don't even know cat


Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

fuckin of course i go out and see my cats havin it out in the damn kitchen like they’re playing a game of street fight and i gotta go in there and bust them up and they’re yowling and screeching but it sounds odd? like i know their noises and one noise does not sound like them¿???¿¿ AND THEN i look outside the glass door and see a neighborhood cat just right there watching them throw down. what the fuck. this fucker just came to watch like this is some WWE shit going on inside my house. smh cats. what even.

ladybug: adrien?
chat: yeah how did u know- wait what?
ladybug: holy shit what??
chat: I can explain

when ur room being messy makes you anxious but ur depression means you don’t have the energy tidy it