don't even know cat

Today I saw a lost cat poster in our neighborhood and I went OH NO! And David’s response was, “I hoped you wouldn’t notice that poster.” I went up and memorized the cat. Just in case I see them. Because there is a LOST CAT. And now I am thinking of all the lost cats and Imma go eat this whole bag of candy corn and sob on the clean laundry.


Don’t have the time to clean these up at the moment, but I thought I would share anyways.

Anyways, I still want to wait until the game is complete before I decide what to do with this idea, I couldn’t help but play around with possible scenarios. 

hamilton, act 1:

hamilton, act 2:

anonymous asked:

Why is ur blog have p*ssy in it???

Because I wanted to use this name? Shocking concept: “pussy” isn’t inherently a “naughty” word. It drives me nuts when websites won’t let me use this username because of nonsense censorship reasons. 


Switch place with me, Bok Gil