don't even watch the show anymore

i’m doing my best but i feel like all i’m achieving rn is reblogging photos of…mostly cats

that’s about where i am

First you take away stalia, then my scira ship and now my morey ship and what do i get for 5 years of loyalty watching teen wolf…. FUCKING STDIA
—  A very correct, angry Teen Wolf fan in the comments of the new promo

what if i said i was writing karolsen fix it fic for supergirl season 2

if you don’t like supernatural, you really don’t have to talk about it. you don’t have to scream passionately in the tags about how much you don’t like the show. you don’t have to make countless text posts complaining about how it’s still on the air. you don’t have to throw in your two cents about your interpretation of the characters, or the plot, or anything else. you can simply ignore everyone who loves it, the actors, and the show itself and have a great day.

Of course I have a social life! Pffff…
—  Me, while watching kpop groups videos/interviews/variety shows locked in my room on a Friday night.
To all the mentally ill kids

Take a shower, it will make you feel better

Clean your room, even if it’s just a bit, you’ll feel a little more acomplished

Eat something whether it’s a snack or a meal

Now that that’s done. That show you’ve been wanting to watch but all the episodes are too overwhelming? Watch a couple episodes and forget there are anymore until you want to watch it again~

That story you’ve been wanting to read, but it’s so long and you don’t know how to start? Just pick out a few pages and read those. Read more when you’re ready

Been wanting to draw or paint, but have no idea what to do? Just do whatever~ Doodle eyes, or faces or flowers or stars, etc. Paint little circles and shade them, or trees or anything! It doesn’t have to be good, but you’ll feel good for trying~

And remember any meds you have yet to take, and don’t take anymore than you need to. Stay safe my lovelies