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Moodboard: Speed & Stature (Friendship)

                                               “Just so I know: are we going to stand here and bicker all day or are we                                                                                   going to go fight the bad guys?”

 “Usually we manage to do both at the same time. We’re good like that. “


Things I love about the Avengers fandom
  • No shipping wars. You can either ship all the things or have just one OTP and no one gives a fuck.
  • It is generally accepted that Steve and Tony are married and raising Spiderman despite the lack of logic in that situation
  • Robert Downey Jr is literally interchangeable with Tony Stark at any time. They are one and the same
  • Avengers can be crossed over with anything because pretty much everyone is in the Avengers fandom anyway
  • Tom Hiddleston needs therapy but no one is going to give it to him because he is our god and to admit insanity would be to admit weakness

For the record, I find Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines morally reprehensible (but incredibly catchy).

This Weird Al version made me laugh and laugh and laugh.  It speaks to my inner English professor.