don't even try to deny that you wouldn't enjoy seeing this at the start of every week

Watching a scary movie with them
  • Eren: He would totally be game to watch a scary movie, since has so much adrenaline inside him that'll need to be expelled. Most of the time, he always wouldn't be there to lend a hand or a shoulder, since he'd be super engrossed in the movie. When he does take pity on you, he'll lend a jacket/blanket that you can bury your face in during the scary parts.
  • Armin: If he were to be your movie buddy during a horror film, you'd have to do the protecting since he'll fall for the effects and all, and get scared. There will be times where he'd refuse to look at all, and he wouldn't trust the "nothing's scary" line since something might just pop out if he looks. When the movie's over, he'd ask for a huge glass of water and wonder why he agreed to watch it.
  • Reiner: When the scary scenes aren't there yet, he'd be joking around by screaming and grabbing onto you just to shock you, then laugh afterwards. However, when the movie starts showing all the scary stuff and all, he'll stay quiet and try his best to not flinch or make a sound even if he's dying to do so. The funny thing is that he'd deny that he was scared at all, but the cold sweat on his face would tell a different story.
  • Bertholdt: He would be too shy to give too much reactions because it might disrupt your focus, so he'd end up just staying quiet in one corner, even if he would love to give out reactions and what not. In the middle of the movie, he wouldn't be able to hold it in anymore so he'd jolt up and let out a scream. After that whole thing, he'd beg you not to tell anyone else about it.
  • Jean: It would be one of the times where he wouldn't be honest with what he feels or thinks because he'd say that he's totally not scared. That would completely change once he jumps out of his seat and lets out a girly scream. Even if he dug his own grave, he would start blaming you for convincing him to watch the movie, thus leading him to act the way he did.
  • Marco: Even if he's not a horror movie person, he would still be game and not be a kill joy if that's what you want. Albeit being a little freaked out or get jumpy from it, he'd still find the fun in it instead of thinking of the scary stuff. After that, he'll tell you that it was really enjoyable even though he felt all the blood leave his body.
  • Connie: Having him around during a horror film would be distracting because instead of hearing the screams of the actors on the screams, you'd be hearing his screams instead. It would also take him quite a while to get over the climax of the scene; he'd constantly ask you if you saw that and all that jazz. He would also ask you about that movie for about two weeks or so.
  • Levi: He'd be stoic as always, but he could never hide the way he'd flinch or widen his eyes during the jump scare scenes. If he feels that you'd see that, he'd just cluck his tongue and comment about how bad that acting was, even if the pink blush on his cheeks says otherwise. Once he's alone, he'll then let out a deep breath and a string of curses about how much that scared him.
  • Erwin: He'd be pretty cautious about watching it, out of fear that the scary scenes would be the ones keeping him awake at night. However, the thrill and adrenaline the film would give will be pretty fun for him. Even if it'll show by the way he'd smile a little after he jolts up, he'd deny it and say he'd never want to watch another scary movie again.
  • Mikasa: She would be scared, but she would try to be subtle about it as to not disturb you or the other people watching. She would jolt up or let out a sharp gasp if she couldn't help it, but if she's alright enough to hold it in, she'll just look away or subtly cover her eyes and ears. She would constantly say that she's doing fine, even if she just wants to run out and hide under a blanket.
  • Annie: Nothing really scares her anyway, so she'd just sleep throughout the entire film. She would be quite annoyed if she were woken up, and say that what'll happen next would be predictable anyway. Once the movie's over, she might let out a complain or two about how she didn't get the story of the movie.
  • Sasha: Watching a horror movie with her would be like watching a sports match. She'd most likely be the type who would cheer and coach the people in the film to "not go in there" or to "not look back"... even if she's aware that they won't hear her anyway. She would be completely engrossed in watching/coaching, so it wouldn't be wise to disturb her.
  • Christa: If there's someone who would be very attentive and good at giving reactions, it would be Christa. The movie may scare the living daylights out of here, but she would still want to watch because she's curious as to what's going to happen next. Surprisingly, she'd enjoy it and anticipate the sequel of that movie.
  • Ymir: For her, horror movies are all the same, so she'd be totally bored with the whole film. She would either just snack, play with her gadgets, or sleep during the movie. When she's asked about her opinion on the movie, she would just make up something to look like she paid attention to every single scene.
  • Hanji: She'd treat horror movies as if she were watching a comedy movie. The bad acting or bad effects would lead her into fits of uncontrollable laughter since she'd find it to be overrated or cliche. If she were to get shocked, she'd be the first one to laugh at her reaction.
  • Petra: I don't think that she would be able to handle horror movies at all, especially if it were a gore movie. She would mumble and grumble about how did she even get herself into this, but she wouldn't ask you to turn the movie off. She'll say that the movie was pretty alright, even if she's technically dying to scream and vomit.