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i was tagged by @bubbl3tae and @the-third-guy-from-the-left to do the bias selfie tag!

i’m at the beach this week and i’ve been wearing barely any makeup, so i decided to go for a beach/bare-face theme this time :)

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3 Things I Hate: The Equestrian Version

1. Equestrian Australia

2. Equestrian New South Wales

3. Money grabbers (like Equestrian Australian and Equestrian New South Wales)

Anyway real talk at first Bakugou was the reason why I kept reading bnha since after the battle trial fight so my picking him as a fave happened pretty damn fast BUT the Uraraka vs Bakugou was the moment when my heart went this is it my pal this is love we’re not going back ever again and honestly watching this episode made me feel it all over again I love him so much he’s so damn good g o d I’m a bundle of feelings rip me

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken




Heroes in training  ノ*:・゚✧

I’ll go to bed early.
—  A Ravenclaw who will most certainly not go to bed early 
Lena being Extra™
  • *Mon El is getting punched by a Daxamite*
  • Lena: slow and steady wins the where is that gun *looks at feet where the gun is* nOPE I don't see it.
  • *Mon El gets slammed against a wall*
  • Lena: ....I wonder whether Kara would like to see me in this dress. Time for a selfie
  • *Mon El gets punched again*
  • Lena *looking up from her phone*: can't a girl sext in peace