don't even know what their speaking voices sound like

Ekaterin hated the darkness. The uncertainty of her walk. Not knowing what was in front of her. The blindness had started the same time as the rest of her mutation. She had quickly been able to learn how to resolidify quickly. She just had to imagine what she looked like. She could hear cause sound was vibrations and even water felt sound waves. Speaking took a little practice but her eyesight never came back. She had to learn to live without her eyes.

To learn who was who she started listening to people’s voices. Professor Xiaver’s voice was steady and calm. The sound came from below her ear and she learned why when her hand was guided to hold the side of the wheelchair. He started moving. She walked next to him and listened to his description of the Academy. He led her to a door and told her it was her room. She put her hand out and touched the door moving across till she found the handle. She opened the door.