He sighed looking towards the camera that he had just remembered about, your mind still oblivious to it. "I'm stronger than you think my boy" You eyed him up and down taking in his extreme height and toned muscles he couldn't have weighed too much more than your brother and you carried him on your shoulders all the time. Without any other words Harry grasped your shoulders with both hands, elegantly sliding his long leg over your shoulder your hand grabbing his thigh immediately. "Don't drop me" He said laughing as you were starting to already struggle with the weight of only one leg, he knew too well that you were going to drop him. He hoisted his other leg over your free shoulder the wall he was holding supporting him. You grabbed his other thigh as he gently let go of the wall. Your legs shaking, but you were holding him up (just). "See..." You huffed as you could barely talk through the weight. "Don't die on me down there" He said starting to stoke the wall with the grey paint, your legs wobbling more than ever. "[Y/N] NOOOO!" Harry bellowed as your legs gave way and he toppled from your shoulders sending him into the grey paint on the floor, his once white tshirt now a dark grey. You stood there with your hands over your mouth trying to mask your laughter. He stood from his place on the ground turning towards the camera "And to the guys out there this is why you don't trust your girlfriend" He sighed smiling towards you as he turned the camera off. "You're dead!" He said winking at you before scrapping the paint off his tshirt chasing you. Within seconds he had you pinned underneath him as he straddled your thighs your face now covered in grey paint, "Let me go!" You said squirming but you were useless underneath his strength "Kiss me first" He laughed pouting his lips and closing his eyes. You smeared grey paint all over your lips before planting them on Harry's. His eyes flung open as you squirmed from his grip running towards the bathroom. Harry rolled his eyes at the childish girlfriend he had but he couldn't live without you. Best vlog ever the subscribers described it as.
  • Louis: "Good morning everyone!" You exclaimed sitting on the couch next to your boyfriend of 2 years. "HIIII!" Louis yelled towards the camera before you could introduce him. Louis had been in only a few of your vlogs, knowing he was always on tour so when you were together you took advantage of him. "We've got a little ask [Y/N] and Louis video for you today, so I asked you on twitter for some questions for Louis" You smiled at your boy as he turned from you towards the camera "And I asked you on twitter some questions for [Y/N] and we picked our favourites to ask right now" You watched in awe at how natural your boyfriend was in front of the camera, his features looking so good in the screen of a camera. "Babe first questions for you" He smiled at you before reading something from his phone. "When was the moment when you really knew you loved Louis" He read out, pulling his phone from his face having his full attention on you. You were taken back by the question knowing Louis had never heard this before he knew you loved him but he never knew the moment you knew you were in love with him. "Well.." You began "He was actually on tour at the time and we'd only been dating for about 2 months, we were skyping each other, and I remember Liam was in his room with him and Liam was blabbering on about how Louis was miserable without me and that he missed my cuddles, he was upset most nights. I was so shocked that I actually didn't believe him until..." You smiled to him, sparkles in his eyes. "Louis said 'it's true, I'm lost without you' after that Skype call I legitimately went straight to my Mum and my sister and said 'I'm in love with him'. It was such a small moment but knowing he was feeling as miserable as I was knowing he was gone just made my heart burst so it only took me two months to fall head over heels for this idiot" You laughed grabbing his cheek and pinching it a little, his smile from one ear to another. "I never knew that, do you know what?" He sighed kissing you lightly on the lips before continuing. "Liam looked at me straight after that Skype call, at how happy I was after talking to you. He sighed at me and said 'You love her don't you?'" He kissed you again. "And I said 'I love her more than life itself and I couldn't be happier'" He kissed you one last time a little bit longer this time and as the vlog went on so many more little things were confessed about you and Louis bringing you closer than you'd ever been before.
  • A/N: It's not that good :( Message me for more ideas or if you want me to continue this one xxxxxxx I LOVE FEEDBACK